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"My favourite site of contemporary cardiology history is the Angioplasty PTCA Home Page. If you too are hooked on multimedia, this site has it all graphics, audio and movies."
Paul Malik, M.D.
reviewed in The Canadian Journal of Cardiology

"What a superb service you provide...very helpful."

Ameet Bakhai, M.D.
Imperial College School of Medicine
St Mary's Hospital, London

"This is great!! I visited the PTCA website and it's very comprehensive in its content."
Jon Catanese
Med Help International

"It's great to see such a valuable resource so easily found! Congratulations. I will certainly be accessing this site frequently in my search for training info!"
Julie Trait
cardiology consultant, Australia

"I am so excited to have a link with colleagues worldwide"
Davood Akhlagh Moayed, interventional cardiologist
National Iranian Oil Company Hospital, Tehran

"Your web pages are nicely composed. My compliments to you and your webmaster colleagues."
Andrew Chung, M.D.
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you for letting me use your excellent of the most interesting sites I have found for interventional cardiology information."
Sue Hudson
cardiology consultant, United Kingdom

"Let me commend you on this site. It is/will be an excellent resource for those of us in the PTCA business."
Brian Ferro
Boston Scientific Corporation

"Your PTCA 20th Anniversary web site has been a great help to me in my research on Dr. Mason Sones."
Amy Pelsinsky
Associate Director of Public Information
Western Maryland College

"It really is a terrific site and I'm looking forward to the upcoming interviews. I particularly enjoyed your time line on 'Great Events in PTCA History'"
Thomas Levin, M.D.
University of Chicago Cardiology Section

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