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Financial Assistance for Plavix and Other Prescription Drugs (2011)

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I had a heart attack in June and received a drug-eluting stent. I can no longer afford the Plavix and I am scared to death what may happen without it. There must be others out there in similar situations that can not afford all your medications and I am wondering what people do in these instances?
Shelley, Florida, USA

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• J.S. from Georgia and ShyPghGuy in Philly -- the discussion about VERIFYNOW and other tests should be posted to the topic on Plavix and Stents. That being said, the whole area of testing for platelet reactivity and genetic resistance to clopidogrel is controversial, with various studies showing benefit and others not. This issue just erupted again in the past few days in the form of a public dispute between Dr. Eric Topol and Dr. Steve Nissen, former colleagues at Cleveland Clinic (you can read more about Dr. Topol's work in this field in our interview with him.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 31, 2011

• Re: VERIFYNOW : The following casts some doubt about the testing. Is there there any other info out there that suggests otherwise? If the test is not reliable, then some will be steered away from Plavix or aspirin incorrectly.
J. S., Atlanta, Georgia, USA, December 25, 2011

• born 4-21-68 have had 6 heart attacks no insurance has not had Plavix in 2 months (no monies ) now on Christmas in hospital with last
Bruce Peterson, Eugene, Oregon, USA, December 24, 2011

• It should be noted that people who are on Medicare are not eligible for the patient assistance program from Lilly. They claim it is because you are eligible to purchase a Medicare Part D plan to help with drugs (even though that itself is cost prohibitive for most people on Medicare). Most doctor offices provide you with your supply of Effient/Plavix. Plavix's generic will be out in May 2012.
RAM, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, December 22, 2011

• My name is Mark Anthony Branch. I am a 38 year old male with a potentially deadly heart disease. But i don't have any insurance and unable to work. I take 3 heart meds and i can't afford to pay for them. Is their any assistance for this problem? We as heart patients need to help one another. Because the people that makes this drug. That is designed to help us stay alive, is going to kills us if we cant afford it. So please help me help us Stay alive. If you are by chance reading this then you care about not just you but your family. Lets start the movement today. Email me at and lets find help together.
Financial assistance for Plavix and other prescription drugs, Unassisted and unheard for too long, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, December 22, 2011

• I have used website to apply for various drugs. Most companies do not let you have any/or medicare ins. The only one to help me was Astra Zeneca This site provides you with the forms for each drug covered and income limits. They are fairly high 1 person $31,000 2 people about $43,000. As I said because I have insurance (with very high deductibles)I did not qualify except for A/Z meds. they are great. Contact
Not Rich, Matlacha, Florida, USA, December 21, 2011

• PLAVIX - I've been taking a foreign version (Clopidogrel) I get from out of the country. It costs me $176 per year for a daily 75mg dose. I was concerned over the effectiveness so I got a blood test - to test that the foreign "Plavix" is doing what it should be doing. The blood test is called VERIFY NOW - which is relatively new - but it gave me, my physician and neurologist comfort. BTW - both my neurologist and physician had been unaware of the VerifyNow test - it is new. I have had two strokes and recently a mild heart attack. I found this site while doing research for a Fractional Flow Reserve test - which I need to have. I hope this information may help someone.
ShyPghGuy, Philadelphia suburbs, Pennsylvania, USA, December 17, 2011

• Been taking Plavix for a year after heart attack. Have medicaid disability but my spend-down is 1400 o month. Need help paying for Plavix .
Jgkrider, Albion, Indiana, USA, December 16, 2011

• According to an internet post the patent for Plavix runs out in May 2012. Doesn't help you folks now but thankfully it will be in just shy of 6 months. Thank the Lord! Hang on. In the meantime still try to get the manufacturer to give it to you free. God Bless you all.
BamaGurl, Alabama, USA, December 12, 2011

• Missy in North Texas -- You are absolutely correct!! and all posters to this topic should read Missy's entry below. Many, if not most, of the large drug companies have some type of Patient Assistance Program (Missy linked to the one for Plavix, but Lilly has one for Effient, etc.). Go to the company's website and, if you can't find a link to an assistance program, call their main number and ask if they can help you find the patient assistance program. Another useful website is which is a volunteer clearinghouse of patient assistance programs from various drug companies. It is supported by Astra Zeneca, but has information on all the companies, as well as FAQs on drug discount cards. And please, post back here your experiences (good and bad) with the various programs. What you post here can help others. Thanks again Missy!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 8, 2011

• It is free to contact the manufacturer of any prescription medication and apply for a patient assistance program. You should never have to pay anyone to do that for you! I have worked in the medical field for 10 years and have helped patients for free do this. I also help my grandparents, it only takes a little bit of time. For Plavix you contact Bristol-Myers Squibb their number is 800-736-0003 or you can go to their website at They don't have an income requirement listed, some of the other companies are a household of 2 making less than $40,000 qualify. They also have programs for patients that are on medicare that are in their donut hole, I get this medication for my grandfather who has medicare and a part D but reaches his donut hole pretty quick in the year and can't afford the $200 a month. I believe once you reach 3% of your annual income on medication they will give you the drug for free. I am willing to help anyone who needs help or advice with getting patient assistance meds from the manufacturer. I am a nursing student and helping patients is my passion...YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR FREE HELP!
M!ssy_1979, North Texas, USA, December 6, 2011

• Little Sister in North Dakota -- thanks for writing in. We do not make Plavix -- we're just an educational website for heart patients, but see Missy's post above with a link for assistance with Plavix. Good luck. You're a good sister!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 6, 2011

• My brother, Dave, lives in Oceanside, CA, had a bad stroke on November 17, 2009, has been taking Plavix. He has been getting $ / month, & pays $ / month for rent. The drs have told him he will not live very long with-out his daily dose of your "PLAVIX," He is a great big brother, and a wonderful great-uncle, & he cannot afford the live-saving drug you manufacture!!!!! Can you please help a disabled uncle get the medicine he needs?? He is important to so many!!! Thank-you for your generosity!!
little sister, Jamestown, North Dakota, USA, November 30, 2011

