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Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)

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What have been your experiences with and comments about Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)? If you are looking for EECP equipment, visit our EECP Marketplace.

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• I am Dr.Thanaraj, needs to know is there any teaching institutions for ECP in chennai or in India ?
Dr.Raj, Decca Hospital, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, July 18, 2013

• Hello mr. vijayrathod, in ahmedabad ECP treatment is very much available ..please drop down your contact number or email id .. so that i can guide u. (Mr. Vijayrathod -- if you send an email to, we will forward your request to this poster.)
Amit , ccc, Gujarat, India, May 29, 2013

• I have completed 33 of 35 EECP sessions so far and have yet to notice any improvements in my angina. I have blockages in 3 arteries --- 95% blocked RA with collateral circulation, 90% blocked LAD, and 85% blocked LC. My plan is to try all the different non-invasive treatment options first before angioplasty or bypass. I have been on a plant-based diet for 4 months now. Tried zinc, magnesium, and L-Arginine for a month so far, no improvements. With medication and diet change, my total cholesterol has dropped from 190 to 79 and trig from 240 at 83. What should I try next?
SamL, Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 24, 2013

• My father in law has been advised EECP therapy by Dr Panda, Asian heart center, Mumbai. Wanted to check if there is EECP therapy available in Dubai or Sharjah, UAE. Since my husband and I stay here. Thanks.
Charmie B., Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, May 24, 2013

• Enhanced external Counter pulsation (EECP) is a noninvasive technique to treat Coronary Heart Diseases like Angina (chest pain) Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack) and Heart failure or Cardiomyopathy. It acts by increasing perfusion of blood (coronary blood flow) to the heart and diminishes symptoms of ischemia; leading to improved functional capacity and quality of life. EECP therapy has been approved by FDA USA.
EECP, EECP Treatment, Amabla Cantt, India, May 21, 2013

• NATURAL BYPASS THERAPY / EECP:The machine is expanding all the blocked arteries of the heart, open new collateral tubes and offer extensive blood supply to the heart without cutting the body. A series of pneumatic cuffs are compressing the muscles of the body in a systematic way –during the relaxation phase of the heart -in this machine, opening thousands of new tubes in the heart. He also informed that such machines have now become very popular in USA and also have been approved by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) of USA. This treatment is called “Natural Bypass”. This treatment is safe, cheaper, natural, non invasive and does not need any Hospitalization.
EECP / Non-Invasive Heart Treatment, Saaol Heart Center, Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Rangin park, Opp. Rajpath Club, S G Highway, Ahmadabad, India, May 18, 2013

• I had a heart attack on 22nd August 2011 and doctors in Chennai Tamilnadu India said I can neither undergo angioplasty or Bypass since my EF is only 33%.Then I came to know about EECP and underwent the therapy in Hyridaya Care Heart institute Aluva Cochin Kerala - India. This is the only institute to my knowledge than a Cardio Vascular Surgeon is fully involved in the entire 35 hours treatment procedure. I am very comfortable and fully fit to do my routine. Thanks to Dr.Gopalakrishnan.A.Pillai. and Mr.Jolion Pillai. Balaji - Nellore - Andhra Pradesh. India. For any information u can contact me in Mail Id.
BALAJI, Nellore - Andhra Pradesh, India., May 15, 2013

• Any readers out there with information to help the posters below in Ahmedabad, India and Manila, Philippines?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 2, 2013

• my father is 76 yr old had three blocks . He refused surgery. He want to go for EECP therapy. In Ahmedabad where it is available? and what will they charge for complete treatment?
vijayrathod, Forest department, Bhavnagar, Gujarat state, India, April 18, 2013

• Please I need your help! My mother needs EECP and I was told it is going to cost us P15,000 pesos per session which will come down to half million for 35 sessions. Is there some sort of a charity clinic we can go around Metro Manila? My family is starting to raise some money, but at the moment we're already financially crippled given the heart medication and treatment she is on. Please help!
EECP Desperate, Philippines, April 15, 2013

• There is a Center, Hridayacare, at Aluva, Ernakulam, Kerala where I have undergone EECP. Perhaps this is the only center where the treatment is done by a Cardiac Surgeon.
Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP), MSCB LTD, Kottayam, Kerala, India, April 12, 2013

• Please inform me the the treatment centres in New Delhi India
SANJAY SRIVASTAVA, Delhi tours & travels, NEW DELHI,INDIA, March 14, 2013

Jessie, China, January 9, 2013

• my father underwent EECP treatment a year back in India. till date he feels good and energetic. will it be a wise idea to start an EECP centre in Dubai along with my cousin who is a MD general physician practicing at Dubai. do we need a cardiologist to run the centre? i learnt that Iran hospital provides EECP therapy in Dubai and one more hospital in Saudi. Is there any other hospitals/ medical centers in GCC/ UAE who provide this service. suggest if EECP is better or ESMR? Please any one suggest which brand is good. what would be the price. what other facilities can we provide? kindly mail at
siddarth venkatachalam, Abudhabi, UAE, January 4, 2013

