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Shivering After Angioplasty or Surgery?

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Patient point of view -- did anyone feel cold / shivering during or after the procedure?

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• A month ago I had a complex angioplasty with 3 stents for ostial LAD lesions. My feet are continually cold to feeling and touch plus I’m breathless after taking 10 steps. Is this related to my heart? Is there anything I can do for my feet? I think it is affecting my balance as I’ve lurched or fallen a few times.
Helen, California,USA, June 19, 2022

• Ayush -- You should consult your cardiologist. It maybe a drug reaction, but not really possible to diagnose via the internet. Your doctor should be able to help you best.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 21, 2013

• Hi, My angioplasty had been done before 3 months but i am feeling too much shaking. What should i do..? Actually I suddenly got heart attack in last day of Jan. 2013, and angioplasty had been done on Feb. but after procedure, I was feeling tired and weak, but now I'm feeling too much shaking...pls suggest me ....what to do..?
Ayush, UP, INDIA, May 19, 2013

• Stephen -- The best advice we can give is something you already know: you need to stop smoking, completely. And yes, it can be very difficult, but it is a known risk factor for heart disease and cigarette smoke directly attacks the health of the artery's lining. Just one cigarette can have this negative effect for 24-48 hours. Ask your doctor for some help. There are nicotine patches and other medical aids to help smokers quit.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 10, 2012

• I had my angioplasty one month ago. I shiver only on my fingers at times; those are the times when I feel my heart is not so strong. But when normal days when I feel good and strong, there is no shivering experienced and I also realise that when I feel good, I could walk a kilometre with ease. The cold experience was only I was lying on the operation table, complication of dropping BP occurred that an IV drip was finished in me within minutes, probably they have just got it out from a chiller. That should be understandable I guess. Only thing is that I am having trouble quitting smoking habit which was the main culprit of my heart attack. Off and on, I still crave for a puff and ended up pinching here and there from friends around. The angioplasty procedure was carried onto my 100% blocked artery and I have another 50% blocked artery left undone. Am quite worried over this. Anyone knows whether how soon would the 50% blockage becomes life threatening? Sure do not want to experience another attack anytime soon, or what is normally the interval between a first and second attack? If anyone have some advice, please let me know. That would be highly appreciated.
Stephen, Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia, August 30, 2012

• Angela -- Obviously your grandmother is in hospice level of care, so we cannot really give any recommendations, except to note that Plavix is not known to cause high blood pressure -- although gastric and abdominal pains are a known side-effect. However, Plavix is very important to prevent blood clots from forming inside the stents. You should definitely consult your grandmother's cardiologist about stopping the Plavix.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 15, 2012

• Yes my gramma has been out of surgery for almost 2 months. About 1 month after having 2 stents placed and having a horrible reaction to the dye, she then got a blockage in her bowels also i should mention she has colon cancer stage 4 with 3 mets on right lobe of liver she is 85. after we got her out of the hospital for the blockage hospice of course joined the family. Well the first visit the nurse took her off the Plavix cause she was having so much gas and pain in abdomen. Today she all of a sudden had a shaking attack and is so sick she says she threw up and she never does that ever. Does Plavix increase your BP? Does anyone know or have any idea if this is normal? Please let me know before too long thank you
Angela Olsen, caregiver, Hemet, California, USA, May 14, 2012

• I note there are several theories given here as to why people shiver. This happened to me, too, twice out of the three times I had stents placed in my coronary arteries. Two times stents were placed while I was having a heart attack. One time the procedure was carried out after angina pain. I had an 80-90% blockage of an artery, with no immediate danger of death. When did I shiver? When I thought I might die. I don't recall shivering when stents were placed after angina pain. As hard as it is to admit I was afraid when I was having my heart attack, I think that's why I was shivering - those were the times I thought I might die.
Dave Wyman, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 8, 2012

• Plavix can cause shivering according to a study of 456 users at
AnnLee, Central Illinois, USA, February 22, 2012

