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Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent (2010 archive)

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How much exercise, sports or physical activity have you been able to do after stenting or angioplasty?

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Current Postings on This Page (56):

• i I am very new at this and I do not have an answer for u. what I want to know is I am a 56 yr woman. thought in good shape. Had a heart attack 2 wks ago, 2 stents put in according to the MD all other coronary artery are clear, when Can I begin to get back to normal activities????
MaryLou, hospice, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, December 31, 2010

• 62 years old, had stent installed. Two weeks later I was weight lifting, walking, etc. Nine months later I hiked the Grand Canyon, from South Rim to the River and back to Bright Angel Rim, 27 miles, non-stop in nine hours. Sometimes after a hard work out I get sleepy. Life is good.
Kiki, San Clemente, California, USA, December 30, 2010

• hi I am 37 male from pakistan. last week i had planted one stent in coronary artery. i was playing squash before it regularly. 7 to 8 km running in a week very regularly. could i make it again?
Saad, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, December 26, 2010

• I am a 68 year old male. Got on the treadmill after 4 months of not exercising and became short of breath and ache under left arm Went to emergency room and got heart cath. where they found my RCA was 99.9% blocked. they put a drug eluded stent in the artery and I went home the next day. After 8 days I am feeling much better and have begun walking routine. I know I will be back to normal in a few weeks.
Michaelstl, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, December 23, 2010

• Sean from Toronto -- smoking tobacco, specifically the nicotine) is a known irritant to the endothelial function of the artery lining, so we can't recommend smoking tobacco at all. We don't have any data about cannabis. It's an interesting question and one addressed in this editorial reply published in the British Medical Journal a few years ago, "Comparing cannabis with tobacco—again". Of course, as a famolus cardiologist once told us, you can find a study to justify almost any course of therapy. As for alcohol use, a number of studies have shown that very moderate drinking can actually be helpful (perhaps it's a relaxation response).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 18, 2010

• I am 37yrs old, had my angioplasty done on Nov 25, 2010 and feeling much better now.. I used to do only weight training without any cardio for past over 2 yrs and also a mild smoker as well. quit smoking completely but need few questions. Can I occasionally smoke like once a week? when can I start going to gym and do weight lifting with cardio obviously.. Also, that I used to smoke cannabis regularly, just curious to know if that had contributed in my MI in such young age and what should I be doing in the future in terms of smoking cigarette or cannabis occasionally. I never used alcohol so, would that be an alternate or I shouldn't even be using that as well. Kindly advise. Thank you so much
Sean from Toronto, I'm originally from Pakistan but living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for the past 10 years, December 14, 2010

• GSG from India -- your cholesterol levels are good. You can find out more from the American Heart Association article, "What Your Cholesterol Levels Mean".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 14, 2010

• I have had an angioplasty with two stents in LAD and RCA. My TC is 170 TG is 60 HDL 60 LDL 100. I want to know at what level should I maintain my HDL and LDL. I have been active before PTCA and would like to know at what speed and time i should follow my walking schedule.
GSG, Chandigrah, India, December 13, 2010

• Sorry it's taken this long to respond. I didn't notice the response above mine asking me to expand on Meditation. I practice Za Zen. It translates as just sitting and that's all it is. No thoughts in your head. No talking to yourself in your head. Just total awareness with no reflection. It isn't easy for some to accomplish initially. Just sit and count your breaths "in 1 . . . and out 2" or just count each complete breath. Count 10 breaths and start again. Eventually you'll just sit and totally and purely experience this gift - LIFE. When thoughts come in your head, just let them come and go. Don't try to stop thinking. Just let it go. This passive, let it go skill will increase your awareness. It will help reduce stress. It will make you less reactive, thus less a habitual creature. Not that all habits are bad, but too many of us are slaves to habits and our thinking minds. Not until you stop thinking and just become AWARE will you realize this. Life is a glorious gift. Life and Death goes On and On. Don't become attached to anything. We are all part of the same thing. Enjoy each and every breath. Doing this while meditating translates to each and every breath all the time.
Diet, Exercise & Meditate, Bay Area, California, November 9, 2010

• A general reply to all: as we often write, the extent of healthy exercise varies from individual to individual -- it depends on your physicial shape and clinical condition. If you've been active, there's probably no reason that you cannot regain a high level of activity. In fact, one medical device company sponsors an annual marathon in Minneapolis for heart patients (see: "Medtronic Seeks Runners: Stents Included"). As always, your cardiologist is the best source of guidance because he/she knows your capacities best.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 18, 2010

