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Financial Assistance for Plavix and Other Prescription Drugs (2009)

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I had a heart attack in June and received a drug-eluting stent. I can no longer afford the Plavix and I am scared to death what may happen without it. There must be others out there in similar situations that can not afford all your medications and I am wondering what people do in these instances?
Shelley, Florida, USA

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Archived Postings on This Page (34):

• Hi, my name is Thelma G. I have been without my Plavix for about 3 to 4 weeks now because I can't afford it? Is there any help for me, a Pharmaceutical company that can give me some samples until I can afford it or maybe something comparable to it that is less expensive?
Thelma G., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, December 29, 2009

• My fiancee had surgery the day after Thanksgiving and had a stent put in. He makes just over $24000 per year but 1/2 of that is taken for child support. The assistance programs we have checked into go off his gross income. He does have medical insurance but his co-pay is around $65 and needs to have Toprol XR and Lisinopril. Any suggestions?
Michelle, Faucett, Missouri, USA, December 26, 2009

• Dear patients and loved ones. Most drug companies participate in programs subsidizing the cost of prescription medications. Bristol-Myers Squibb, the maker of Plavix, has the following site where you can request support You can also find information on other prescription assistance programs here
Alex, San Francisco, California, USA, December 3, 2009

• I cannot afford my plavix anymore, it is 180.00 where i live in S. C. i have three stents in my artery and said i would be on it for a year. a year will be up in april of 2010. please can you help me. i am on a fixed income of social me please.
Sue Starnes, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, November 2, 2009

• My husband had a stent put in a year ago. He is diabetic and also has a bad back, and legally blind. He takes over 17 different meds. Our Dr. was giving us samples of plavix until a few months ago. Now drug reps aren't bringing them. I have been told drug companies are going to stop all....samples to Dr.s at the end of this year. Ed is on part D we just hit his (hole) went to get his refill and it was 160.00 for 30 days... His Heart Dr. just told us he really needs to be on it for at least 6 more months because he still has one blockage at 75 to 80%. I lost my job in May 2008, so we are very limited on income. One place said if he would give up his part D they could give us 3 of his name brands for 60.00 per month. But I haven't yet been able to check and see if that would really help as far as all his scrips.
Donita Lewis, Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA, October 29, 2009

• my husband had 2 stints [stents] put in in January and it's really hard to make sure he has the meds he needs the meds cost so much there are times i do without my meds just so he has his our family is not ready to lose him.... i hope someone can help us so we can always have his meds.
Earletta McDonald, Vincennes, Indiana, USA, October 23, 2009

• I am a 40 year old male, originally from England and now live in Ohio. I have been here 8 years and never really been sick. In May i had a heart attack and needed a stent. I then lost my job because my employer ended up being my worst enemy! I searched the net to see if I could find some way of getting my meds cheap. I have just received my first 90 days of "free" Plavix and am awaiting my first free supply of Lipitor. Go to the Plavix web site and Lipitor web site and search for the forms from that point. I have a family of four and our joint income is less than 48K. You'll be surprised what you can get and what help is out there. As an Englishman I have never had to ever worry about meds before, until I came to this country. I love this country, but I hate the fact that people have to suffer for being sick. You shouldn't have to to search the web to find help, most doctors should tell you what help is out there. Luckily, i have the best doctors surgery in the world. If you need help, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Heart attack survivors should stick together. We live another day and lets live it pain free. God bless America and God save the Queen!
Mark Sandy, Ohio, USA, September 18, 2009

• I've been on Plavix 31/2 yrs. I'm widowed and only make $1,400 a yr & $1,425 Medicare. Is there anyway that you can help me. I'm 66 years old and had open heart surgery 3 1/2yrs ago and now have 12 stents. Please what can I do to get assistance. I do have insurance, but still have to pay something. I must take these meds that's what the doctors have told me never to stop. Thanking you for reading my request.
Carolyn M., New York, USA, September 18, 2009

• My brother who is 50 years old had a massive heart attack on july 7th 2009. he has no insurance and is unable to work because he is in the construction industry. He had to have a stint [stent] put in.The doctors are saying he is a miracle. he needs his plavix and cannot afford it. What should i as his sister do? I don't want him to die......
Robin T., Texas, USA, August 29, 2009