• I just lost my job and have no insurance. When I went to pharmacy they said that will be $400.00 for my cymbalta for 60 pills and I said I lost my job and I cant afford to pay that. I got very depressed when i left the pharmacy and i remembered i saw a ad on TV about not being able to afford your meds. I take 2 capsules 60 mg i will not be able to cope with everyday life. I know i can't go without because i ended up in the hospital due to missing 2 pills. Depression runs in my family. I hope and pray someone can help me please.
Katherine, Austin, Texas, USA, November 29, 2011

• I would like to receive a card for a 30 day supply of Effient. I can not afford to pay the $191. Thank you very much
Steve Garner, Wilmington, Ohio, USA, November 25, 2011

• hi my father recently had a heart attack and had a stent put in. Well he can pay the monthly bill for a stent but we got the hospital bill last week. My father has no medical insurance and the bill was $120,000. We tried to get medical or medicare which ever it is but we have too many cars.. Well I'm only 16 and my father is only 42. I'll do anything to help him or raise money but there is no way we can afford that much. We are gonna end up losing everything. If anyone knows anyone who could help out even a tiny bit it'd mean the world.
Adam, My Father's Heart Attack Hospital Bill, Yuba City, California, USA, November 23, 2011

• i am on diazapam 10mg 1tablet 3 times a day. also on rivotril 2mg at night. pharmapressco 20mg twice a day. i can pay with internet banking every month end. how much will it cost me every month?
Rista Nicholson, Gauteng, South Africa, November 22, 2011

• Steve in Ohio -- Effient is manufactured by Eli Lilly. They have a "patient assistance program" for people who cannot afford their medicines. We don't know if you'll qualify, but check it out at
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 13, 2011

• My doctor prescribed Effient for me and i can not afford the 191.00 per month. Is there any way I can get some help from your company? Thank You Steve Garner
Steve Garner, Wilmington, Ohio, USA, November 13, 2011

• Hello my name is Catherine, I need the drug called Vimpat [Lacosamide] it is very expensive.. I live on social security.. and can't afford this medication.. What are my options?..
Catherine, Retired, Glenolden, Pennsylvania, USA, November 12, 2011

• I've Have had a Heart attack. I had 8 blocks and had a 5 way Bypass then 4 of the bypass went bad after 3 months, They took me back and put 3 Stents in, than again they in 3 more months they also went bad so they put 1 more stent in so all I have is 1 Stent and I Artery working, I could Die at anytime. I am on Imdur, Plavix, Altace, Ranexa, Pantoprazole, Mobic, Crestor, I am in the donut hole have been since July .My Medicine runs me around 900.$ a month. I can't afford it. I live on a fixed Income. Please help me. For I cannot Afford it anymore, so I'M going to have to do with out a lot of my Medicines. I don't wand to die right away. PLEASE HELP.
Mark, Scottsburg, Indiana, USA, November 7, 2011

• I can not afford one of my heart pills and my experimental insulins. I am allergic to insulin, Johns' Hopkins have been helping me but I lost my job and I can not afford to go there anymore. What do I do? My blood sugar stays at 400-595 everyday.
Trina, a home maker, Washington, DC, USA, November 3, 2011

• All major drug companies have patient assistance programs that can assist you when you do not have insurance. You simply go to their website and answer a few questions, send in the information requested, and they get back to you with an answer.
Heather, Pennsylvania, USA, October 27, 2011

• I go without my heart meds until I can save enough money to get what I can as often as I can. I won't go to the doctor regular because I can't afford that either and I am ashamed to tell him why the lab test come back out of whack, which is because I can't afford to take my meds on a regular basis. I feel for the ones that can't afford meds for themselves much less their children. I never thought I would have to Lord knows and we are put in that position for a reason.
Georgia Peach, Gainesville, Georgia, USA, October 19, 2011

• Upset in Washington State -- You're right that people need to be careful when buying prescription medicine or getting "free medicine", etc. There are legit discount cards and hardship programs, but it can be difficult to separate those from the scams. For more information, the FDA has posted an article, "Buying Prescription Medicine Online: A Consumer Safety Guide", on its web site.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 14, 2011

• This is a sham. People who can't afford to buy their medicines because of rising costs, apply to web sites that offer "Get medicine free ". Then, after you give all of your information, they want you to pay a one time fee. How much is this fee? I didn't even see where it indicated the amount. If people can't afford their medicine, how can they afford a fee?
Upset, Washington State, USA, October 12, 2011

• My name is herbert and i have a few stents implants and cannot afford to pay for plavix,i am very worried because i haven't taken any in a while,i would really like to know if i could get some help with my plavix meds...please my monthly cost for plavix is $200 monthly would like to get in touch with any one who can give me some info on getting help with my plavix medication.
Herbert L., Bronx, New York, USA, October 12, 2011

• I am on a similar drug called Effient. My doctor prescribed it because he said in research it shows it does better with younger patients with stents. ( I am under 50). My dad takes Plavix and I found out from my pharmacist that Plavix's patent will soon expire, making it open to having generic status, meaning it will no longer cost about @200 a month! It will be more like $4-$12 per month. I hope that is true.
Tornadomom, Minnesota, USA, October 11, 2011

• I have already had 2 MI,s and a stroke. i'm in the doughnut hole with my medicare. have been for 2 months and cannot afford my plavix. havent had it for 2 months now. i have 60% blockages in my neck and worried. please tell me what i can do to get my medication. i am only 49 years old and dont want to die. I'm already paying over 500.00 for meds besides this one. please help me.
billy jack owensby, Toccoa, Georgia, USA, October 11, 2011

• My husband and I are trying to find some financial help to allow us to build a facility for homeless and disabled veterans. We are also concerned for those who have no insurance for prescription drugs. The following link will show you how to save up to 90% (50 to 60 is more realistic) and will save one a lot on certain expensive tests. See This is a free card with no hidden fees, surprises, etc. Also, if you know someone who would like to be a financial donor for our project please suggest they write to Bernice Hoefer at e-mail or call me at 405-607-8488. We will not accept ANY money until we show proof of our facility; however, we will be very pleased to set up an escrow account at our bank and when we have all the legal details in order, such as a Board of Directors and Sponsors, we will work with the bank in the usual manner for the building project. Donors will receive a letter from the Bank before donating if the donor will let us know his/her intentions.
Home For Disabled & Homeless Veterans, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA, October 7, 2011

• Again to all U.S. readers -- see our post from September 1 -- importing drugs from Canada is considered illegal by U.S. authorities.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 4, 2011