• Since we introduced Chelation Therapy in India at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, in 1994 we  always considered it as a patient proven therapy that has insufficient double blind controlled studies. Our experience of probably over 100,000 intravenous infusions stands testimony to it. We believe that it is near impossible to have such a trial. Even double blind studies in bypass surgery and angioplasty are rare. The mental block against chelation therapy lies in it appearing to be such a simple solution to a complex problem. We introduced ECP in 2002 in the region. We welcome anyone to contact us on mb +91-9814034818 to visit us with an open mind and interview our patients. We have several patients who had no option due to being unfit for surgery, recurrence after bypass, failed bypass and those who could not afford bypass who have responded well to chelation therapy and ECP. Specially important is the zero mortality during the procedure. Dr Sibia
Dr Sibia, Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, Punjab, India, December 14, 2012

• want to setup in our hospital
Paul, Parvati hospital, Amritsar, India , August 11, 2012

• External Counter Pulsation (ECP/ EECP) is an excellent procedure to treat Coronary Artery Disease and produces the same hemodynamic effect as IABP. We are using ECP in Sibia Medical Centre since 2002 and feel there are is need for such therapies especially in developing countries and for patients with failed bypass and for those unfit for bypass surgery. It does not require the huge infrastructure as required for IABP.
Dr Sibia, Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, Punjab, India, June 24, 2012

• There is an EECP centre in Panayappilly, Fort Kochi. The center address is Cardiac Rejuvenation Centre. 0484:2210220. There are two machines in the centre since 2010 March. Hundreds of cardiac patients are benefited by EECP TREATMENTS.
A., Cardiac Rejuvenation Centre, Cochin, Kerala, India, April 2, 2012

• Hi Mr. Muthu, sorry for late reply. Yes EECP treatment is offered at Renew Medical Center, located near Richmond Road, Bangalore. You could search for this center on just dial website.
Kumar, Bangalore, India, March 15, 2012

• i am 82. have had an 8 pt bypass 12 years ago following 3 failed stent procedures. had a 4th stent 3 years ago. failed in two weeks. i couldn't walk across the street did 36 EECP treatments. I'm back in the gym. wish i would have started with EECP instead of catheterization and stents
bipjes, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, March 3, 2012

• Modern medications can be very helpful in the treatment of coronary artery disease. Chelation therapy, in the U.S. anyway, has not been proven useful, although there is a clinical trial that has been in progress. But you should discuss any medications with your cardiologist. And nothing on this Forum should be taken as a substitute for advice from your doctor. Although EECP is a stand-alone treatment, medications are probably being prescribed to reduce risk factors, as they would be for any heart patient. We are curious as to how your cardiologist has come up with a figure of 54% blockage; or 14%? These are very specific numbers and, frankly, hard to measure accurately even on an invasive angiogram. Also, the question is whether these "blockages" are ischemia-producing. Even a 70% blockage can be left alone, if it is not causing ischemia (something that can only be verified during a catheterization when FFR is performed). And importantly, are you having symptoms of angina, etc.?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 27, 2012

• Is heavy oral medication a requirement along with EECP, I seem to have a strong allergy for any type of medication, I have already gone through the EECP course two years back with supported chelation therapy, but in two years the reports are like what they were then I had about 54% blocks then, which had reduced to 14% after the treatment. I gave up on the strong medication which used to give me bouts of headache for days together. Now after 2 years the reports a almost identical and now I seem to be having 54% blocks again. The medication prescribed along with the treatment is simply not comfortable. I have body aches, head aches continuously for the last 10 days. Can EECP be done without the bombardment of so many chemicals into the body. The medication is killing all the success of EECP for me. The treatment itself bought in a lot of comfort then and is helping now too, but the pains induced by medicines is too much to bear.
Vivek, Bangalore, India, February 27, 2012

• Non Invasive Heart treatment with 90-95% success rate is available through ECP (External Counter Pulsation) Machine. We sell ECP Machine at lowest price and best quality all over the world. For more information kindly visit
Yati M., India, February 13, 2012

• my name is Suresh. I have been suggested EECP treatment by one doctor at Mumbai, India. I want to know if there are any centers at Dubai who can give me the EECP treatment at reasonable cost as I have to proceed to Dubai for my duty. The reason to find EECP centre is that I can join the duty at Dubai
Sureshingorani, Mumbai, India, February 2, 2012

• Can someone plz tell.. How much it costs in India (Bangalore)..??
muthu, Bangalore, India, January 24, 2012

• My father (69 yo) had undergone EECP therapy in Hridaya Care Heart Institute in Aluva, Ernakulam dist. He was unable to walk due to angina and perhaps the fear associated with it. We are now very thankful to Dr. Gopalakrishnan, a cardiac surgeon who runs the clinic & for the treatment and especially for the care given to my father. I recommend the procedure as it definitely helps in some way. I do not know how medically, but my father is now able to tend to his garden and is able to even exercise. He has showed marked improvement for over one year now. Please see if you have this treatment in your area and try to have this treatment done if you can - I think it really helps.
Ciby mahew, Kochi, Kerala, India, January 21, 2012

• Charles in Virginia -- we have recategorized your post below to this topic instead of the EECP Marketplace. I think you'll see a number of posts from patients about the value and their experiences with EECP below.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 1, 2012

CHARLES, private individual, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, January 1, 2012

• I recently learned of ESMR, a low intensity shockwave therapy treatment that is available. treatment time is short, only 20 minutes. With great results.
yn13, Benicia, California, USA, December 5, 2011

• Like to install External counterpulsation machine . Give me the guidance for installing . What is the Cost? From were I it will be available...??
Dr.Sultan Shiakh, Pune, India, November 26, 2011

