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Treatment for Myocardial Bridging

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What is the treatment for Myocardial Bridging? Read the comments below to learn from other patients with this diagnosis, ask questions, and share your experiences to support others in our heart patient community.

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• I’m 46, scheduled for bariatric surgery in 3 weeks, and I just found out I have a short myocardial bridge on the distal LAD. I had a CT angio done after my stress test came out positive for exercise-induced ischemia. Echo shows “diastolic dysfunction grade I”. Symptoms: lifelong fainting, arrhythmia issues, shortness of breath worsening over the past six months with wet cough that didn’t respond to antibiotics, asthma meds, and other treatment. I take naps in afternoons and have to sleep sitting in a chair while “lying” on my right side. I felt like someone had their hand on my throat all last night. Swollen feet with pitting edema that went away just after contrast CT and is coming back. Anxious. I’m on no meds but Wellbutrin. Cardio blew off any connections between my symptoms and MB. Cleared me for the bari op. Would love reassurance that bariatric surgery will be more benefit than risk. I need to lose 150lb but my labs are great, no calcium or arterial deposits. Thanks so much!
RsarahJ, Overland Park, Kansas, USA, March 11, 2022

• Bebe - several patients below have been treated by Dr. Ingela Schnittger, a surgeon at Stanford. If you need a cardiologist who's very familiar with this issue, we also recommend Dr. Jennifer Tremmel at Stanford.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 4, 2018

• I am a 67 year old female and have just been diagnosed with MB after having almost all the symptoms listed on this site for the past 30 years. I am interested in going to a doctor at Stanford that specializes in the deroofing surgery. If anyone has had the procedure done recently please share the name of the doctor. Thanks.
Bebe, Mobile, Alabama, USA, July 29, 2018

• P.S. In previous post, I gave my history. To comment on the present, I was happy to find this forum, with the comments of others, as I had never heard from anyone else who had a myocardial bridge. Hearing the symptoms of others, while sympathetic with them, was comforting and reassuring that I was not alone in this unusual journey for better health. My husband and I had wondered if, after the triple bypass, some of my symptoms were a result of the surgery, damaged nerves, tissues, muscles, or whatever. After reading forum comments, I felt 'validated' somehow, and shared the comments with my husband, who also was glad to get the information from others. For anyone who may live in Alabama, my cardiologist, who, although not 'specialized' in MB, is Brian Wilson McGwier, M.D. (like "McGuire") beside Gadsden Medical Center. Since moving away, this year, I drive 2 1/2 hrs, one-way, bypassing B'ham docs, to continue seeing this doctor, as he has been interested, has believed my assertions of symptoms, and treated me as any other patient with any other heart problem. In summary, I think this forum is wonderful, and appreciate those who have worked to set it up and continue it!
E Robinson, retired librarian, Verbena, Alabama, USA, January 17, 2016

• I am a female, almost 68. Had dizziness episodes throughout life; mentioned to many doctors as driving, at episodes, was concerning, but nothing came of that vague complaint. I understood that the quest for a reason was like the proverbial search for the needle in the haystack. Almost died, quit breathing at 3rd and last childbirth. Often had near fainting episodes when children were growing up. In Aug. 2010, had classic heart attack symptoms, fainted as exiting a ferry, had a seizure while unconscious, and was slow to wake up to shouts and attempts by two paramedics to open my car. Taken to nearby hospital where, unexpected by docs, myocardial bridge was found. Put on several meds, had pain and other symptoms daily Moved to another state, saw new docs and more meds added. Angina, nausea, and, frightening to others, my face would turn deathly white during the episodes, while my surroundings would appear black or gray, while I fought to stay conscious. In May 2011, had triple bypass, to no avail - one graft atrophied, one has 100% lesion, one working - very weak for a year. Found good cardiologist, but still having all the same symptoms. Beginning on appointment at Stanford.
E Robinson, retired librarian, Verbena, Alabama, USA, January 17, 2016

• Hello, I am so glad to read all your comments and find out I am not crazy or hypochondriac. Since I born I been suffering and no one understood my situation. No even my parents, beside that my dad is a doctor, he treated me as allergic and asthmatic with sever bronchitis problem. And always I used to argue with him for my pain chest, very low energy, pass out.... Now I am 49 years old, when my older brother died 3 years ago at 47 I decided to find out what I have in my heart.I have to push the cardiologist to do a cath, because he said I look ok. I got upset and said to him to do it anyway. After the cath he said that I have MB but was nothing to do and I have to keep living with that. He send me so many different medications and did't work. I visited several cardiologist, and the same they did not know too much but finally one prescribe me Metropolol 25 mg. That doesn't help me too much, and I am getting worse every day with the chest pain. Because I knew something was wrong with me since I was kid, I been taking care my self a lot, I don't smoke, I eat very very healthy... I don't want to live so miserable, I don't want to end up with heart attack or stroke.
Mouna, Florida, USA, February 11, 2015

• Chuckrobb, God is so good! I am so happy you and your wife found Dr. Sutter. He is truly gifted and and makes you feel so comfortable. Mary Ann and his staff were outstanding in their genuine care and concern. Surgery has made a world of difference! Have occasional random uncomfortable pains in my jaw, neck or arm. my cardiologist calls them "spasms" and added amlodipine to my regimen and once I recognized the triggers and avoided them, things improved. I have a problem with humidity, smoke and strong chemical smells like cleaning fluids. My husband had to give up aftershave lotion and no more scented candles. I spend a good deal of time indoors during the summer when the humidity and or temp is high. otherwise I can do all my past activities, some days more moderate than others. I hope your wife found a good cardiac rehab they were extremely helpful. Best of everything to you and your wife. tell her to get lots of rest. Sorry I just got your message, haven't checked site in a while. please keep us updated with her progress. Also would appreciate if anyone else deals with spasms after surgery?
Anna, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, June 24, 2014

• This is Penny & Steve from Lindale, TX. (Steve writing this time) I dealt with the same symptoms, medications and cardiologist's opinions many of you described after finally being diagnosed with a significant MCB of the LAD (90% or more). I contacted the office of Dr. Ingela Schnittger at Stanford Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA. She and her staff are truly experts in dealing with MCB patients and take their condition very seriously. I traveled to Stanford in Nov 2013 for tests and returned Jan 2014 for a heart cath (my 3rd cath in 14 months). It was determined that I was a candidate for un-roofing surgery which we did the following week. My results were better than I could have hoped for. Within 2 months I was able to walk 5 miles at a brisk pace and felt better than I had in 15 years. The care I received at Stanford was impressive. It has now been 5 months post surgery with no problems. My quality of life has been restored and I'm thankful every day.
Penny & Steve, Lindale, Texas, USA, June 10, 2014

• Chuckrobb in Arkansas -- It's stories like yours that warm our hearts (pun intended). We are so grateful that our Forum has been able to help people find the healthcare they need. A number of patients write in to the Forum to find surgeons and cardiologists who are experienced in the treatment of myocardial bridging. We urge all readers to post any information they have that can help others. Currently we have requests for physicians who are in the following areas: New York City, Scottsdale AZ, Charlotte NC, Terre Haute IN. Chuckrobb, thanks for posting and so glad we could help.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 9, 2014

• It's by God's grace that we were led to a doctor in Philadelphia who I believe saved my wife's life. She had severe myocardial bridging, 90%. We had been to several cardiologists, tried multiple medications, but she was only getting worse. In and out of emergency room and hospital with severe heart attack symptoms. I located the doctor in Philadelphia through a post a lady who had a similar bridge back in 2013. I called his nurse, mailed her heart cath on 3/20/2014. Doctor called us on 3/27/2014 and said he could help. We were on a plane 4/1/2014 and she had minimally invasive robotic bypass surgery on 4/3/2014. Because the bridge was so severe,and there appeared to be other narrowing even when heart was not closing area off, he was able to perform a successful bypass. The care his staff and the cardiac ICU department at Lankinau Hospital in Philadelphia was an absolute God sent. We will be forever great full to Dr Frances Sutter and his administrator and Nurse, Mary Ann. They absolutely truly care about their patients and family members.
Chuckrobb, South Arkansas, USA, April 9, 2014

• This post is for Anna from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My wife has a substantial MB and after several different meds and Dr opinions we have sent her film to Dr Sutter for review. He is supposed to call us tomorrow night for a consult. Just wondering how you are doing after your surgery.
Chuckrobb, South Arkansas, USA, March 26, 2014

• My wife has a significant myocardial bridge over a section of her left ventricle. Looking at the heart cath, it almost completely closes off in one area during heart muscle rest. The doctors have been treating it with various medication for about 2 years but she is still having periodic serious heart related episodes at rest. Consulted another doctor today. We are going to try one more medicine. If this doesn't work he wants to prep her for a heart cath and series of flow tests across the bridge and then a possible stent if tests warrant. We have not heard good results regarding placing a stent within a bridged artery. Looking for another opinion. Are very curious about the previous post from lady who had robotic surgery to unroof her myocardial bridge.
CharlieBob, El Dorado, Arkansas, USA, March 11, 2014

• I am a 69 year old woman who was diagnosed with MB last October after my fourth trip to the emergency room for what I thought was a heart attack. At that a time a heart catheterization was performed where I found that I had a moderate muscle bridge in the mid part of the LAD, as well as 40% ostial proximal narrowing. I was put on Carvedilol to control my blood pressure but still experience chest pain and shortness of breath frequently. In the past I might have 1-2 bouts yearly, now it seems I can't shake the symptoms. We winter in Scottsdale, AZ and summer near Philadelphia, PA. Does anyone have a recommendation for a heart specialist in either area who takes MB seriously and specifically knows about the deroofing surgery? I have seen what are considered outstanding heart specialists but none seem to think my problem is serious. All I know is that I do not feel like myself anymore. Also, does MB ever get better on its own with medication or does it continue to worsen? I walk 4 miles daily and eat healthily and can't think of anything also I can do!
Pam, Arizona and Pennsylvania, USA, February 11, 2014

• We are looking for a cardiologist in the Charlotte, NC area that is familiar with symptomatic Myocardial Bridging. It seems that it is very difficult to find someone who really understands this condition; any help would be appreciated.
Myocardial Bridging, Stony Brook, New York, USA, November 11, 2013

• My husband is post-surgery 2 years almost out of Stanford Ingela Schnittger/Robbins [surgeon]. His life is completely changed. Please see below posts "Jennifer/Lafayette"..he is returned to a vibrant, pain free living. His vision has actually improved along with all of his tests. I cannot stress enough how the suggested intervention [full unroofing] has improved his quality of life. No surgery is small, but the hardest part was the recovery...not easy to keep an OCD type subdued to let sternum heal...
Jennifer / Lafayette - now South Bay Peninsula, California, USA, October 16, 2013

• update: had a TIA stroke April 2012 they didn't find any damage and I had been taking 2 aspirin full size daily since Drs had not started me on any other blood thinners family history of strokes and easy clotting when cut... still taking metoprolol 100 mg and isosorbide at night and Lisinopril in the PM and amlodipine in AM. Think the 200 mg daily was causing too much low BP and have cut back to 100 mg in AM only. Still using nitro patch when feeling the need and cutting back isosorbide to half the dose on most days. The TIA attacked my communication skills and had not paralyzed my body but I was feeling bad and skipped work for a couple of days and had not talked to anyone. Checked into the ER because I was still feeling bad and didn't realize I couldn't communicate until I tried to check myself in to be checked out. Apparently I put on 2 different boots and thought I corrected that but was still wearing 2 different boots one tall black and one medium brown. Stayed off work a few months after 4-5 days in hospital but they didn't find the cause. Still kicking, but Dr hasn't recommended any other treatment at this time ..not sure I'm ready to consider deroofing yet.
Steve Redwing, Watertown, South Dakota, USA, September 19, 2013

• Penny & Steve, Lindale, Texas, USA, Mayo Clinic did my surgery if get on their website and search myocardial bridge or request an apt they can help! I had to have open heart don't know if anyone does robotic.
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, September 6, 2013

• Stephanie, Lafayette, LA I had a myocardial bridging with chest pain and severe shortness of breath! Heart racing! I had surgery at Mayo Clinic to unroof the bridge and to repair a 1/2 inch hole in my ASD [Atrial Septal Defect, ed.] and I have been pain free since!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, September 6, 2013

• Hello everyone , I live in NYC , and have just turned 23 yrs old . I have been experiencing chest pains for the past 5 years and it has gotten continually worst yr by yr.. After > 50 visits to ER due to excruciating chest pain episodes I was finally admitted into the hospital . They ordered an angiogram where they diagnosed that I had myocardial bridging .. They have told me that MB is benign and I can go on with my everyday life . They prescribed me 25 mg Toprol ER , which I tried for a few weeks and didn't work at all. Just yesterday I saw my cardiologist and he switched my meds to Ranexa , which I took for the first time last night and was up till the crack of dawn with terrible chest pains! I am really trying to figure this out I cannot deal with the pain anymore ! Also I have a lot of PVC's that make me feel dizzy and uncomfortable - I believe MB is causing them as well!
Dylan, New York, New York, USA, August 20, 2013