• Please anyone help with info will truly appreciate. Step-mom needs to take Plavix. She has insurance so she does not qualify for assistance through a lot of programs problem is very little income coming in not enough to pay for medicine. Her insurance pays for maybe thirty dollars a month on RX she also takes four or five more meds. Thanks for all your help.
Nancy, Davie, Florida, USA, August 27, 2009

• I had a heart attack July 26. I have no Medical or prescription insurance. I am a widow on a limited income.
Ruth M., Kentucky, USA, August 24, 2009

• There are links to various assistance sites and groups in various posts below. Again we encourage any readers out there who have had success in getting financial aid for Plavix, etc. to write in their findings. The recommendations of the major cardiology societies is NOT to implant drug-eluting stents in patients who may have compliance problems. These stents require at least a year of Plavix. If a patient cannot afford a year or more of Plavix (over $1,400) then the alternative of a bare-metal stent should be considered (only 4-6 weeks of Plavix is required with these). Perhaps a reform in the way prescription medicine is paid for will change all this. Check out our newest topic, "Health Care Reform and Stents in the United States".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 16, 2009

• My husband is 45 and has suffered 4 heart attacks and received 4 stents. He lost his job last October and can no longer work because of his health. He, too, needs to take Plavix, but we cannot afford it. We no longer have insurance, and are now saddled with huge medical bills, yet we have been told, based upon our last year's taxes, that we are not eligible for assistance. Our situation this year is extremely different than last. Is there anyone out there that can help us based upon our situation today? Any advice or contacts would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to lose my best friend. My biggest fear is that the heart attacks will continue. Thank you.
Lisa G., Missouri, USA, August 5, 2009

• I am on a fixed income and cannot afford my plavix this month, I need the 35 dollar co pay to help me. If anyone can help, please respond.
Patricia Jaynes, Pasadena, Texas, August 4, 2009

• the price of the Plavix I'm taking seems to be going up in cost at the rate of 20 dollars a month right now and the problem is this is not the only medicine I take and have to pay for. I need help!!
Mark N., Williamsport, Indiana, USA, August 3, 2009

• Michael -- scroll down to our post from May 16. This and other posts in this topic have information and links for financial assistance. What type of stent do you have: drug eluting or bare metal?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 25, 2009

• I had a heart attack on april 27, 2009 which caused an aneurysm the size of a baseball on my heart. I have no insurance and have been turned down by Medicaid . it is getting to be where i can not afford to pay for my plavix and I am worried what will happen to me if I cannot afford to pay for my next prescription. i am 44 years old.
Michael W., Darrouzett, Texas, USA, July 24, 2009

• I need Plavix on a daily basis and can not afford to continue, my husband and I are on a fixed income, is there any way to get samples from the company. The doctors office never has any and if so only 1 box. I want to take it as directed but I don't know how much longer I can do this with all the other medical expenses. I take 75 mg daily. Thank you for any consideration.
Mary S., Louisville, Kentucky, USA, July 8, 2009

• I am writing this for my 71 yo mother who had a heart attack and had a stent put in. She and my 86 yo stepfather have some money and are on medicare. She is on Plavix and her medicare doesn't cover the cost of Plavix for the whole year. What do people in her situation do? The cost of Plavix is unreal. But they seem not to qualify for any programs because they have some money. Are they to go broke cause of the meds my mother needs to take to keep her from dying?
Caroline, Lakeland, Florida, USA, July 7, 2009

• John -- look through this topic -- other patients have had some suggestions which have worked. Two possible places might be of assistance, but that depends on your income, etc. -- try Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation -- you can get the application online and then mail or fax it in. You can also go to the Partnership for Prescription Assistance -- they may have more options for at least partial pay programs. Angioplasty.Org has no connection with any of these programs -- we're just steering you to assistance. Please follow up in this topic and let everyone reading know if you had any luck. Also, do not stop taking Plavix and aspirin, as prescribed by your cardiologist -- these are critical drugs for stent patients and early cessation can cause serious problems. In the short term, perhaps he/she has some samples -- it may take a few weeks for your application to get reviewed.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 16, 2009

