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September 24, 2008 -- 10:30pm EDT

CBS Goes Radial
This morning's "Early Show" on CBS featured a "Heart Watch" segment with Dr. Howard Cohen of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York about "The New Angioplasty" -- namely angioplasty performed from the wrist, or transradial approach. It's not exactly "new", having first been done in the early 90's, but it's somewhat new to the U.S. (Read more about it in today's feature: "Is Radial Angioplasty at a Turning Point in U.S.?"

Here's the clip (there IS a commercial at the start and finish -- hey, even CBS has to pay the rent....):

Courtesy CBS News

For more information, you can read Angioplasty.Org's exclusive interview with Howard Cohen and his partner Kirk Garrett in our Radial Access Center. CBS did.

Late Update: CBS has also posted a followup article on its website. Good to see MSM exposure for this under-utilized technique.

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