• To J. Rohde, Pearland, Texas, USA, August 3, 2011 You can have your doctor write a 3 month prescription, then go to Blue Sky Pharmacy on the internet. I had to do this once. It cost us 160-180 for three months. The prescription comes from Canada and they cap what the companies can charge you, but it is ACTUAL Plavix, no generic....good luck!
Helping Hand in OHIO, Ohio, USA, October 4, 2011

• hello i have had a heart attack in may and have some medicine that i ave to buy but i don't have the money so can someone help leave your name and number and can give you a call thank you
Mrs Booker, Long Island, New York, USA, September 27, 2011

• In response to several queries about when Plavix's patent expires and a generic cheaper version of clopidogrel goes to market: the patent was extended a while back, but is set to expire in May 2012. We are sure that several generic companies are gearing up for production.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 27, 2011

• I have recently lost my job and of course, my insurance. I am currently drawing unemployment but how can one live and still afford Plavix 75 mg every month. I had a stent place in my rca in 2011 and i need some assistance asap. What will happen to me if i cant afford this medication?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!
UNEMPLOYMENT AND PLAVIX!!!, SELF, Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA, September 24, 2011

• My insurance was just canceled and I am on several meds for my heart. I don't know what to do? The Plavix alone costs over $200. a month. I need help! If you can help me. Thank You
Cathy G., North Bergen, New Jersey, USA, September 23, 2011

Robert, Sun City, Arizona, USA, September 22, 2011

• Does anyone know when the Plavix patent runs out? I thought it was November 2011. If so, how soon will a generic be available?
Diane, Abington, Pennsylvania, USA, September 21, 2011

• Ask the pharmacy if the drug co that makes this med has a program for indigents?Go on line and find out who makes Plavix and search how to contact the company directly for help Good luck
Jane, Palm City, Florida, USA, September 13, 2011

• In May of this year my husband was laid off and we in turn lost our health insurance. He has been taking Lipitor and we were no longer going to be able to afford it so I took to the internet hoping to find a solution. After exploring many sites that claimed to be reputable I was ready to give up, but I think I may have stumbled across a company that's going to help us get through this (hopefully) short spell of unemployment. It's called Allied Healthcare Has anyone else had any experience with this site? So far so good for us but have only been using them for a short amount of time. Might be worth a look and would love to hear about anyone else's experiences
Alana, Ohio, USA, September 12, 2011

• I had a quad by pass valve replacement at the same time now I am on Plavix, but can not afford to pay 126.00 for three months supply. is there any help on payment of drugs?
Bob D., Sebring, Florida, USA, September 8, 2011

To all readers in the United States -- once again we would like to state for the record that Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any pharmacy or online drug vendor and that, as the disclaimer at the bottom of each Forum page states, "Opinions and recommendations expressed on the FORUM are solely those of their authors." The current U.S. FDA regulations state that virtually all shipments of prescription drugs imported from a Canadian pharmacy by a U.S. consumer violate U.S. law. We assume this also applies to drugs from India, South Africa (the posting below states "Illinois" but the company is actually in South Africa), etc. For more information, the FDA has posted an article, "Buying Prescription Medicine Online: A Consumer Safety Guide", on its web site.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 1, 2011

• We can help you with all your prescription medications. We are a licensed full service pharmacy benefit manager and provide savings of up to 80% or more than local pharmacies and mail orders. We have excellent prices on all brand name and many generic medications and provide exceptional professional service. Visit us online at or call toll free at 1-866-744-3835 for further information. Let us help you receive the safe prescription drugs you need., Illinois, USA, August 31, 2011

• hi my name is stacy i need your help I'm on disability and have no insurance at all and I'm have to take 9 pills a day and the most expensive one is plavix can you please help me out thank you.
Stacy, Need Help, Hollywood, Florida, USA, August 27, 2011

• hello i've been on several medicines. I'm a heart patient and a diabetic, and went to get my meds today and was told i'm in a donut hole. i'm worried now on how i can afford theses meds. here is a list of all my meds. plavix, humalog, zolpidem, zantac, lovastatin, synthroid, atenolol, lisinopril & triamter/hctz . can anyone tell me if there is any programs out there that can help me? thank you. p.s. desperately need help , with out these meds i can not live.
Delbert, Cabool, Missouri, USA, August 22, 2011

• To all posters -- repeating what we've written before, we suggest that you look through the many posts on this Forum. A number of readers have included links to assistance in their posts. Some are from discount drug web sites, some are from the makers of Plavix and Effient. We'd also recommend contacting your local Congressional Representative and/or Senator, since the various debates going on in Washington right now will impact patients directly, especially Medicare patients. Find out what they suggest you do, and let them know what you want from them.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 20, 2011

• I hit my doughnut hole in August and will not have plavix available until after October. Is there any programs that can provide 2 months of plavix?
Kaye, Lexington, North Carolina, USA, August 18, 2011

• My husband is now having to go on disability. We only have my income coming in. Sure we have insurance thru my company but how do we pay the doctor and then get our medicine. I have only enough left to get gas and buy a few groceries. Now we waiting to see if they are going to give him his ssi. I am a diabetes, sure hurts to buy the medicine.
Heartprint, Atmore, Alabama, USA, August 15, 2011

• My mother Betty, at age 84, lives at a nursing home. The doctor has prescribed her to take Cymbalta but for 1 month's supply it costs $167.44 and its just not economically possible for her to continue unless there is a cheaper way. What about prescription assistance? Could you help us with any information regarding our options? Thanks.
Linda Blunt, Oakley, Illinois, USA, August 9, 2011

• Hello, please check out this web site for your prescription assistance discounts. You can check out any prescription cost by contacting the Anel-Rx customer service dept at 1-800-931-8872 Not only will you receive the best possible discount by the pharmacy but you will also receive money for your congregation. You can print an assistance angel-rx card off the web-site and use it today at all major pharmacies.We really do help.Sincerely, Everett Ogden
Angel-Rx, Angel-Rx, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA, August 9, 2011

• My name is John Rohde & I had a heart attack 7/31/2011. I had a stent put in the right & left sides of my heart. I just started a new job & don't qualify for insurance until 9/1/2011. I have to take Plavix or I will die. I need financial help immediately. Plavix is almost $500.00 without insurance. Can you assist. I am going home to Pearland TX to rest then go back to work; what do I do in the meantime??? Helppppppppppppppppppp. Thank You.
J. Rohde, Pearland, Texas, USA, August 3, 2011