• had stent operation 5/13/09. dr. prescribed plavix 75mg i cannot afford to purchase them on fixed income. 66 yr. old on social security have no drug insurance, can you help?
John H., Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, May 15, 2009

• My Dad is on Plavix and his Medicare Advantage Company just raised the copayment from 6.00 to 60.00 for a 30 day supply. Bristol-Myers Squib requires that you have no insurance of any kind. Where can he go to get these things free or cheap even though he has Medicare?
John, Orlando, Florida, USA, April 24, 2009

• Cannot afford Plavix.
John R., Franklin, New Hampshire, USA, April 16, 2009

• Mohamad -- there's more information on the related topic, Plavix, Aspirin and Stents. Are you taking Plavix because you had a stent put in? If so, what type of stent, drug-eluting (coated) or bare metal? Stopping Plavix too soon can increase the risk of stent thrombosis, which is a clotting of the blood inside the stent and is a very serious complication that can lead to a heart attack. Discuss this issue with your cardiologist if it's not clear to you why you need to stay on the drug.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 9, 2009

• please tell me about what happen if i stop the plavix because my doctor she won't to stop it.
Mohamad, San Jose, California, USA, April 8, 2009

• Jeremy -- thanks for the post. FYI, we've discussed Boston's StentPlus program a number of times throughout this Forum -- in fact we sent them their very first patient query (see Shelly's post from October 16, 2007)! If you or anyone has had specific experience with their program, I'm sure our readers would be interested
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 6, 2009

• Boston Scientific Corporation (Taxus/Promus stents) has a program called Stent Plus. It helps reduce the financial burdens of multiple heart medications. The program can be found at
Jeremy G., medical manufacturing, San Antonio, Texas, USA, April 4, 2009

• I don't think I'm looking for a free ride. I am looking out for my health. I don't have health insurance. So, it is costly. I am just trying to come up with way to get help. Thank for you info. But, I am definitely not looking for a free ride. I go to work everyday like everyone else.
Marcos Santana, Chicago, Illinois, USA, February 25, 2009

• To Marcos Santana, Are you really looking for a free sample, or just a free ride? Plavix costs less than half the price in Mexico. That is where I used to get it when I needed it, you can go there as well. Good luck, amigo!
Tom in Encinitas, California, USA, February 17, 2009

• Is anyone out there knows how to get free sample of plavix I also have a heart attack back in November last year and now I lost my insurance and my plavix cost $164 per month and I can't afford if any one have any idea how to beat this big price of plavix?
Marcos Santana, Chicago, Illinois, USA, February 7, 2009

• I'm 46 years old and had my second Heart attack in October 2006 and thank God I had Insurance to pay for all the medical bills. It is now Feb 2009 and have lost my job in Nov 2008 and am on unemployment which pays enough to pay my mortgage and no money left or Insurance to pay for my prescriptions. When my insurance expired my meds went from $90.00 a month to $360.00 a month and had to stop taking all of them, i.e. Plavix, Lipitor, Atenolol & lisinopril which are all part of my Heart regimen. I know it was a bad choice to stop but when you can't afford it you what else can you do. I have tried to get help from various places but do not Qualify because I made too much money in 2008 so have just given up and my health is slowly deteriorating and will soon be back in the Hospital if things don't change. I came across this site and have found a gleam of hope. I will try some of these sites you all mentioned and pray something happens soon. Thanks Everyone
James Karas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, February 5, 2009

• I am currently taking plavix as result of a stroke, but only have couple pills, and no insurance,waiting disability claim, is there any program that can help get meds to me?
Michael L. Phillips, self with medical needs, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, January 12, 2009

• my mother had a heart attack on friday had a stint [stent] put in was sent home on monday. she didn't get her plavix prescription filled and on wednesday she had another heart attack
Jenny, Hoover, Alabama, USA, January 8, 2009

• My friend who works assisting those who can't help themselves in a dynamic way each day can't afford her prescription of Plavix. She has recovered from a full blown stroke, but has since suffered from TIA's. The only time she has felt better than half mass is when she's on your medication plavix. She works 50 plus hours a week at a Nursing Home has no medical insurance and we need your help to keep this incredible spirit in our lives.
Shannon, Portales, New Mexico, USA, January 6, 2009

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