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Financial Assistance for Plavix and Other Prescription Drugs

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This discussion began 5 years ago when patients who had received stents began contacting Angioplasty.Org asking where they could get help paying for their very expensive Plavix (clopidogrel) prescriptions. Plavix is now available in generic form. We are monitoring prices to help patients find the most affordable sources.

Join the discussion below and share your experiences finding financial assistance and pharmacies offering low-cost clopidogrel. More conversations about clopidogrel at Plavix and Surgery and Plavix -- How Long? For in-depth information on clopidogrel see Antiplatelet Medication.

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• Please contact me for anyone else having issue with generic Plavix - i.e. saw posting of someone else that was also using Tricare and cardiologist noted changes in generic drug. My spouse also is having symptoms related to the generic Plavix. Tricare said because he had been on the generic for a year it could not be causing BUT not until he was off for two procedures did we put two and two together and realize his symptoms were the change to the generic. We are concerned he will die on the generic but cannot afford the brand Plavix on our own. The doctors appeal was turned down, it is past 30 days for the appeal I wrote. The documentation is not getting in one place or online. I did write a complaint to the FDA myself and hope you or your doctors will do also. I do not want anyone that is doing well on the generic to lose it but my husband is having increased bleeding issues and headaches etc on it. Please post here or e-mail me. I would like to try to get the issues together in one place or send all to FDA etc...
chattyk, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, June 18, 2013

• I am from the Philippines. I am in dire need of help for my father, 60 years of age. He needs to undergo bypass operation. He has several blockages in his heart. Here in the Philippines, the operation is too expensive, according to the web page of the Philippine Heart Center, it cost more than half million pesos (10,000 dollars or more). The said amount is too big that our family earnings could not afford. I am seeking for your help. I want my father to live more. I've been seeking for other help and this comment I think is one way. Please do help my father. please.... You can reach me thru my e-mail:
ve, Angeles City, Philippines, June 12, 2013

• I just got on generic Plavix, just got a stent. At the little non-profit hospital I go to for all my procedures and doctors, they have a pharmacy that charged me $8.31 for a month's supply. Was trying to switch my prescription to Walgreen's which is closer. They want $181.00. I was flabbergasted. So I'll drive the 15 minutes to the hospital pharmacy instead now. If you can find a non-profit hospital in your area, that might help. I am just amazed that people whose lives depend on this medication are being ripped off like this. Have read on this site about CostCo. Bless them. They treat their workers well and their customers too. I'm in Chicago. The hospital is Thorek, if anyone is close to Chicago or lives here.
MillieNeon, Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 8, 2013

• Linda - Plavix is now available as a generic -- it's called clopidogrel. We've researched prices and found that Costco has the lowest price on this drug, about $10/month. You can read our latest article here, "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix."
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 1, 2013

• Linda Meraz in Gary, IN. In February I had to have an angiogram done on my left leg. They gave me a prescription for Plavix, but I have no income at all so I cannot buy it. I live with my Niece who also cannot afford to buy it for me. I only get $200.00 a month in federal food stamps to live on. Is there a program that one can into to pay for this medicine?
Linda from Indiana, Gary, Indiana, USA, June 1, 2013

• Go to free drug card & print & take to Walmart for $57 ish.
First Lady, Kentucky, USA, March 4, 2013

• Jan in Arizona -- Very interesting. We've gotten a few reports that generic clopidogrel and brand-name Plavix are not acting precisley the same, most recently in our Forum Topic, "Metallic Taste After Stenting." (We may have to start a new thread just on this issue.) As for getting a discount on brand name Plavix, Bristol-Myers was offering a co-pay coupon, but seems that it's no longer on their web site. We've queried the company about this and will post any new information ASAP. You also might want to see if your county or state offers any discount cards for citizens who can't afford their medications.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 16, 2013

• Have been on 75 mg Plavix for 12 years, due to multiple strokes. Had no problem taking - can't afford it now and generic clopidogrel is making me feel nauseated, increased head pain, and stomach upset. Any programs available to help people who need to take brand name Plavix?
Jan, Arizona, USA, February 16, 2013

