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3 YR Data from Pioneering RDN Study Show Sustained Reduction in Blood Pressure
Subjects who underwent radiofrequency renal denervation (RF RDN) with the first generation Symplicity™ renal denervation system, had a statistically significant reduction in office and ambulatory blood pressure compared to subjects in the sham control group.
Medtronic Launches Newest Drug-Eluting Stent: The Onyx Frontier™
The major improvement is that it employs a more deliverable system: an innovative dual-layer balloon, a lower profile for crossing, and increased catheter flexibility. These refinements point to a 16% improvement in deliverability vs. the previous generation while maintaining superior radial strength.
Projected Number of Patients in U.S. with Ischemic Heart Disease 2025-2060
New US Population Study Projects Steep Rise in Cardiovascular Diseases by 2060
Study projects substantial changes in the prevalence of CV risk factors and disease in the U.S. population by 2060, with an increasing prevalence among Black and Hispanic populations who have historically experienced poor access to quality health care. Targeted efforts toward improved screening and equitable access to quality health care in populations with the greatest growth in CV risk factors or disease would be expected to have a substantial impact to reduce future CV risk for the population overall.
FFRangio display
Non-Invasive FFR Gets Boost from Medtronic
FFRangio was developed by CathWorks, an Israeli company, and was approved by the US FDA in 2018. The pivotal study that led to FDA approval, FAST-FFR, showed that angiography-derived FFR was highly accurate when compared with pressure-wire FFR. This week Medtronic announced that it was investing $75 million in the company, co-promoting its use, and has an option to acquire CathWorks for $585 million, once certain milestones are met.
Medtronic's Onyx Drug-Eluting Stent (DES)
Two-Year Results from Onyx ONE Trial: No Difference Between Onyx DES and BioFreedom DCS
The results, consistent with the outcomes seen at one year, showed that at two years there were no differences between HBR patients on one month of DAPT who received the Onyx permanent polymer drug-eluting stent (DES), made by Medtronic, and those who received the BioFreedom polymer-free drug-coated stent (DCS), made by Biosensors.
MitraClip, manufactured by Abbott
Late-Breaking Data Reinforce Broad Range of Patients Benefit from Abbott's Mitral and Tricuspid Heart Valve Devices
1-year results for the MitraClip EXPAND study and 30-day data on the TriClip and TriClip G4 TEER systems were presented at today's session of TVT2022
Panel discusses renal denervation
at EuroPCR 2022
Renal Denervation for Controlling Hypertension Featured at EuroPCR
At this year's EuroPCR meeting in Paris, the largest European conference in the field of interventional cardiology, the topic of renal denervation (RDN) resurfaced with significant positive results from several trials across devices.
Significantly Improved Results for Medtronic's Evolut TAVR seen in the Optimize PRO Study
At this year's EuroPCR meeting, the interim results of the Optimize PRO study of Medtronic's Evolut™ PRO and PRO+ TAVR systems in 400 patients were presented as a Hotline Trial: permanent pacemaker rates dropped to single digits (9.2%) and the number of patients with moderate or severe paravalvular leak (PVL) was zero (78% of patients had no or only trace PVL). Moreover, the median length of hospital stay was one day.
Alexandra Lansky, MD, FSCAI
Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) May Emerge as a First-Line Therapy for Calcified Lesions in Women
"Given the established safety profile of IVL and the high rates of acute and long-term adverse events in women undergoing PCI, with or without atheroablation of calcified lesions, coronary IVL is an attractive treatment option for optimizing outcomes in our female patients." -- Dr. Alexandra Lansky
ACURATE neo2™ Aortic Valve System
ITAL-neo Registry: Boston Scientific's ACURATE neo2 Valve Significantly Reduces Paravalvular Leak (PVL) from 1st Generation Device
The first generation TAVR exhibited a not insignificant moderate or greater paravalvular leak. By adding a taller external skirt for the newer device, the PVL was reduced from 11.2% down to 3.5%.
Wildfires in California
Emergency: Climate Crisis!
The Lancet, along with over 220 medical journals, today posted an editorial about the largest, most serious, health threat known to us today. It's not heart disease, or cancer, or COVID-19. It's climate change! And it can't be cured by angioplasty or surgery or chemo. In the words of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, "The COVID-19 pandemic will end, but there is no vaccine for the climate crisis."
Philips SmartCT
FDA OK to Philips Azurion SmartCT Imaging Software
SmartCT is a key component of Philips Azurion Image Guided Therapy System, providing interventionalists with CT-like 3D images (Cone Beam CT) to support diagnosis, therapy planning, treatment and follow-up for interventional procedures.
Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator by Medtronic
*COVID-19* Cardiac Arrest Deaths at Home in NYC Have Increased By a Startling 800%
There's been a 50% or more drop in the number of people receiving emergency treatment for heart attacks in many hospitals. Physicians have been speculating why this might be. Now frightening numbers from New York City's overwhelmed emergency medical system may provide part of the answer: hundreds of people a day have been dying of cardiac arrest in their homes, an eight-fold increase over the same period last year.