• Yes, intense uncontrollable shivering during the last part of the stent placement, was helped by warm blankets after the procedure was over. Had hives after IVP dye in the past, was given cortisone and Bendryl before and during this procedure. Glad to hear this from others, I thought it was an acute case of nervousness. Now I feel better. I did continue to have severe weakness and uncontrollable shaking with purposeful movement for a few days. Now 5 weeks later, that is all gone.
Joyce, Illinois, USA, October 19, 2011

• Hi. My has been done with angioplasty 1 month ago but recently he is experiencing shivering cold. He is not perspiring also. Is there any issue??? This was not happening earlier....please someone help
by a patient, Mumbai, India, October 15, 2011

• If your husband actually has a measurable fever, you should get in touch with your doctor, preferably the cardiologist who did the PTCA.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 6, 2010

• My husband just underwent a PTCA on July 1, and since then he experienced on and off fever and shivering. Any idea why?
Mrs. Jantung, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 6, 2010

• Yes, but why would a DYE make you shiver?
Nancy, Pennsylvania, USA, January 18, 2008

• yes i was freezing, i had my heart attack in route to have catheterization done. heart rate and blood pressure were lower than any one he had ever treated I was later told by ambulance attendant said he was told not to give me nitro I was so cold i could not stop shivering haven't been able to get warm since.
Charles Peoples, Ohio, USA, September 14, 2007

• I wasn't cold...not in the least. But, the most uncomfortable part of my angioplasty was laying in that one position, which only made my previously injured right knee go into conniption fits. Luckily they weren't stingy with the morphine!! And, quite honestly, my feet were cold almost the entire time I was in the hospital..ugh nothing worse than cold feet- other than a heart attack, that is...
Nita, Wichita, Kansas, USA, March 19, 2007

• Yes...while on the table during angioplasty i was shivering , thought it was the air conditioner but now i feel it could have been a reaction...maybe..
Burki Jamal, Pune, Maharashtra, India, February 24, 2007

• wish that was my only problem!!! all I felt after is terrible terrible pain as they try to stop bleeding!
Suzanne, Sacramento, California, USA, August 2, 2006

• Hi there. My dad underwent CABG surgery 3 days back , his post -op recovery was good the docs said, but just before coming back home, he experienced intense shivering and the docs sad that there was less oxygen in his blood and he was put on oxygen supply. What could have been the problem? Did anyone experience this post-operatively? Is this serious? Please respond.... Thanks Nalini , India
Nalini, Hyderabad, India, May 29, 2005

• Hi after a recent angiogram I indeed felt cold & shivered uncontrollably. It wore off on the way back to the ward. Interestingly enough it was the only sensation I felt during the whole procedure except of course the angioseal being implanted.
Dave Molloy, Patient, England, January 10, 2004

• Yes I felt cold throughout the operation. It was a cold December day and I was told that the operating staff, having to wear lead aprons preferred a lower ambient temperature.
Anthony Western, patient, Bridlington, UK, December 8, 2002

• Hi Guil. Yes, this can happen after the procedure and it doesn't mean you are abnormal or anything is wrong!! It is simply a small reaction to the contrast (the dye that was injected into your arteries). Some people feel uncontrollable shivering for some time after the procedure, it normally subsides within an hour or less. It is nothing to worry about, the cold feeling is probably your brain telling you that you are cold because of the shivering. It is nothing to worry about!
Andrina Hargreaves, Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Riyadh, 11 Mar 2002

• Hi Andrina, Thank you for your kind response. What measures are taken to prevent this from happening?
Guil, 13 Mar 2002

• Hi Guil Glad i could help. The only real thing that could be done is giving patients a drug called hydrocortisone, we do give this to people who have had previous reactions to contrast. If you ever have a procedure that involves the injection of contrast media, for the kidneys, arteries, etc. Always tell the nurses or Dr that you have had a previous reaction and they will be able to give you the appropriate medications Regards
Andrina Hargreaves, PSCC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 26 Mar 2002

• Patient point of view -- did anyone fee cold / shivering during or after the procedure?
Guil, March 10, 2002

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