• Regarding the cost of generic Plavix. I don't have drug insurance and paid $179. For the first 30days. Then i found a coupon on the 0lavix. website and only paid $42. The coupon expired on Dec 31. I downloaded a Scrptsave card from the internet , printed it out and wrote my name in the space provided. With the card, the $179 generic Plavix. is $44. Anybody can download this card. However, now i will go to Costco.
marv45, Houston, Texas, USA, February 15, 2013

• I need to take Plavix and I can't afford them or my blood pressure med Lipiol 40mg
James C., Luray, Virginia, USA, February 5, 2013

• Call Costco!! $27.76 for 90 day supply. Get Dr to write it for 90, you don't have to be a member. Either. :)
aleta3930, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, January 31, 2013

• Hello, I am actually writing this for my father. He recently had a lung transplant Jan. 18. 2013. He made it through thank God. But now here comes the struggles with being able to make the co payment for what his insurance does not cover. The co pay is almost 3k a month for his prescriptions and we cannot afford it, if there is anyway we can get help, please let me know of anything. He resides in Florida, but had his transplant done in Georgia. Thank you. You can email me at
Daughter of Lung Transplant Dad, Georgia, USA, January 28, 2013

• It was wonderful that BM has offered the Choice card to the drug Plavix. What is going to happen to the millions of people like me who depended on that price because I could not afford the regular discounted price of 212.00. This is not fair. You need to offer this product again, even if you have to go up by 10.00, it still would be worth it. I have been without health coverage since August when my insurance company realized that due to my meds, I had a pre-existing condition and could no longer cover me. This helped out a lot. What can we do now. We need help here....
Kangarookeeper, Manassas, Virginia, USA, January 22, 2013

• I take Plavix 75mg
Shanti, Bear, Delaware, USA, January 21, 2013

• I have 2 carbon steel heart valves. Have been on Plavix and Bristol Myers now has denied supplying the product.. I am retired plus do not have prescription drug coverage.. Cannot afford the Plavix have had 3 TIA (strokes) I take Coumadin & Plavix to keep my the INR in my blood at a safe level.. need help in finding Plavix assistance..Thanks...Freda.
Freda, Point Blank, Texas, USA, January 8, 2013

• I have taken PLAVIX for years, but now TRICARE wants to substitute with the generic and would not take my Doctor's strong statement that PLAVIX was required due to complications with the generic drug in several of his stent patients. BEWARE OF THE CHEAP SUBSTITUTES.
Tom, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, December 18, 2012

• Please I need PLAVIX 75 mg tablets FOR FREE. I AM JOBLESS
Joseph Tshibangu, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, November 14, 2012

• Very Concerned in West Virginia -- Have you read our article, "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix (updated Oct 2012)"? One source, Costco, is currently dispensing generic Plavix for less than $10/month.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 12, 2012

• I know Plavix is a very good drug. Elderly people on the other hand need assistance in purchasing this drug. Having thickening of the blood is a life or death matter for these people. Both of my parents in their 80's are taking this drug and I feel their concern. $52.00 for a few pills is and improvement but still not good enough. If you could just bring it down to $30.00 a month for now would be great. People's lives stand in the balance. Thank You.
Very Concerned, Bluefield, West Virginia, USA, October 12, 2012

• Why is this world so greedy and play with peoples lives! Was having trouble getting my Plavix and just switched pharmacies again. Yes, it hurts to think of the money I had to spend before but I am grateful to have found relief! Walgreen's is terrible, switched to Walmart....not much better. Finally just got off the phone with Costco, thanks to this web page, and they are calling Walmart to switch it for me and I don't even have to be a member! Thank you, Lord!
lower cost Plavix and generics, Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 8, 2012

