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Terumo Interventional Systems Expands Its Renowned Glidewire® Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire Product Line
February 12, 2008 -- Somerset, New Jersey -- With its unique double angle to facilitate the selection of vessels that lie at, or originate at, difficult to access angles and take-offs, the Bolia curve is among the new additions to the Terumo Glidewire Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire product line.

In a continuous effort to provide physicians with new tools to help ensure procedural success, Terumo Interventional Systems has expanded its Glidewire product line to include 11 new guidewire configurations including a brand new tip shape design, the Bolia curve.

The Bolia curve, named for Dr. Aman Bolia who helped Terumo develop this unique tip shape, is designed to facilitate selection of vessels that are difficult to access.

Already having an extensive selection of hydrophilic coated nitinol wires, including a wide choice of 0.018” and shapeable tip Glidewires, Terumo has further expanded its offering as a response to customers’ requests. The additions include the unique 1 cm taper, available in different lengths and stiffness, as well as an 80 cm 0.035” and 0.038” Glidewire.

The consistent, reliable performance of the Terumo Glidewire has made Terumo the global market leader in the hydrophilic-coated guidewire market. As the first hydrophilic-coated nitinol guidewire, the Glidewire revolutionized endovascular procedures. Today, still considered the “gold” standard in the market, Terumo has manufactured more than 50 million Glidewires; enough Glidewire to circle the globe nearly three times.

“Endovascular specialists want to be assured that they are going to perform successful procedures” says Susan Anderson, Terumo’s Marketing Manager for Lesion Access. “We feel that by adding these additional Glidewire options, we are taking steps to make endovascular procedures easier and more efficient.”

For more information, customers can contact Terumo Interventional Systems by calling its Inside Sales Customer Care Team at 800-862-4143 or by visiting

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Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Neuroradiologists, Interventional Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons are among the medical professionals that depend upon TIS products to access and cross difficult-to-reach lesions thereby allowing therapeutic intervention in previously unreachable vascular beds.

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