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Terumo Announces Educational Programs for Transradial Catheterization and Angioplasty to be Held at the 2008 TCT Meeting

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September 21, 2008 -- Terumo Interventional Systems has announced a number of activities, symposia and workshops, as part of the 2008 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting being held October 12-17, 2008 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

Vascular Access Symposium
Sunday, October 12, 12 noon - 6:00pm
Terumo is the exclusive sponsor of the Vascular Access symposium which will focus on vascular access and complications, ranging from transradial intervention to femoral closure devices and complication management.

Breakfast Symposium:
" Transradial Access, the Advantages to You, Your Patient and Hospital"

Thursday, October 16, 7:00am - 8:00am

Terumo is sponsoring a breakfast symposium at TCT, featuring four leading interventional cardiologists who practice the transradial approach, to further the company's vision of bringing greater awareness of the transradial approach through the education and training of physicians.

Jeffrey J. Popma, MD Ramon Quesada, MD Ron Caputo, MD Shigeru Saito, MD
Jeffrey J. Popma, MD
St. Elizabeth's Medical
Center -- Boston
Ramon Quesada, MD
Baptist Cardiac &
Vascular Inst -- Miami
Ron Caputo, MD
St. Joseph’s Hospital
Shigeru Saito, MD
Shonan- Kamakura
Hospital -- Japan

Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Popma, Caritas Cardiovascular Center, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Boston, MA
"Why we need to see greater use of transradial access"

Dr. Ramon Quesada, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Miami, FL
"Transradial access for STEMI"

Dr. Ron Caputo, St. Joseph’s Hospital Cardiology Associates, Syracuse, NY
"In the modern era vascular complications are still significant"

Special Guest Faculty: Dr. Shigeru Saito, Shonan- Kamakura General Hospital, Japan
"My worldwide experience and how transradial has grown"

Ongoing Transradial Workshops
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 14-16, 9:00am-5:00pm each day
Terumo's transradial workshops will be held in the Specialty Device Training Area at the Washington Convention Center, featuring four sessions each day.

Morning sessions will focus on transradial workshops, dealing with “How to do a transradial intervention” and what’s important for the procedure. Radial simulators will be used to reinforce the training objectives.

Session One:
  9:00am       Transradial Access: Learn from the Experts
  9:30am   Simulator Instruction
  10:00am   Hands-on with Radial Simulator
  10:30am   BREAK
Session Two:
  11:00am   Transradial Access: Learn from the Experts
  11:30am   Simulator Instruction
  12:00pm   Hands-on with Radial Simulator
  12:30pm   BREAK

Afternoon sessions will focus on using the wire (Runthrough NS) and microcatheter (Finecross) as a technical approach to complex, procedurally challenging coronary anatomy. Hands-on anatomical models will be used to reinforce training objectives.

Session Three:
  1:30pm       Complex Coronary Procedures: A Microcatheter Approach
  2:00pm   Explanation of Anatomy Model
  2:30pm   Hands-on with Anatomy Model
  3:00pm   BREAK
Session Four:
  3:30pm   Complex Coronary Procedures: A Microcatheter Approach
  4:00pm   Explanation of Anatomy Model
  4:30pm   Hands-on with Anatomy Model
  5:00pm   ADJOURN


About The Radial Access Center on Angioplasty.Org
To assist in educating the professional and patient population in the U.S. about the this technique, Angioplasty.Org has created the "Radial Access Center for Transradial Approach", a special section, sponsored by Terumo Interventional Systems, and devoted to information and news about the transradial technique, for both patients and physicians. The Radial Center features interviews with leading practitioners of the radial technique, such as Drs. Jeffrey Popma, R. Lee Jobe, John Coppola, Shigeru Saito, Kirk Garratt, Tak Kwan and Howard Cohen.

For patients there is also a "Hospital Locator" that lists U.S. centers practicing radial angiography. As Dr. Howard Cohen of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York says of the wrist technique, "Patients really prefer it. 95% of people who've had it both ways would say 'I'm coming back to you, Dr. Cohen because I like this transradial a lot better than the other way!'

About the TCT
This year's Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics meeting marks a milestone: the 20th annual TCT. Created and managed by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, based in New York, the TCT meeting has evolved over the past two decades into the premier interventional cardiology meeting, attended by 10,000 cardiologists and related professionals worldwide. Attendees will hear late-breaking clinical trial results, see live case demonstrations of innovative procedures beamed via satellite from cath labs around the the world, and will also get to visit and see the latest technologies in the Exhibition Hall, which occupies an entire floor of the Washington Convention Center. As of the 2009 annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, the i2 Summit -- the ACC's special interventional section -- will be managed by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. A complete program and other information about this year's meeting can be viewed on the TCT website at


Reported on September 21, 2008 by Burt Cohen