• Sir i wanna know witch hospital using EECP treatment in united Arab emirates thanks
SUBHI, Doha- Qatar, November 16, 2011

• hi.thanks in advance. am really i need of help from you all.i just joined in an hospital to implement an EECP programme and for that i need to know the steps involved in this treatment like blood tests, ECG will be very helpfull if anyone can give me the deatials.i want to prepare a project reg this could anyone please help me.please guide me with your knowledge mail id : dhanyasebastian1986@gmail.comthank you
dhanya, Kerala, India, November 16, 2011

• NEOMED Hospital is an innovative and integrated medical center run by highly qualified doctors offering unique and special treatment methods, for Cardiovascular diseases and many other chronic diseases.The treatments involved are safe, effective, non-invasive and an affordable way to improve coronary circulation and myocardial perfusion(blood flow to heart) in a non-surgical approach.Chelation is one of the safest medical procedure involving the intravenous in fusion of a medicine called EDTA (Ethyl Di-amino Tetra Acetic Acid).Ozone is a natural element in the atmosphere. Chemically it contains three atoms of oxygen and its formula is O3. Medical ozone is produced by energization of oxygen.This is a new technique for the early detection of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) .It Indicates Myocardial (Heart Muscle) blood flow and oxygen demand and supply for every beat of your heart.
India Artery Clearance Therapy, Chennai, India, October 12, 2011


• Lifeline Hospital & Heart Centre,Mahanagar,Lucknow,UP,India-226006 is Pioneering EECP treatment, The US FDA Approved Treatment of Angina and Heart Failure without Operation. HELPLINE CALL 9415001448
EECP HEART TREATMENT IN LUCKNOW, Lifeline EECP Hospital & Heart Centre, Lucknow,UP,India-226006, August 11, 2011

• Ananyaviji from India -- EECP may help in relieving angina, but it is not a substitute for bypass surgery or angioplasty, assuming your father-in-law needs one of those treatments. If he's been recommended for CABG, but doesn't want to get surgery, has he considered seeing an interventional cardiologist, a doctor who performs angioplasty, to be evaluated for that procedure. If the radial (wrist) approach is used, patients can often go home the same day.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 13, 2011

• my father in law is a heart pt. he was suggested to do CABG. but he is not willing. can we go for ECCP? Whether that will help him? if a patient gets pain or attack during the treatment what will be the solution?
ANANYAVIJI, India, March 10, 2011

• Guna, Pudukotti-- You or anyone else who desires more information on this highly safe, cost-effective, non-invasive therapy for the cardiovascular system can have your questions answered by listening to the following radio interview with Dr. Debra Braverman M.D. who has treated more patients with EECP than anyone else in the United States. See link to interview below: -- Gerald Oros (Have received 5 full courses of EECP in 9 years)
Gerald Oros, Collinsville, Illinois, USA, February 28, 2011

• Visit IPC Heartcare centre, Mumbai, chain of Preventive Cardiology Clinics in Mumbai, Largest Provider of EECP in India , visit
EECP, IPC Heartcare centre, Mumbai, India, February 26, 2011

• we have started EECP service in our hospital it is very cheap and the initital results are very good.if you need cheap EECP service you can contact pjhap. The centre is in Kathmandu. Nepal.
CM, SGNHC, Kathmandu, Nepal, February 12, 2011

• Anyone know of a eecp treatment centre in British Columbia or Seattle Washington?
eecp treatment required, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, November 2, 2010

• EECP treatments now in Bangalore. Visit for more details
Renew, Renew Medical, Bangalore, India, July 7, 2010

• I suggest that those with questions about EECP, please join the official EECP Forum to chat about EECP with other patients as well as therapists and doctors. There is a plethora of information there that would surely be helpful to all of you.P
PPersaud, Vasomedical Inc, Westbury, New York, USA, July 2, 2010

• There are two new ECP centres at Chennai and Ahmedabad India Please call the no 09830089776 if you need the treatment or if you have any query. The Centre's name is SAAOL HEART CENTRE. contact : as well if any query.
mayank, Saaol Heart Centre, Kolkata, India, June 18, 2010

• I am a heart patient from the State of Kerala, South India. I would like to undergo EECP therapy, as it is a non-invasive treatment. Can anybody suggest any centre in the State of Kerala which carry out this treatment & approximate treatment cost. NG Nair, Cochin, Kerala, India. e.mail ID
NG Nair, Rtd. Employee, Cochin, Kerala State, India, May 23, 2010

• I have been a eecp technician for over 1 year, and in my experience with patients suffering from angina, i have seen a improvement in 90% of patients quality of life. Any benefit, whether it is simply an increase in exercise tolerance, or even feeling "better" is a justification for offering treatment. It is in my opinion, that eecp is underused, and can cause a range of benefits from increasing perfusion in the heart, along with increasing perfusion overall in the capillaries of the body. This non-invasive procedure offers an option to those individuals that are skeptical of interventional procedures and is entirely out-patient. What matters most is the patients commitment during the treatment regimen and even the technicians level of training matters in order to maximize the percent utilization. This treatment is helping people everyday, and the numbers don't lie.
Amandeep C., Fresno,CA, USA, March 30, 2010