• I have a cardiac stent and other issues and my business is bankrupted. I have heard that you can send me some meds at no cost -- I will list them --currently taking: Plavix 75mg once in the morning Niaspam -- 2000mg --1000mg morning and night Xanax XR 2mg -- take 3 times daily Zeita -- 10mg once daily Cozaar -- 50 mg once daily Dyazide 37.5-25 caplets -- one daily. I appreciate what you can do.
Seeking gratis meds for heart and other things--I am sick and without funds, Washington, DC, August 2, 2011

• I am a diabetic that has a stent as of feb 2011. The manufacturer of plavix gives me my medicine and public gives me my diabetic medicine for free. The cholesterol and blood pressure is 9.00 at walmart.
Donna, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 30, 2011

• i have been trying to get disability for a while i have no income no insurance and i am homeless i am 25 years old. and i went to a doctor today it didn't cost to see him because of me not having income but the meds he put me on cost and the counseling cost but i have no income or insurance what do i do i am so stressed out about how much the doctor bills are going to be and i don't know what to do can some one please help me find out what i need to do.
Dorian, Lenoir City, Tennessee, USA, July 28, 2011

• I am a current graduate of USC and like so many others can not find employment. My husband is also out of work and had to have an angiogram today. He needs to take Plavix. We didn't realize that this medication was going to be soooo expensive. What are we to do??? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Very worried wife, Lakewood, California, USA, July 27, 2011

• I am on plavix for my heart and I can no longer can afford to pay for it. I take plavix 75. I sure would liketo as long as I can. Sure hope y'll can help me. Thank you.
LLD, Eunice, Louisiana, USA, July 19, 2011

• Recently,i had two stents implanted in my heart. The doctor prescribed plavix 75 mg and aspirin, plavix is costing me 207 dollars per month and i really having a hard time to by this medication along with others.I suffer from hight blood pressure and i am also a diabetic. i need help with all these medications, all are very expensive and i really can not afford to by the same. please can sombody help.
Somebody from New York, Yonkers, New York, USA, July 16, 2011

• I am living on Social Security Disability. I have Medicare Part A and B and also Healthfirst 65+ HMO contracted through Medicare so I can get dental, vision and prescription coverage. I was told that I receive too much income monthly to qualify for prescription help meanwhile I take: Plavix and baby aspirin for my heart, Metoprolol and Lisinopril for my blood pressure and kidneys, Colace to soften my stool, Mucinex DM, Albuterol, and Symbicort inhaler for my COPD, Simvastatin for my cholesterol, Lovaza for my triglycerides, Metformin for my diabetes, Ranitidine for my acid reflux, Gabapentin for the pinched nerves in my neck, Budeprion for anxiety, and Pristiq for depression. These medications cost over $800 a month. The "donut hole" for the year for most HMO's (which is the amount of money paid out by both your copay and the insurance for the total cost of all prescriptions), is around $2,800. After that, you are required to pay 100% for all prescriptions (catastrophic stage) until your out of pocket is $4500 at which point you will again be covered. I cannot afford to spend $4500 for my medications. There has to be some kind of coverage for this situation.
Gaetano, New York, USA, July 16, 2011

• To Donna, Kettering, PALipitor is no longer considered a tier 3 drug. My physician gave me a card which allows me to obtain Lipitor for $4.00 per 30 day prescription. Your Dr. should have received similar info.
SharonE., retired, Spring, Texas, USA, July 15, 2011

• PLAVIX has ***finally*** been released from its patent so that other companies can produce a generic form. The expiration date for the patent is May 17, 2012!!! What a shame it's taken so long for a generic -- I lived in Costa Rica for three months and the generic was available there. It cost me USD 5.00 for a 30-day supply!
INEED PLAVIX, Dallas, Texas, USA, July 11, 2011

• I work in a pharmacy and sad to see all those posts, but so many meds have prescription copay assistance plans or have online copay saving cards. So if you are really strugling paying for your meds email me what you take and how much you pay per month and I can tell you how much more you can save and how. you can email me your info at
Caring Citizen, Florida, USA, May 17, 2011

• When I was 55, I had a heart attack in Feb 2008 and a drug eluding-stent was implanted. I have been using Plavix,($206.99 @ Walgreens), Metoprolol, Diovan, Pravacol(statin), Niaspan and other medications since, which add up to about $600 a month just for medications. I have been out of work since Dec 2009 and no longer have health insurance. Unemployment has run out and now I cannot pay rent, and I am sleeping on the floor of a friends place. I try to scrape together enough money for medications each month by doing housecleaning, etc. Unfortunately, some months, for lack of funds I can only take my medication every other day. Any ideas on how to get medications since I'm not old enough to qualify for Medicare?
Pauline, Alhambra, California, USA, May 25, 2011

• I am on Plavix as an alternative to Coumadin/Warfarin (I do not have time to check my INR every. I am only 24 years old and I have had 2 DVT's within the last 2 years (due to clotting disorders). I am a full-time student at a private university and I am barely scraping by with enough money to get my prescription each month. I was very disappointed when the FDA pushed back Plavix's patent till May of next year. - Which means that this drug will continue to be expensive for another year! -I have asked my doctor to let me on another drug, but it turns out every drug like Plavix such as Aggrenox, Pradaxa, etc are just as expensive.
Adam, San Antonio, Texas, USA, May 15, 2011

• Well! Like MANY OTHERS I'm totally dependent upon SS income and just cannot afford a PLAVIX Rx with every bloody thing else grasping at my basic income!However. When going to the Drug Company "HELP" sections - If you don't have ANY drug coverage, they will CONSIDER some ASSISTANCE with the Rx?Our income totals about $27K- Too much for ant SS drug Rx help! Plus we have Part D and expensive AARP supplemental plan, so that's it folks!Another fine mess!
OT, Human Being, Florida, USA, May 15, 2011

• I had two coated stents one year ago. Still have pains from time to time but my situation is where can I get plavix that does not cost 200.00. I just can't believe 30 pills are 200.00. My Dr. says I will be on from now on. Help if anyone has found it cheaper please let me know!
S.F., Waxahachie, Texas, USA, May 9, 2011

