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Metallic Taste After Stenting

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My sister-in-law had stents put in a few months ago and now everything she eats tastes like metal. Has this happened to anyone? What can be done? Is it possible that she could be allergic to the metal stents & if so, what can be done?
posted by Debbie, Winchester, Virginia, USA

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• Sam in Eureka -- Interesting. Because clopidogrel and Plavix are the same drug, although there have been some reports that generic Plavix (clopidogrel) may have some different properties. Do you know which generic it is?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 15, 2013

• i am a 58 year old who had a heart attack on Dec. 10, 2012. had three stents placed in the LAD. I was started on Plavix 75 mg, metoprolol, 81 mg aspirin,.after 30 days of taking Plavix i could not afford the cost and started taking clopidogrel 75 mg i loss my sense of taste about three weeks later. everything has no taste like chewing on cardboard. still working on possibly changing to a different anti-platelet.
Sam, Eureka, California, USA, February 15, 2013

• Placed on Plavix following ischemic stroke. Everything tastes like metal. Happy for the weight loss. But I have to force food down, and I'm not sure if I could determine if something had soured. So glad to have found this site.
Stroke recovery, Princeton, West Virginia, USA, August 26, 2012

• My husband had a stroke in Jan, 2012. Has a stent in Left Carotid artery, also had a CT w/contrast, put on Plavix and Zocor and has been complaining that "everything" tastes "different". No mention of metallic taste. Is this related to CT dye, drugs, stent or "all of the above"?
Nancy K., Schoolcraft, Michigan, USA, July 5, 2012

• I had a stent put in 9 days ago having a burning sensation and metal chemical smell , this is driving me crazy . I take Plavix 325 aspirin, metoprolol, dexilant. Don't know if it is the stent or 1 of the meds.
Susan, Patient, Humble, Texas, USA, July 1, 2012

• I had microvascular decompression surgery of the 9th,10th and 11th cranial nerves in January 2012. I woke up from surgery and everything tasted like metal. I do not know what they closed the hole in my head with, but, I know sponges were placed between a large artery and the nerves. I force myself to eat but, stay away from acid foods, sugary and mostly carb foods. I eat stuff I can remember the taste but it is all disgusting. It's June now and no relief. Everyone thinks if you can't taste it you should really eat! How can you? I lost 10lbs in the hospital and never regained the lost weight. All medication from surgery and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia were weaned off by the 1st of April. My dentist says this does not look good. The neuro doctors say to give it time! Someone said to eat least it's a little easier on me.
Sad at 68, retired, Stockton, California, USA, June 9, 2012

• I am so disappointed I had two stents put in on feb.22 2012 I had 14 nuclear stress tests throughout the years nothing showed on the tests ,on Feb 22 2012 i was admitted to the hospital with heart failure..I am on "EFFIENT and three weeks after I had them put in I lost complete loss of taste,,It's horrible but I need to take this for one year. I am not happy not being able to taste , milk, sweet, or salty everything tastes like cardboard or wet sponges..that is what we all have to work for a change in medication, especially all the bleeds in the stomach, everyone make sure you eat before taking i.e., Plavix ..Effient aspirin etc, etc. IT IS SO IMPORTANT...I believe it is the Effient and the Plavix which causes that taste or just no taste like me...
F. New Jersey (female) 70 yrs. old, Morris County, New Jersey, USA, April 11, 2012

• my mom has her aortic valve replaced in 2002 and has had a metallic taste in her mouth since then. she too has problems tasting sweet stuff and sometimes very salty taste. i see that others have issues with the metallic and sweets but has anyone had/heard of a salty taste?
from Indiana, Indiana, January 12, 2012

• Several years ago i got this metallic taste in my mouth. For years i could never get that terrible taste out of my mouth. brush flossed, scraped My tongue, brushed My tongue, used mouth wash ten times a day i could not get near anyone because my mouth stunk. I am on 20 plus medications a day so trying to figure out what it was proved impossible. August 2011 I had major neck Surgery. I had to stop the Plavix the taste was finally gone from My mouth. six weeks later I started it again and Bingo the crappy mouth came back. I get My teeth deep cleaned every three months to prevent heart attack or stroke and they are in great shape. I have an appointment tomorrow with My cardiologist. I will not keep taking it.
Gary, Windsor Heights, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, October 13, 2011

