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Is Generic Clopidogrel the Same as Brand Name Plavix?

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Is generic clopidogrel the same as brand name Plavix? Some patients have reported side effects in other Forum Topics with the generic that they had not experienced with brand name Plavix, so we have collected those into this new topic.

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Current Postings on This Page (10):

• I had a heart attack a few years ago and put in stents and went on Plavix. After a confusing issue with the insurance/pharmacy, I went to the VA and onto Clopidogrel. After several years I have had zero problems with Clopidogrel. It seems Plavix and Clopidogrel use two different salts, bisulfate or besylate. I wonder how many problems are really psychosomatic. It sure would be interesting to know the reason and effect of different salts.
Old Engineer, Retired, Carrollton, GA, USA, September 16, 2021

• I was on brand name Plavix for about two years post stent implantation (no heart attack) from 2010-2012. Upon shifting to generic clopidogrel, chemically a different salt than the brand name, I quickly developed severe bruising which was not manifest on the brand name. Subsequently I had a severe GI bleed event which landed me in intensive care. I required nine units of blood (packed cells) and quite a lengthy recovery time. Subsequent GI diagnostic interventions failed to identify any tissue pathology in my GI tract. Arterial-venous malformations in the small bowel were the theoretical root issue but never confirmed. I went off clopidogrel in 2013 and have been fine ever since, no recurrence of ischemia or angina pain and no repeat of the GI bleed. I personally would never trust the generic version again.
ExFDAer, Maine, USA, July 24, 2019

• Has anyone purchased Plavix, not the generic form, from Canada? what Canadian pharmacy did you use. Thank you Geo.
Geo, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA, July 24, 2013

• Hello, I am having a problem with the generic form of Plavix also. My Doctor wants me to NOT take the generic form,but medicare and our supplemental insurance refuse to pay for the 0lavix I have been on 0lavix for at least 15 to 20 years after a stroke,up till this year and never had any problems. This past months I have had several Tia's. My Dr took me off of the generic < I wanted off also>. I have had more episodes while off of Plavix I just cant afford the full price of 0lavix I honestly believe if I cant find a way to get 0lavix I will become a vegetable or die from a stroke. If you have found a way to get it cheaper would greatly appreciate any help you can give.
Geo, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA, July 24, 2013

• There are 2 different salts the bisulphate and the besylate but not good evidence for much real clinical difference.
Richard Bogle MD, via Twitter @richardbogle, London, United Kingdom, June 30, 2013

• Please contact me for anyone else having issue with generic Plavix - i.e. saw posting of someone else that was also using Tricare and cardiologist noted changes in generic drug. My spouse also is having symptoms related to the generic Plavix. Tricare said because he had been on the generic for a year it could not be causing BUT not until he was off for two procedures did we put two and two together and realize his symptoms were the change to the generic. We are concerned he will die on the generic but cannot afford the brand Plavix on our own. The doctors appeal was turned down, it is past 30 days for the appeal I wrote. The documentation is not getting in one place or online. I did write a complaint to the FDA myself and hope you or your doctors will do also. I do not want anyone that is doing well on the generic to lose it but my husband is having increased bleeding issues and headaches etc on it. Please post here or e-mail me. I would like to try to get the issues together in one place or send all to FDA etc...
chattyk, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, June 18, 2013

• Have been on 75 mg Plavix for 12 years, due to multiple strokes. Had no problem taking - can't afford it now and generic clopidogrel is making me feel nauseated, increased head pain, and stomach upset. Any programs available to help people who need to take brand name Plavix?
Jan, Arizona, USA, February 16, 2013

• Sam in Eureka -- Interesting. Because clopidogrel and Plavix are the same drug, although there have been some reports that generic Plavix (clopidogrel) may have some different properties. Do you know which generic it is?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 15, 2013

• i am a 58 year old who had a heart attack on Dec. 10, 2012. had three stents placed in the LAD. I was started on Plavix 75 mg, metoprolol, 81 mg aspirin,.after 30 days of taking Plavix i could not afford the cost and started taking clopidogrel 75 mg i loss my sense of taste about three weeks later. everything has no taste like chewing on cardboard. still working on possibly changing to a different anti-platelet.
Sam, Eureka, California, USA, February 15, 2013

• I have taken PLAVIX for years, but now TRICARE wants to substitute with the generic and would not take my Doctor's strong statement that PLAVIX was required due to complications with the generic drug in several of his stent patients. BEWARE OF THE CHEAP SUBSTITUTES.
Tom, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, December 18, 2012
































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