• Sir, please send us the EECP machine and EECP device details :
1) Latest Models
2) Manufacturers details
3) Price in Indian Rupees
4) Catalogue and Pamphlets
5) Supplier contact address
6) Contact person
7) Mode of payments, delivery time, terms and conditions
8) Financial help or loan facility, available if any to install the machine at a Public Health Centre, an Non Governmental Organization (NGO), at Pondicherry, India.
9) Reference customers in and around Pondicherry U.T or Chennai,Tamilnadu,India.
Regards -- Kandaswamy.G+919344098009 srbabumcAThotmailDOTcom
Kandaswamy.G , personal, Plot No.86, Door No.26, 6th Cross, Sathya Nagar, Saram, 605013, Pondicherry State, Pondicherry (U.T), India, March 15, 2010

• A new EECP center with a Vasomedical TS3 has started offering treatments in Bangalore. For further details, check the website
Kumar, Bangalore, India, February 16, 2010

• EECP - I came to knew about this via Internet. My Father had an by-pass sugery since 2002. Nowadays he has a pain in Heart. We did Angiogram and the report said there are three blocks. Doctors advised to take Angioplasty for Two blocks. 1. Give me the list of hospitals which are offering EECP facilities in Chennai and Trichy. 2. What is the difference between EECP & By Pass & AngioPlasty. Which is better. 3. Is this treatment is covered under company's group medical insurance in India. 4. What is the approximate period of treatment / rest required after the treatment before I join back duty. 5. What are the advantages of this treatment over bypass heart surgery. 6. Any after effects of this treatment. Please respond to me immediately.
Guna, Pudukkottai, TamilNadu, India, January 20, 2010

• Cardiac catheterization (stent insertion or angiograms) have some risk. My cousin died of a stroke one day after a cardiac catheterization; generally conceded to be a direct result of it. When I was diagnosed with a blockage I declined the stent and chose EECP (enhanced external counterpulsation). It's just as effective, entirely safe, Medicare approved, and relatively cheap (~$7000 in Philadelphia USA). But it does involve 35 hours of therapy. After a year I had to go back for a "tune-up" (another 15 hours). But that was 3 years ago, and I've been fine. I don't take any prescription drugs either, because I keep my lipids under control with diet and exercise. EECP is popular in China, I've heard. But not here in the US because the cardiologists' wallets, wives, business associates...etc would protest. Luckily, there aren't that many interventional cardiologists in China.
Dan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, August 26, 2009

• Dear Mr Ram -- CE and US FDA are two different standards, CE is a manufacturing standing for any product to enter in to EU. It’s required for all the products immaterial of its nature, it may not be medical equipment it can be obtained for manufacturing type writer also. But to obtain US FDA, any medical equipment needs to prove its clinical evidences, for example Vasomedical is manufactured from China but it has USFDA but none of the other ECP equipments manufactured from China has US FDA. Apart from certification there is lot of quality and latest sophistication differences between the machines manufactured from US like ScottCare and other Chinese manufactured ECP equipments even they have US FDA and CE. write to or call our all India Toll Free 1800 11 33 22 to obtain more clarifications.
Kandeepan, Cardiopulse Heart Care , New Delhi, India, August 1, 2009

• I would like to know whether the ECP machines manufactured in China having the CE mark as good as the machines made by Vasomedical or Scottcare? Thanks.
Ram, Bangalore, India, July 29, 2009

• There are so many EECP centre in Nagpur & Nearby Jabalpur. Best results are found in Heart Care Jabalpur with 99.9% success. Not even a single patient went for surgery after taking non-surgical treatment there. There are 5-6 patients in my relation and known ones had treatment at heart care civic centre jabalpur, mp. For more information, my suggestion is , you please log on to www. , You can confirm the results on your own. My purpose was just to help you. Best wishes.
AD, SS Farm, Jabalpur, MP, India, July 19, 2009

• Robert -- Medicare covers ECP/EECP if certain conditions are met. Their statement reads, in part: "Coverage is provided for the use of ECP for patients who have been diagnosed with disabling angina (Class III or Class IV, Canadian Cardiovascular Society Classification or equivalent classification) who, in the opinion of a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon, are not readily amenable to surgical intervention, such as PTCA or cardiac bypass, because:

  1. Their condition is inoperable, or at high risk of operative complications or post-operative failure;
  2. Their coronary anatomy is not readily amenable to such procedures;
  3. They have co-morbid states which create excessive risk."
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 19, 2009

• Does Medicare cover EECP?
Robert M Doerfler, Chicago, Illinois, USA, July 15, 2009

• If you live in Pakistan, or nearby country, good news, EECP is available now in few centers at different cities here like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot. We are offering EECP 35 days course at EECP Clinic situated at Commissioner Road Sialkot under supervision of Dr. Armughan Riaz First EECP consultant Cardiologist in Sialkot Gujranwala Division. We have treated successfully patients of resistant angina and heart failure even DCMP and ICMP patients. For more detail and testimonials of our patients please visit website
Dr. Armughan Riaz, EECP CLINIC, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, July 15, 2009

• interested to start chelation therapy center in Pune.
Dr. Ramesh M., Wnho, India, July 14, 2009

• What are the EECP centres in and around Nagpur, India?
DSOM, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, July 8, 2009

• Anyone looking for treatment location in the US can log on to -- you can type in a zip code and find locations near you.
Jody P., Buffalo New York, USA, June 2, 2009