Note to all readers: Angioplasty.Org just surveyed the major U.S. pharmacy chains on the cash price for generic Plavix (clopidogrel) and found a wide range. The price winner was Costco: less than $10.00/month; Walgreen's was $168.00/month). Read our article, "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix (updated Oct 2012)".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 4, 2012

• Walgreen's complied with my Plavix Choice Card for my 2nd batch of 30 more 75mg tabs at $37.50, but not before they tried to get $214 (for Brand name) or $185 (for generic). I had cleared my Choice Card with them before I picked up meds. We'll see what they do this month.
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, September 17, 2012

• I just bought the generic of Plavix and spent $215 for a 90 day supply. I have insurance so the price without it would have been $500 at CVS which is where I get my meds. That is absolutely a rip off by the manufacturer as far as I am concerned.
ladye156, Lindenhurst, New York, USA, August 29, 2012

• As far as I know the generic form of Plavix is not available in the U.S. I have been getting mine in Canada really cheap, $40 including shipping for a 3 month supply. None of my doctors has said that the generic is available yet. I would not be able to afford it here or take it if not for the Canadian pharmacy.
Joyce, Tucson, Arizona, USA, August 5, 2012

• To Editor: Thanks for trying to look into the matter, but it appears like a promo collusion between the mfg. and seller to me. I bought my first generic clopidogrel at Walgreen's back in May for ~$185/30 tabs of 75mg. I missed taking my meds one day during that time and had angina pain next day for the first time ever. (I had missed several times over the 6 yrs of Plavix with no problem.) So I'm a little concerned that the generic may not get the job done. I can get generic clopidogrel at Wal-Mart for ~$85/30 tabs, but will look into Costco.
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, July 22, 2012

• Wow, Bob in South Carolina and Shirlmb in Phoenix. Your stories about trying to make the Bristol-Myers Squibb $37 Plavix coupon work for you certainly sound like you have to work extra hard for the discount!! We'll try to look into that. Meanwhile, read our article "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix again, because there are low cost generic alternatives to the brand name drug. When we did our survey, Costco was the least expensive (just around $37/month -- cash price -- no coupons needed), although prices may have changed elsewhere too, now that there is competition. Let us know how you make out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 22, 2012

• $37/mth offer. I have no prescription coverage or Part D & felt I would qualify. I called and was told that since I am on Medicare I could NOT use the program. Even though I am Cash Paying! I pay out of pocket (cash) for all my meds. Type 1 Diabetic for 58 yrs, 3 heart attacks, (RCA is again blocked), PAD, plus other complications. From the BMS web site - *ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Patients are not eligible if their prescriptions are paid in part or in full by any state or federally funded programs, including but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DOD or TRICARE. *Eligible (commercially-insured or cash-paying) patients whose out-of-pocket expense for 30Plavix® (clopidogrel bisulfate) tablets is more than $37 can receive up to $176.50 in savings. Savings not applicable to monthly out-of-pocket expense of $37 or less. This card is valid toward out-of-pocket expense only, excluding applicable taxes. This offer is only valid when your card is activated and accompanied by a prescription from your doctor for brand name PLAVIX. Offer valid 5/17/2012. Card expires 12/31/2012.
Shirlmb, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, July 17, 2012

• To continue this "troubling" saga... After accepting my B-M Squibb 'choice card' for my first 30 tablets of Plavix for $37.00 (+ $1.49 taxes?) several days ago, I told Walgreen's that I'd buy some more today while I still had the money (and before Squibb revoked the card "at any time"). They filled the prescription, but when I went to pick it up I was informed that the price was $214. I told the pharmacist that I had a "choice card, handed it over, and they ran a check on it. The pharmacist said that the other store (where I made the original purchase) was awaiting a coupon(?) from me -- that I'd have to pay the full price if I wanted the additional 30 tablets. I declined the purchase, of course. What coupon? To my knowledge, the only version of the "card" is an online printout with instructions on how to get a "card" sent to me if I lost the printed version. Maybe I have to wait 30 days from the original purchase to test just how "troubling" this 'card is. Once more, I'm to old and poor to keep playing this guessing game forever. And there must be others in the same generic/non-generic boat.
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, July 13, 2012