• Had heart attack 3/20/2011 and underwent angioplasty and stent implanted. Medication was started (Plavix, Zocor, metoprolol and aspirin) after angioplasty. Since taking Plavix, I started to lose my taste in about two weeks after taking Plavix. Told my doctor about loss of taste and was given Effient as substitute (2 wks after). It took about 3 months to regain my full taste after discontinuing Plavix. Even then, my heart doctor did not believe Plavix was the cause of loss of taste. Believe me, loss of taste (reversible ageusia) due to Plavix is real, since I am still taking my medications above (no Plavix, only Effient as substitute).
Believe me Larry, Wayne, New Jersey, USA, July 27, 2011

• Jimc, Likewise, but it took 6 months for me to get my taste buds back. Not sure if it was the DESs (2) or one/some of all the new meds I started, including Plavix. Just wish my hair would stop falling out.
PattieE, San Diego, California, USA, February 6, 2011

• Had stents put in 3 times a month apart starting 4-2010. The metallic taste started at once. Life was hell for months after. Still taking Plavix. About two months ago the taste started abating and now no symptoms at all. No explanation but maybe a little hope for others.
jimc, North Carolina, USA, February 5, 2011

• I am a 31 year old male, yes 31. I experienced a stroke on November 14th, 2010, and was placed on Plavix 75 mg subsequently, due to a find during the MRA exam that I am missing half of my "circle of willis" (the main arteries in your brain that supply blood to the smaller vessels). About 3-4 weeks into the plavix, I lost my sense of taste and got the metallic taste. Today is 12/31, and have lost 22 lbs in less than 3 weeks. I have no appetite, have to force anything in that I do eat as it either has no taste or, if it should be sweet, it is terribly bitter and disgusting. So far, I'm living on scrambled eggs--which tate like wet sponges, but don't taste horrible-and a bit of grilled chicken--averaging about 3-4 oz of food a day, can only drink water-all other drinks taste horrible, water tastes like metal, but I'm drinking enough to not get dehydrated--lucky for me this all happens when my Neurologist and primary care have closed up shop for the holidays and no one will discuss with me on the phone. For what its worth to everyone on here, I have no stents, taking plavix, norvasc, lipitor and HCTZ. Plavix was the only change for me--I am SURE it is coming from the plavix.
Logan, Elkin, North Carolina, USA, December 31, 2010

• I had a 5 way bypass in june of 2010 and I smell and taste metal and I don't know why. It makes me sick by the evening time. Can someone tell me what is going on.
Judy, Englewood, Florida, USA, December 17, 2010

• Had 6 stents put in in 3 procedures May, June, July, afterwards a horrible metallic taste. Discovered that when I quit my sleeping pill (Zolpidem, zopicline any z drug) it is totally gone after a week. I had been taking the Zolpidem for 2 1/2 years with no problem.
qsales, North Carolina, USA, November 15, 2010

• I had quadruple bypass surgery on 6/23/10. Never had stents, although I did have a heart catheterization two days earlier. Since the surgery, I take Plavix, Metoprolol, Lisinopril, Lovaza, Aspirin, Crestor, Zetia, and Metformin (mild diabetes since 2009). My nasty, metallic taste began after two months, on 8/25. I researched all the medications and Lovaza seemed to be the only one with a side effect of changes in tastes. I reduced my dosage in half and the problem cleared up in one day. But on 9/6 it returned. I stopped the Lovaza completely on 9/10 and the problem still exists (9/19/10).
Joy, Houston, Texas, USA, September 19, 2010

• I had open heart surgery (aortic valve replacement & a graft for my aorta) two weeks ago. Since I came out of the anesthesia and until today I can't eat anything sweet. There is a horrible taste in my mouth. I am only on a beta blocker. Is this from the anesthesia???
Lorrib, New Jersey, USA, September 5, 2010

• I had two stents inserted on 6/15/2010. Promus coated in my RCA. I'm now on plavix, an ACE inhibitor, and three other drugs. About a couple days after the stents I began experiencing the metallic taste described above. I have no idea if it's the drugs or the stents. But it is definitely real. I also have some weird mucus from time to time- the mucus in my mouth has the metallic taste and almost makes me vomit occasionally.
JP, Howell, Michigan, USA, September 1, 2010