• EECP therapy may be a good option in patients with compromised renal function in the rage of 2-6.5 mg/dL of serum creatinine Where the average GFR is estimated to be 50ml/min to 25ml/min. I am not sure if EECP will help patients other than to relieve symptoms below this range. Because EECP might be causing more of a fibrosis of the glomerular nephrons and might not give a sustained benefit in treating them without proper dialysis support. This is an aspect i am personally interested in and professionals, who have experienced this in their treatment please comment. There is no doubt that EECP will help even the worst heart condition, but with co existing severe renal failure - i am really interested to know your inputs., or call at 9447776000, 9447777508
Dr Ajith Joy K, Medlinks Cardiocare Pvt Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, April 21, 2009

• There is a new ECP centre opening in hyderabad, India on 14th may, 2009. Please call the no 09830089776 if you need the treatment or if you have any query. The Centre's name is SAAOL HEART CENTRE. contact : as well if any query. Thanks
MB, India, April 12, 2009

• Randy (and many others) -- we don't know of a central directory for centers that practice EECP/EPC but we would recommend consulting your cardiologist. Some hospitals also offer the service. Dr. Debra Braverman's website is at
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 18, 2009

• Please let me know where in illinois or close by that you can get this treatment-also anyone know dr. bravermans website?
Randy, Fairfield Illinois, March 8, 2009

• Re: *Enhanced External Counter Pulsation * - (E E C P) My full details/particulars are given below. I am writing to enquiry if the THERAPY (E E C P) mentioned above is available in hospitals in Banglore or any other surrounding area as an in- patient ? I would rather prefer a hospital with boarding/lodging facility or any reputable Clinic. Failing that, any other Hospitals recommended by you providing such -E E C P Therapy + FACILITIES. I shall be most grateful for your help and guidance. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards. A. Manek. *PARTICULARS:About the Patient (me): Sex : Male Age : 68, BMA: 25. *Medical Condition/-Diagnosis : Diffuse Circumflex, RCA has been stented (ONE - bare metal): March 2007, Moderate distal LAD disease (stress echo: circumflex - Ischaemia) . Hypothyroidism.*(IF YOU COULD PROVIDE FULL DETAILS & FEES, IT WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED.*)
A. Manek, London, United Kingdom, March 1, 2009

• Which are the centres in vadodara, india that offer eecp treatments?
Sudesh Murdia, Vadodara, India, December 31, 2008

• Thanks in Advance. I have query if somebody can help me with this. My dad has triple vessel disease, had undergone bypass in 1995. Now again he is having angina and breathlessness. Recent angiogram revealed 100% blockage in two of the artries and third one is potent. He has been recommended for EECP. We tried getting the EECP done at a hospital in delhi, but the problem is that treatment could not be started because of Abnormal ECG detected by machine. Techinician is saying this is because my dad has very thin skin because of which the skin is moving under the electrodes and machine detects this movement as abnormal heart rate and stops. Is there a way out of this?
Lokesh, Singapore, December 30, 2008

• Dear Doctor I would like to know whether we can offer EECP to those IHD patients who have apical thrombus/ LV clot organized or wait for lysis by warfarin or what should be ideal INR level in these patients. Regards
Dr. R., Hyderabad, Pakistan, November 25, 2008

• EECP will facilitate opening the collateral arteries. Will it guarantee that re-clogging of arteries will not take place? There is an ayurvedic capsule known as Wrudved which can be given as a complimentary to EECP treatment so that re-clogging is not taken place. The inventor of this formula has cured more than 8000 patients since last 10 years. For details:
A.V.S., Mumbai, India, November 23, 2008

• I am 68 years old pensioner, married with a child. Had my RCA stented last year. I am having stable Angina owing to diffused L/CX artery. I would like to know the side effects of EECP? Would it interfere with metal stent?? I am suffering from SUSPECTED Hiatal Hernia (NOT investigated)! And my doctors are not in favour of EECP therapy. EVEN 'Laser beam' therapy has been rejected by Doctors! I am confused. PLEASE Advice and HELP. THANKS.
Anwar M., Herts, United Kingdom, November 17, 2008

• Hi there I am interested in having EECP treatment. Question: Are there any EECP centres in South Africa,please advise. Thank you.
Paul, Gauteng, South Africa, November 13, 2008

• Hi, I am looking at possible EECP treatment. Does anyone know of any EECP service that is available anywhere in Australia? Many thanks.
Jaques, Australia, November 5, 2008

• Is ECP contraindicated in patients with lower extremity arterial grafts? Do you have reference material on this area?
GT, Ohio, USA, October 3, 2008

• What doctors or facilities in central Alabama (Montgomery or Birmingham) use EECP? If not in Alabama, what would be the closest facility? Thank you.
Donnie, Alabama, USA, September 7, 2008

• Does anyone have any information concerning the billing side of the Enhanced External Counter pulsation?
BLE, St Francis Hospital, Georgia, USA, September 4, 2008

• Does anyone know if EcP is available In Egypt I am an englishman living here and know people who would benefit from the treatment.There are a number of doctors and surgeons who would be interested also.
Bob Williams, Ismalia, Egypt, July 18, 2008

• I am a retired doctor, wanted to help poor third world heart patients with free EECP treatment . If any one can help me with the cost of the machine and approximately the running cost including servicing per year. Some of the clinics charges exorbitant fees which some of the poor patients cannot afford paying with their whole life time savings. I look forward for some helpful suggestions.
Dr. J., Walsall,UK, July 8, 2008