• B-M Squibb's promotion for their Plavix Choice Card Program is not fully reflected in their Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Use. "Per month" is used in their Promotion literature, but is dropped from any indication in their Eligibility requirements: The one that patients agree to! The Terms of Use (of the Card) state: "Eligible (...) patients whose out-of-pocket expense for 30 Plavix (...) tablets is more than $37 can receive up to in $176.50[*] savings." In the next clause, B-M Squibb protects itself: "Savings not applicable to monthly out-of-pocket expense of $37 or less." No where else does it mention "per month" -- 30 tablets only at $37, capped at $176.50* savings. This is what I'd call "troubling". *[Previously, I erred at $187.50.] Walgreen's accepted my "card" today for 30 tablets: $214.99 (their list price) - $176.50 = $38.49. I guess we will see what happens when I purchase 30 more. I'm too poor and old to keep playing these guessing games. Is anyone else on their 2nd 30 tablets...
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, July 10, 2012

• To Editor -- I read your article: That was where I learned about the B-M Squibb "choice card" of no more then $37/mo, printed it out, and read the 'fine print' maximum of $187.50. It is interesting that of all the chains, only Walgreen agreed to honor this "troubling" card. Will pick up my prescription for brand name Plavix there today, along with the card, and see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, July 10, 2012

• Bob in South Carolina -- Read our "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix." But your report on how the $37/month offer from Bristol Myers Squibb is being implemented is troubling.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 4, 2012

• Am 75, on Plavix for 6 years (stents), poor (sometimes have to buy only a couple of pills at a time), current tests from my Dr. (when I can afford them) are "excellent" (and he reduced my Crestor), no insurance, no S.S. (but still work), no government "assistance", but stayed with Squibb at ~$250/mo (combined, ~$400/mo). Now they try to get me to believe I can get by for $37/mo.(when I've spent ~$18K with them). Yeah, maybe, for one stinkin' month: They have a $187.50 cap on it and the Pharms have priced Plavix so that one month at something approaching that lower price is the best you can expect. Sounds fraudulent, but proving it is another matter: I'm reasonably sure their lawyers (Squibb's and the Pharm's) went over the paper work with a fine-toothed comb before releasing it.
Bob Black, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, July 3, 2012

• I'm out of work and don't have any money for my Plavix the cost is too much and i can't afford them i will be grateful if i can get them i really need them. thank you if you can help me out
dorothrine law, Deltona, Florida, USA, June 27, 2012

• The $37 Plavix offer sounds great, but when I tried to refill my prescription at Walgreens, they would not honor the $37 price as printed on the face of the card and in the letter they sent containing the card. Yes, I am eligible for the program and the card had been properly activated. So this program is BS. Walgreens and Bristol Meyers Squibb should be ashamed of themselves for perpetrating this FRAUD on people who need this medication.
Gary B., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA, June 19, 2012

• Costco Pharmacy in Santa Maria CA just quoted me $28.30 for a quantity of 90 generic Plavix
Naninlompoc, Lompoc, California, USA, June 14, 2012

• For West Virginia residents--West Virginia Rx is a public/private partnership between the WV Governor's Office and WV Health Right Free Clinic ( We are a program that provides free Brand medications donated by our Pharmaceutical partners and we also help with applications directly to drug company patient assistance programs. WVRx is a statewide charitable mail order pharmacy licensed by the WV Board of Pharmacy. We help several different populations. Our "immediate fill" list of medications are available for people ages 18 to 64 who are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (Family of 4=$46,100/yr or less). If you don't qualify for this program, we also help with ALL of the patient assistance programs for anyone else too. Those 65 and over with NO Medicare Part D often can receive meds for free too through PAP's...and most also help cover anyone reaching the donut hole for free. Our number is 877-388-9879. As for the Plavix issue...Effient and Brilinta are two newer drugs indicated for the same type of issues that Plavix is used for. Of course this is up to your doctor! Brand drugs can often be obtained free if you qualify for their PAP programs!
West Virginia RX, WV Health Right/WVRx, Charleston West Virginia, USA, June 8, 2012

• Bob, Judy A and all readers: Read our article posted yesterday, "Patient Alert: How to Get the Best Price on New Generic Plavix." We've tracked prices for generic Plavix from a few pharmacies and found a tremendous variation -- from $6/pill to 35¢!! And Judy A -- actually Bristol Myers Squibb is offering a discount card for their brand name Plavix which should result in it costing only $37/month.