Twitter poll showing significant drop in patients presenting with heart attack symptoms (MI/ACS)
*COVID-19* Doctors Say: Don't Sit Out a Heart Attack at Home
Since the onset of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, hospital emergency departments have seen a precipitous drop in the number of heart attack patients presenting for treatment. Not getting treated means heart muscle dies. What should patients do?
Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Patel
"The Whole Story is About Increasing Patient Happiness."
Interview with Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij
In this two-part 20th anniversary interview, the "father of transradial intervention, " talks about the history and future of TRI.

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3 YR Data from Pioneering RDN Study Show Sustained Reduction in Blood Pressure (Sep 18)
Medtronic Launches Newest Drug-Eluting Stent: The Onyx Frontier™ (Aug 24)
JACC: Steep Rise in CV Risk Factors & Disease by 2060 (Aug 1)
Non-Invasive FFR Gets Boost from Medtronic (Jul 17)
2-Year Outcomes from Onyx ONE Published in JACC: Interventions (Jun 9)
1-Year Results for MitraClip EXPAND and 30-Day Data on TriCLip Presented at TVT2022 (Jun 8)
Renal Denervation for Controlling Hypertension Featured at EuroPCR (May 29)
Shockwave's Coronary and Peripheral Intravascular Lithotripsy Systems Gain Approval in China (May 23)
Significantly Improved Results for Medtronic's Evolut TAVR seen in the Optimize PRO Study (May 21)
Intravascular Lithotripsy May Emerge as a First-Line Therapy for Calcified Lesions in Women (May 19)
2nd Gen ACURATE neo2 TAVR Reduces PVL by 2/3 (May 18)
Medtronic Receives FDA Approval for Latest Generation Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System (May 13)
Medtronic Names New Chief Scientific, Medical, & Regulatory Officer (Apr 25)
BioFreedom DCS Gains Approval in Japan and U.S. (Apr 21)
Japan OK for Shockwave Coronary Intravascular Lithotripsy (Apr 2)
Medtronic Portfolio of Radial Catheters Gains CE Mark (Sep 28)
Emergency: Climate Crisis! Editorial from The Lancet (Sep 5)
FDA Oks Next Gen TAVR SYstem from Medtronic (Aug 24)
Medtronic's Prevail DCB Gets CE Mark for Coronary Use (July 27)
1st Patient Enrolled in Philips DEFINE GPS Study (July 22)
Herb Aronow New President of Society for Vascular Medicine (June 18)
CMS Grants Shockwave IVL TPT Outpatient Reimbursement (Jun 11)
2-Year Data Confirms Evolut TAVR Non-inferior to Open Surgery in Low Risk Patients (May 31)
Medtronic's Evolut Pro+ TAVI System Gets CE Mark (May 3)
Shockwave IVL May Get CMS Reimbursement (Apr 27)
FDA OK to Philips Azurion SmartCT Imaging Software (Apr 6)
Harmony Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Gets FDA OK (Mar 26)
FDA OKs Shockwave's Intravascular Lithotripsy for the Coronaries (Feb 16)
Boston Scientific Withdraws Lotus Edge™ from Market (Nov 20)
The Resolute Onyx DES from Medtronic Receives FDA OK for 1-Month of DAPT in High-Bleeding Risk Patients (Oct 1)
Medtronic Abre Self-Expanding Venous Stent Demonstrates Favorable Outcomes in Patients (Jun 16)
Shockwave Medical: CMS Has Created New Codes for Intravascular Lithotripsy (Jun 8)
Dr. Jeffrey Popma Joining Medtronic as VP and CMO of Coronary, RDN, and Structural Heart (May 18)
Cardiac Arrest Deaths at Home in NYC Have Increased By a Startling 800% (Apr 8)
Doctors Say: Don't Sit Out Your Heart Attack at Home (Apr 6)
Pivotal Study for Shockwave's Intravascular Lithotripsy Completes Enrollment (Apr 6)
Philips Increases Ventilator Production (Mar 22)
Medtronic Ramps UpProduction of Ventilators (Mar 19)
Medtronic Begins New SPYRAL Pilot Study for RDN (Feb 4)
Interview with Tejas Patel and Samir Pancholy on Telerobotic PCI (Sep 23)
FDA OK to Medtronic's Next-Gen Evolut™ PRO+ (Sep 23)
IN.PACT AV Access Trial Meets Primary Safety and Effectiveness Endpoints (Sep 7)
FDA Fast Tracks Shockwave IVL Device Review (Sep 3)
FDA Approves SAPIEN3 TAVR for Low Risk Patients (Aug 16)
FDA Approves CoreValve Evolut TAVR for Low Risk Patients (Aug 16)
Siemens to Acquire Corindus Vascular Robotics (Aug 8)
Dr. Watanabe Discusses the Results of the STOPDAPT-2 RCT (Jul 25)
Philips Launches IntraSight Platform, integrating physiology, imaging and co-registration tools (May 20)
Bringing Japanese Know-How to the Global Market: A Visit to Shimadzu Medical Systems (Apr 24)
FDA OK to Resolute DES for Use in Chronic Total Occlusions (Feb 26)
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