• Hi I am 25 year old went Angioplasty on 29.10.2010 i don't have any problem at all, just want to know how much i can Weigh, How much miles i can jog, do i able to swim.
Suraj, Maharashtra, India, October 17, 2010

• I recently had two blockages and I would like to know how much exertion I can get back to. Do the stents prevent 100% effort, how much percentage have others with similar procedures been able to exert? I am a Ski Coach/Instructor and a Paraglider Instructor and an avid cyclist when not doing the others.
Skimaster, Aviano, Italy, October 16, 2010

• To Swadesh V. India I also had the same burning and heaviness in the chest and after experimenting with my meds I found out it was the Lisinopril I was taking not for high blood pressure but because of the protocol after stents. I stopped Lisinopril and the symptoms went away. I was amazed at how well I felt after discontinuing it. I have now weaned from all meds and feel normal again.
Paul W, Constableville, New York, USA, October 12, 2010

• just one information i missed in my post on 9th, I am 52 years male
Muralidharan.N, Chennai, India, October 10, 2010

• Hello, I am 47 year old male that had a triple bypass on Aug 13th. I used to lift weights approx 2 hours a day and cardio about 30 min. each day 5 x a week. I was told to stay away from lifting for 2-6 months. What are the consequences if I start to lift after 2 months?
Steve, Hammond, Indiana, USA, October 10, 2010

• Sun from Hong Kong -- read through some of the diet suggestions here. The main things is to eat a healthy diet -- which is good for all disease prevention. Your family doctor or cardiologist should be able to provide you with more specifics, tailored to your personal physiology. The American Heart Association guidelines for exercise, diet, etc. can be found here.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 10, 2010

• I'm 35 male from hong kong, last month I had Angioplasty on 8sep2010, 2 Stent in one, after one month every thing ok, doctor keep my BP 110 -120, 60-70, pulse 60-70, everything is normal except my left arm has little pain. now I want to know what is best for me in terms of food and workout? I enjoy food a lot and really conscious about my health. Kindly reply asap. Thanks.
Sun, Nil, Hong Kong, October 10, 2010

• I am Muralidharan from chennai India- underwent angioplasty on 29th september. Had three xience stents one in LAD and two overlapping in LCX. came home on 2nd oct. I have absolutely no problems except for minor irritants which i learnt to cope with after reading the posts here. I have resumed my daily walking and reached my old level yesterday. started driving my car and drove almost 100 kms yesterday, watched a high decibel movie and plan to resume work from monday. Thanks to for all the info which helped a lot in my decision making and post procedure recovery.
Muralidharan.N, Chennai, India, October 9, 2010

• Graeme -- whether anything is amiss is really not possible to say from long distance. Patients report that it takes a while (a few weeks to months or so) for the body to adjust after stenting. Congratulations on doing cardiac rehab -- you'd be surprised at how many patients do not. So the fact that you're doing well there is a great sign. But, if you are concerned at all, we'd suggest consulting with your cardiologist, if for no other reason than to eliminate your worry.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 7, 2010

• hi there i am 36 years old and i recently had a stent put into one of my arteries i had it put in on the 13 august 2010. I have been going to cardiac rehab classes, and they say i am doing well. I am back at work after six weeks, my job entails me to at times to pick up heavy parcels. Every now and again i get a pain across my chest but it does subside after a few minutes, i would just like to know if there is anything wrong, thank you for your time.
Graeme, London, England, October 7, 2010

• I am very much impressed by this site, which helps me in making positive attitude.
Dimpy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, October 4, 2010

• Dear Diet Exercise Meditate -- congratulations! We love reading stories like yours -- not that you have coronary artery disease, but that you rebounded and are living a full and vigorous life post-stenting. That is the idea, after all! Angioplasty and stents are supposed to help people return to a full range of activity. One question: your "forum handle" includes the word "meditate" -- can you expand on that for other readers?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 4, 2010

• I am 57 years old have and have exercised intensely and regularly since I was 13. 3 years ago I experienced angina. After a stress test I had angioplasty and a stent placed in my LAD. My previous risk factors were; family history, male, less than the "more ideal" diet. I was 12-13% body fat and looked like most men wish they could look like. After Cardiac re-hab I was gradual in upping my workout intensity (6mo-1year). My workouts now are as intense as previously. Diet now is "ideal". Simvastatin 40mg and 81mg of aspirin per day. LDL 70 HDL 54 TG 44. Body fat now 7-8%. I am a personal trainer and generally advise determine protein need based on activity level (esp/ amount of resistance training). 0.8-2gr protein/kg of lean body weight. Approximately 1/3 Kcals from each; protein, carbs & fat. No or very little red meat, No sugar (or other BS items like corn syrup), No White Crap (white bread, white potatoes, white rice), treat poly unsaturated fats like saturated (limit both), only less restrictions with mono's. Strive for 5 is Minimal! Eat even more fresh (or frozen if must) fruits and vegetables. Don't microwave food! No fast food crap! No processed food!
Diet Exercise Meditate, Bay Area, California, October 4, 2010