In our article we are asking patients to send in prices they are paying for the generic version of Plavix, a.k.a. clopidogrel, with the source and we'll keep a running tally.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 31, 2012

• I am currently on Plavix 75 mg my insurance has quit paying for it. I seen on TV that there is a place my help me with getting it. Is there any way that you can get me the info that I call and get help with my medicine as I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to buy it. Thanks Mr. Love
Bob, The Loves, South Charleston, West Virginia, USA, May 29, 2012

• Hi friends wanted you to know that Plavix no longer available through BMSQ. Sad. The generic is the reason. I was lucky to get it now we shall hope ! Also for all go to your county and city office for the elder care Most have a list of charities or groups avail. for help from different sources. Some will help w/ meds Card for " advanced pcs" is good (reduce price ) card. Each drug store has them usually but i like adv. Go also to your legislators or Congress-person tell the liaison your problem. they know things we do not know sometimes. when i went mine had an entire book type set up of places & co. Also keep track of of your names of drugs and the generics. Some have maybe 2 or 3 types that could be avail . at one drug manu. in a program and yet another from another program. I keep a looses leaf with dividers each Rx has a sleeve/ makes it easier for you. In this book you add every drug reg and generic and what co have it. So if a drug co. stops covering it you can get from alternate drug co. source. You also have so much help from charities. You must go out and find it. Some of us are on many different meds.
Judy A, Inverness, Florida, USA, May 22, 2012

• If you do not have health coverage and you make below a certain income, you can get Plavix for just $69.95 a month on our Patient Assistance Program. Find more info at
Julia, Scrips4Less, Gray, Georgia, USA, May 6, 2012

• It is true that Plavix is going Generic in a couple of weeks. Don't be surprised if the cost reduction is not that great. The Government allows the Generic makers six months to charge higher prices similar to the brand version. This is typical of the demagogues who run this country. Money counts!
audit2, California, USA, May 6, 2012

To all patients: Read our article -- "Attention Stent Patients: Plavix Going Generic!" Finally!!! When this happens, let The Forum know what kinds of prices you're finding. Just post to this topic.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 5, 2012

• There is a patient assistance program that helps low income families with no health insurance get their medications at very affordable prices. See the income qualifications and if your meds are on the qualifying list at
Julia, Gray, Georgia, USA, April 26, 2012

• I cannot afford my Plavix any longer I had a heart attack and it scares me. I barely make enough to pay my bills.
Shirley, Sachse, Texas, USA, April 24, 2012

• About year 2000 I found a web site I have used this site to get FREE meds for me and other people I know. Go to this site :: on left side of home page, click name brand drugs. In alphabet list, click P. Scroll up til you find Plavix. Requirements on income:: 1 person,$27,227 2 36,775 3 46,325 4 55,875 5 65,425. Hope this will help some of you. If I can help more, E-mail:, with Plavix in subject line.
POPPOP74, Retired, West Monroe, Louisiana, USA, April 22, 2012

• ycguy1117 in Virginia -- Current U.S. FDA regulations state that virtually all shipments of prescription drugs imported from a Canadian pharmacy by a U.S. consumer violate U.S. law. For more information, the FDA has posted an article, "Buying Prescription Medicine Online: A Consumer Safety Guide", on its web site.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 1, 2012

• I need Plavix as well. cannot afford cost. How can you determine if the Canadian pharmacies on line are for real. I have been taking one every other day to make them last longer.
ycguy1117, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, March 23, 2012