• I have just been diagnosed with MCB. It's clear from the ACG. But my cardiologist simply waves it off as of no importance. She did mention the possibility of surgery, but it seemed to be an "if you really want it" kind of thing! Of course I don't! Glad I found this forum, which I will now be monitoring. The symptoms don't seem to be severe enough for surgery, but I'm glad to hear that some cardiologists do treat it seriously!
Heaviside, Retired, Shady Cove, Oregon, USA, August 9, 2013

• Hello I am 41 year old male, diagnosed with MB when I was 35, I just had dull pain in the chest at that time, now over the last year I have gone from running four miles a day to having to find energy just to walk. I have been reading people's stories on this forum for five years but never felt like I was that bad. My cardiologist and family doctor keep playing with my meds telling me that MB is benign and I should be able to run as I wish but I can't even catch my breath to even run a mile, now I am having edema in my legs having to take Lasix twice a day just to move it. I had a new stress test last month, my cardiologist was on vacation so his partner read the test and reported an MI but when I seen my cardiologist he said no that is just your MB. My general Dr looked it over and she thinks I had an MI. Now i am really confused. No Doctors in this area no anything about Bridging. I don't feel like this is a benign issue due to my health deterioration and I don't smoke or consume alcohol. I would love to see a doctor that is experienced with MB that will listen to my symptoms, any one suggest a good cardiologist close to Indiana?
Victor, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, August 5, 2013

• I am a 30yr old woman that was just recently diagnosed with a MB in April after dealing with pain for two years. It all started while I was pregnant with my second son and was experiencing a whole lot of pressure and shortness of breath. I kept putting off going in just thinking it was the baby squashing something. Finally I decided I would call the Dr and they told me head straight to the ER. There they discovered I had a pulmonary embolism. Long story short we delivered the baby early and began treating me for the clot. They also told me I had pulmonary hypertension. I finally requested to be transferred to Stanford Well turns out I don't have PH and after a long string of tests was diagnosed with a MB. And actually have two. One right after another. Because of the bridges I have a plaque build up right before the bridges and is at 40.4%. I just had the last test they can do this past Thursday and will be going onto have the surgery. I am quite nervous and would like anyone's feed back on the surgery if they would like to share and what I should expect. I just want to feel better as my quality of life is being affected greatly. I have 2 small active boys I want to enjoy fully!
Lindsy, California, USA, August 4, 2013

• Does anyone know of a doctor who performs deroofing using robotic surgery? Is that possible? We live in Texas so would prefer one close to home, but will go anywhere in the U.S. to find the right Dr. Thanks.
Penny & Steve, Lindale, Texas, USA, July 29, 2013

• Melinda in Jena, LA. Please contact me. My husband has type 3 bridge and no one takes them seriously here. Please contact me via this Forum. He would love to speak with you and also we want the name of your doctor. Thanks.
Penny, Lindale, Texas, USA, July 26, 2013

• I am a 62 year old man living in UK, I was diagnosed with the Widow Maker after 13 years of visiting the various hospitals in England with chest pains, tiredness, sweats and shortness of breath. I played cricket at international level whilst at university. I was initially teat for the symptoms in 2001 but, on returning home was taken off the medication by my own GP on cost grounds. In 2013 I finally had had enough with the wrong answers and told the Cardiologist what I though of her, as she said all the tests are normal and we will not give you an Angiogram. Two days later I saw another Cardiologist who carried out an Angiogram and told me you have myocardial Bridging and there is nothing we can do. I am now on handfuls of different meds, sleep 21 hours a day, have the sweats, find walking and exercise a problem, have chest pains beyond belief and am still going for hospital stays. The Doctors I speak too no nothing about the problem and search the net for answers, some even suggest I am bonkers and that it is not a problem. I feel like a 'Lab Rat'.
Mike English, United Kingdom, July 16, 2013

• This is for Melinda in Jena, Louisiana. I came across your post and I don't know what your condition is but I have had mitral and aortic valve surgery 10 yrs ago and I tend to stay in a/fib. Wondering what condition you have if you don't mind my asking?
Stephanie, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, July 14, 2013

• I was diagnosed with bridging in 2000, My doctors at that time also did not have any knowledge of bridging. I was treated for 2 years with meds (too many to list) most of them made me extremely sick, or flat out just didn't help. I finally found a cardiologist that had some knowledge about bridging. He had just lost a friend to bridging. He referred me to a surgeon whom I seen the same day. It was on a Thursday, I met with the surgeon and he wanted to do surgery the following day. Ok so I had the surgery the following Monday, the bridge was deroofed and my LAD was bypassed due to narrowing of the artery due to the bridging. The bypass did not take due to the fact that my LAD was still working but reduced amounts but my heart was not able to support the LAD and the bypassed vessel. Which did not create any problems. My cardiologist was out of Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan and the Surgeon was out of there also. For those with this diagnosis you really need to be vigilant in your care, be stern with the Dr's. I was hospitalized multiple times per month prior to surgery, the doctors made me feel like I was crazy. I have gone thru 13 cardiologists. Post here if anyone has ?'s.
tclark, Roscommon, Michigan, USA, June 17, 2013

• My husband is 55 and was diagnosed with MCB 21yrs ago! we live in Northern Ireland and our NHS is excellent . He has had numerous tests n stent ops but unfortunately none were successful. He is on maximum complex medicines . His life changed from being totally active doing manual work to being unable to hardly walk. Although life is tough he is still alive and never complains. Just want to let u know in 21 years he has only had 1 heart attack MI tho numerous admissions to hospital. All i can say is that if family and friends understanding that the illness causes so much tiredness n pain takes a lot of pressure off the sufferer.
Sandra, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, June 13, 2013

• I am 29 years old and I was diagnosed with MCB at 28 years old. I've had several heart Caths done I also found out that my arteries and vanes are shrinking. There is nothing that any cardiologist can do for me I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. I stay with pains in my chest every day and even pass out often. I'm just going to put it in the Lords hands and pray that I can find a good cardiologist that can help me. I have no insurance.
Kerri L., Louisiana, USA, May 8, 2013

• I am a 63 yo male living in NYC, after taking a stress test last week because I was experiencing shortness of breath, I found myself getting a ride to the hospital courtesy of EMT's. After having a catheter passed into my heart, I found that my problems stemmed from Myocardial Bridging. I've been an athlete all my life, never smoked, and up until last week I logged over 18 miles a week doing cardio in the gym. The Dr. who performed the catheter told me that my arteries were of a man half my age, so why the pain & shortness of breath now ??? STRESS ! I'm taking a calcium BP medicine (normal to low BP) now and the jury is out on whether it will be successful. One thing I do know is that I now know what a killer stress can be. Anyone looking for great Cardiologist's look no further than Dr. Fard on Park Ave South, and Dr. Fox at Beth Israel both great doctors
jjb49, New York, New York, USA, April 24, 2013

• Is there any surgeons in the state of NJ that do the unroofing
Mom, Blackwood, New Jersey, USA, April 16, 2013

• I'm 57 yo woman, hx of high BP, gym & dance regularly. 2011 went to ER twice for chest pain. After 2nd visit my cardiologist suggest a cath when everything was normal. Found very large MB of LAD. Started on ntg prn and Metoprolol. But every 6 weeks had to increase the Metoprolol due to chest pain and by August I was at maximum dose. CCB and nitrates weren't effective and my cardiologist strongly suggested surgery. I couldn't walk across my yard, food shop or climb steps without chest pain. Another cath confirmed what he already knew. At Lankenau Hospital I saw Dr. Sutter -well known in Philly area for robotic heart surgery. He explained that deroofing would be ideal, but MBs location & size were problematic. I ended up with robotic single CABG with 2 small incisions. That day I was sitting in a chair, within 48 hours I could shower and only needed Motrin for pain. Drain and stitches were irritating but not awful. Had few unforeseeable, easily fixed Post-Op issues but exhaustion was worst problem. 3 months later had chest pain after Z-pac.6 months later I'm walking or at gym most days, grateful to God, my physicians & very supportive family & friends to have my life back!
Anna, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, April 10, 2013

• I am Melinda from Jena, LA and have posted several times before just want to give an update! I had a bridge unroofed two years ago at Mayo Clinic. The doctors there take them serious! I now have my life back and have been doing great!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, April 6, 2013

• Hello Everyone, my name is Richie and I had an M.I. (heart attack) on January 16th 2013. Shortly after I was diagnosed with an Intra Myocardial Bridge of my LAD. My cardiologist sent me to a surgeon and I was a little surprised when he said I should have an unroofing procedure and possibly a by-pass. The part that surprises me the most is he is saying it needs to be done sooner then later, i.e. this month.(April 2013) Naturally I am going for a second opinion. I have been a firefighter with FDNY for the past 16 years. Unfortunately this has affected my job due to the nature of it being so physically demanding. I have read a few of these posts and will continue to read a few more. If anyone has anymore information that would be useful i.e., Doctors, hospitals, experiences. Please write. Also, I have been told they would be getting to my heart via my ribs being spread apart rather then going through my sternum. Has anyone else been told this?
Richie, Staten Island, New York, USA, April 3, 2013

• Does anyone know of a list of cardiologists who take MCB seriously? and about deroofing procedure? I am in Northern Virginia but live abroad. I have all the symptoms of most of you on this post. I am 48 yrs old woman, (used to be) athlete. Thank you
Monica, Dahab, Egypt, March 31, 2013

• I have had chest pain since I was a child (my heartaches). A cardiac cath done in preparation for valve surgery found a myocardial bridge. I take Ranexa 1000 mg twice a day to relieve chest pain it also gave me strength back in my arms. Finally found out why I had the chest pain.
Heartaches, Setauket, New York, USA, March 25, 2013

• I am a 42 year old woman who has been having increased chest pain with exercise. Had a heart cath and was diagnosed with MB. My cardiologist is not too concerned. I am to take beta blockers before exercise. Should I get a second opinion? He said he would send me to Stanford if I really wanted the unroofing surgery. Don't really want to go that route. What other treatments are out there?
Joanna in San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA, March 17, 2013

• My daughter has myocardial bridging and no one in New Jersey will help her. Does anyone know of a cardiologist who will help her? She is in and out of the hospitals every week for them just to change her meds. Can anyone help her?
Help need a name of a surgeon, Mom, Blackwood, New Jersey, USA, March 11, 2013

• Just diagnosed with mcb from a great cardiologist. The first one said both hospitals that i took my regular and nuclear stress test hooked me up wrong and he don't know why I'm having severe chest pains. What a quack. My family doctor sent me to the new one and I'm now waiting on the next step from my doctor. I wish you all and myself good luck and a long life.
Cincinnatian, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, March 8, 2013

• Hello, I am a 40yr old female diagnosed with MCB in 2009 when I had my first heart attack, my second was Oct. 2012 so I'm glad to still be around. I'm working with the doctors at Mayo. I go back next week to meet with the cardiac surgeon to discuss surgery to correct this issue. I'm very very nervous, glad I found this site to have some reassurance that I'm not the only one in this boat. MCB is not easily diagnosed as I've learned thru numerous tests and years of being poked and prodded at. Patience and persistence with my doctors has paid off and it's not frustrating but we've figured it out. Hopefully the chest pain and SOB and chronic fatigue will be resolved. Thank you all for your post its encouraging, I will check back when it's all completed and hopefully all is well. Thanks again.
Nickey, Iowa, USA, February 4, 2013

• HI! Was so glad to find this site and hoping to hear from some of you. I was diagnosed with MB the end of Nov. by a heart cath. I had a stress test before that, due to palpitations. Well I made it for only a minute and half on the stress test before pulse went up to 180! Surgeon said it was due to my muscle clamping down on my artery. Put on meds to get tachycardia down. Dec.17th, had high pulse rate and followed my mild stroke ! Spent 6 days in hospital. On new meds and and scheduled for a EP study in 2 weeks. Anyone else suffer a stroke due to their MB. The Dr.s aren't sure what to make of it. I am a "complex" case to them. I just really want to make sure it doesn't happen again! I have 2 kids that are very worried, not to mention a worried husband too. My legs still are very achy and weak.
Carolyn, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, January 9, 2013

• I have noticed that when anyone talks about the surgery to repair Myocardial bridging its places out West. Like Texas, Arizona, California. Has anyone ever had surgery here in the East, like John Hopkins or out in Pittsburgh. Wondering if the cardiologists there are familiar with the surgery. Thanks for any help!
Carolyn, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, December 13, 2012