• Ms. v/nc -- Have you returned to the interventional cardiologist who placed the stent?? You need to let him/her know about these symptoms. The reason to get a stent is to relieve angina and restore blood flow to the heart. If this has not happened, if you do not feel better, then something else needs to be addressed -- possibly an adjustment to your medications.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 3, 2010

• i am 58 i have 2 stent 1 drug stent, i am tired all the time, i have chest pain & it feel like something is pressing on my chest most time, my breathing is bad & it take a while before i can get my breathing in undercontrol. Sometimes when i am driving i have to pull on the side of road until i can get the problems under control. I don't know about you but it is a bad feeling when you cann't get your breath. look.
Ms v/nc, Washington, North Carolina, USA, September 30, 2010

• 53 year old male - I had 2 stents implanted a month ago. After a week of rest, I'm back to my normal routine, about 170 miles per month. So far so good and I'm planning to ask my Doctor if this is ok at my check up later this week I feel great, the same as I did prior to the procedure. My heart scan and subsequent tests revealed blockage of 90+% in 2 arteries.
Dan R, Overland Park, Kansas, USA, September 25, 2010

• My 13year old son has Transposition G Arteries/post surgical.(First surgery 4days old.) Last few stents put in 8 mths ago. He has 5 pulmonary stents. I need to know if he can play soccer, basketball or baseball with boys up to age 16. Need link to get good answers, cardiologist is wishy-washy about the answer. Also, his current pulmonary pressure about 45mg
Kim, mom, Stafford, Virginia, USA, August 24, 2010

• I am 80 yrs old in November. I had a Stent Procedure 10 weeks ago, and I've never felt better. I'm looking after my diet and walking for 30-40 minutes every day. I have always practiced Hatha Yoga and continue to do so. I'm on plavix, nu seal Aspirin, Lipitor. I was also on Tritace, but was taken off this due to it raising my Potassium level. I never suffered with Heart problems, but I did smoke, but gave it up 25 yrs ago. I'm so glad I did. It was not an easy thing to do, but it has to be done if you want any kind of a healthy lifestyle. Good luck to you all.
Cassy, Dublin, Ireland, August 19, 2010

• Swadesh from New Delhi -- as to the after effects you are experiencing, read our Forum Topic on "Not Feeling Well After Stenting" for similar stories. These probably are transient, but should they persist or increase, definitely see your cardiologist who, by the way, is also the best person to guide you regarding what exercise level is good for you.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 17, 2010

• Sir, I am 42 years male Indian residing in New Delhi. On 30th July one stent was placed in my one of artery by the renowned Govt. Doctor from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Reason for blockage was narrated due to stress and tension but not due to cholesterol. I am pure vegetarian, non-smoker, nonalcoholic and fond of physical exercises. My weight is 63 kg and height is 5 feet 4 inches. Now, I am feeling burning and heaviness in my chest which moves here and there. My question is that how long time this after effect will persist? Can I now start doing light exercises?
Swadesh V., New Delhi, India, August 17, 2010

• I am male 47 yrs old. I had three stents put in March 2nd 2010. I was ok'd to start exercising and resume all activity no restrictions on March 16th. I started exercising on March 18th and have been regularly since. I have noticed a drop in my energy and endurance in the last few weeks. Also, my heart rate goes up rather quickly without much effort. Normally when doing Cardio I would notice my heart rate climb normally into the zone. Now even during just resistance training it's going up too fast and I get winded very quick. I also can feel my heart beating vary hard in my chest when I didn't have that before.
ScottU, Jefferson City, Missouri, USA, August 8, 2010

• NB -- you are most fortunate to have had a world expert in the treatment of chronic total occlusions like Dr. Katoh perform your PCI. He is well-known and appears at most of the major conferences on CTOs. To you and the other posters in this topic, and as we have discussed before, exercise after PCI is a very individualized thing. Any recommendation on what type and amount of exercise a patient should engage in after stenting totally depends on that patient's clinical profile and overall health status. This advice is really something that should be given by his/her cardiologist -- one who is very familiar with the patient's records and history -- and preferably by the interventional cardiologist who did the procedure, in this case, Dr. Katoh. Hope this helps you and, in any case, congratulations on a successful outcome!!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 7, 2010