• Rae -- We appreciate your posting, but would like to emphasize that, while blood thinning supplements may or may not be helpful for general health, clopidogrel (Plavix), along with Prasugrel and Brilinta are not "toxic waste", but very powerful and necessary antiplatelet medications that need to be used after stent implantation to prevent blood clotting inside the stent, called stent thrombosis, which is fatal 30-40% of the time. Hundreds of thousands of stent patients have been studied in large trials; the conclusion is always that premature cessation of these drugs is associated with increased incidence of stent thrombosis.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 23, 2012

• Aside from Plavix and all the other "toxic waste" under the name of medication....look into a product called Nattokinese (a natural blood thinner) You can research if further....and even go to the web site of Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD (Cardiologist) who recommends it along with numerous other supplements....cardio and other..
Rae, RETIRED MEDICAL FIELD!!!!!, Modesto, California, USA, March 22, 2012

• Joseph G and others -- please look through this Forum Topic (including the archived posts from the past few years). There are numerous suggestions as to how you can may be able to get assistance for low income patients. Good news is that in the next couple months patent protection for Plavix (clopidogrel) is slated to go generic, so prices should come down.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 20, 2012

• My name is Joseph G. I have four stents and have been taking Plavix for twelve years. The drug is so expensive I can no longer afford it. I tried to have the price reduced at Humana and they want me to try another drug. I have been doing fine with Plavix and want to continue using it. Please help me get a reduced rate. Thank you in advance for your kind and prompt attention on this matter.
Joseph G., North Carolina, USA, March 20, 2012

• I found out that my cobra ins. has been cancelled as of Dec. 31. please help help me. I need my pills but I cannot but cannot afford them. thank you.
Esther M., Marietta, Georgia, USA, March 19, 2012

• Jody in Idaho -- Look through the various links that people have sent in to this topic. You may be able to get free Plavix from Bristol Myers, etc. Try or e. Part of the new healthcare law (sometimes called "Obamacare" by those wishing to deride it) provides for people who are too poor, unemployed, etc. Good luck and, if you find help, please write back and let others know. But look through this Forum. There are many suggestions.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 2, 2012

• My name is Jody. My first heart attack was in March of 2004 and i finally had to have a triple by-pass in July 0f 2004 since then i have had at least r more heart attack my last one was Feb. 29,2012 and my doctor told me i need to go back on Plavix and stay on it or i could have another heart attack and die.. I am not employed and have no insurance where can i get help to pay for the Plavix Here in Boise where i live for a 30 day supply it cost 200.00. As one of my brothers say well you either die from starvation or a heart attack which way do you want to go. Neither hope someone out there will let me know where to get help. Thanks.
Jody, Garden City, Idaho, USA, March 2, 2012

• I have found Plavix to be around $150 for a 90 day supply (at Canada Pharmacy). But keep in mind once you hand them the prescription they will not let you transfer it. It is the generic Clopidogrel but just as good. But I will try the other sources you provided for free. thx
LouisH, Palmdale, California, USA, March 2, 2012

• Anyone not insured can get Plavix through the Bristol Meyers Squibb prescription assistance program, it is available for free to those meeting requirements, I have cofounded an program at our local hospital to assist with the paperwork required and we have helped many get Plavix, only problem is for those on Medicare part D, they do get denied most everytime, however there is an appeals process that can be followed in order to get Plavix once the individual case is more closely examined.
Dee Bond, LVN, prescription assistance program, Texas, USA, February 28, 2012

• Discount Prescription Cards are a great way in this bad economy to save money on your prescriptions at no cost except a postage stamp. Discount Pharmacy Cards can save you up to 75% and possibly more on your prescriptions and are accepted at over 58,000 pharmacies ie...Target, Wal-mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Brooks, Costco, Duane, Reade, Hy-Vee, Kroger, Medicine Shoppe, Pathway, Publix, Safeway, Sam's Club, Wegman's, Winn Dixie. If you are interested, please contact me at or simply mail us a Self-Addressed, Postage Paid Envelope to 7 Independence Wat, Falmouth ME 04105 and we will get a Free Discount Card out to you immediately Remember it's Free to get and Free to use. [Note from the Editor: Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any service -- information in these Forums from posters belongs to the posters themselves]
Save207, Maine, USA, February 28, 2012

