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Transradial Angiography and Intervention Seminar Now Online
Complete Session from TCT 2009 Covering Angioplasty and Stents from the Wrist is Available for Viewing on TCT Website

Radial Angioplasty    

December 5, 2009 -- This fall's Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) meeting in San Francisco offered a unique and important session, "The Transradial Angiography and Intervention Seminar", comprising an entire afternoon with over twenty separate presentations by global leaders in the field of stents and angioplasty, as performed from the wrist. The complete session is now available online at the TCT's website,

Registered users of the TCT website may access the PowerPoint presentations in PDF format (there is no charge to register). Members of TCTMD Gold ($595 annual fee) have the added advantage of being able to view the presentations with synchronized audio from the actual seminar.

Links to the presentations made on Tuesday afternoon, September 22, 2009, are listed below:

Session I: The Essentials of Transradial Intervention


The Mandate for Transradial Intervention 1: Randomized Trials and Meta-Analysis
Lecturer: Sanjit S. Jolly



The Mandate for Transradial Intervention 2: Registries and Observational Studies
Lecturer: Alexander J Chase



Challenges to the US Adoption of Transradial Intervention: Why Is It Not Catching On?
Lecturer: Jeffrey J. Popma



Transradial Intervention Core Knowledge: Patient Selection, Anatomic Variations, Catheters and Technique, Pitfalls, and Tip and Tricks
Lecturer: Martial Hamon



Case Reviews in Transradial Intervention: Recognizing and Overcoming Basic Problems
Lecturer: Ramon Quesada



Focus Issue 1: Guide Catheter Selection
Lecturer: Olivier F. Bertrand



Focus Issue 2: Nonocclusive and Occlusive Radial Artery Injury
Lecturer: Tift Mann



Focus Issue 3: Should Transradial Intervention be Considered to Reduce the Risk of Stroke?
Lecturer: Martial Hamon



Focus Issue 4: Does Transradial Intervention Impact Radiation Exposure?
Lecturer: James Nolan



Focus Issue 5: Frequency, Prevention, Recognition and Management of Complications From Transradial Intervention
Lecturer: Ian C. Gilchrist



Case Reviews: Transradial Complications
Case Presenter: David J. Hildick-Smith


Session II. The Advanced Transradial Intervention Program


Strategies for High-Risk Coronary Transradial Intervention (STEMI, NSTEMI, Heart Failure, and Shock): Case Reviews
Lecturer: Olivier F. Bertrand



Ulnar Artery Access
Lecturer: Mark W. Burket



Right Heart Catheterization
Lecturer: Ian C. Gilchrist



Transradial Rotational Atherectomy
Lecturer: Keith G. Oldroyd



Transradial Intervention in the Octogenarian: Caveats and Tips and Tricks
Lecturer: Sunil V. Rao



Transradial Intervention in Women: Caveats and Tips and Tricks
Lecturer: Christian Pristipino



Carotid Transradial Intervention: Patient Selection, Technical Aspects, and Outcomes
Lecturer: Tift Mann



Renal Transradial Intervention: Feasibility and Safety
Lecturer: Christopher J. Cooper


About The Radial Access Center on Angioplasty.Org

To assist in educating the professional and patient population in the U.S. about the this technique, Angioplasty.Org created the "Radial Access Center for Transradial Approach" three years ago. It is a special section devoted to information and news for both patients and physicians about the transradial technique, a procedure used 40-50% of the time worldwide, yet only 3-5% of the time in the United States. The Radial Center features interviews with leading practitioners of the radial technique, such as Drs. Jeffrey Popma, R. Lee Jobe, John Coppola, Shigeru Saito, Kirk Garratt, Tak Kwan and Howard Cohen.

For patients there is also a "Hospital Locator" that lists U.S. centers practicing radial angiography. As Dr. Howard Cohen of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York says of the wrist technique, "Patients really prefer it. 95% of people who've had it both ways would say 'I'm coming back to you, Dr. Cohen because I like this transradial a lot better than the other way!'


Reported by Burt Cohen, December 5, 2009