• I am taking plavix 75 (1/day), I was getting it through the VA but they now decline my RX. My outside doctor says I have to take it. I am 67 years old. How can I get this RX cheaper. I am on medicare also.
flyboy44, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, May 9, 2011

• We are in Florida. My husbands vascular surgeon's office is sending us information on how to get free Plavix. We both have Humana Gold Plus. I call the Humana live pharmacy person, give them the medication description. He gives me the name of a free medication replacement. Medicare & Medicaid work the same way. If you cannot afford your medication - tell your Doctor, your pharmacy, your insurance, local welfare - Medicaid, someone will know how to get your meds. I've been doing this for 18 years for as many as 15 different people, from birth to age 80. The only catch is income. And if your meds are expensive, the income guideline goes up.
Medicaid Sue, Seminole, Florida, USA, May 2, 2011

• Also, check online for COPAY CARDS or COPAY ASSISTANCE. I just got two Coupons/Cards for my Dad, one for Lipitor & one for Colcrys. He used to take colchicine, but it was taken off the market. His copay went from $15.00 for 90 pills of colchicine to $418.00 for 90 pills of Colcrys. With the coupon it now costs $45 for 90 pills...still expensive, but much better. For the Lipitor, his copay went from $78.00 for 30 pills to $28.00 for 30 pills with the Lipitor Copay Card. You can't find Copay Cards for every medicine, but it is easy enough to search the internet. Just put in the name of the medicine followed by Copay Card or Copay Assistance and see if any websites come up. For example type in Lipitor Copay Card or Lipitor Copay Assistance. Anyway, hope some of this information is helpful to you.
Donna Lynn, Long Island, New York, USA, April 27, 2011

• Regarding Niaspan & Crestor, my doctor had put me on Niaspan years ago, & my copay was quite large. When I mentioned it to my doctor he told me to take over the counter NIACIN instead. He said it was basically the same thing, but ask your doctor if you can substitute Niacin for Niaspan. I take 750 mg once/day, it has done wonders. 100 tablets cost $20. Now for Crestor, my copay is $50 for 90 days. I recently asked my doctor if he had any samples in the office & he gave me 18 one week packets (126 pills). ALWAYS ask your doctors if they have samples of any meds you are taking. If they have them, they are usually glad to give them to you. Once they expire in your doctors office, they have to throw them away anyway, so I am sure your doctor would rather give them away to his patients. It never hurts to ask & it will save you some money.
Donna Lynn, Long Island, New York, USA, April 27, 2011

• I am a 60 year old male. I have a quadruple bypass last year and have lost my job. I take crestor and niaspan but can no longer afford to pay for them. Please help me find a solution!!
buddy50, Jerseyville, Illinois, USA, April 27, 2011

• Kay in Phillie -- We hear you and can only recommend some of the links that others have sent into this topic, although it sounds like you've tried those. I'd call attention of all posters here to another topic on our Forum, "Cost of Stent and Angioplasty" -- we've had several posts from Canadian citizens about how the U.S. needs to learn from the Canadian experience. As a post from Toronto earlier today reads, "it boggles the mind that Americans accept not having universal health care - the ONLY country in the Western World without it."
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 25, 2011

• I also have similar situation. I am relatively young at 45 and have had a heart attack (3 stents) and a stroke. I was found to have a genetic cholesterol problem. I have always worked hard, put myself through college and still try to work. At this point, my medication, because no one will insure me is well over $1200/month. I have lost several jobs because of my health (TIAs, pancreatitis caused by my high cholesterol, angina). Still I cannot get medical assistance. I have been told by my Senator that there is a lot of help out there for people like me. WHERE????? There is a free clinic 70 miles away, but they don't help with the cost of medicine. I tried discount cards still too expensive . I have applied for patient assistance programs, and am told I don't qualify because I was getting unemployment (a whopping $320 a week which would not even cover my medicines let alone food housing). So basically my Senator told me to choose between having medications and being homeless or not having medications and dying with a roof over my head) Ain't life grand?
Kay, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, April 25, 2011

• My mom is 84 years of age and she can not afford Plavix any longer last year her co-pay was $38, she went to the pharmacy yesterday and they told her it is $115 per prescription so sad that our parents and grandparents can not live there lives, what is left of them with grace and dignity...This is the richest country in the world and we still can not take care of our own...My mom said she will not take Plavix any longer, I need other things sad for all of us, how gray the future looks...
BarbaraFlorida, Palm Beach, Florida, April 14, 2011

• To all posters: check out the notice in the right sidebar. A research firm is looking to interview patients who are taking or who recently have taken Effient (prasurgel). They are offering generous compensation. U.S. residents only. For more information, email effient AT or, if you know someone that might be interested, share or email this page to them (see icons at top of page). -- UPDATE: this study is now closed.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 14, 2011

• I can't afford Plavix I have taken it for 11 or 12 years. Now on medicare part D. It will be way too much. I also take Lipitor and I can't afford it.
Donna, Kettering, Ohio, USA, April 11, 2011

• I have had positive experiences at Hope this helps. [Editor's note: we welcome opinions and information from our readers, but any opinion expressed or information/link sent in by posters are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Angioplasty.Org or its editors. We also do not endorse obtaining prescription medicines or pharmaceuticals from any source that may conflict with the laws or regulations of any country.]
Tom, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, April 8, 2011

• To all posters -- please look through the many posts on this Forum. A number of readers have included links to assistance in their posts. Some are from discount drug web sites, some are from the makers of Plavix and Effient. We'd also recommend contacting your local Congressional Representative and/or Senator, since the various debates going on in Washington right now will impact patients directly, especially Medicare patients. Find out what they suggest you do, and let them know what you want from them.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 5, 2011

• I need help from Plavix... I cannot afford these prices. I am on a fixed income and 65 years old. Can you help?
Jenny H, Bettendorf, Iowa, USA, April 4, 2011

• Wow, Thank you all for your stories, it is so sad that we as Americans have to live this way. I was trying to look for help with prescriptions drugs as I can't afford them, but I don't have heart problems, I have lung problems, COPD, We had awesome insurance last year, where we had co-pays and now this year, we have to pay 6,000 deductible before they pay squat! My medications are real expensive and I was in the ER 3 weeks ago with pneumonia, afraid to get that bill.....I did get a tip from the posts, I have been looking into Canada pharmacies, and I got an idea from this page and I went and looked at it, and I am going to try it, the cost is a third of what I pay here, it is worth a try, I am so ready to, check it out, I will come back and let you know how it works out.....My heat goes out to all of you, this is supposed to be America.......
Debbie, Elko, Nevada, USA, April 3, 2011