• I am a 42 year old woman and have found this site very interesting as I was recently diagnosed with Myocardial bridging. Found it on heart cath after flunking Echo Stress test really bad. Thought a artery was clogged, but found out it was MB. Put on Beta blockers and couldn't tolerate them. Sent my BP sky high ? Anyone else have that problem? I am on a channel blocker now, Verapamil Hoping for better luck. I started having chest pain and shortness of breath at age 20 and was put through all heart tests and showed nothing. Determined I had bad allergies and started allergy shots. They did help....but lately haven't helped as well...thinking maybe its not as much allergies as my MB. Thinking of surgery, but scared to death at same time, for heart surgery is major! Tho I still have a lot of life left and I don't know if I want to depend on meds all my life to protect me from heart attack. I have tachycardia which is making it worse. Have been down, as haven't been able to do much at all without being dizzy or chest pain. Thankful for this board, I might have something rare but I am not alone!
Carolyn, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, December 12, 2012

• My husband, age 60, was recently diagnosed with MB (type 3). The Dr. recommended robotic surgery to do a single artery bypass where another artery close by get routed into the main artery and runs parallel to the the widow maker artery that is affected by the bridging. The surgeon here in Tyler, TX, Dr. William Turner, is supposed to be one of the best at this procedure. He has done additional tests to make sure this is the way we need to go. We are still waiting for his call with the results. If he wants to do the surgery, does anyone have any input about this procedure. He currently has my husband on Metoprolol (12.5 mg a day). My husband is still very fatigued and just feels lousy. A week ago we noticed one of his legs around the shin area seemed to be swollen. It is still swollen and slightly yellowish looking around the swelling. Could this be a result of the MB or the medicine?
Pennyp, Lindale, Texas, USA, November 29, 2012

• I am a 37 y/o M, recently diagnosed with a Myocardial Bridge following an angiogram. I have a been experiencing massive chest pains, SOB and transient pains across my abdomen and into my mid upper back for the past week and finally decided to get to checked out. As with most of you, all of my cardiac enzymes, EKG and Echo all came back normal until I had my stress test. My cardiologist told me that he had only seen 3 of these in the past 7 years.. I was #3. His plan is to medicate me with Verapamil. I did my own research and have found some pretty concerning results. Can some one please tell me what I am to expect. I'm nervous and trying to remain calm for my wife and family. However when I see the "sudden death" prognosis I tend to get a little more defensive. I live in GA so if you know of a surgeon or cardiologist that can help me outside of the limited experience from my current MD I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Ronnie , Sugar Hill, Georgia, USA, November 23, 2012

• I read the story about Stanford Medical Center that is on this site and I found it helpful. My doctor at Stanford is Dr. Tremmel as well and she has been amazing. I'm so happy that I found her.
dracoally12, Groveland, California, USA, October 2, 2012

• I had my procedure done at CJW Medical Center (Levinson Heart Hospital) and Dr.Dipin Gupta was my surgeon. He used the DaVinci to assist in a left thoracotomy for release of intramyocardial bridge of the LAD. I have regained my energy and have no more heart related symptoms. I still do have numbness in my feet due to the poor circulation from the blocked artery.
BonnieE, Richmond, Virginia, USA, September 30, 2012

• Dracoally12 in California -- good for you and your family. The team at Stanford is excellent -- if you haven't already, check out our article about a member of this Forum's experience at Stanford. And the same to Rosemarie in Illinois. It's important to have a good surgeon, but also a cardiologist who understands myocardial bridging, as well as women's heart health. Check out the video in the above article.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 28, 2012

• I am a 31 year old woman who has always been active in sports. About 5 years ago I started having odd symptoms such as passing out, shortness of breath, pain in chest, vomiting, and arrhythmias, among other symptoms. The doctors had given me every test and they couldn't find anything major. I kept being told it was anxiety, as I have a history of mental illness. I kept thinking I was crazy... Like no one believed me. The symptoms kept getting worse and my family took action and sent me to Stanford. I just had my angiogram and they now know I have a MCB. My doctor is getting me in right away to fix this problem. I am grateful to her. Now I can live a long and happy life with my husband and children. However this is scary, and anyone with symptoms should demand to be checked out.
dracoally12, Groveland, California, USA, September 27, 2012

• So thankful for a compassionate Cardiologist who knows his stuff. I am 50 years old. Back in 2005 was having occasional chest pain, shortness of breath under stress or exertion, dizziness, left arm pain, feeling like I am having a heart attack. I was placed on several meds at that time after undergoing an Angiogram at Loyola, needless to say they made matters worse. So much so, that there was talk about putting in a pacemaker. I was taken off all meds and symptoms improved and went away. Now seven/eight years later my symptoms have returned to much it started scaring me as I want to live a long life. So I consulted my cardiologist and after normal EKG, Stress Test, Blood Work, CT Angiogram, Echocardiogram was told about a band of muscle over my Left Artery called MB. Also do not have a Right Coronary Artery finding on CT Angiogram. So my Left Artery is supplying all the blood to my body. Since I am still having symptoms would it be wise to undergo Bypass surgery, Stenting? Need some sound advice. Gottlieb Memorial in Illinois has said to have excellent surgeons. This is in God's hands and praying for relief.
Rosemarie, Illinois, USA, September 26, 2012

• My 14 year old son was diagnosed yesterday with a myocardial bridge. This came after he suffered severe chest pain and shortness of breath during a rigorous soccer practice. the pain was followed by pain in his left arm and pain that continued down the left side of his abdomen. He will undergo a nuclear stress test on Oct. 1st but until we were told to avoid any exertion. I am very thankful that this was found on the cat scan and was diagnosed before it was too late. I have read that congenital coronary artery problems are the second most common death to young athletes from sudden cardiac arrest.
Melanie C., Washington, USA, September 15, 2012

• to BonnieE., Richmond Va. Am so relieved to have found this site re: bridged arteries. Can you please share the information regarding your Dr. and hospital that performed the Da Vinci operation?
ValG, Delray Beach, Florida, USA, September 10, 2012

• My husband recently passed away at the age of 43 due to an undetected myocardial bridge. I'm so thankful all of you were given the necessary tests to discover, and treat, the condition. He was symptomatic for 10 years and was told that the chest pain and dizziness was due to psoriatic arthritis located in his chest & rib muscles. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Me and my three children pray for all of you.
HGreen, Portland, Oregon, USA, August 31, 2012

• I am 62 and had been searching for an answer to the painful pressure in my chest, fatigue, feet cold and numb, waves of high blood pressure and anxiety for over a year. ER visits always ended up with a Panic Attack conclusion. Found a new cardiologist who found the answer thru nuclear stress test and cath. I had a 90% block due to a Myocardial Bridge. The worst he had ever seen. Found a surgeon that would do open heart or the Da Vinci procedure depending on the depth of the artery into the heart muscle. The Da Vinci was done and the artery popped free. I feel so much better. I'm just on low doses of blood pressure meds now and so glad to have this behind me.
BonnieE, Richmond, Virginia, USA, August 24, 2012

• I am a 44 yr old male that suddenly started to experience mild to moderate chest pain with shortness of breath. I checked myself into the ER at the hospital where I work. I underwent a full cardiac workup which had normal results. 2 days later I began to have increased blood pressure and pulse which progressively became worse. I was referred to a cardiologist who performed an angiogram. Where he discovered i suffered from MCB. Now after losing about 50 lbs and being put onto several medications I am able to keep things in check. Just had to get used to having a slow..... Heart rate, and a low blood pressure which makes me tired all of the time I hope to be around for a while longer.
emtgerry, Brigham City, Utah, USA, August 9, 2012

• Hi, I am a male of 52 years from India. I have been undergoing regular med checks every year. Each time TMT reports were positive, later ruled out either by echo test or CT angio. A month back I had minor chest pain in the night & woke sweating. I ignored & it repeated after about 15 days. When I consulted a cardiologist he suspected MB & suggested angiogram to confirm. Subsequent angio confirmed the presence of MB-LAD. Surprisingly doctor asked me not to worry & put me on some medication. I continue to get chest pains in the night. I am really worried. Request any one of the readers who is a doctor to suggest.
Vasu, India, July 7, 2012

• I am a 65 year old, active female. I had chest pain off and on for two or three weeks. While shopping with my daughter I had the worst episode and was admitted to the hospital. EKGs and blood work were normal. I was referred to a cardiologist and had an angiogram which showed myocardial bridge of the proximal and mid LAD. I have been placed on Plavix, Amlodipine and Lipitor plus an aspirin a day. I am only three days from diagnosis so I am praying for good results.
Linda A., Arizona, USA, June 29, 2012

• I am 78 years old. For the past 4 years I have had chest pains on and off. My primary doctor 4 years ago sent me to a cardio doctor and had 2 stress tests that had been negative but a new doctor I went to a month ago gave me a catheterization. No clogged arteries but he told me I have MB during the procedure, Today I went for a return visit and we discussed the problem. I also have a gastro problem and I am being treated for not digesting sorbitol and also a overgrowth of bacteria. This treatment has gone on for over a month, too but I still have chest pains and feel fatigue. Now that I know I have MB, and read so many comments, I believe the MB is my big problem right now. The cardio doctor I saw today wants to see me in 3 months and if I still have symptoms he'll treat the MB. Should I wait that long? I feel lousy right now. I'm usually an active senior but a lot of times i don't feel like doing anything because of the chest pains. My family wants to know if I was born with this MB, why the problem these last 4 years and why it didn't bother me in my younger years?
Lorraine B., New Jersey, USA, June 29, 2012

• I was diagnosed yesterday with Myocardial Bridge. I had an angioplasty and that is how it was diagnosed. They have put me on a calcium channel blocker (Cardizem) and baby aspirin. I don't know what to expect in the future. Today I feel shaky, but okay. Not sure if it is the new med causing that. Go back to cardiologist next week for a follow up. I am a 60-year-old female. All of my EKGs, Echocardiogram and stress test were normal. The key sign was pressure in my chest after the stress test. That is why my doctor ordered the heart cath. So glad to know what is going on with me. Just concerned now with what the future will bring.
Paula Post, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, June 27, 2012

• Diagnosed with MB yesterday. After years of chest pain, last 4 months had severe chest pain unable to carry my 2 year old. Grandson or walk up a flight of stairs. Pain in jaws left arm and so weak I cannot work! I have called off so many times with chest pain, been to the Dr., ER, Cardiologist, and feel like my chart had big red letters HYPOCHONDRIAC! I have been told that there was nothing wrong with me so many times that I became extremely depressed. How in the world could anyone imagine this pain and shortness of breath. I thought, well when I fall over dead, they will believe. I pray that they find a good treatment soon, meds make me a slug!
Penny from Muncie, Muncie, Indiana, USA, June 6, 2012

• Yup. In 2007 after a stressful Christmas, I started having terrible chest pains at night after I went to bed, experiencing it for four nights in a row. The next day, I called my primary care doctor and went to his office for a visit. He did an EKG and said there was an anomaly. My doctor sent me straight to the hospital, and in the hospital, I underwent a chemical stress test that hurt quite badly. My doctor then scheduled me for a cardiac catheterization and told me that I have myocardial bridging. The cardiologist put me on Imdur ER 120mg as well as several other meds that never really worked. I had an arrhythmia in Christmas 2008 caused by the bridging. The doctor put me on another medication called Metoprolol 100mg. On October 2009, I was in the hospital with severe chest pain, and they did another cardiac catheterization which turned out to be fine because they put me on a stronger nitroglycerin. I was in the hospital in 2010 and 2011 for severe pain in my chest, neck and jaw, but the doctors won't do anything to help me. My new cardiologist wanted to put me on Prilosec, so I just humored him, realizing that he wasn't going to help either.
Kathleen Fay, Spring Hill, Florida, USA, May 3, 2012

• My doctors at Duke advised since meds had not worked for my MB, surgery would be required and she would have their surgeons check my cath films. They advised I should try one more med before undergoing open heart bypass. I was put on a combo of drugs, the last being a drug called "Bystolic". Thank God it worked for me. If I'm really stressed,I still have an occasional angina. But they advised I would and to take the small nitro before doing anything strenuous like treadmill, etc. I'm already on 30 mg of nitro daily as a maintenance drug. It is heart breaking to feel so ill and doctors not understanding the concerns a person feels. Hang in there and no YOU'RE NOT CRAZY!! Like others on this forum, find a new doctor who understands the MB. And as my Duke doctors advised, you'll have to find a new normal. God Bless!
Chap C, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA, April 20, 2012

Chap C, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA, December 11, 2011 -- I just wanted to ask for your status as I am seeing Dr. at Duke also. Did you have a surgery? Are you better now?
VVM of NC, North Carolina, USA, April 17, 2012