• I had open heart surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago, just about every thing I eat has a metallic taste. Have any studies been done on this?
PJ, Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA, July 14, 2010

• Three years ago I had a stent put in and have been on Plavix with no problems. Last month I had heart surgery (valve replacement and by-pass). When I awoke from surgery I found the problems discussed here. A metallic taste of everything, loss of appetite and a very sore throat and roof of mouth. I simply couldn't eat or drink without forcing myself to do so. I'm doing much better at home, but have to be very selective of what I eat. I lost weight in the hospital and have not been able to gain it back because of the awful taste of food and beverages. It has been over three weeks since the surgery. I tend not to blame Plavix because I was fine before my last surgery. Could it be the procedure itself? Including the anesthesia, tubes and all the new medicines. Wish I knew! If anyone has a successful conclusion to this problem please respond.
Jesse M, Maryland, USA, July 11, 2010

• Maryann -- sometimes ACE inhibitors can cause a metallic taste, but there have been some instances where patients taking clopidogrel (Plavix) have experienced this adverse reaction. It is a very uncommon reaction -- you can read more about it in a study done in Canada, titled "Loss of taste with clopidogrel". Perhaps this may be your problem BUT -- do not stop taking your Plavix! See your interventional cardiologist about this issue, show him/her this study and see if you can be given a different antiplatelet medicine, possibly Ticlid (ticlopidine) or the newer Effient (prasugrel) which may not have this effect on you. If the problem goes away, you'll have solved it. If not, at least you won't have incurred any further negative effects. But we emphasize that you should not stop taking Plavix without discussing this issue with your cardiologist, because premature cessation of antiplatelet therapy greatly increases the risk of stent thrombosis and possible heart attack, and can sometimes be fatal. Interestingly enough, a very prominent cardiologist wrote us a couple weeks ago that he was reading this Forum and was amazed at how many patients report this metallic taste since taking Plavix!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 9, 2010

• I had 4 Taxus stents placed on April 21st , 2010. I am on Plavix, Lopressor, aspirin, Lipitor, Aciphex ( 12hours after I take the Plavix.) and pepcid. I have lost 18 lbs since then. Everything I try to eat has a metallic taste to it. I can't taste any food at all, even when I drink anything I get the same taste. I have had an endoscopy, cat scan, MRI, nuclear stress test, no one can find out wht the problem is, HELP, this is driving me insane .
Maryann, Averill Park, New York, USA, July 9, 2010

• I had open heart surgery in January because of a Myxoma (a tumor in the heart). No stents, no bypass. I have several cardiac medicines, including Lasix and Potassium Chloride, Digoxin, Amiodorone, and others. I have had this horrible taste in the back of my mouth ever since surgery. I cannot eat anything sweet (including wheat bread and the like) and even water is affected. I have lost about 40 pounds and dread meals. While it sounds like we all have cardiac surgery in common, we haven't all had the same treatments. Is it possible this is a side effect of the heart lung machine?
Jane, Chicago, Illinois, USA, April 30, 2010

• I had a heart attack in March 2008. Stent put in at that time but did not experience the metallic taste until August 2008 which continues at this time. I took Plavix and Warfarin for a year. Now, I do not feel like I am a crazy person with this problem. I experience worse taste with some foods but not others. It would be good to find out if the stent is really causing the problems with taste and smell.
Holly H., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, April 30, 2010

• Ken G -- I think you have something here. A page about CT Scans from Medline (NIH) states: "Contrast given through an IV may cause a slight burning sensation, a metallic taste in the mouth, and a warm flushing of the body. These sensations are normal and usually go away within a few seconds." Or perhaps not a few seconds...maybe a few hours or days in certain sensitive individuals. Would also be interested in hearing from others.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 25, 2010

• I had a dbl bypass 2-years ago and experienced an onset of chest pain again in early April. During my 2nd cardiac cath, I had no stent implants. However, a short couple of hours following the procedure, I became nauseated and developed a dry/metal sensation that seemed to closely mimic the dentist's Novocain effect on my tongue. My throat feels as if it’s slightly swollen and swallowing is unpleasant. I’ve also experienced stomach pain, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I can’t help but attribute this phenomenon to the dye taken together with the Nitro that was administered. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms “without” stent implantation?
Ken G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, April 21, 2010