• I had a single bypass in 1981. 5 more bypasses plus a mammary vein hook up in 1994. I started experiencing Angina again in 2000. By February 2008 my drug therapy was failing and I was wearing a 0.8 mg nitro patch around the clock. After a final angiogram my cardiologist told me about E.E.C.P. I had an Aorta scan that showed I had gall stones. My Aorta was normal. I started my E.E.C.P. therapy at St. John's hospital in Longview Wa. I completed my 35 treatments on June 12th 2008. I am pleased to say that I am angina free and have not used any nitro since my 7th treatment. My life has returned to normal. I can walk a mile at 3 miles per hour. I am 76 years old. Sincerely.
Herman Kurth, Mt. Vernon, Washington U.S.A., July 8, 2008

• My father has triple vessel disease and some of his friends are suggesting him EECP, They told him about Al-shifa in Islamabad. Please let me know some other place for EECP in Pakistan and also tell me how long it may last( I mean if once he undergoes the process how long he may not need it again?). Regards.
Sarim Saeed, Telenor, Pakistan, Multan, June 27, 2008

• We would like to know if this ECP treatment is available in Tamilnadu. Please give us the address.
G., Tamil Nadu, India, June 15, 2008

• Which are the centres in Bangalore, india that offer eecp treatments?
Balakumar. V, India, June 12, 2008

• For all kinds of EECP queries call 91 9447777508 - Mr Ramesh.
Ramesh, DDNMRC, Kerala, India, June 10, 2008

• Kerala-based Med.Links Cardiocare Private Limited has introduced the Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) treatment, which helps treat cardiac patients nonsurgically without risk, for the first time in the state. WWW.MEDLINKSEECP.COM If you have heart disease, you probably know all about statins (cholesterol-lowering medications) and beta blockers (blood pressure medication), angioplasty and bypass surgery, and the benefits of regular exercise, explains Dr. Ajith Joy K., the chief executive officer. What is to be done when all these treatments fail or when someone is not fit for the above treatments? About 30 percent of all cardiac patients are in this category and they live on suffering with chest pain, mobility restriction, severe breathlessness, swelling on the feet, etc. The EECP could be an approved treatment method for them. The idea behind this wacky-sounding treatment is to decrease the demand on an ailing heart by helping it push blood through the body.

According to the team of doctors at the Med.Links, the EECP diminishes the symptoms of ischemia. In numerous studies, EECP has been shown to relieve angina, improve exercise tolerance, and decrease the degree of ischemia in a cardiac stress test. The EECP works amazingly well to relieve chest pain for most patients. Patients who have undergone surgery but still suffer from chest pain and breathlessness and those who have symptoms even after optimal medical management and post-angioplasty can be helped by this treatment, he said. First approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1995, EECP is most often used in patients with stable angina, the kind that often lasts five minutes or less, is brought on by physical exertion and is usually relieved by drugs like nitroglycerin. Unfortunately, stable angina isn t always easily controlled with medications, and some people just aren t good candidates for angioplasty or surgery. That s where EECP comes in, said Dr. Joy. Patients lie down during the procedure, which lasts an hour, and is performed once a day, five times a week, for seven weeks. The 35 hours of nonsurgical outpatient-based treatment where pneumatic cuffs like BP cuffs are placed around the calves, thighs and buttocks, timed to inflate in progression. Starting with the section around the calves, when the heart reaches its resting phase between beats, as each cuff inflates, it squeezes blood out of the legs and back to the heart. The cuffs are timed to inflate and deflate based on the individual's electrocardiogram. It feels like a deep muscle massage, says Dr. Joy, who administers EECP to patients here.

The most common side effect is chafing of the skin, usually prevented by wearing elastic clothing . The treatment involves no surgery, no needles, no hospital admission or no pain. Atrial fibrillation is a relative contraindication, because the varying heart rate makes it impossible to time the inflation and deflation of the cuffs. In the subset of individuals with atrial fibrillation, high degree heart block, and a permanent pacemaker who are pacemaker dependent, it may still be possible to perform EECP. Intriguingly, recent studies suggest that the heart responds to this extra flow of blood by producing tiny blood vessels called collaterals naturally bypassing the blocked blood vessels to better nourish the heart. That is why the benefits of EECP often last 5-6 years in 87 percent of the treated patients, he says. The EECP may also be useful in other hard-to-treat conditions like heart failure. It s US FDA approved and is currently used in over 1500 centers in the USA and about 20 centers in India. That may change to a situation where it may be present in most households, as the benefits of squeeze therapy become better known among the medical community.
ShaJi J., Kerala, India, June 08, 2008

• Hi I am Dr Javaid Sabzwari from Lahore, Pakistan. EECP is effective for only those heart patients who have been evaluated in detail. Because we can't perform EECP in every heart patient having angina pectrois. There is a proper selection criteria for ECP, just like for PCI or CABG (angioplasty/heart bypass surgery respectively). If ECP fails it means your selection was not correct. I don't recommend Chelation Therapy, as no trial has shown its efficacy. I am not biased to any procedure, but we people of medical community should always judge a Risk/Benefit Ratio of any procedure/method/therapy,whether this is PCI,CABG, ECP, TMR or simple Pharmacotherapy. We cardiologists should discourage Chelation Therapy, as EDTA which is claimed to be beneficial may cause nephrotoxicity especially in Diabetic Patients. So i suggest,please select every patient according to the criteria and then go for. Result will be 100%. Take Care.
Dr Javaid Sabzwari, Rehana Mushtaq Heart Clinic,1-G Model Town/19 E 1 Valancia, Lahore, Pakistan, June 5, 2008