• Financial Assistance in Portland -- scroll down and check out the various links that readers have sent in to this Forum. Bristol Myers has a patient assistance program, etc. As for your financial situation, you might want to discuss it with a financial advisor for senior citizens -- Portland certainly should have some community organizations that can help you navigate the Medicare/Social Security issues. Medicare should be covering some of your expenses. And even though you and your late husband were "self-employed", you must have paid self-employment taxes (which are actually double, since you are both employer and employee) through the years and are therefore eligible for social security just like anyone else.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 2, 2011

• IN 2003 I had a massive coronary. DOA @ hospital, revived.Had a Stent installed. Later another Stent then two Balloon Angioplasty. I have been on Plavix since the first heart attack. I quickly go down hill when I am not on the Plavix. I receive $429.29 a month to live on, buy my 11 prescriptions and food. I need help with the plavix. I dropped the Nitro. and two of the other drugs. I am not receiving Medicaid or Social Security (we were independent business people until my husband died, and as such did not pay into Social Security). Now I am in a mess. The doctor I was seeing is just giving me miss information! I am not getting anywhere with my search of financing my Plavix. I am 65 years of age.
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR PLAVIX, Portland, Oregon, USA, April 1, 2011

• i had a blocked right carotid last year and had to have a carotid endarterectomy. i was put on plavix and my insurance company paid for it for three months and now they say i don't have a diagnosis for it. i am a nurse and unemployed at the moment. i would like to know if there is a company out there that can help me. thanks.
unemployed nurse, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, March 31, 2011

• Catherine in Pennsylvania -- You mention that your husband had 3 stents placed "this last time". When exactly was that? Stopping antiplatelet therapy (aspirin plus Plavix or Effient) before 12 months after stenting with a drug-eluting stent definitely increases the risk for a blood clot in the stent, which can cause a heart attack. Many cardiologists, especially in patients at higher risk for blood clots, recommend Plavix for longer. Try the various links that readers have sent in and check with your insurer. Sounds like you've reached the "donut-hole", where Medicare is paying half the costs (without the Healthcare Reform Act, you'd now be paying 100%).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 30, 2011

• My husband was put on plavix in 2002 after a heart attack. Until now he has gotten samples and had reasonable co-pays. We this year the co-pay went from $6 to $20-$25 then now it is $65. When it was $20 he got samples now that it is $65 it is getting harder to get samples. My husband can't afford the $65 so he is going to stop taking it. The last angiogram the doctor said it was very important it takes it. The first time he had to have 1 stent. This last time he had 3 stents put in. I can't make him take it. He needs the medicine and it is too expensive. We live on SS with no help from anyone so we don't have much money to spend on medicines..I have at least 12 different pills I live on everyday and my husband has 6 that he lives on. Every time medicine becomes too expensive he stops taking them. Please help me keep my husband alive. Thank you.
Catherine, Peckville, Pennsylvania, USA, March 30, 2011

• i can't get any help because i get medicaid. I have eight prescriptions but my medicaid only pays for three..Seems unfair...
Mel, Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA, March 29, 2011

• My husband just had angioplasty with stent placement and needs to take Plavix. My sister (a physician) recommended out of Canada. She has been using their website to buy name brand drugs for 3 years with excellent results. They offer Plavix 75mg for $70 for 28 pills and $423 for 252 pills. They also offer a generic plavix but she does not recommend that as she said it is too important to to use a generic made who knows where. According to my husband's doctor Plavix is going generic in the US in October 2011 so we should be able to get a good generic here soon. Best of luck to everyone.
Maria Hacker, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 24, 2011

• I had surgery to open blockages then doctor put me on medicine that is too expensive to keep taking -- he wont take me off but i cant afford all of it - As for the surgery well paid what could but fell behind and lets just say bill collectors are knocking.. at this point will have to stop medicine and hope all goes ok ... money just don't stretch far enough. Does anyone have any advice that may help ?? thanks for reading and have a good day.
Tam, Ceresco, Nebraska, USA, March 22, 2011

• Anyone that needs help with the cost of their medicines can contact me at rxassistanceok [AT] yahoo [DOT] com. I will take each case by itself and let you know what you need to do to get your Plavix or any other drug that is on my program. There is approximately 4,000 drugs that I have on the program. Remember if your drug is costing you more than $7.00 a mo. I should be able to lower your cost. This program can be done in most all states. [Ed. note: Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any claims or services made by users of its Forum -- please read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page. We also ask that, if you do email this poster, that (1) you also post your situation to this Forum so that others may read it and so that the need for patients to get prescription assistance is seen in a public forum (this Forum is accessed over 30,000 times a month). To post a comment or question, you do not need to use your actual name and your email address will, of course, be kept private. And (2) we would very much appreciate readers who do interact with "Rx Assistance" to send feedback to this topic. Thank you.]
Rx Assistance, Rx Assistance of Oklahoma, Claremore, Oklahoma, USA, March 21, 2011

• I am a patient recovering from a heart transplant. My ejection fraction at time of transplant was 4%. After transplant, I was brought back to the hospital with clots. In the hospital, I managed to get MRSA and shingles. I've had 3 known heart attacks, 7 major heart rejections, developed kidney failure, osteoarthritis (13 broken bones post op), cluster headaches, borderline diabetic, constant tachycardia and my left foot hurts too (lol). My doctors have put me on Plavix twice per day. I cannot afford it by any means. I am living on SSDi. While I do draw a good amount, 2047 dollars, I pay out over 625 dollars a month in prescription meds AFTER insurance. My medicare is taken out of the SSDi and then my supplement comes out as well. That is just the TIP of an enormous iceberg. I can't live without these meds but I am not able to take them because I just cannot pay for them.
CBoyett, Central Georgia, USA, March 21, 2011

• Rx Assistance -- thanks for your posting. Although Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any claims made in posts here, we are interested in providing our readers with as much information as possible. Should any reader be interested in the program below, just post to this topic.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 21, 2011