• my wife has had a metallic taste and acute loss of appetite since a heart cath about six weeks ago. No blockage. She also had an endoscopy, and takes medicine for GERD.
William V., Michigan, USA, April 15, 2010

• i am 38 and just had 2 stents placed on 3-11-2010 "during" a heart attack. i have been on plavix since and found this site coz I've had a metallic taste in my mouth now for the last several days. mine didn't start right away but it is disgusting! i thought it may be caused from the never occurred to me that it could actually be from the stents! lovely.
Bethany, Ohio, USA, April 8, 2010

• I wrote to this post on Dec. 7, 2008 my husband still has the bad taste, now it is more of a rancid taste. He has now lost 65 lbs. and has to force himself to eat. He has been to more doctors and no one has helped. With all these people suffering with this problem, is there no one who can help. The last doctor he went to said he thought it was a side effect of the stents.
Diane C., Oakdale, New York, USA, January 25, 2010

• I had open heart bypass. In December 09 No stents put in but i am taking plavix along with other meds. This taste in my mouth is not metallic but is killing my taste buds. Looks like everyone here is having the same problem. Any answers out there??
R. Rom, Costa Rica, January 21, 2010

• Mr. Narille (and others) -- a known side-effect of ACE inhibitors is a metallic taste. Ramipril is such a drug and may be the cause of this. We have not seen any studies linking a metallic taste to stent placement -- which is not to say there isn't one. But often, after a stent placement, patients start new drug regimens, so the addition of an ACE inhibitor after stenting may be the "culprit".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 5, 2010

• I have a question for two areas of the forums but feel it is good to start here. I have type 2 diabetes, I had a stent put in 12/21/09. I take effexor-75mg, ramipril-10mg, ASA-81mg, Prevacid-30mg, Metformin-750mg x3, Metoprolol- 50mg x2. I find I have a metallic taste so bad at times and at others non existent. At times I won't even eat or drink due to it making me fill ill. A lot of the time I have an indigestion/pressure feel in my stomach area along with a pressure in my lower throat like I have something caught in it. I walk for 10 - 15 min and get tired, my nose gets cold as well as my gums and forehead and I have a cold sweat, clammy feeling I am told. I also seem to get a need to cough, not deep but just need to do it. Any ideas on any of it?
Mr. Narille, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, January 2, 2010

• I had the metallic taste as they were doing the stent placement, but no problems since then.
Tony, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 3, 2009

• I also have the metallic taste in my mouth, but am not losing weight. I was on Plavix before and never experienced this side effect. I recently had medicated stents put in an am now getting the taste. I am also nauseated and dizzy sometimes. My symptoms are all over the place and no one wants to discuss the stents. Why Not?
Ruby, Minnesota, USA, October 7, 2009

• My husband had a Boston Scientific Liberte stent put in last September 2008. He was already on coumadin and then put on Plavix, and aspirin after the stent. One week later he was admitted to the hospital for an internal bleed and a blood count of 8. They found two bleeds in his stomach and ended up having two endoscopies. Once he came home he started losing weight, no one had an answer as to why he lost about 38 lbs. He has been through endoscopies, colonoscopy, scans with and without dyes and chest x-rays. Has seen an oncologist and has had numerous blood tests, all negative. We have exhausted all possibilities and finally started thinking that all this started with the installation of the stent. I did a web search and found this website. It would seem that we are not the only ones that have experienced weight loss or side effects. The only other side effect that we could pin to the installation of this stent was nausea but he never had the metallic taste. Please let us know if there is anyone else with this problem. And if so have you started regaining any of the weight back?
Carol S., Winthrop, Maine, USA, May 21, 2009

• Hi, my mother who is 86 was taken off plavix a month or so ago due to nauseous reactions. However, she retains a taste in the mouth which she describes as a bitterness, as opposed to a loss of taste. Smell is unaffected. Does anyone know of similar experiences? Thanks
Richard Boleat, St. Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands, May 3, 2009

• Karen S. from Illinois -- is your husband taking an ACE inhibitor? These have been reported to sometimes cause the metallic taste (see Jim's post below and others in this Forum Topic). In any case, your husband should not stop taking prescribed meds, especially Plavix(!) without consulting his cardiologist first. Plavix is very important to take after drug-eluting stent implantation, to keep clots from forming inside the stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 3, 2009