• Well i just read your note on EECP, "Unbelievably Good", well it's true. Mr Nair, is my patient, and most of my group of 28 patients has less than 30% ejection fraction. To objectively evaluate patient improvement Echocardiography was the most extensively used tool. well but i have used is a more objective tool called MUGA multi-gated analysis, here we use RBC labeling using nuclear medicine techniques and is considered to be the gold standard for LV function = Functional MRI. The important thing here is akinetic segments improve very much and they can be visualized and quantified very clearly. Perfusion scans also showed the improvements in the same cardiac segments. The last paper in ACC - showed significant endothelial stabilization by eecp, meaning the same shear stress mechanism of PTCA is also applicable in EECP partly to explain its good effects. Any one may please mail me for visually seeing the real time effect of pre and post treatment since i do it in all my patients as a rule. The results have been truly surprising to me also initially. Presently it has become a norm. ,
Dr Ajith Joy Kizhakkebhagathu, Medlinks Cardiocare Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, May 25, 2008

• M. Nair in India -- those results are unbelievably good -- a four-fold increase in heart function is a much greater effect than anything we've read in the literature about EECP therapy.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 5, 2008

• I just got my life back by using EECP treatment, I am a heart patient who had 2 MI's in 1999 and 2003 by then i was breathless and by the time i opted for surgery, none of the surgeons would operate on me. I had a Heart function of 10% and the heart of a football size. I was advised nuclear viability scan to find if there is any chance for surgery, they turned me down telling me i was unfit for surgery. Then this miracle happened last year i visited medlinks cardiocare at trivandrum, kerala where they offered me EECP for 35 days and i am back to active life. I could walk again and work again - now i drive and my function has improved to 40%. I feel like i got my life back. The surgeons said if i required i could get operated but my confidence in EECP has led me to decide otherwise. For all in my shoes Medlinks cardiocare trivandrum could be life saver offering EECP.
Somasekharan Nair, KSRTC - Public Transport Division, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, May 5, 2008

• Our Samarpan Heart Hospital and research center in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India has two EECP machines. In our hospital we treated more than 650 patients with heart problems. Our success rate 98% highest in the world. It is a charitable hospital Many patients are treated free. The charges in this hospital are the lowest. The hospital provide 100% organic food free of charge to all the patients. There are 250 cows in the Gawshala (cows of Gir breed ) Our hospital is operated by a Charitable trust. Shri Kabir Ashram Jamnagar, The Ashram has 200 acres farm land connected with hospital, The environment is great. everyone who visit this hospital likes it. Our trust has built 21 schools which provide free education to poor children. Dr. Himanshu Padh is cardiologist in this hospital. Mahant Jagdishdasji Maharaj is head of the trust. Our contact is 91 288 2553334, 2558049, Hospital 91 288 2712731
Mahant Jagdishdasji Maharaj, Kabir Ashram Jamnagar, Jamnagar, gujarat, India, April 21, 2008

• I am looking for a doctor who performs ECP in Ahmedabad-India do you know who performs
Rasik, London, England, April 20, 2008

• EECP Treatment is available in India , Kerala, Trivandrum - Medlinks Cardiocare Private Ltd. Any one can post cardiology and EECP related queries through the website
John, Medlinks Cardicare Private Limited, Trivandrum , Kerala , India, April 19, 2008

• Ram - I have received the 35 hour treatment of EECP 5 times in the past 6 years and it has always worked very well to improve my angina pain and shortness of breath caused by my ischemic heart disease. I receive the treatment more frequently than most because I am severely limited in my ability to exercise due to my stage 4 osteoarthritis. Most patients who are not limited by mobility problems may go 3-5 years between treatments. I have always chosen EECP because it is non-invasive, very safe, effective and, comparatively, much less expensive than the invasive procedures the doctors alway$ $eem to prefer. To my knowledge, no one has ever died or suffered life altering side effects from EECP treatment. Now is the time for you to use your common sense, do the research on this yourself. There were 5 different presentations given on EECP at this year's Scientific Session of the ACC in Chicago, all showing additional benefits from this non-invasive heart treatment. C heck them out in the link below:
Gerald Oros, Collinsville, Illinois, USA, April 11, 2008

• Attention Heart Patients.If you have been advised PCI (Coronary Angioplasty with stents) or By-Pass Surgery,contact with my patients who are enjoying their lives without going any procedure for the last 10 to 12 years. It doesn't mean that i do not do PCI or Recommend CABG. I do but only to a limited number of patients who really require it. I own my Heart Clinic in Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan since 1993. Another sister branch has been established in VALANCIA Lahore Pakistan.You can contact me directly at my cell 03334227772 or at REHANA MUSHTAQ HEART CLINIC,MODEL TOWN/VALANCIA
Dr Javaid Sabzwari, Lahore, Pakistan, April 10, 2008

• Ram: If you 're going to see another cardiologist about seeking EECP rather than bypass surgery, be sure to show him this:
Gerald O., Illinois, USA, April 10, 2008