• hallo!! I am 25 years old and I'm from Greece..i have some chest pains since 15 years old but those pains were not serious..i had also a small difficulty in my health got worse 4 months ago in November when i hade suddenly a very strong and fast tachycardia which made my breathing problems and my chest pains got worse!!! for 2 weeks i was in bed and i didn't feel well!! in February i had also a burning in my chest!!!! this burn made my chest pains worse and a strong pain in my arm, jaw, shoulder and a little in my back...i have a short breathing tachycardia and a gurgling in my chest..all my tests were well..i had an echo which showed a little failure in the mitral valve and in an other valve, several cardiograms and a stress test which was positive because i couldn't breath!!! all my cardiologists said that my heart has no problem but i don't believe this!! my last doctor said me that i have probably a myocardial bridge in Greece there is no treatment..can you help me please?? thank you very much
Areti, CARDIOLOGISTS, Greece, April 13, 2012

• Hi, I am a 76 yr male with an LAD bridge, diagnosed about 10 years ago, and have had 4 ablations for AFIB (last one 9 mo ago and am in sinus) When I exert myself, or change vertical position quickly my BP drops and I get lightheaded, w/no chest pain. Stress test also shows drop in BP. But, I can get on my bike on flat ground and for 5 - 10 miles w/o a problem. Cardiologist thinks I am getting supplemental venous pumping from legs. My electrophysiologist (from Boston Beth Israel) thinks that there may be an elect component and that a dual pacemaker might help, since he feels that my heart rate has been slowing. Currently am on metoprolol.
Tommy, Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA, April 13, 2012

• Hi Sue, read your post and wanted you to know that I can relate with you on the "stress" factors and insomnia causing symptoms. I have a MB in my distal LAD diagnosed by CT angiogram last year. I also wake up hot most mornings which is unlike me. I am 55 and female and just assumed it could be hormone but I am on hormone replacement MB. I also get upper back pressure and sometimes both of my arms will feel heavy and feel like they have blood pressure cuffs on them that have been pumped up too tight. The arms feel more like a tightness/pressure than an ache (if that makes any sense). Just didn't know if anyone else had the upper back pressure between the shoulder blades and bilateral arm heaviness that comes and goes? My cardiologist says that it is not MB related but is related to my GERD. I am being made to feel that my symptoms are related to either my GERD or anxiety. I know that I am not imagining my symptoms. Does anyone else out there experience this?
Denise, USA, April 8, 2012

• I am Robert and I last posted on 12/26/11. I am a 52 year old male with frequent chest pain. I have undergone 3 angiograms. I have a 3.4 cm MB of the mid-segment of the LAD. I also have a small coronary artery fistula off the conus branch of the right coronary artery, but my arteries are otherwise clear. An IVUS procedure at UCLA showed my LAD is narrow and affected by the bridge. I have developed exertion related ischemia and can no longer exercise. Nitro aggravates the symptoms. My heart beats have become more irregular and bigeminy is now common. I have undergone a variety of medications and am currently on Metoprolol and Ranexa for my symptoms of chest pain and palpitations. I am now seeing a well renowned cardiologist at Cedars who is discussing placing a long stent in my LAD to remedy the persistent symptoms. I would greatly appreciate any comments or recommendations.
Robert, Los Angeles, California, USA, March 31, 2012

• Hello all, my name is Kevin and I'm 45. I am currently recovering from LAD deroofing surgery at Mayo in Minnesota. Like many of you I was heading downhill like a snowball headed for hell with chest pain. Dr. Leslee Cooper and Dr. Soon Park diagnosed the bridge and repaired it all within 60 days. Yeah the surgery sucks but day 2 in the hospital I could do two full laps around the halls without stopping or pain. Before the surgery I was almost down to a wheelchair. They did have to do a bypass to the area though do to damage to the LAD from the constriction. One thing I find interesting is I read many of you take nitro for the made mine significantly worse. Good luck to you all.
kevin w, Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, March 20, 2012

• I am also MB patient. I got treatment in Yashodha hospital. My Dr. Pramod Kumar.
Gandrath Santhosh, Adilabad, India, March 14, 2012

• Hi I posted a couple of days ago, I am Sue from Australia, diagnosed with Myocardial Bridging 10 months ago. My symptoms recently worsened, and I have just come back from seeing a cardiologist. She recommended that I cease taking B group vitamins, ( which I didn't know I should do). She also said to keep up what ever walking I can do, just to my pace and not to give it up. She also said to try to stay as calm as possible, she believed that my symptoms of lethargy, heart constrictions and pain are directly related to being in the amount of stress I am facing. I would like to know and hear from anyone, if this is a common diagnosis and importantly, if people out there have reduced their level of stress and are still experiencing symptoms. Please post a reply as this would be very helpful.
Sue, Sydney Australia, March 13, 2012

• To all posters -- check out our Editor's Blog entry from yesterday. It profiles a patient from this Forum Topic who found help and successful treatment for her myocardial bridging at Women's Heart Health at Stanford Medical Center in California. The article emphasizes the importance of patients being able to share their stories. See "Myocardial Bridging: Heart Patients and Social Networking".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 13, 2012

• Hi I am a 55 year old woman who was diagnosed with myocardial bridge of LAD 10 months ago. I have been pretty healthy without pain (except when I didn't sleep, and then I would have instant pain) up until three weeks ago, when I took on too much at work, had some sleepless nights and now I am in constant pain. I have very little energy, and would like to know what medication I can take to relieve the pain and give me more energy. I also wake up a lot feeling hot. Hoping someone can help.
Sue, Sydney, Australia, March 12, 2012

• So grateful to read what you've all written. For the past few years I've had an increasing difficulty with sleep, extreme fatigue, dizziness; thinking I was going crazy, thinking it was "in my head". Two days ago a cath showed MB, and the docs said it was most likely no problem. That's good to hear, but it is a problem, and at least now I have some idea of what it is. Thanks for putting all this information out; it has helped my mental state considerably!
Doug, New York, New York, USA, March 2, 2012

• I am a 58 year old home health RN, that was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe systolic myocardial bridging of the LAD. I have had chest discomfort and GERD for quite a while. They did a cath a few years ago and sent me home with a heart rate of 133 and told to come back if it didn't go down. Normal heart rate 60-70's. I had my gall bladder out in Dec of 2010 and then seemed to start spiraling out of control. Tired all the time..increased heart rate...sudden onset of SOB and chest discomfort. It seems to be getting a lot worse. I can't walk far and have had episodes in patients' homes. They started me on aspirin, Norvasc (small dose, as I don't have hypertension), and nitro with the chest pain. Please give me some advice....I will have to quit work if I don't find an answer. Work is very stressful, and the chest discomfort has become daily. THANKS FOR THIS SITE.
KarenK, Texas, USA, February 19, 2012

I last posted May 2011. I'm a female 41y.o. I was having severe MB symptoms. The constant, unrelenting, daily episodes of chest/back tightness, pressure and chest pain were taking it's toll. I could no longer walk much, go to the store or exercise without pain or symptoms. My Cardiologist at Stanford (Dr. Jennifer Tremmel) ran additional specialized diagnostic testing and it was determined that the MB was causing my problems. I was referred to Stanford CT surgeon Dr. Michael Fischbein and had surgery on 11/30/11. My MB was un-roofed. Dr. Fischbein is an EXCELLENT surgeon and person. Superb bedside manner and highly skilled. I feel so much better! The constant episodes of chest & back tightness & pressure are gone. I can run errands with no cardiac setbacks. I can sleep on my back again. The doctors & staff are amazing. I was recently featured on a Stanford video interview. You can Google "Reyna Robles Stanford Women's Heart Health" and see a video/article on my story. I post this because I want to help others suffering with MB symptoms. I was in your shoes. Prior to surgery, it was a very difficult time for me. Thank goodness my cardiologist recognized the problem & helped me.
Swissdots, San Jose, California, USA, January 28, 2012

• More on Schnittger/Robbins option - thought i would add a little more on what brought us to Stanford/surgical option: husband had been symptomatic since 2004 with heart attack visits to the ER then diagnosed as panic attacks - recently April 2011 distinct pressure, shooting pains, inability to run/walk, dizzy spells when at rest and generally inability to interact with our children and life without anxiety. Work was suffering. Pre-Stanford went to a local hospital norcal for diagnosis [stress tests/ultrasounds etc] next step was angio. Decided if anything was going into the heart it would be at centre of medical excellence -- chose Stanford based on family history. Husband was irritated as all tests had to be redone and interpreted onsite at Stanford. Glad they were.. A week later in follow-up it was postulated a myocardial bridge was causing his symptoms. This prelim diagnosis can only recently be made using newer technology and highly specialized interpretation...we were very lucky to have landed in a place that could spot potentially the issue. Ingella Schnittger explained the situation clearly and succinctly - plus the modes of available address [will continue in next post].
Jennifer, Lafayette, California, USA, January 20, 2012

• Michele -- would be glad to speak to you i am sure. In the meantime, I can explain the overall process and the expectation. It will add depend on your personal health profile, age, ability, current fitness etc. Robbins is the best of the best. He's top 10 in the nation and i would not change it or deviate. Schnittger is the most amazing and their support team; Sophia Loo is fantastic. Unroofing is a surgery that is most complicated only based on the entry point; through the sternum. They go in; open the cavity; gently expose the heart via cutting away the protective sack; and slowly cut back the overlapped muscle thereby exposing the artery. Jim's was 32 cm; not sure about yours. Although during your touchbase with Schnittger and Robbins they will explain all of the worst case scenarios [which they must do given the nature of the surgery] i.e. 'if we nick an artery we will go to bypass etc...' my confidence in Robbins is off the charts. this was not necessary in our case; ours was very simple. The recovery, however, and the nature of men make Jim's recovery a little more challenging. He's having a hard time with the immediate increase of energy and remembering to listen to precaution
jennifer, Lafayette, California, USA, January 19, 2012

Just an update. Had a small stroke after Christmas (2012) Haven't been able to drive. Hope time passes soon so I can drive. Had another echo I decided not to get the results. My Dr. is still using me as a case study. He will be somewhere in Chicago. Even asked me to go, but decided travel by air might NOT be so good. I also had my 53 birthday. That was a great mile stone. m For the people who have had this DE-ROOFING procedure, I can't much resources out there. My Dr. said since the entire lad is covered by my MB my results could cost me my life on the table. He also thinks this procedure is for people who have less bridge and more lad exposed. Congrats to the ones that have this one done. MY prayers are always there with each person on this web site.
Denise, SouthEast Texas, USA, January 18, 2012

• Hi Jennifer, I was wondering if your husband would be willing to talk with me. I am meeting with Dr. Robbins on Feb. 6th, and have a lot of questions. I would just love to get some realistic insight on what to expect with the de-roofing procedure, and also what his symptoms were like leading up to his diagnosis. Please let me know if this would be an option, e-mail** would be fine too. Thanks, Michele. [** Ed. note: We do not publicly publish e-mails of posters, in order to protect their privacy; however, as a service in select cases, Angioplasty.Org will forward these email queries privately to their intended recipient.]
Michele C, Aptos, California, USA, January 16, 2012

• After several visits to the ER, finally had a Cath that revealed my MB. I just turned 40 and have been an athlete my entire life. My Cardiologist told me mine was not bad and nothing that needed to be addressed and that my heart and arteries were 100% clear and he wished he saw my heart conditions in all the caths he performed. Well, it's been 2 months since my catch and my pains have been apparent almost daily. Chest pains, left arm pains, tingling in the left cheek, and the past few days have had the last 2 fingers of my left hand go numb on a few occasions. I still work out and don't ever seem to get short of breath, but starting to question the cavalier approach of, don't pay attention to it. After reading all of the posts there are a lot of you who have way more symptoms than me, but I am glad I found this forum. I wish you all good Heath and will be checking in to keep up with my new found issue. I am going to make a consult appointment to get a better understanding of the exact details of my MB.
Jay M, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, January 15, 2012

• Hello All; want to chime in on the Ingela Schnittger / Stanford study. My husband just emerged from the unroofing procedure with Schnittger/Robbins at Stanford 12.15 2011. His myocardial bridge was 32 cm; significant - he is 40. His improvement and quality of life has been immediately better; his color - once grey/ashen is now pink and rosy. No lie, it's not a fun surgery and the double whammy is the juxtaposition of having increased energy and feeling great while needing to manage and pay attention to sternal precautions for the surgery. Would not change our decision to undertake this invasive but definitely therapeutic surgery - each person should weigh the options, but for us, it was a great option and decision.
Jennifer, Northern California, USA, January 14, 2012