• I have no stents but am on Verapamil for cluster headaches. I started with the metal taste after one day on the drug and have since found out that it is a known side effect of calcium channel blockers.
Jim, Connecticut, USA, April 30, 2009

• My husband had stents put in Feb. 19th. 2009. Metal medicated stents and was put on Plavix and told for the rest of his life. He has this horrible metallic taste too and has had since day one. He can't find anything to eat or drink that isn't affected this way. He is ready to quit taking Plavix to get rid of taste. Then what health issues are we going to be facing? If this has been going on since 2002, why aren't they telling patients?
Karen S., Illinois, USA, April 28, 2009

• 6 weeks ago I had vascular angioplasty and a stent put into the left leg. I was told to take Plavix for 6 weeks along with my daily low dose of aspirin. Starting about 2 weeks ago, I started developing a metallic taste in my mouth. I stopped the Plavix 3 days early because I couldn't take the taste any longer. Although it hasn't gotten worse, today - for some odd reason - seemed to be pretty bad with the taste. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it is bad on some days and tolerable on others. Has anyone experienced the metallic taste with Plavix; or rather is it the mixture of having a stent and taking Plavix? I'm hoping that once the Plavix is fully out of my system that the taste goes away, it's disconcerting.
JL, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, April 4, 2009

• I am on dialysis and also have had a cardiac stent. Everything has a metallic taste to it. My appetite is poor and now I can't even enjoy what I do eat. What causes this?
Ida, Alabama, USA, January 17, 2009

• My husband has had a metallic taste with everything he eats, this has been going on for almost a year. He has lost 55lbs. He has had all kinds of test colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan with and without contrast of the pelvis and stomach. He has also gone to an ENT, and a periodontist, everything has come back fine, He also has 4 stents, 3 in Aug. 2005 and 1 in Nov.2006. No one seems to be able to help him. Maybe someone here can help.
Diane, Oakdale, New York, USA, December 7, 2008

• My husband is just 33 and had a stoke last Dec. It was a birth defect they found in his heart and closed. The Dr. put him on Plavix. About two months ago he lost his sense of taste. We have an appointment to see the heart Dr. in a week and will make sure to mention the loss of taste. I am going to many web sites and readying over and over how people are losing the sense of taste after taking Plavix for a while.
Ginger K., Missouri, USA, July 28, 2008

• The last couple of days everything I eat has a metallic taste. grits,salad, water etc. I haven't had a stent. It's getting so I don't eat because of the taste.
Linda, Austell, Georgia, USA, July 19, 2008

• Shirley -- while this Forum is about stents, it may be that the medication in your nebulizer has this side-effect. For example Nebupent (pentamidine) is known to leave a metallic taste in some people's mouth (it's suggested to suck a hard candy afterwards). Google the drug you're using in the nebulizer and see.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 27, 2008

• i've never had a stent but have breathing problems. since i started using a nebulizer, i have a metallic taste when i cough? why from what?
Shirley Alexander, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, February 19, 2008

• ...regarding the metallic taste...I had a DES deployed in July 2007, and seven months later everything tastes like I'm eating a bucket full of ten penny nails...although it's still an improvement over my wife's cooking...joking, just joking...seriously, have not noticed any differences in tasting food...
Rob S., Pennsylvania, USA, February 15, 2008

• I had a stent put in on Nov. of 2006. When I try to take walks or exert myself like shoveling snow recently, I have a severe coughing spell along with a metallic taste. Will this taste go away? I also quit smoking a week before surgery. It has been over a year since I quit. Help me PLEASE.
Joyce, Maryland, USA, December 9, 2007

• I had open heart surgery five months ago and complications required a drug induced [eluting] stent. A few weeks later, I began experiencing a rancid-metallic taste in anything I put in my mouth. No doctor was able to pinpoint the problem until my orthopedic surgeon suggested a Google search of taste and stents. Obviously, this must be the answer.
Armand, Connecticut, USA, October 11, 2007

• My husband had two stents put in and was put on Plavix in addition to the Verapamil he has been taking. A few weeks after that he has suffered a complete loss of taste and can barely eat. Has lost a lot of weight. This has been going on for about a month. The first stent he had put in a couple of years ago did not have any side effects. Anyone else had loss of taste after having stents or using Plavix?
M., North Carolina, USA, September 25, 2007