• Shelly, you can get Plavix free from the manufacturer. Go to -- type in drug to see if you qualify. good luck.
Doug l., Long Island, New York, USA, February 27, 2012

• FYI maybe this will help someone. has an assistance search for people on Medicare and not. You look up your meds, Plavix is included. I have many medical problems myself, not heart problems other than high blood pressure. My husband had a stent placed about 7 yrs. ago 2011 he had a triple bypass. God bless and good luck to all.
Cathisb1, medicare patient, Alabama, February 23, 2012

• Shazi in Virginia -- Your wishes are appreciated by all. We would like to point out that antiplatelet therapy (Plavix and equivalent and aspirin) is very necessary for people who have had stents implanted in order to keep the blood from clotting inside the stent, an event which is fatal 30-40% of the time. It's not that these drugs will prevent or stop heart disease. Their use is very specific to keeping the blood from clotting, until the metal struts of the stent get covered by the body's cells.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 18, 2012

• My eyes were filled with tears when i came to the end of this forum. May God Help You all and give you good health. Have faith and leave rest on God. I am heart patient too, two of my friends who are also heart patients have stop taking any medication except aspirin instead they have started taking some home made liquid mixture and for the last 5 years there all tests are normal and all the reports says that they are well between the limits. i also used the mixture and found it good too. its very easy to make at home doesn't cost much. If interested i would like to share recipe with anyone.
Shazi, Virginia, USA, February 14, 2012

• Go to When page opens click brand name drugs on left side. Click P at top drug list and look for Plavix. When you find it click it. It will take you to their web site. You cannot have any drug insurance to qualify.
Clint, Retired worker, Louisiana, USA, February 11, 2012

• I know exactly how you feel. I have now 3 stents since the last Christmas of 2011 in my heart. I have no job and no income coming in. I am having to stay with a lady friend from church. I have been looking for other employment since the last week of January 2012. I haven't any health insurance or way to buy my diabetes or heart meds. I have run out this week of both of them. I was feeling sick Thursday (February 9th) and went to the emergency room here in Lagrange, GA and the doctor wouldn't write a prescription for my meds that I had found a friend who said they would pay for them for me. He said if I didn't stay in the hospital overnight he wouldn't but he told me the blood work and the EKG had come back looking good. Why keep adding to the $12,000 worth of hospital and doctor's bills I already have from when I was in the hospital during Christmas and New Year's? Doesn't make any sense to me. I need help getting my meds too. God help us all.
P. Woods, Lagrange, Georgia, USA, February 10, 2012

• Jimmy, My heart has been doing the same as yours for over ten years. I was on atenolol, but it still happened, after 5 years and a lot of misery, I was having as many as 20 skipped beats a minute and it made me feel terrible. I was finally referred to a cardiologist and had a stress echo-cardiogram. I went through the test with flying colors with only one PVC (premature ventricular contraction) PVC's are what you are having, (avoid caffeine by the way) The cardiologist put me on metoprolol succinate 50mg once daily (I take at bedtime) and bingo one year now with almost no PVC's. sometimes I will go for months with nothing and then maybe once in one day out of a month. LOve it....I would say I feel normal at last.
drphil, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, February 9, 2012

• Jimmy from Texas -- Not sure if you fall into the category of a "pre-existing condition" since you haven't actually been diagnosed with a problem. In any case, go to the U.S. Government's website which lets you see what might be available in your state. There is a special program, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, for people with pre-existing conditions.