• Hi, My name is Silvia and was diagnosed with myocardial bridging 2 years ago after several years of chest pain episodes and several cardiologists. Finally this last episode my new cardiologist requested that I have another cardiac cath and the new interventionist was the one that discovered my issue. They both told me that I could be treated with medication and no need for other procedures. I have been on a beta blocker since and have not had an episode since.
Silvia, Miami, Florida, USA, January 12, 2012

• Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Ingella Schnittger a cardiologist at Stanford, actually runs a Myocardial Bridge clinic at the hospital in Palo Alto. She and another Fellow Dr. Shin Lim actually are running a study on myocardial bridging and what the best treatment options are. I am actually in queue for the de-roofing surgery, which is terrifying to me, but so is continuing on how i have been feeling. Does anyone else have orthopnea? (can't sleep flat without getting short of breath and feeling like there is a bag over my head) and chest pain daily. I too was told that I was probably just having a panic attack when I went to the ER previously. Anyway now I feel like I am in competent hands. I will post again after the surgery.
MC, Aptos, California, USA, January 10, 2012

• Tracy from Belleville -- We understand your frustration. You've posted this story a couple of times in the past. It seems that a number of patients posting to this Forum Topic have had somewhat similar instances, where they had a problem but the cause couldn't be found so their complaints were dismissed as being "in their head." That is, until they found a cardiologist who diagnosed the myocardial bridge. As for treatment, read through this topic. Some patients have found hospital centers that understand this issue and can treat it. One in particular that may be of interest is Cindy in Illinois who posted on February 2, 2008. She recommended a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Ralph James Damiano of Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, a location which looks to be relatively close to you. Do any patients out there have other recommendations for Tracy??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 8, 2012

• In was rushed to the hospital in October of 2010 with severe chest pressure and pain behind my left shoulder blade, four days later I was released and told there was nothing wrong with me, this was after a stress test, chest x-ray and a cardio cath was done. A week later I was rushed back again with the same problem, except this time the pain moved into my jaw. The hospital bought in the same doctor that seen me the first time, because I never had any heart problems before so I never needed one. The next day his partner came in and told not to come to the hospital for the chest pain again because his partner told me nothing was wrong. That made me so mad there had to give me shots to calm me down. Well little to say I i am am now seeing another doctor who after reviewing the cardio cath cd advised me I had MB, he showed me the artery that was having the spasms and does not know how it was missed. He finally had my medications regulated for 6 months until the Friday before Christmas this year 12/23/11. I was rushed from work to the hospital with severe pain in the chest and back. Well if anyone has a clue how to help me please HELP me, can' t keep living this way.
Desperately seeking Tracy, Belleville, Illinois, USA, January 8, 2012

• Hello everyone...I am a 29 year old woman dealing with the same concerns as you all. First and foremost i would like to say that chest pain is serious! It is a sign your heart is telling you something is wrong so please, do not ignore it!! And for those of you whose doctors act like nothing is wrong...see another doctor! About 6 months ago i was having numbness in my left arm and aching pains in my chest. I drove myself to the ER and after an EKG and ultrasound, i was told nothing was wrong. Then my blood work came back and there were high levels of Troponin, which is an enzyme your heart releases during a heart attack. I was admitted and seen by a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Kurian. He is awesome by the way. He did a heart cath on me and found my myocardial bridge. He put me on some aspirin, Simvastatin, metoprolol, isosorbide and a nitroglycerin for future pain. Xmas eve of 2011 I was back at the ER with massive chest pains. The nitro did not help and I was given the option: stent or bypass. I went with the stent and I'm praying it works. I'm still having some waves of pain but I'm just hoping its part of the healing process. Good luck to all, much love n prayers
Michelle Ai, Flagler Beach, Florida, USA, January 3, 2012

• Don't you know we are all crazy there is nothing wrong with us. At least that is what a doctor told me at a Memorial Hospital. He told me not to come to the emergency room when I have those chest pains that his partner already told me there is nothing wrong with me. I have been dealing with this for four years now , I am now 50 years old. I was rushed to the hospital from work on 12/23/11 and was discharged in the evening of Christmas. The cardiologist that diagnosed me with MB stated he could not believe the doctor at Memorial missed the bridging artery. Even as I type I still have constant pressure in my chest. Here is the meds I'm taking: Amitriptyline, 1asprin, diltiazem 240 mg 2xs a day, furosemide, imdur, lipitor, nitrostat as needed , potassium, and ranexa 500 mg 2xs daily. I can't walk a lot like I use to or even enjoy shopping like I use to. There has to be something out there that can help us. I have also experienced the vibration feeling thought I was going crazy.
One of us, Belleville, Illinois, USA, January 2, 2012

• I am a 51 year old male. I was very active throughout my life, don't smoke or drink, but I have a demanding job. I developed daily chest pain over a year ago. An echocardiogram revealed ischemia in the distal wall. I had an angiogram. No arterial lining, but a small coronary artery fistula was detected coming off the conus branch of my RCA and my Ejection Fraction was 50%. I was placed on 400 mg Labetalol. A follow up CTA revealed a 3.4 cm MB in the midsegment of my LAD. An IVUS procedure was conducted and the bridge was found to be a tortuous 3 mm diameter vessel which compressed during heart function. Nitro was introduced during the procedure. The bridge reacted and extreme chest pain set in which radiated to my jaw and left shoulder. The heart pain lasted hours after the procedure. The specialist opined my heart is simply growing tired which is why the symptoms waited until now to surface. Daily chest pain continues and precludes exercise or many normal activities. My cardiologist is a great man, but he has never encountered this. I am being referred to another medical facility for evaluation. We are looking for experience and advice.
Robert, Los Angeles, California, USA, December 26, 2011

• I'm a 48 year old female that was diagnosed Feb. of this year. I've have attacks for several years but thought it had something to do with my back spasms. I always would get really sweaty and nauseous and I blamed that on hot flashes. I now know different. I was hospitalized last December from inflammation of the heart and that made the attacks worse. They have tried different meds all year to control the attaches but it's not working. When I went to ER, they did blood work, advised it couldn't be my heart. If I hadn't insisted something wasn't right and request they do the cath, I would have probably feel out somewhere by now. Local doctors didn't seem too concerned despite I was active before but now am stuck inside most of the time since. If I stay down, it's not so bad. But just as soon as I start running errands, get on the treadmill, it's bad again. Have seen Heart Dr. at Duke and printed records indicate a surgery may be required. A bypass was mentioned but I won't know for sure until they see the heart cath films. Has anyone else had surgeries and if so, what kind of surgery. A open heart bypass seems extreme and scary but I'm sick of not living normally. Any suggestions???
Chap C, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA, December 11, 2011

• Hello, I am looking for anyone who has undergone a deroofing procedure for a myocardial bridge of the LAD. I have been recently diagnosed with 2 bridges in my LAD mid and distal. It was not seen on my first angiogram done 4 years ago, but this time I had it with dobutamine and Intravascular ultrasound and the double bridge was confirmed. I have had worsening chest pains over the last 4 years, shortness of breath, chest pressure, like someone squeezing my chest, fatigue, visible wall motion abnormalities on echo, and within the last few months can't sleep flat without SOB and pain. I also wheeze all of the time, I have been on atenolol for 3 years, which helped initially, but now I am pretty miserable all of the time. I am a 45 yr old female,mother of two young children, never smoked, not overweight, used to exercise regularly, and low cholesterol always. The cardiologists I am seeing now at Stanford have said that the deroofing procedure should be considered, however they have only done about 3-4 of these surgeries, so I am super scared of how I feel AND of the surgical option. Any advise, similar situations, or guidance greatly appreciated.
MC, Aptos, California, USA, November 20, 2011

• I'm 28 y.o mother of 1. I had my first anginal attack when I was 6 y.o. Thus after had regular visit to cardiologist going through all the testing every two for the DR. to tell me everything is neg. maybe we will find out more as you get older and would prescribe an anti-acid and send me on my way. Well when I was 25 I was to go again for regular check up, but I didn't go. A couple months later I went from a healthy athletic lady to not being able to climb a flight of stairs, standing up without fainting, walk a few step without SOB, angina at rest, falling asleep only to wake up shortly after with my heart and carotid artery feeling as if it was going to come out of my body. Finally got a good cardiologist b/c now I have a name for all of this. So the DR. put me on the lowest dose of beta-blockers due to my already low BP, told me I would live a normal life but no more kids. I had been symptom free for two years. I will be 29 in a couple weeks and about 5 weeks ago it returned, I never expected it to return. My attacks are much worse than before, I'm so sad and mad. I plan to ride this one out alone this time no family or friends.
Elise, Michigan currently in Dallas, Texas, USA, November 16, 2011

• I started [on] this board 8 years ago. I checked often but no one had this especially women. I have now out lived my time limit of 50 years old. Every day that goes by is a blessing. I have read every commit and found mostly. Males. According to my Dr women die in childbirth but I made it through 3 births, 22 surges , and lot more. This week. I had a mini stroke. I would like to know what other problems That they have other signs symptoms. Thank you for All your support
Denise, South East Texas, November 12, 2011

• I was diagnosed with MB lad in 97 I couldn't find much about it. Severe neck pains and angina at rest. I also had chest pains at about 15 years old in 1965 which was diagnosed as "growing pains" I have now developed Atrial Fib and wonder if it is associated with Myocardial Bridging? Also tonight for the first time I read about someone else have the vibrations sensation. Mine is intense enough that it has fooled me into taking my Cell Phone out of my shirt pocket. My current treatment is to ignore the angina (mines not severe) take Amiodarone and Metoprolol for the AF and aspirin. I would like to know If ANYONE else has the VIBRATION Sensations and if so what is the diagnosis? I am now 61 years old and have lived with this my whole life.
Kenneth A., Oklahoma, USA, November 2, 2011

• So very glad to find a forum that discusses MB! Would love to hear from others that have had the surgery that Bill details. (Bill - I've called doctor Crestanello's office and have asked for a referral to a doctor here in Texas. Anxiously waiting for his office to call me back!) Have been symptomatic for WAY to long. On many different meds, and no relief. Have gone to 3 different cardiologists, and 1 cardiovascular surgeon. Of course, I've gotten very different opinions however; surgery was recommended by 2. Just trying to match up with a surgeon here in Texas that has experience with the procedure. Stenting is not an option in my mind. Everything I've read about stenting a MB is negative, and I view it as a temporary fix, so I continue on my journey to find the right surgeon for the procedure! Good health to all in this forum struggling with MB.
K. Kassaw, Lufkin, Texas, USA, October 31, 2011

• Has anyone found real solutions to their Myocardial Bridge problems? How is everyone doing and coping with this since their last post? I was just curious. I know a few that have had surgery and seem to be doing better. Still looking for answers on symptoms of upper back tightness, feeling like a lump in throat and unexplained accelerations in blood pressure/hot flushes when things get at their worst. Hope to hear back from more MB patients.
Abelgd, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, October 22, 2011

• Dear MBLAD Patients, I started this site along time ago to get see if there were others out there. Thank God there is. I am 52 now. I have had many of the heart cath procedures and ended up in ICU for 3-6 days. Most of them completely out of it My family was around me 24 hrs a day until I woke up. Some very bad things happened during this time. The last 3-d echo I had showed definitely dying of the left ventricle (SInce you definitely need collateral vessels to feed the back of the left ventricle -- by the way I have not made any) My Dr. has let me more or less do my pills as I my body feels. Stress has about 75% of the pain that you feel, especially when the ekg doesn't show anything. Then the blood work comes back PRETTY NORMAL.Only after see the original HC does anyone believe that this is real. Always carry a DVD of your medical records, just incase you are away from home. I am not able to drive because chest pain is getting progressively worse, resting and trying to stay unstressed seems to help. I know of a few people whom have had surgery. They never made off the table. Please choose wisely. THERE is no DR. THAT IS GOD!!!! Take one day at a time. Enjoy that DAY
Denise Sheppard, Orangefield, Texas, USA, October 18, 2011

• At Age 37, had a mild heart attack due to MCB (in 1999). I was a full time Firefighter and noticed shortness of breath for a couple of years when at high exertion levels (firefighting). In 1999, had major back pain, which turned into chest pain (MI). I was treated with beta blockers, statin, aspirin and ace inhibitor. Now off all meds because of major fatigue and lethargy. Now taking aspirin (81 mg) and Welchol. Also battling sleep apnea since about age 30 (underwent UPPP, deviated septum reconstruction). Presently, age 49, hiking 4 miles,about 4 x's per wk. No major symptoms other than tiredness (most likely from sleep apnea) and dyspnea at high heart rates. Get heart scans as prescribed by your Dr.: calcium scoring, echo cardiogram, stress ecg or ecg, angiography, radiographs, etc, to properly evaluate exactly your condition. Exercise and cut down on all animal products. Ask your Dr. about statins and take if no side affects, as prescribed.
Roger, Northern California, USA, October 9, 2011