• Anyone interested in EECP treatment MUST read Dr. Debra Braverman's book. You can google for more on Dr. Braverman. I have just bought the book. It is the best gift I have given my health. I am a female diabetic, 54 yrs. I learned about EECP just 2 weeks after I had 2 stents in Dec 2007. Before end of June 2008 I will go for EECP treatment in Singapore or China, to enjoy a superior quality of life without future non-invasive cardiac treatments which are only a quick fix to patients with cardiovascular disease. 35 hr EECP package costs USD 1,000 to 2,500 in all Asian countries. In USA it is from USD 4,500 to 7,000. EECP was developed and perfected in China from 30 yrs ago.
Aruna Th-Hollingshead, Overseas Medical Services Canada Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 2, 2008

• Hi, I am Dr. Anupam Shrivastava, Cardiologist based at Jabalpur, MP and Nagpur. I am performing ECP and ACT(Chelation Therapy) since past 4 years with Excellent results of over 95%. I don't agree with the statement that these treatments are not substitute for Bypass or Angioplasty. Actually, surgical treatment should be advised only when ECP / ACT get failed. ECP and ACT are very effective in even Triple vessel disease and post bypass and post angioplasty cases with reblockages. I strongly recommend that non-surgical treatment should be more widely advised and used for treatment of CAD in view of patient's benefit, which is the ultimate aim of all doctors.
Dr. Anupam Shrivastava, Heart Care Center, Jabalpur, MP, India., March 31, 2008

• Ram -- most of your questions are things you should discuss with your cardiologist. Here are a couple answers. EECP is a trademark name -- basically it's the same as ECP. ECP or EECP is indicated to help relieve chest pain (angina) that cannot be relieved by other medical or revascularization methods (this means actually opening up the blocked artery, which is what angioplasty does, or bypassing the artery,as in opeh heart surgery). So ECP is not a substitute for revascularization. If you can, you might want to consult an interventional cardiologist, the type that does stenting and get a second opinion, although the multivessel disease is often a strong indicator for bypass instead. But talk to your doctors. They know your medical situation far better than anyone else. Let us know how things work out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 18, 2008

• EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) - I am male aged 50 working in Bangalore. Recently I have been advised by my doctors to undergo bypass heart surgery (angiogram shows 2 major blocks 90+ on left side and 1 at right side 80+). I have planned to undergo treatment in mid April 2008. In the meantime I heard about the treatment of EECP being offered in India. I would like to have my treatment in Chennai which is my hometown. I need your help for the following queries.

1. Give me the list of hospitals which are offering EECP facilities in Chennai.
2. What is the difference between ECP & EECP. Which is better.
3. I am diabetic for the last 5 years, but I am very healthy.
4. Is this treatment is covered under company's group medical insurance in India.
5. What is the approximate period of treatment / rest required after the treatment before I join back duty.
6. What are the advantages of this treatment over bypass heart surgery.
7. Any after effects of this treatment. Please respond to me immediately.

Ramanathan S, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, March 18, 2008

• Hi, I am Dr Ashok Aggarwal doing ACT and EECP on my patients since last four years.Clinical outcome is excellent but it depends upon the type of device you use and how correctly you apply treatment. i am also distributer of device and any further quarry for device or treatment you can approach me at Anand Cardiotech Pvt.Ltd. 73, Club Road, Ludhiana - 141001. Ph.:0161-2449474, 2449495 Mobile : 098154-00433 E-mail : Website :
Dr. Ashok Aggasrwal, Anandcardiotech pvt ltd, Ludhiana, India, March 3, 2008

• In response to Dr. Kevin below on ACT therapy -- Artery Clearance Therapy has been asked about in several forums. It's also known as chelation therapy or EDTA -- a drug/chemical treatment that supposedly dissolves plaque. As far as we know, there are no randomized clinical trials or peer-reviewed articles in major cardiology journals showing efficacy. However, an NIH-sponsored study was begun back in 2002 and is still recruiting. The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) won't be finished recruiting until 2009 (they have 163 centers). We look forward to the results, but as of now, there's no real data to show this therapy is valid. The danger is that patients will self-treat (and spend money on the drugs) and avoid the proven therapies.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 2, 2008

• V.B.. Sharan in Delhi -- the question is whether the 60% blockage is causing any problems. Do you experience angina? Has the cardiologist determined if the 60% blockage is reducing the oxygen to your heart? While 60% (estimated, of course, we assume from an angiogram) sound bad, it may not be a "culprit lesion". There is no magic "artery clearance drug" that's been found. ECP therapy is really to relieve angina. There are a few postings below of clinics in India, if you're interested (FYI: Angioplasty.Org has no connection to any ECP clinic, nor do we endorse any.)
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 1, 2008

• I am suffering from 60% block in left main artery. Kindly someone advise me Artery Clearance Therapy, EECP, ECP therapy/ clinic/ doctor available in Delhi (preferably) or nearby?
V.B.Sharan, Commandant, CRPF (Retd.), Delhi, India, February 28, 2008

• EECP therapy is evidence based therapy. There is no data to show EECP and ACT (Don't have any scientific article on this) combination can do more benefit. Can anyone comment on what is ACT and any paper on this?
Kevin, Physician, New York, USA, February 28, 2008

• Please contact +91-9873718457 or for ECP centers in South India. Regards, S.S.Kandeepan
S.S.Kandeepan, M/s Cardiopulse Heart Care, Delhi, India, February 18, 2008

• I am the Clinical Manager for Alexander House in Wimbledon, London, UK. WE provide EECP in our centre. If you are looking for treatment in the south of the UK please feel free to contact me on
Tonya Cheatham, London, UK, February 14, 2008

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