• I am a patient advocate and just wanting to give back to the community because I feel that I have had a pretty good life. What I do is, if people are paying a high cost for their medications I have a program with the pharmaceutical companies where they can get their medications for no cost. I am just charging a $20 fee because of the time it takes and the accuracy needed for this and to cover expenses to get this to the pharmaceutical companies and get the patient a 90 day supply of the drug at no cost. Some of the expenses is postage, faxing, ink, and my time. They can stay on this program as long as the pharmaceutical companies stay with it. This could be many years and can help people that can't afford their medications to be able to get their prescription filled instead of just quit taking the medication. Most that just can afford it or it is to high in the budget quit taking it which can be very harmful. They sometimes will even cut out food or other needed stuff just to get their medication because of the cost. I am out their trying to help not sell something to someone. If you can see past the $20 expense that I am asking to help with my expense because I am not a non-profit organization and can put this through I think you will see their is a lot of people that can be helped. Thanks for you time!
Rx Assistance , Claremore, Oklahoma, USA, March 20, 2011

• Fatherxmas1953 (a creative name!) from Baltimore -- thanks for the link. Just want to re-emphasize to all readers that, as we state in our disclaimer at the bottom of each page, "Opinions and recommendations expressed on the FORUM are solely those of their authors." So Angioplasty.Org does not necessarily endorse or recommend links posted by readers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 9, 2011

• although this offers no solution for people taking plavix, I found this site offers some solutions for lowering costs for other prescriptions:
fatherxmas1953, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 9, 2011

• Shirley Ann in Michigan -- Effient is manufactured by Eli Lilly. They have a "patient assistance program" for people who cannot afford their medicines. We don't know if you'll qualify, but check it out at
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 6, 2011

• Had a stent put in on Christmas Eve. Am a widow and do not have the money to pay for all the medication I am to be on including Effient, which is expensive. Is there any place I can get some help!
Shirley Ann, Davison, Michigan, USA, March 6, 2011

• I'm On SS. I Need to have Plavix but cannot afford the price. I have 4 stents in me. I'm afraid of bad heart attack i need help.
Robert, Apache Jct, Arizona, USA, March 4, 2011

• Lanalee61 from Illinois, and ALL READERS -- look through the links that have been posted in this topic and you may find help. Have you tried Bristol Myers financial assistance site at
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 2, 2011

• I have CAD and have been suffering since 2001. I can't afford my medicine. I had another Heart Catheterization in October 2010 and they could not fix my Rt artery which is closed 100%. On March 18th, 2011 I will undergo another procedure. It is extremely important that I take my Plavix and I can't afford it. Can you help?
lanalee61, Decatur, Illinois, USA, March 2, 2011

• You can also print a FREE discount card at
Community Assistance Program, Alabama, February 25, 2011

• I had 4 stents in October 2010 since then i have lost my job and insurance and can't afford my medicine($160) also my husband is supposed to be on it but he doesn't have insurance either can you help?
Betty, Gainesville, Texas, USA, February 23, 2011

• As we have written to others, look through the links on this Forum Topic and read what others have suggested. There are programs for people in economic need -- but don't wait to start taking Plavix. It is very important to stat taking Plavix immediately after stenting to prevent blood clots from forming in the stent. Maybe your cardiologist has samples he/she could give you until you can get some type of discount pricing through Bristol Myers or some other plan.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 21, 2011

• I have had stents out into my heart. I now need to take plavix for one year. I do not have insurance. Can you help? I am 63 years old.
Yoni, Lake Worth, Florida, USA, February 21, 2011

• Joe from Soquel -- did you receive a stent after your heart attack. If so, you should be taking Plavix and aspirin. Let us know if you got a stent and what type. And try some of the links mentioned below for financial aid for Plavix.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 20, 2011

• my name is joe 3 days ago i had a heart attack. No insurance and Plavix costs over 200 a month my doctor said don't pay some of my bill cause u need to pay for plavix. I'm scared and don't know what else i can do.
joessimon59, Soquel, California, USA, February 20, 2011

• Jane from Philadelphia -- read through all the posts on this Forum Topic -- there are a number of links sent in by readers, especially to Bristol Myers financial assistance site at and others. Given your situation, we would like to think you'd qualify for free Plavix. Try them out and let us know how you fare. And we agree that it is outrageous that someon, particularly in your profession, should not be able to get the medicines they need to stay healthy! Whatever one's political persuasion, and whether one agrees or not with the new health care reform law, we can certainly agree that the current state of access to medical care in the U.S. needs significant improvement. Good luck Jane.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 19, 2011

• I am a nurse and I am 56 years old and have been on plavix for a few years as I have heart disease and high blood pressure. My Dr insists that I am at very high risk for stroke and heart attack. I had to stop taking it because I lost my job and my health insurance. My house was foreclosed on. I have an allergy to NSAIDs and am not a candidate for coumadin. I have helped so many other people in my career. I apply for at least 3 jobs every monday through friday for the last 4 months. please help me.
Jane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, February 18, 2011

• My husband has to take Plavix too. We both became un-employed over a year and could not afford the medication. Thankfully we were told that every drug company has programs for the people that can't pay for their meds. All u have to do is call the company that makes the drug and ask for an application or call the company and they will send u one. If you qualify u can get the medication for free or at a discounted price. For Plavix it is made by Bristol Myers Squibb. Here are two websites u can visit,, and Or call 1-800-736-0003.
Danielle, Alabama, USA, February 3, 2011

• MY husband needs to take Crestor for his heart and blood pressure issues. The Va doesn't dispense Crestor and is refusing to work with us, only because they nearly killed him with the drugs they were saying he needed and we were paying for and can't afford. We don't qualify for a lot of help because he still works part time for the sheriff's dept. and I also work part time for my church. I am legally blind and he is also disabled.
Audrey in TN, La Vergne, Tennessee, USA, February 2, 2011

• My darling man is both uninsured & unemployed. He has 5 stents & needs to take a statin, Plavix & Atenolol. He has enough of these meds for one more month. HELP, how does he get his meds to stay alive?!?!?!
Bogord, AAA Clutter Control, Oakland, California, USA, January 24, 2011

