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Multiple Stents

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My father was told by the cardiologist that he will need 2 or 3 medicated stents. However, on the day of procedure cardiologist end up implanting only one medicated stent saying he will put second one after few days as putting them at the same time might lead to bleeding (because of blood thinning).

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• Carol84 - Your interventional cardiologist has decided to stage the procedure. Hard to say exactly why without knowing the location of the two blockages being treated, but this is not uncommon in certain situations and is a way to make sure that the first artery stented stays open and has no complications before moving forward. In other words, he/she is being judicious and cautious and that's a good thing. Sounds like you'll be having a rotational atherectomy with a RotaBlator or similar device to pulverize the calcium deposits in the second artery. This is done so that the stent has a better "bed" for optimal expansion, kind of like sanding the surface in preparation. Glad to hear you are feeling fine. None of what you describe is cause for concern. And you should feel free to ask your cardiologist ANY question you have about your procedure.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 7, 2015

• My doctor did one stent two days ago and though I needed another, is delaying it for two weeks. Is this common? There was a need to drill out calcium deposit, as I understand it and concern for damage if second stent was done during same procedure. No other complications were mentioned, and I feel fine. Have not been able to find any data or reference to this type of situation.
Carol84, Glen Ellen, Illinois, USA, January 7, 2015

• Nitesh -- Your mother's doctors were being cautious. See our response to Shall in Massachusetts below. When dealing with a 99% occlusion, her doctors would want to be cautious because doing everything all at once might be dangerous, in case something didn't work as anticipated. Hope all went okay.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 23, 2013

• My mother had some issue in breathing and normally gets breathless when she do any physical activity. When we got checked doctor said after doing angiography that there is 99% blockage in one and 75% in other artery. Doctors said that angioplasty can be done for only one artery at a time and accordingly one will be done today and second tomorrow. Actually in India it's all about money so want to know can angioplasty be done together for two arteries or need to be done separately.
Nitesh, Delhi, India, June 19, 2013

• Shall in Massachusetts -- Your dad's cardiologist is doing what is called a "staged intervention", which is a more cautious approach -- and he probably has a good reason for it. From what you report, he is concerned over bleeding complications that might occur, since multiple stents might require a higher level of anticoagulation (there are various drugs given during the procedure to achieve this). One road to solving this problem, if the concern is bleeding at the catheter access site (usually made in the groin or femoral artery), has been to use the radial artery in the wrist as an access site -- not practiced much in the U.S. but used 40-50% of the time in Europe, India, etc. Access site bleeding complications in the transradial approach are minimal. However, he may be concerned with internal bleeding complications -- different. It's a cautious approach which, in your father's specific case, the cardiologist has decided is prudent. Multiple stents are often placed in a single procedure -- but every patient and every clinical situation is different. If you ask your dad's cardiologist, he should be able to explain why he made the decision he did and set your concerns at ease
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 28, 2010

• Hi, my father was told by the cardiologist that he will need 2 or 3 medicated stents. However, on the day of procedure cardiologist end up implanting only one medicated stent saying he will put second one after few days as putting them at the same time might lead to bleeding (because of blood thinning). My 2 questions: [1] Is it possible in certain cases that doctor cannot tell the definitive number of stents required in spite of having all the medical test results available and go to procedure saying you might need 2 or 3 stents? [2] Can in certain medical cases more then one medicated stent cannot be implanted in single procedure and patient has to wait few days for the second medicated stent? Thanks.
Shall, Massachusetts, USA, August 23, 2010

• I'm a 43 year old male. Since November of 2007 when I found out I had heart disease, I had 8 blockages in major arteries and 10 in minor arteries. I had 3 angioplasty procedures done in the past 6 months and 3 stents put in. All the blockage levels were high. I had 3 blockages in the LAD, now removed has 2 stents, two blockages removed from the RCA (back) high percentages now with 1 stent, and have 3 more blockages in major arteries to be removed, it is to the left side of the heart this time, and might require open heart surgery. I also have Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. WOW So I wanted to share with you today, my prayers and thoughts as we all go forward. I'm not sure yet If I will need a combo pacemaker/defibrillator yet. If anyone knows of studies or medicine assistance please let me know.
Mikey, Texas, USA, May 23, 2008































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