• I am a 42 years old male. On 14th June 2010 I underwent an PCI-CTO and had Four Xience V Drug Eluting Stents implanted, one in Left LCX 75% Block, one in LAD 99.9% Block and two in RCA 100% Block (CTO) in Nagoya Heart Center Japan the procedure was done by Dr. Osamu Katoh, a renowned doctor in the world. How much of exercise to do and for how long should take complete rest to avoid any complications. Dr. Katoh advised me ten days rest. Can i start exercise and jogging now its about 22 days. Plz advised me for my exercise and jogging.
NB, Islamabad, Pakistan, July 6, 2010

• hi! my name is u.u.m.rao, i am 66yrs old i had stent last 2 weeks before @ apollo. can i resume exercise, daily routine?
U.UMAMAHASWARARAO, secundrabad, A.P, INDIA, July 5, 2010

• I am 57yrs old I had 2 stents 8yrs ago. I stopped smoking and started healthy eating same day 8yrs ago, i do gym 3days a week for 60min. I am also type 2 diabetic and on tablets. Could I also do jogging +/-5kms? I hate the treadmill. I have had a clear bill of health in my last 8 check ups.
Jim, South Africa, July 1, 2010

• Hello, I'm going to keep this brief. I had three stents implanted. Two DES stents were placed into a major heart artery (Saphus vein) and a third DES into a smaller natural artery. I discontinued 75mg plavix + 325mg aspirin 17 months later, but, I added 81mg of baby aspirin. Next, to help my blood platelets I began to use 3000mg/day of Omega 3 Fish Oil. Additionally, I walk three miles/day and do light aerobics for 20 to 30min/day. I use a weber machine, which has about six different functions. I also use a Stepmaster. Curls with about 15lbs, and two abdominal machines. I'm mostly on a vegetarian diet. I'm trying to be completely vegetarian (am working on it). I do all of this for about seven days/per week. I believe I'm on the right track. My aim is to starve my cholesterol needs to the point that the body will leach what it needs off the artery walls. My thinking is that the body will have a greater need for the cholesterol somewhere else in the body. Am I way off base? How can I improve what I need to do. If anyone out there can assist me in my quest, please enlighten me. I'm always open to new possibilities.
Joe, Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, USA, June 21, 2010

• i had angioplast before 1 and half year,i have changed my eating habits and reduced my weight from 83 kgs to 75 kgs,my height is 5ft 8 inches,my age is 39 yrs,i just wanted to know what kind of exersises i should do to keep myself fit,is weight training fine for me,pls guide me
dimpy, business, ahmedabad, gujarat, india, June 19, 2010

• I had a MI 2 years ago and now have 3 stents ( 2 in circumflex - site of MI blockage- and 1 in LAD) and a current 50% LAD blockage unstented. I recently joined a fitness center and have noticed shortness of breath and dizziness when I exert in water. I walk 3 mi daily in 1 1/2 hours every am, ride exercise bike for 30 min., arm cycle 20 minute, treadmill @ 3.5 mph 30 minute, all without the symptoms that develop immediately with pool exertion i.e lying on my back kicking my feet slowly and paddling with arms at sides slowly. By the time I've reached the other side of the pool I'm extremely dizzy and tired and have to rest several minutes before swimming back. This seems very strange to me. Is it possible the ppsi of the water is causing constriction of coronary arteries? I agree with many of the posters about cardiologists not paying close attention to patient questions. This has caused me to become very discouraged and lose the motivation I once had. Thanks for taking my question.
Mary from Tx, , Carrollton, Texas, USA, June 12, 2010

• I am 44 year old male. How long after getting a pacemaker can I resume physical activity? I play golf, racquetball, softball and volleyball.
ANR6, Detroit, Michigan, USA, June 4, 2010

• I am 59 year old &vI got angioplasty (STENT) on 31-7-10 after Angina pain. Now I am feeling well. using low cholesterol diet I want to know exercise so that I never feel any problem to repeat stenting or Bypass surgery.
ret. haryana govt. servent, soni health samity, bhiwani.(Haryana), India, June 1, 2010

• I am a healthy 50 YO Endurance athelete that recently had an MI and had one stent placed. No pain only pressure, drove myself to the ER. Never had high BP, Resting HR in the high 60s and cholesterol between 200 and 210. After a stress test I have been released to full physical activity but now find it hard to run (dead legs) and get my heart rate up, probably due to the Lisinopril and Metopropol. Will I ever be able to come off these Meds? Will body readapt to training/racing with these meds on board or are my Endurance days over.
Triathlete, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, May 30, 2010