• [I am adding to my previous post.] I am a 37yo. male diagnosed with Branching of LAD after Acute Myocardial Infarction, Subendocardial Infarction August 13, 2011. My family has a significant cardiac history with problems around 48yo. Father had quadruple by-pass at 50yo. I have been told that I was born with this condition and not to worry but to live my life. I have taken Nitro on a couple different occasions and have shortness of breathe and tightness in my chest daily. This last month I have had pain in my elbow, forearm, left hand, left temple. I am on Metoprolol 50mg, Pravistatin 40mg, Plavix 75mg, Aspirin 325mg. I have been misdiagnosed for over 10 years in the ER's. (Costal Chondritis, Bronchitis, etc...) It's good to find you all! I am unsure as to what I should do for treatment at this point and worried about having another heart attack as I am still recovering from major reconstructive foot surgery and recent heart attack. I am reading about heart attacks and looking into the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic.
David, Frankfort, Indiana, USA, September 30, 2011

• Hello everyone. I am 37yo. male who just had an acute myocardial infarction Aug 13th with significant heart disease in family. I had high blood pressure for the past 5 years or so. I had foot surgery and then the heart attack a few months later. I am on Metoprolol, Pravastatin, Aspirin, & Zocor. I have taken PRN Nitro a couple of times already and still have shortness of breath and intermittent pain in my heart, jaw and heaviness in left forearm. I am still recovering from foot surgery so it is hard to walk. The last time I walked the dog my heart started hurting again. I am scheduled to see the cardiologist in a couple of weeks. I have LAD bridging. When I went into the hospital they could not believe how young I was and only one of my cardiac numbers was up. I received nitro spray sublingual and the pain subsided a bit. I had a patch on while in the hospital for 3 days. The Doctors want to do a stress test next year when my foot has healed but I can't see doing that when it bothers me daily. I use to get winded just walking up our stairs, now I just crutch around. I cannot handle much stress and will have to quit Nursing b/c of my foot and the heart condition. I'm glad I found you.
David, Frankfort, Indiana, USA, September 24, 2011

• I had a H/A in April 67yoa. I was diagnosed with "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with bridging". I am on 2 Lisinopril-HZTc 20/25 mg,daily: Plavix 75mg,daily;Metoprolol Tartrate25mg,daily;Cartia 240 mg,daily: Vit. D 50,00 units 3 X a week, Ranexa 500 two times a day; Clonazepam 1 mg,daily; Simvastatin 40 mg,every day, Bayer low dose aspirin every day. Had Echocardiogram and carotid doppler and EKG this week. Saw my cardiologist today and he said my heart was getting stronger. Medicines, a good Dr. and most of all prayers make a difference. Sure I am tired but if that is my only complaint. I will be very happy. I had 2 friends who had great checkups only to die suddenly of massive h/a. So each day I am alive is a good day.
BHBS, Indiana, USA, September 16, 2011

• Hello-I just realized I never posted a follow up. First lesson is always get a second opinion. My bridge exists but is NOT deep and not causing ischemia. My tests were read wrong. Cleveland Clinic has seen 1000's of these. My left arm shoulder pain more than likely musculo skeletal and I can go back to living my life. It was expensive, but less so than open heart surgery would have been.
Laura C, Richmond, Virginia, USA, September 15, 2011

Hi Swissdots. I read your post to Melinda about the myocardial bridge. I too have one same left arm pain chest tightness. All of it. I too am seeing a cardiologist at Stanford and had my cath done two weeks ago. Have they found a solution for yours? They are now telling me that surgery is the only option. I would love to talk to you more. Please feel free to reach out as I did the same. Hope all is well.
D., USA, September 13, 2011

• 3 years since diagnosed another 6 mo checkup to rubber stamp meds .. still taking same meds occasionally skipping or missing one reducing saturation. i can tell if i skip too much by the pain in my left arm just below the wrist .. i have the nitro patch and pills available if the pain hits hard but have avoided using to make sure i don't get a tolerance that i have been warned about. cholesterol good one is low at 33, bad one is high at about 140 if i remember right, started 10 mg dose of pravastatin for 3 mo to see if it lowers the high cholesterol. cardiologist mentioned on the sept 7th that my bridge was cutting off 50 % of the blood flow when he did the test 3 years ago . he had in intern following him for the last 6 mo and I'm sure is discussing my case with her since i saw her at my last visit also .. he also mentioned the treatment of open heart surgery but still not in any great detail. I'm sure he's still perplexed with dealing with this type of condition seeing only 3 or 4 ,also thought he said something about one of his teachers saying there would never be ischemia from a bridge, but this was the worst bridge he has seen and that just proved his old professor wrong.
Steve Redwing, lad bridge patient, Watertown, South Dakota, USA, September 10, 2011

• I was diagnosed with MB in 2006. Shortness of breath,heart flutter and chest pains. Put on Atenolol. Overall this worked and I have only minor symptoms periodically. I do a CAT stress test each year to assure good flow. I have no limitations on activity as I swim and run. However, no one told me that Atenolol can raise blood glucose. I noticed my BG was over 100 for several years and recently started having diabetic symptoms ( neuropathy,skin issues).HBA1C is now 6.1 and squarely in the pre diabetic range. I have switched to Coreg but am now on Metformin,strict diet and exercise in effort to reverse. I am not your typical Type 2 diabetic as I was not overweight etc. Be very careful if on Atenolol. Most Cardiologists or GP docs do not even realize this or do not consider a low 100 BG an issue. But over time it can cause damage and diabetes. There are other choices. I am seeing an Endo in a couple of weeks. As always you are ultimately responsible for your own health and you need to ask lots of questions. I didn't until this started to cause new issues unrelated to my MB.
suggnek, Simi Valley, California, USA, July 28, 2011

• I am a 44 yo male that was diagnosed with a myocardial bridge exactly 2 yrs ago. I exercised 5 days a week (3 running and 2 of high intensity swimming) then one day I couldn't go up a flight of stairs without shortness of breath (dyspnea). I tried ignoring it and then thought it was anemia. Saw a few docs and wound up getting an angiogram where I had no blockages but was diagnosed with MB. I was put on Verapamil and have gotten back to exercising though not quite as intense. I swim and play tennis. I have only had 2 instances where I experienced shortness of breath and that was from going to hard on a workout. Learned my lesson and I manage it.
Becks, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, July 22, 2011

• I am 49, will be 50 in December. I have been going to the hospital for the last year. I was even told by one Cardiologist he told me there was nothing wrong with my heart and not to come to the hospital when I have chest pains. I have since visited an new doctor at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO. he is the one that told me that I had MB. I suffer every day with pain, that feels like someone is sitting on my chest and it goes into my upper back. I am on Isosorb 120mg, i aspirin, 1000mg fish oil 2xs, Diltiazem 240 mg, and Simvastatin20mg and of course Nitro as needed which is about 3 a day. I am in desperate need of a fix, something that will stop this pain. I use to be very active and have now put on a lot of wait.
TJ, Belleville, Illinois, USA, July 19, 2011

• I am having rotator cuff surgery next week. The drs really frightened me when they canceled the surgery at an outpatient surgical center and scheduled me at the hospital. Stated that I am a high risk pt due to the symptomatic myocardial bridge. I am doing better with taking Ranexa. Anyone have any information about symptomatic MB and anesthesia? My rotator cuff is in dire need of repair.
Donna, Georgia, USA, July 17, 2011

• My husband (43 yrs) had severe headaches and neck pain for the last couple of years. He recently had chest discomfort and was admitted for angiogram. Angiogram revealed he has 30% stenosis in one of the vessels and mid segment myocardial bridging around systolic compression of about 80%. Cardiologist has advised medication, rest for 1 week and meditation as a way forward will less stressful work to avoid headaches. To all patients having this condition, my husband wishes a speedy recovery. Pl share your views on the lifestyle to be adopted to manage this condition.
Sheetal, India, July 12, 2011

• Does anyone have any information about bridging in the left circumflex artery? I haven't found much info anywhere.
Mary j, Hartford, Wisconsin, USA, May 26, 2011

• Since my last post, I have seen the cardiothoracic surgeon following 2 other cardiologists. I was scheduled for open heart surgery. I did have the open heart surgery (CABG) with a single vessel bypass performed on my LAD, using the LIMA (Left Internal Mammary Artery) for the graft. In addition to the single vessel bypass, Dr. Crestanello performed an "unroofing" procedure as well. This involves actually cutting the myocardium in hope of reaching the affected artery, releasing the bridge. Dr. Crestanello told me that my bridge was the largest one he has ever seen or read about. My bridge was just over 4cm in length and 1cm deep into the myocardium. My surgery was done at Ohio State University Medical Center Ross Heart Hospital in Columbus, Ohio by Dr. Juan Crestanello. The entire staff at this place was incredible! Surgery was on 05/16/2011 at 7am and I was discharged home on 05/19/2011 at 2pm! My recovery has been awesome compared to most, but I am 40 years old with no other health problems. My symptoms have all disappeared since the surgery as well! I would highly recommend calling OSU Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio if you live close enough! So glad I had this fixed!
Bill Mulholland, Harrod, Ohio, USA, May 21, 2011

• was diagnosed with a bridge in left circumflex artery, and put on beta blockers. cannot find much info on bridging in that artery
Mary p j, Hartford, Wisconsin, USA, May 17, 2011

• TO: MELINDA, JENA, LOUISIANA, USA -- Dear Melinda, I have been checking the forum frequently hoping you'd reply. I would really like to communicate with you as I had a challenge cath @ Stanford last week. I would like to know if the Bridge is causing my pain so I can treat it. I have daily chest tightness and left arm symptoms and chest pain. I used to be so active and now I am afraid to exercise. Please email me if you can via this Forum's private email relay. I have my follow up visit next week and I plan on asking my cardiologist how I can know if the bridge is the issue. I also have endothelial dysfunction. My intuition says its the bridge. Please, if possible get in touch with me. I would be most grateful.
SwissDots, Northern California, USA, May 5, 2011

To swissdots in northern California -- the mayo clinic did a vasospasm study it is a 1hr and 45 min heart cath! I am still doing good and have not had any more chest pain! The only med I am taking now is one verapamil!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, May 5, 2011

• As I read through most of the postings, I find that most are under 50 and usually without any previous cardiac problems. That's interesting and those of us just diagnosed with MB are looking on the web for SOMETHING!I have had 3 open heart surgeries replacing aortic valve and at each surgery....something seems to come up...aneurysm, septal defect, MI, kidney failure. As imagined, I've had MANY TESTS. I've NEVER been diagnosed with MB. The last few years (yes, close to my 50th birthday) had felt lousy. Pretty much all the symptoms everyone else is stating including frustration, anxiety, frightened, and believe I'm going crazy. Most doctors let MB roll off their tongues and no one especially because young, and try not to feel sorry for myself, that they think the pain is all in your head and that it can't be due to MB. Except, I never had it before (not at birth as they claim). The cardiologist that diagnosed this with cath was baffled since it was on right side and other arteries tried to map out different route. Also, said the artery that I had stented looked as if it was crinked and moved from last surgery. I want my doctors to read this site and let them walk in ours...
Marijo, Monterey, California, USA, April 26, 2011

Tony Clark...thanks for the post. Now I see a chance of having my prior life. I was diagnosed with MB in 2006 at 40 after many skeptical doctors and tests. Been on beta-blockers and nitro since. I've learned to live with it (Chest pains and feeling like you're gonna die) since I'm not convinced surgery is the answer. I make sure I get plenty of rest and avoid stress. I miss my basketball habit and I'm always tired from the meds. But this isn't "living" and it sounds like surgery worked for you. If you wouldn't mind passing some of that info on through this post I would appreciate it.
kfh, Los Angeles, California, USA, April 22, 2011

• To: Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, March 20, 2011 What test did they do at Mayo that determined your chest pain was from the Myocardial Bridge and not the spasm? Was it a challenge cath. I am a 41 y.o. female experiencing ongoing chest pain at rest, when stressed, when exercising or active. Had a cath due to chest pain and hospitalization in March. Was referred to Stanford for 2nd opinion. The MD at Stanford saw the CD of my 1st cath and said she may have seen a little Myocardial bridge, but I was not diagnosed with anything I am scheduled for another cath next week and hopefully I'll know more after the 2nd cath. I am in pain, tired & scared. The posts of everyone here are helpful. I've been told the chest pain may be in my head by other doctors who are not familiar with these conditions and due to my age. But the pain is real, concerning and not made up.
Swissdots, Northern California, USA, April 21, 2011

