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Terumo Interventional Systems Launches New Radial Artery Compression Device

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October 23, 2007, Somerset, New Jersey -- With its ability to achieve hemostasis without compromising local nerve structure, Terumo's new TR Band™ enhances patient comfort and provides direct visualization of the access site to facilitate management following transradial procedures.

Terumo Interventional Systems announces the launch of the TR Band, a radial artery compression device designed to safely and comfortably stop bleeding after transradial procedures. The TR Band sets a new standard of excellence with its easy-to-apply transparent band and precision pressure balloons that enable unobstructed visualization and monitoring of radial artery compression - all while preventing numbness and pain for enhanced patient comfort.

The primary benefit that the TR Band has over similar devices is its directed radial compression, which enables hemostasis achievement without compromising local nerve structure. The TR Band does so with its two separate inflatable balloons. A large balloon compresses the entire puncture site, and a small balloon gives it an angled direction for point compression. This dual system enables the TR Band to avoid compression of the nerves or the ulnar artery, which can cause discomfort and/or complications. The transparent band, which allows full visibility to the clinician during the critical post procedure stage, is another significant clinical benefit of this product.

" We are very excited to be able to put this product into the hands of physicians and caregivers in the United States," said Gary Clifton, Marketing Manager of Entry Site Management and Coronary Products at Terumo Interventional Systems. "The ability to have total and precise visual and manual control over the radial artery, from the time of sheath removal to complete hemostasis, is a benefit not available in any competitive product."

The TR Band was specifically developed for use after transradial procedures. While transradial procedures are showing significant success and acceptance in the cardiac cath lab communities of Europe, Asia, and Canada, transradial access is in its infancy in the U.S. However, radial access appears to be part of a growing trend.

According to Mr. Clifton, "In an age of increasing peripheral vascular disease and our nation's propensity for obesity, radial access has significant advantages over femoral access when considering the complications and challenges often associated with this approach. Our goal is to introduce products that support our core competencies - one of which is entry site management - and we believe we have done that with the launch of the TR Band."

For more information, customers can contact Terumo Interventional Systems by calling its Inside Sales Customer Care Team at 800-862-4143 or by visiting

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