• Saleem in Pakistan -- as we often reply, the extent of healthy exercise varies from individual to individual -- depends on your physicial shape and clinical condition. Your cardiologist is the best source of guidance because he/she knows your capacities best.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 21, 2010

• I am 43 years old. I had two stents in March 2009. I Love to play squash. Is it right for me to play squash? What is the level of exercise that I can do and is good for me? Is there any side effects of this strenuous exercise?
Saleem Q., Risalpur, Pakistan, May 19, 2010

• Lowe -- You can search this web site for "Q10" and you'll find other posts about this (use the "Search" link in the left-hand column, under "Resources". We'd also recommend that you discuss any medications or supplements with your cardiologist to make sure there are no interactions with anything else. We assume you are taking Plavix and aspirin as well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 6, 2010

• I just had stents inserted. Is it advisable for me to take Q10?
Lowe, China, May 6, 2010

• Masood -- Glad you are feeling well. Your cardiologist should prescribe the proper type of exercise for you -- each patient is an individual and your doctor is best suited to know what you are safely capable of doing. The idea here is to reduce your risk factors through lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, stopping smoking if you do) and the proper medications.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 20, 2010

• i am 45 years old and after heart attack 3 stent was placed feeling healthy and my heart is 70% workng. I would like which type of exercise help me to save me future attack.
Masood A., Karachi, Pakistan, April 10, 2010

• Violet -- not to beg off on your question, but interpretation of a stress test is complex and something best left to your cardiologist. The ST segment is a portion of the EKG wave and the direction of the change, whether it's up or down, and the magnitude, all can give some information. If you have questions about ST segment changes, you should discuss them with your cardiologist. But staying well, reducing your risk factors and getting a regular check up sounds like the right direction.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 5, 2010

• I am a 74yr old woman had three stents inserted in July 2007 i am keeping fairly well except for an ache just under the breastbone which won't go away. Have had stress tests which say [there are minor ST segment changes in the lateral leads] could you explain in plain english what that means please. Due for another stress test in August 2010 Thanks.
Violet Mason, Australia, April 2, 2010

• I had a angiogram 5 days ago, no blockage but my blood vessels were constricted so he put nitroglycerin in to open them up. I ran today for the first time since and my legs hurt. It was painful to run. The doctor said I could run, no problems so I know it's not "too soon" but why do I have the sharp cramping pain in my legs? When I walk it gets better, when I start to run again the pain comes back.
Melissa Broughton, Cary, North Carolina, USA, March 16, 2010

• Gerald -- should not be a problem, as far as the stent is concerned. President Clinton just had two stents and he was back on the go a few days later (and he only has 9 years on you!)
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 4, 2010

• I am 72 years old. Had stent two years ago. Is it okay for me to fly as passenger. Thank you.
Gerald, Iowa, USA, February 28, 2010

• To all posters -- the amount of exercise that you, as a patient, can do safely is a question best put to your cardiologist. Every patient is an individual and has different capacities, depending upon his/her physical condition and clinical situation. What is correct for one person may not be for another. We urge you to discuss these issues with your doctors, cardiologists if possible. They are very busy, but the correct advice about exercise and physician fitness is very important medicine!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 15, 2010

• I am 71 and Had a stent to correct a blockage problem I am a avid skier and when I asked my doctor when I could return to snow skiing he said next year. What would be the reason for such a long period to return to a major activity?
Kevin N., San Francisco, California, USA, January 29, 2010

• I am 45 yrs, had an angioplasty with one stent to RCA 3.5X24mm Supralimus core on24th Oct2009. Can I do my normal work and driving, normal family life BP is 132/88 HR is 56. I do not have any pain or discomfort..only dry it due to tab Lasortan?
Raj, Bangalore, India, January 15, 2010

• I like to rebound (jump) on a mini-trampoline, as well as run. I was shocked to learn that I had a 80 to 90 % blockage in right coronary in August 09, and was immediately scheduled for a DES, successful. After a couple weeks recuperation, I went back to rebounding and running, and have had no ill effects. I often wonder about the rebounding, though, as I can go at it for more than an hour. Is the stent quite firmly in place? Also, how long does the drug in the stent last? I can't seem to get an answer to this question from even my doctor.
Jan F., Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, January 8, 2010

• I am Baskaran, 52 years old, Malaysian. I had 3 stents 3 years ago and had 1 stent last week. Can i contine my exercise as normal? Thank you.
Baskaran A., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 2, 2010

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