• I have gotten two opinions at this time. The drs at Emory suggest medication to treat my myocardial bridge ischemia (which has such side effects). The drs at Duke state that a myocardial bridge is not the big issue and to stop taking the Ranexa, Toprol and Zocor. Highly frustrated because still not feeling well. Been treated by two very well-respected institutions and their opinions are entirely different. There appears to be very little known about MB and lots of controversy. Feel like giving up! Has anyone else ever felt this frustration?
Donna, Winder, Georgia, USA, April 20, 2011

• I have also been dx with an LAD bridge 4 cm running deep in the muscle and causing ischemia but no MI. Getting paperwork together for 2nd opinion on myotomy. Occas. chest pressure but not bad. Nitrates (imdur, isordil) not usually recommended for bridge. Suggest you get 2nd opinion or 3rd. Not enough research yet on bridges to be definitive on treatment, but the more heads studying it the better. Will post back with 2nd opinion. Good luck!
Laura C., Richmond, Virginia, USA, April 15, 2011

• I am so glad I found this forum. I am a 48 yo female. My history is that I was an avid runner/walker for many years. One day after exercising, I experienced severe chest pain. Admitted to Emory Hosp and dx with a Myocardial Bridge of the LAD. I did not have any blockages or plaque. Taken to the cath lab for a 2nd cath and stenting was felt to be too risky. Presently taking Renaxa, Toprol, Zocor, niacin and aspirin. I still experience chest pain on exertion. It has been 2 months and I am not any better. Can barely walk through my house. So strange since I avidly exercised for 30 years. I am debilitated, exhausted and frustrated. I would appreciate the names of any seasoned drs that is familiar with symptomatic myocardial bridging. Also, any advice is appreciated. Again, still in shock that I functioned fairly normal and simply ran into a brick wall with this MB. I have beaten physical maladies frequently in the past but can't recover from this.
Donna, 48 years old, , Winder, Georgia, USA, April 11, 2011

• Since my initial posting on here, my cardiologist has referred me to another cardiologist at Ohio State University's Ross Heart Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The type of surgery that it would take to correct my myocardial bridge is only offered at 2 facilities in Ohio. I followed up with an Interventional Cardiologist at OSU, but was referred yet again to see a cardiothoracic surgeon who uses the DaVinci Robot to perform bypass surgery. Although we are all hoping for this possibility, the myocardial bridge encompasses nearly 2/3 of my entire LAD. This could prove to not allow the robotic approach to be used for the bypass, which would force me to have a traditional bypass surgery, with possible "detunneling" of the LAD as well. As I said before, being a ICU/CCU Registered Nurse, I believe that I know too much about all of this. I find it very difficult to relax or find peace on a daily basis. I feel as if I were an accident waiting to happen, at least until they get me fixed. My next appointment is on April 19th with the surgeon, so I am hoping and praying for a solution to be offered at that time. I would advise anyone having these issues to be persistent with your doctors!
Bill Mulholland, Harrod, Ohio, USA, April 11, 2011

• It was discovered that I had Myocardial Bridging back in 2007 after my second trip to the ER and the doctor suggested doing a heart catheterization due to family history. The first time I saw a cardiologist I was not taken seriously because of my age, I was in my early 30s and a woman. Only because of them knowing my father's condition with his heart did they take me seriously the second visit at the age of 38. I take a 24 hour release pill (Cardizem)for the angina attacks. I was just released from the hospital and I am now 43 and I still feel as though the doctors do not believe me when I tell them I am in pain especially since the angina seems to hit when I am at rest. They gave me a stress test but nothing showed up because I don't have any blockage. I feel as if I am alone and no one hears me because I don't have "normal" symptoms related to heart disease. I am at a loss as to what to do next. I live in Michigan and I have learned to ignore the pains and they eventually go away and if it last longer than normal I will take a nitro. My fear is that I may learn to ignore the pain so much that I might ignore a heart attack.
Liz, Michigan, USA, March 28, 2011

• Bill Mulholland I would get on mayo clinic web site and talk to them! I was told never let them stent the bridge could crush and cause more damage! I had open heart on feb 21th at mayo and since then I have not had any trouble! I am a 30 year female that was also diagnosed with vasospasm and bridge come to find out Mayo clinic ran test that proved I did not have spasms and bridge was prob! The drs at mayo are great!!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, March 20, 2011

• I just turned 40 years old in February and have been having chest pain off and on for years. Kept putting it off until early this year I developed increased chest pressure and SOB on exertion. Being an RN in CCU/ICU, I knew I needed to get checked out. Following my heart cath, I was told that I have a myocardial bridge in my mid LAD, along with coronary artery vasospasms. It would take 2 stents to correct the problem. I was scheduled for the stents for this morning, but they cancelled the procedure saying that I was "too high of a risk" for stents. Have a follow up appt. today to discuss further options. Imdur and Norvasc have done nothing for me except give me a terrible headache to go along with everything else. My quality of life has decreased to the point that I am not allowed to go to work as an RN for now, or enjoy any hobbies. I'm very frustrated and stressed out about the whole situation. I don't want to face a bypass surgery at 40 years old! I don't know what to do and wish I had some better options and answers....I will be praying for all who have posted on here!
Bill Mulholland, Harrod, Ohio, USA, March 10, 2011

• I am a 30 year old female who suffered 7 months with chest pain, shortness of breath, heart race, and weakness. I was told I had a bridge and was given meds! Nothing seemed to help I went through two heart caths, gallbladder surgery, barium swallow, monomentry, chest X-rays, egd, ten er visits and nothing seemed to help! I finally emailed Mayo Clinic and they have saved my life! I had open heart surgery to free the bridge and while in surgery they found 1/2 hole in my asd in which they repaired! Since surgery I have not had any chest pain or shortness of breath! I am not 100% sure it has fixed everything but so far I am doing good!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, March 3, 2011

• When I was 34, I started having intermittent chest pains, shortness of breath, feelings that I was going to faint or drop dead. I had multiple normal EKGs, borderline BP, holter monitor and was dismissed as maybe having Acid Reflex or a vagal response.When I was 35, my symptoms continued with new symptoms of visible pulses (abdomen, ulnar artery, neck), periods of extreme Bradycardia (nurse thought i was playing tricks on her), very low BP (i.e. 90/45), and a sense of vibrations (10 per pulse) with extra hard beats with my pulse when laying down, as well as gurgling sounds in my head. Now I was dismissed as overly sensitive and told not to worry..At 37 my EKG showed irregularities and they did an angiogram - showing my LAD was 100% closed with every beat due to myocardial bridge. They stuck in 2 stents, put me on plavix, and told me to have a nice day. At 38, was having chest pains and they thought coronary artery spasms so prescribed amlodipine which helped. Now at 39.5 years old, I am having more feelings of faintness, my "vibrations", etc. I'm told to drink more water or its in my head. Any suggestions of what to do besides find another cardiologist?
Mr Walton, Washington State, USA, December 20, 2010

• I am a 30 year old mother of two who was told Aug 2010 that I had a bridge and vasospasm angina! I have chest pain daily, shortness of breath, can't carry my 14 month old daughter across the room without breathing hard, left arm pain, dizzy at times, cold sweat! In the last 5 months I have had heart cath, Eco, gallbladder removed, monometry, egd, barium swallow, nuclear stress test, neck and chest x-rays, colonoscopy, wore a heart monitor, 9 er visits, 4 hospital stays and the only thing they can tell me is I have a bridge and my heart is put of rhythm and heart rate racing!! I have tried beta blockers and ranexa which lower my rate to much so I am on verapamil, levison, aspirin, elavil and I still have symptoms daily!! All drs keep telling me it is not the bridge both it is the only thing they can seem to find all of my gastro test came back normal just wish I could get some answers soon!!
Melinda, Jena, Louisiana, USA, December 17, 2010

• Found out I have a heart bridge. Had chest pain & shortness of breath. Had a angiogram to find out. Dr. said I had nothing wrong with my heart, just don't do anything to raise heart beat. I'm 56 years old. I was on 80 mg of marcardis and went to 40 mg. Heck with it. No more pills for me. Want a second opinion. still feel terrible. See if pills are making me ill.
z06, Cobourg, Canada, November 21, 2010

• I was diagnosed in Feb of 09 with a substantial MB of the LAD. I've been suffering from shortness of breath, heartburn and sweats. I have 2 stents installed "inside" the bridge. The Doctor who did the cath said it was needed because of artery blocked from plaque. I take 10 different pills daily. I was just cathed a month ago. Now I have a aneurysm growing at the Aortic root and a borderline Aortic valve. I also have blockage growing proximal to the bridge. To all patients, get a bypass!!!! Insist on it!!! The meds they give us is a joke. Your quality of life will not be the same. I am taking Ranexa, and its side effects are horrible. No Doctor will perform the bypass because currently the vessel is open, so we I'm suppose to wait till the blockage gets worse, or a heart attack. I don't feel like waiting, but we are at the mercy of a broken health care system. Hard to believe in this day and age that we have such problems like this. I will say again, do not accept a stent, the muscle will only squeeze it shut sooner or later. Get a bypass and live a much happier life. We need to tell these doctors to stop band aid style fixes and permanently repair the problem. Good Luck to all of you!
Paul G., Albany, New York, USA, November 20, 2010

• 61 year old just diagnosed with mb. Have had symptoms for several years. have had a cardiac cath about 5-7 years go and just realized a cardiac cath is only as good as the person performing it. my doctor now found it immediately. Before my recent diagnosis I was even told it was mental!!I will be following up on this post to see if new treatments work. so far i have been told to increase my metoprolol to 50 mg am and pm.
Silvia, Miami, Florida, USA, November 10, 2010

• My 31 year old son just had a hear attack (luckily a mild one), caused by what the cardiologist is calling Myocardial bridging. This was a total shock to all of us having never had any heart problems. We have spent the last 5 days trying to find a Cardiologist who specializes in this and can give us some direction on if he is a candidate for surgery.Can anyone help? We live in Florida but are willing to travel.
Barbara, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, November 9, 2010

• I wrote what I knew about MB last Feb. I have a little more insight after having talked a cardiologist (after my husband had a heart attack 5 days ago and doing fine). What I took away from what he said is that a myocardial bridge is not a problem. However, if it should become blocked one could not have a stent.
Jeri Dennis, Lincoln, Illinois, USA, September 2, 2010

• My brother, 28 years old, recently passed away suddenly on June 22, 2010. He appeared to be a healthy young man with no risk factors whatsoever. Autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a Myocardial Bridge. He had been symptomatic for the past two years, complaining of occasional shortness of breath, chest pain, neck and shoulder pain, nausea, acid reflux, head aches, dark circles around eyes, and fatigue. I wish I would have known about this condition before, so we could have had a chance to do what all of you are doing, which is, fighting for your right to be treated to save your lives. The only good thing about never knowing is that my brother never knew what was coming. Although, it does hurt me to realize that he was sick, but never complained too much. He had a couple of visits to the family doctors who never went past blood tests and chest X-rays, only to declare him a "healthy young man". God bless you all who are actively seeking treatment. I hope you find an answer and that you may find relief of your symptoms.
Grieving, Whittier, California, USA, July 26, 2010

Update: Steve Redwing. 100 mg metoprolol about 9 am and 4 with 10 mg lisinopril about 2 pm and isosorbide 30 mg at night. only using nitro patch on left forearm when pain spikes there and thru bridge. usually when i accidentally skip taking a pill or 2. cardiologist has me scheduled for baseline stress test in august .. since i skipped the first stress test and went strait on the table .energy level is low with all these beta blockers , walking in walmart is a thing of the past. last time i walked around walmart i ended up throwing on a nitro patch. Occasionally get muscle twitching in my eyes due to meds .getting close to 50th and still kicking haven't seen a new post from denise since she mentioned being guinea pig and going into surgery and wrecked her car in 2008.. i haven't seen any updates after that one meds still seem to drop my pressure and raise my pulse rate above 50. isosorbide still seems to be working the best
Steve Redwing, Watertown, South Dakota, USA, July 20, 2010

Rob M from Boston Massachusetts couldn't be more wrong regarding his claim of that MB does not inhibit blood flow to the heart. This clip clearly shows that MB does exactly that. Sorry Rob. I have MB and live a very active life at 46, play tennis, run and Surf,
Rick Fisher, VF Imagewear, California, USA, March 10, 2010

• I am a 64yr old male who has stage 4 rectal cancer. As part of my treatment I was administered continuous fusion 5Fu chemo, and suffered 2 angina attacks shortly afterwards. I was taken off the chemo and a few weeks later had an angiogram which revealed that although my arteries were normal, I had myocardial bridging in my left coronary artery. I now wonder if this was the real cause of my angina, and, also, will it be possible to safely continue with chemo (perhaps a different agent)?
Alan H., New Zealand, February 25, 2010

• Paul -- LAD bridging is one of the more commonly seen instances of myocardial bridging. Any effect depends on a number of things. Your condition is complex, so your cardiologist would be the best person to explain.