And tsani71 in Oklahoma -- talk to your cardiologist or family physician ASAP. It is critically important to be taking antiplatelet therapy after stenting. In your case, with a bare metal stent, the guidelines are for 2-6 months. Definitely take your aspirin which is part of the antiplatelet regimen, but perhaps your doctor can give your a bridge supply of Effient. Go to Eli Lilly's web site. They have a "patient assistance program" for people who cannot afford their medicines. We don't know if you'll qualify, but check it out at As for not being able to get covered because of a pre-existing condition, look at our reply above to Jimmy from Texas. And lobby your Congressional representatives and Senator (who, by the way, IS a physician) to expand the Affordable Care Act, so you don't have to be in the situation you're in.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 9, 2012

• I am a male 32 years old have no insurance, and my heart skips beats every 24 or less beats, and all i want to do is get an insurance company to take me in, so i can go to the cardiology. I take no medication cause i don't know what the problem is yet. Help!
Jimmy, Link Staffing, Spring, Texas, USA, February 8, 2012

• Help 911 -- Writing this email on behalf of someone in need of seeing a doctor as soon as possible, He had open heart surgery 10 years ago, doesn't see a doctor in the last 4 to 5 yrs. Looking at him right now he needs medical attention but doesn't have a medical insurance please please anyone reading this email who knows any place in the Orlando or any other cities in Florida that He can get help I am begging this is a serious matter, please email me where he can get the help thank you so much.
someone that cares, Sisters in Prayer Foundation Inc., Orlando, Florida, USA, February 6, 2012

• I had my second heart attack in Dec. I actually [spent] New Year's Eve in the hospital they put in my second stent which is a non medicated stent they prescribed Effient it cost 211 for a 30 day supply and I have no insurance. No one wants to cover someone with a pre-existing heart condition also I am a single father of a beautiful 8 year old daughter and right now I am scared cause I have not had any Effient in 6 days and cant seem to get any help. is there anything I can do please let me know
tsani71, Mcloud, Oklahoma, USA, February 6, 2012

• deebee in Texas -- A colleague from Japan recently emailed us. He had been looking through this Forum and was appalled at the terrible situation that patients in this country face. He wasn't "lording it over us"; he was truly upset that citizens of the U.S. have these kinds of problems, because in Japan (and many other countries) people who need medicine, get it, without cost! So write your representatives about this. Meanwhile, look through this Forum, because posters have sent in web sites set up by the various pharmaceutical companies to help patients who cannot afford their medications. For example, try And if you have any successes, please post them to this Forum to help others.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 1, 2012

• I suffered from 5 brain aneurysms in 8/2011 on 8/26/2011 I had three removed but due to the length of the surgery I still have 2 left. I was given Plavix but insurance company dropped me so I no longer can afford my Plavix since cost 275.00 for 30 day supply. Where do I go I have tried to apply for medicaid until I am well enough to go back to work which will be no time soon since I have lot of memory loss. What or where can a person go. I also have Blood pressure meds, pain meds and others but can't afford any of them. Feel like a walking time bomb. Anyone have any suggestions. I have called my doctors since I can not afford doctor visits anymore.
deebee10139, Sugar Land, Texas, USA, February 1, 2012

• If you don't have any insurance then you can go through a charity program at a hospital and they will write it off for you. Go through a business office at a hospital to see if they have this at your hospital. Also you can go to this website and if you don't have any money to pay for your prescriptions then go to this website: or call: 1-866-728-4368 this is wonderful because I have had blood clots and my shots usually are very expensive so now I get my shots for free along with any medications that I need.
Hope Faith and Charity, Garland, Texas, USA, January 16, 2012

• I had a massive heart attack in June 29 2010 i was 36 yr old female. I have to take Plavix an cant afford it due to it being 207 for 30 pills. No insurance really hurts cant get my pills. And Dr says i gotta have them. Well how with no money people need to have more affordable insurance out there for people who need it. Just don't understand our county gotta have kids to be on state insurance it needs to get better for low income families
Chas, Amery, Polk County, Wisconsin, USA, January 3, 2012

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