• yes I too had a metallic taste in my mouth after having stents (cypher) installed. I also had 100% blocked artery, so stents were my only option at the time. 3 months went by before they were installed after being informed of the blockage. I lost a lot of weight (175 down to 128) yes it did go away for me , i had to eat
Charles P., Ohio, USA, September 14, 2007

• I had 2 M-LMiniVision stent June28th. I was put on Plavix 75mg. Shortly after, lost my sense of taste. Everything tastes terrible. I aM losing some weight but really have a difficult time making myself eat. If I don't eat I get sick to stomach. My Dr does not seem to think the meds caused it. I took warfarin, lisinopril,hydrochlorthiazide, aspirin and simavastin. Had a blood clot in lung in Feb. After stents inserted, I was put on Plavix and nitroglycerin. That is when I noticed the tasting problem. I describe the taste as alkaline or kinda sweet. Most things taste like lard. I seem to have a tiny slight taste area on tongue at back of throat. Can you help me decide what or where to get help? Any idea what caused this problem? Thanks.
Myrtle Kennedy, Midland, Michigan, USA, September 13, 2007

• Along with the metallic taste are episodes of seeing "white", things turn white....when focusing.
PJM, Mexico, July 27, 2007

• Debbie -- we're not sure what your doctor is referring to, but at the recent American College of Cardiology, a report was given on Schering-Plough's new oral antiplatelet agent, known as TRA-SCH 530348. But it's just entering Phase 3 trials, and is not approved for use anywhere as yet.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 24, 2007

• Do you know of a new heart medicine that is not commercial yet that can be taken about stent surgery? My mother had 2 stents and since then cannot take Plavix because of a metallic taste and now is taking Ticlid but has problems with lots of diarrhea. A doctor with her heart doctor's office had read recently about this new med but cannot relocate the information. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.
Debbie Elder, Vincent, Ohio, USA, April 24, 2007

• third day after having two stents, 2nd day using, for the first time "Plavix" i have an unexpected headache. very glad i found this site. after reading of other effects "metallic" taste, i'll let others know if this occurs.
Terry, Oregon, USA, March 25, 2007

• I didn't have that problem,but I've found that I've lost my taste for things I used eat prior to having my heart attack and stents installed.- I think I became used to the low sodium part of what they fed me in the hospital...
Nita, Wichita, Kansas, USA, March 19, 2007

• I am rewriting in response to my mother. She had 2 stents put in in July 2006. Three weeks later everything she ate or drank tasted metallic. After more that than 3 months of testing and a 36 lb. weight loss we were to an end and did not think we would ever find an answer. After talking to the cardiologist again and again I begged him to take her off of Plavix and try something else. He put her on Ticlid and I am so happy to say my mother is much better after being off Plavix. It took about 3 weeks or more for the metallic taste to leave, but she can eat or drink most anything. I don't know if this will help anyone else, but we never dreamed it would be the Plavix.
Debbie Elder, Vincent, Ohio, USA, January 7, 2007

• to the editor: My mother had Taxus Express2 Monorail stents. She does not take any Ace inhibitors. Her weight loss is now over 30 pounds. She had a swallow test done yesterday and a scope of the esophagus and stomach tomorrow. If those test show nothing we do not know where to turn next. Our family doctor said he only knows to do a pet scan next of the entire body.
Debbie Elder, Vincent, Ohio, USA, November 8, 2006

• I had the metallic taste along with nausea for years. Stents were inserted in 2002. I am allergic to nickel, but the docs never checked - just inserted. I was very, very sick for several years and developed an AAA. It was repaired and stents removed from iliac arteries. Metal taste was gone in days.
Carole, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 4, 2006

• Responding to the question concerning my mother. She had 2 stents and the card says Taxus Express 2 Monorail. She has not improved and waiting to hear results from a head MRI, and they are doing an Upper GI with barium next Tuesday and on Thursday a scope of the esophagus & stomach. She does not use an Ace inhibitor and my daughter is a pharmacist and has researched all of her meds. Mom's weight loss is now 30 pounds.
Debbie, Vincent, Ohio, USA, November 2, 2006

• Debbie -- do you know what kind of stent these were. Your mother should have been given a card with that information on it? Also is your mother on an ACE inhibitor. This class of drug can sometimes cause a metallic taste.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 28, 2006