And for all posters, here's a peer-reviewed article that might be of interest, in terms of classification of myocardial bridging and the recommended treatment for each class -- it appeared online first in June 2008 in Cardiology and is titled: "Myocardial bridging in absence of coronary artery disease: proposal of a new classification based on clinical-angiographic data and long-term follow-up."
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 27, 2010

• I'm a 51 year male. Ran in 10 years about 45 half marathons and "celebrated" in 2005 with a whole marathon. Than stopped running.When I started my training mid 2009 again, I ran into difficulties of shortage of breath and chest pain. After exertion tests, echo and angiography I had PCI with following result:

  • RCA ostium 40-50% for time being conservative
  • RCA at crux 90% RDP and 90% PLR bifurcation damage,
  • BIOMATRIX 3.0x14 stent. Next kissing balloon 3.0 (PLR) vs 2.5 (RDP)
  • LAD bridging distal, D1 ostial 50-60% for time being conservative
  • D1 middle 99%: after predilatation stented with 2.25mmx24 Endeavour DES.

Who can tell me what the effect of the distal LAD bridging could be? (follow up appointment in April). Thanks for your reply
Paul, The Netherlands, February 25, 2010

• I am so happy to find you all. I've been going crazy as I've been to a few cardiologists since finding my bridge during cath. 1st cardiologist said don't do anything to increase heart rate from now on, no lifting over 7 lbs and take beta blocker and left. Next two dr's said oh it's no big deal, do whatever you want. Who do you trust? Problem is it's getting worse and in last 1 1/2 yrs I've had several incidents of tachycardia, chest pressure, blood pressure suddenly spikes during that time (normally low so I can't take blockers). Progressively getting worse...barely can walk without getting high pulse and pressure in chest. Very scared. Don't agree w/post (and last 2 docs) that it's not dangerous because blood flow is only needed when the heart is at rest (not during compression). We need more research and answers. Not "living" my life anymore. Scared of symptoms and what they represent. Starting to not trust any cardiologist that tells me it's not big deal. I'd like the shoe to be on their foot.
BS, Orlando, Florida, USA, February 19, 2010

• Symptoms of intense chest pain and shortness of breath, which turned out to be acid reflux and an allergy to mold, led to the diagnosis of a myocardial bridge. I am a 67 year old female, historically and presently in very good health. The cardiologist put me on beta blockers to make my heart pump easier. That made the shortness of breath become extremely uncomfortable and lowered my already low blood pressure. My assumption was that I was sinking fast due to my MB. I was changed to nitrates, which helped the breathing only a little so I asked to be taken off all meds realizing it was after starting them that I felt worse. The dr. was fine with that. In 3 days I was much better. To alleviate the shortness of breath, I stay away from mold potential (i.e. peanut butter and cantaloupe), take enzymes for the acid reflux, and take the lowest dose of thyroid. I can't remember feeling better in my life. I believe it is pertinent to watch our diets to keep from clogging that artery and to have a simple exercise routine...this would solve many health problems. I wonder if the bridged artery becomes clogged if it could cause death or a just a heart attack.
Jeri Dennis, Lincoln, Illinois, USA, February 18, 2010

• I am a 49 year old female just diagnosed w/ myocardial bridging of the LAD, and given the same information of being born with it; nothing to worry about, etc... I have been on Atenolol since 2005 dut to SVT. Now, also on Nitro Patch d/t chest pain. I don't have any questions that I would expect an answer to at this time,because it appears most of what I did have have already been asked without any real answers. However, I would ask why the American Heart Association is not addressing this issue? As a long-time nurse, and knowing the A&P of the heart, it appears whether they call it "bridging" "spasms" or other terms, if it causes ischemia, it can lead to an infarction. This problem needs to be seriously investigated and treatment made available. It seems the most effective method I can obtain from the responses so far, is the incising of the portion of muscle that is causing the problem.
Katie, Athens, Tennessee, USA, February 14, 2010

Update on Steve Redwing -- 49 now switched from verapamil (calcium channel blocker) due to it seeming to cause me weakness ... switched to 200 mg metoprolol and 30 mg of isosorbide at night just saw Dr Garcia and will be switching to 100 mg am and 100 mg pm metoprolol 12 hours apart and 30 mg isosorbide at night/ using nitro patches on a regular basis at work when i have pain in my left arm and thru bridge area / will be adding 20 mg lisinopril to new regiment during day between hours of taking metoprolol. hopefully this will reduce my dependence on the .04 mg hr nitro patch . doc doesn't want me building up resistance to nitro . he now has 3 patients with bridges .. still he just mentioned alternative of cutting muscle to pull out the vein that is buried . i said yea i read about deroofing. I think my cardiologist is starting to learn more about it and depending on where the vein is in the heart would make a difference in how they can treat it weather with medicine or surgery. I still have a slow heart rate and a strong pressure. the meds reduce pressure and increase my pulse rate.. pulse runs 44 to 55 in the icu they shut off the low pulse alarm. avg pulse 49.9
Steve Redwing, Prairie Lakes, Sanford Health , Watertown, South Dakota, November 20, 2009

• I am 44 years old male. Myocardial bridging has been diagnosed during 2001. it is named as "INTRAMYCARDIAL COURSE AND TORTUOUS MIDSEGMENT OF LAD, ECTASIA AT PROXIMAL AND MID SEGMENT OF RCA"I have been medicated with Nebistar(1.25mg)and Deplatt A 75 in the morning & Nicoran (5mg) and Dilzim (30mg) at night. Even now, I feel the problem of short breathing, giddiness in the evenings after 1400 hrs. The performance at work is suffering due to this problem as I love my work. However, in the mornings I feel somewhat better and do my regular walking and small exercises. Please suggest further course of action to eliminate the problem in terms of clinical or surgical methods.
Jagannadham J., Andhra Pradesh, India, November 18, 2009

• I am 33 year old Process engineer. Since last two years I was feeling chest pain, short breathing during playing hockey and squash. I never took this serious. Once I visited hospital due to headache and chest pain, they did ECG which shows severe attack. They send me to cardiologist who did ECG again, but it showing nothing more than ischemia. Condition remained as such, some time i feel discomfort during games and exercise. Many time I visited doctor and they felt no significant change in ECG. However once ECG changed within two minutes from disorder to normal condition. Finally I went through angiography and I was diagnosed during July 2008 with LAD bridging with hypertrophic hyper contractile Doctor told me that this is since childhood. I am wondering If it is since childhood so why I did not feel problems since then. I was treated with atenolol 50 mg. But I am still in constant pain on chest which starts from stomach. I feel that some bubble breaks in stomach and give release. I feel pain in neck, jaw, fatigue darkness around eyes. I never felt these problems before angiography. I want to know either these problems are associated with LAD bridging or I have stomach disease
Ilyas, Lahore, Pakistan, November 1, 2009

• 39 year old male recently diagnosed myocardial bridging my cardiologist says there nothing that can be done and not to worry, but my father died of a heart attack at age 35 in 1980. I continue to have chest pains when I am in stressful situations and I am looking for a doctor that may have a different thought to this type of diagnosis. I live in Tampa Fl. but can travel.
John K., Tampa, Florida, USA, October 26, 2009

• Robert from Tampa: Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of myocardial bridging! I was diagnosed a year ago with my mb and have been on a quest to find out all I can about the problem. After reading some of the posts below, I consider myself lucky since I have relatively minor symptoms. That can be good and bad--bad since 1/4 of the heart attacks that occur are silent (without symptom of pain) and I've already had several episodes of cardiac ischemia with no symptoms. Since mb is a fairly new finding and it is only found on autopsy or via cardiac cath, most of the information you will find is on the web. I would search for info so that you can become comfortable with what the VA is doing as far as treatment is concerned and you can become your own advocate. Medications to open the mb seem to be the standard of care at this time. Surgical options have not been completely successful. For some people stents work and for others a bypass is necessary but these are procedures that are performed only when absolutely necessary to prevent damage to the heart muscle. Hope you find this helpful and that you take the advice to learn all you can.
Sheila, Denton, Texas, USA, September 28, 2009

• Hi everyone. I am a 52 year old male and I was told today that I have Bridging of the lad not sure what is up or what can be done but all the VA wants to do is give out meds. Can anyone please tell me what I can do .Thanks.
Robert, Tampa, Florida, USA, August 25, 2009

• I am a 62 year old female (an RN) with myocardial bridging of the mid portion of my LAD. I have a 45% occlusion just proximal to the bridge. My only symptoms are an insignificant shortness of breath when I walk too far or too fast and a fifteen year history of multifocal premature ventricular contractions at rest. The PVCs now come if I lie on my left side or bend forward for any length of time. After EKGs showed transient cardiac ischemia, T wave abnormalities and the arrhythmias, I underwent stress testing. The only notable information that came from that was a minor MVP. My last stress echo showed a narrowing in one of my vessels that was not detected before. I was given a left heart cath and diagnosed with the bridge in August, 2007. I was put on isosorbide DN. I was already on Atenolol (off label use for PVCs) and Digoxin (for a previous run of atrial fibrillation). Two things frighten me the most about the new problem: that I have had no cardiac pain--even with the ischemia--and that I have significant blockage in one coronary artery, with good control of my cholesterol since it first began to rise. My cardiologist indicates that had I not had good control of my cholesterol and not been a cardiac nurse early in my career, I would be a statistic--not the best news to hear. Currently I am being encouraged to walk one hour each day and to continue with the activities I've been doing--which includes full time work. Since I love my work and feel it keeps my spirits up, I am glad that this problem has not forced me to stop. The arrhythmia has worsened this year, and since that is my main indicator of a worsening of my cardiac disease, I can forsee that time will eventually come. I am grateful for this format--and hope my information will help others.
Sheila Kelly, Denton, Texas, USA, February 6, 2009

• just diagnosed by angiogram in sept 2008 increased verapamil from 80 mg twice a day to 240 mg in morning and 120 evening also isosorbide 15 mg night to 30 mg night don't think the calcium channel blockers work as well as the atenolol 50 mg am and pm i was taking for high blood pressure. before i had chest pains. raised verapamil and isosorbide doses within the month and again the next month .. nitro pills give an immediate headache .4mg but found that a nitro patch daily help me deal with less pain .2 mg hr. wearing patch for at least 14 hours. My brother just had his second stint at 50 so when i went in the hospital with chest pains at 48 they kept telling my sisters id be out in a couple of hours but i kept telling them i still had pain even with all the meds , So they finally realized that my brother had been in for chronic heart problems and had just been released from the emergency room a week ago with his second stint. If not for that they probably would have sent me home with indigestion isn't it always indigestion the first thing they give you is chalky stuff even though i had already taken several nitros before i came in to the er . so due to current family admission they checked me in and skipped my stress test and went strait to the angiogram. which is the only way anyone can get a diagnosis on myocardial bridging even though they thought i was in need of a stent my pulse runs slow in the 50s at rest but bp was always borderline.. my doc has only seen bridging 3 times in 10 years and the second was mine the third was the guy right after me... before the angiogram they had to shut off the alarm on the low pulse rate because it kept going off nice low pulse while resting but heart pounds too hard and forcefully . the cardiologist gave my personal doc a note indicating she could increase meds. Not happy with my pressures i asked her to increase my meds twice then after 2 months to give me the nitro patch. since i have started using the patch i have occasionally taken a couple of nitro pills and aspirin while wearing the patch. when i felt it necessary due to pain or tingling in my left arm. family history of easy clotting doesn't help. also taking fish oil tabs since i don't eat fish. isosorbide and the nitro patch help me the most now i think. a friend of the family who used to be in pharmacist and still hold a a licence to dispense when needed to fill in in that department , said she thought i should be on a combination of beta and calcium blockers. i never was athletic and was diagnosed with MIGRAINES probably at the age of 8 or 10 thought it was due to the whooping cough but it probably was the congenital defect. talk about a misdiagnosis ... that was back in the 70's i finally requested and got an image file from the cardio lab which was more informative with these blogs than my cardiologist that did the angiogram. his opinion is nothing he can do but medicines to relax the heart . definitely have to check out the specialist i had the stress test scheduled with .. i never made it to see him ended up with the in town cardiologist who only does stints . he told me my heart was strong and would chew up a stint and spit it out, maybe that's because i was always a heavy coffee drinker . suppose i should never have started taking calcium supplements a couple of years ago thinking that it would be good for my heart .. not that's funny . Is anyone else using a nitro patch during the daytime in your drug therapy maybe it might help. wasn't gonna post but no one else has been mentioning using a nitro patch and it seems to help keep the pain to a mild one that is bearable.
Steve Redwing, Prairie Lakes Healthcare Systems, Watertown, South Dakota, USA, January 15, 2009

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