• It's sad that this discussion has descended into a political debate. There are people with serious health and financial needs that really do need a more affordable option for drugs. A site like needymeds is a great place to start. another option are the many discount drug card programs out there. The advantage of those is that one card will get you a discount on most drugs. the discounts for generic drugs is great, but brand name drugs savings is only about 10%. but for some people, anything helps. Medsavercard pharmacy discount card (here's their plavix coupon and RxFree card program.
Justin P, Orange, California, USA, January 13, 2011

• Whatever drives the very naive idea that only democrats can save lives? Don't republicans use Plavix too? The difference is that republicans want to develop a "pay as you go" system, while democrats want it paid for by their grandchildren. What a way to be remembered 60 years from now!Obamacare is a hastily assembled early attempt. After it gets repealed, or struck down by courts, we will see more serious attempts, until one becomes worthy of implementing. Changing topics now, couple years ago, against my doctor's advice, I weaned myself off Plavix. I recently came across few Plavix pills from those days, and my first thought was to give them to someone. But how??? Further, since I live "a little south of the Mecca I belong in", getting Plavix is easy here, $2 per pill, in factory hologrammed packages, no prescription needed. What is one to do? If I send someone Plavix with my return address, the first average joe will sick trial lawyers on me when his mail gets delayed or lost. But if I send it without return address .... would anyone in their right mind use it? There must be many situations like this. Is there a solution?
Tom in Encinitas, Encinitas, California, USA, January 6, 2011

• Look at all the stories on seems to have one common thread...Affordability. This one drug is a great example. A company developed it, yes. A company should make a profit from it, yes. Being they have a literal stranglehold on the manufacturing and distribution (patent) of this drug, it seems if they had a human soul among them, they would have maybe said "OK, we have made our set financial goals on this drug, let's make it affordable for some of the 60 or 70 million people without insurance". They have made over 6 billion on this drug alone.This drug is NOT a elective type drug, it is a life/death kind of drug. Will corporate America ever let human souls enter into the equation, or is that not possible in that type of world?I mean at 6 or 7.00 per day, do you think that might start dropping it to 2 or 3.00 per day and still make 2 or 3 billion a year on it?
Regular Joe Getting Nowhere Fast, America, wishing it was what it used to be, January 5, 2011

• Tom and Joe -- Okay. I've heard the call for the "forum moderator". We're not censoring the exchange you've been having (at least not now) because it is in some ways instructive, especially in these times. Tom -- you're definitely correct in saying that the Plavix patent issue was one decided in the courts and was not a political issue (and thank you for your supportive comments of our web site). But Joe, your statements that this is a political issue are correct, in that the healthcare reform bill that was passed, and which, as of January 1, closed the prescription drug "donut hole" for many patients is now going to be repealed by the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The repeal bill, if it is passed by the House, will probably not survive the Senate and would be subject to a Presidential veto if it did -- but the high emotions around this mixture of medicine and politics are evident nationally and here, locally, in our humble Forum. We urge all to try to put politics aside and think about the siutation that patients on this Forum have found themselves in: they've gotten a stent, often paid for through insurance and costing many thousands of dollars, but this same insurance won't cover the necessary medicines (Plavix, etc.) to keep the stent from thrombosing. Certainly something is wrong here. It's something that we testified about at the 2006 FDA Stent Safety hearings, and it is still a problem!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 5, 2011

• To Regular Joe: In my earlier comment I have provided a link to an article on this website, where people can learn the truth about Plavix and the law. It is not a political party issue, but you keep trying to turn it into one. Now you resort to further sarcasm, name calling, and more falsehoods. Please, stop already! People come to this forum because of real life problems, they are looking for help, and this website provides plenty of it. In contrast, your hateful and false postings exploit this situation for your own party politics, Joe, you should be ashamed. Frankly, I would prefer if the moderator purged this whole topic, starting with your first incendiary post on Dec. 10, and ending with this one.
Tom in Encinitas, Encinitas, California, USA, January 4, 2011

• Tom in Encinitas, aren't you a little south of the Mecca you belong in? You should definitely be with your brethren in Orange County. I know, you are probably right....The republicants were the ones pressing for healthcare reform right??? And it was the Democrats that kept shooting it down, saying it was socialist and that the existing system, which was jacking up the rates by 12% a year, was a good solid system, while dropping people that had any type of health care issue, left and right.Yeah, your right, I must have been mistaken.....
Regular Joe Getting Nowhere Fast, America, wishing it was what it used to be, January 4, 2011

• Kris and others -- you can read Angioplasty.Org's coverage of this March 2010 FDA Plavix advisory here: "FDA Alert: Plavix May Be Less Effective in Some Patients with Genetic Variation" and also our exclusive interview with Dr. Eric Topol, a pioneer in genetic testing for the CYP2C19 genetic variation -- this discussion is a bit off-topic here (this topic is about financial assistance) so I'm copying it over to our topic on Plavix, Aspirin and Stents.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 4, 2011

• Have you seen the FDA warning on Plavix and DNA? It is here. My husband is CYP2C19 poor metabolizer so his dr switched him to effient. You should ask your dr about this test.
Kris, Burien, Washington, USA, January 4, 2011

• 1 month before my 40th birthday I had some side effects that eventually led to having 2 heart stents put in. I was devastated at how much Plavix cost and the thought of having a heart attach or stroke leaving my daughter left without a mother. I found out about the patient in need program and I am grateful and excited that there is help out there for those who need it. Thank you Bristol-Myers for stepping up to the plate and eliminating the stress of not being able to afford this prescription. I thank you and my daughter thanks you too. [Ed. note: the web site for Bristol-Myers program is]
Kelli L., East Tawas, Michigan, USA, January 4, 2011

• I had a stent put in right coronary and am on plavix. The problem is even though I have prescription coverage I am afraid I can't afford the meds due to being out on disability. I take a beta blocker, plavix, 2 antidepressants, Ibpropine 800, Niaspan, aspirin and lipitor I am going to have to give up a couple meds due to lack of funds. this could hurt my heart health.
James, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, January 3, 2011

Mike, I take Plavix also, I get it from free from the IMSS, which is the Mexican Social Security Institution. Some times there are delays in delivering the drugs and I have to buy it a the drug store, I pay about 55 USD for a 28 pill box of Plavix or Iscover (it's the same). I usually buy it at There you can find a list of all of their stores in Mexico. Hope this helps.
a friend, Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico, January 2, 2011

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