• My mother had 2 stents put in in July 2006. Approximately 3 weeks later she started having a constant metallic taste in her mouth. In the last 6 weeks she can barely eat, everything she eats and drinks gives her the bad taste and if she tries to eat regardless of the taste she gags and will vomit. She has lost 25 pounds and the doctors cannot explain any of it after numerous blood tests checking for several things including mineral deficiency. Do you have any answers as what could be wrong or what to test for?
Debbie Elder, Vincent, Ohio, USA, October 19, 2006

• My daughter gets a metallic taste in her mouth. Sometimes it is after anything in milk. She also suffers from stress. Can you suggest anything that may help. Doris.
doris stapleton, nottingham, UK, October 17, 2006

• I've noticed that every time I conceive I get this metallic taste in my mouth each and every time have this happen to anyone else if so what is the cause and what can you do to help?
Morena, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, September 6, 2006

• I had same metal taste for weeks after cath with Starclose femoral artery closure. What kind of closure did she have?
J.S., Colorado, USA, August 28, 2006

• You know, I have a metal taste in my mouth, and have for a week. I have not had any of the above. I have been having more allergic reactions to foods, and Drugs now. If I needed anything for pain I would be totally screwed! I am allergic to many of the pain medications that can treat the pain of the torn disc in my back. I can take Ibuprofen, and that is it. I have recently had an allergic reaction to eggs. That has NEVER happened before. I have yet to be seen by the doctor, and am curious to see what becomes of this. I would gladly accept loss of taste all together, than to have this constant metallic taste in my mouth.
Shannon Langness, Kimball, Minnesota, USA, August 26, 2006

• i also had 1 stent put in and i now have the metal taste but it didn't start right away, it came later and has been ongoing now for months. drs. cannot seem to find the cause, and meanwhile i can't eat as it makes me ill and cant swallow the food, and have lost quite a bit of weight. would like any info to find a solution to this problem. thank you.
Carla C., Texas, USA, May 23, 2006

• My 71 year old very active mother who was a smoker had 3 stents placed in October 2005. She was placed on an ace inhibitor(Altace) and immediately developed a cough. She took the Altace for 6 days maximum. However almost 3 months later she still has the cough and tires easily. Dr's keep putting it on the medication not out of her system.
Patricia Friday, Lanham, MD - USA, December 30, 2005

• I take losarten (ARB as opposed to ACE) has anyone experienced a metallic taste on this drug?
Jack, retired pharmacist, louisville , Ky, December 08, 2005

• A metallic taste is sometimes experienced during a catheterization procedure, specifically as a result of contrast dye injection. But that is something that probably wouldn't appear again after a week. Some drugs are known to cause a metallic taste as a side effect -- for example, the ACE inhibitor captopril (although this is an older drug and not prescribed much anymore, specifically because of its undesireable side-effects). Other posters to the Forum have described similar taste disturbances, but we have not seen any evidence that the stent causes this (which is not to say that stent allergies don't exist, but metallic taste doesn't seem to be one of the symptoms). The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada has a good page on high-blood pressure and lists the following "less common side effects" of ACE inhibitors in general:

  • dizziness or lightheadedness, especially in hot weather, during exercise or when standing up suddenly
  • diarrhea, nausea
  • persistent dry cough
  • headache
  • loss of taste or a metallic taste in your mouth (this effect usually only occurs with high doses and goes away after a few months)

Make a list of the medications your sister-in-law is taking and look up the side effects of each one -- see if you find something. And definitely discuss this side-effect with your doctor. If he/she feels it is a drug side-effect, your doctor may change the prescription to a different one. And please let us know if you find out anything and how the situation is resolved.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 15, 2005

• I'm not sure - she had (1?) metal stent put in & her metal taste began about 1 week after that. It's constant & almost everything tastes like metal. She is going nuts!! Have you heard of this?
Debbie, Winchester, VA, November 15, 2005

• Debbie, what type (Taxus, Cypher or other) stents and how many? Also, was this immediately after the stenting, or did it come later?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 14, 2005

• My sister-in-law had stents put in a few months ago and now everything she eats tastes like metal. Has this happened to anyone? What can be done? Is it possible that she could be allergic to the metal stents & if so, what can be done?
posted by Debbie, Winchester, VA - USA, November 14, 2005

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