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Medtronic Opens Patient Care Centre in Beijing, China
Patients in China Will Have Direct Access to Information and Medical Technology Experts to Treat Their Chronic Condition

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August 8, 2010 -- Beijing, China -- Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) today opened a Patient Care Centre in Beijing, China, the first of its kind in China and worldwide where patients and their relatives meet with medical technology experts and physicians to discuss medical technology options to treat the patient's chronic disease. The Medtronic Patient Care Centre is operated in cooperation with the National Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases (NCCD) of China.

Access to information on medical technology and to medical experts and physicians, is a major challenge in China. In big cities like Beijing, on average, a patient with chronic disease has about 20 minutes with a physician to discuss treatment options for his or her condition on the first visit to a hospital and only 6 minutes on average for a further consultation with a physician.1

“We consulted with hospitals and users of Medtronic products, and found that chronic diseases were not well managed and controlled in China, with many patients not receiving optimal treatment, mainly because of lack of awareness of advanced solutions,” said Simon Li, president of Greater China of Medtronic. “Working with the NCCD, we have created a unique Patient Care Center enabling patients to have more and better information about medical technology and creating a platform for discussion between medical professionals and patients.”

The newly built Patient Care Centre is located in the centre of Beijing and demonstrates advanced technologies through models of medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps and stents. Patients and physicians can now view 3D heart models to specify the heart structure and treatment options in person. Innovative multimedia software systems can help medical professionals in presentations. The Patient Care Centre is expected to receive approximately 9,000 visitors per year.

“I am very pleased that Medtronic, together with the NCCD, have developed this Patient Care Center,” said the Vice Chief of the Coronary Artery Heart Disease Prevention and Treatment Center of the Beijing Fuwai Hospital, Yongjian Wu. “Through this initiative, more patients in China will be better informed and be able to discuss in an informed way about medical technology solutions with their physician.

According to a 2008 health survey by the China Ministry of Health in 2008, the number of cases of chronic disease in China reached 260 million. In the past ten years, 10 million were newly diagnosed each year.2 Chronic disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and accounts for an increasing percentage of total disease burden.

“Medtronic is committed to China for the long-term and the development of the Patient Care Centre demonstrates one way we are addressing China’s unique healthcare needs,” said William A. Hawkins, III, chairman and chief executive officer, Medtronic, Inc. “Medtronic technologies help people better manage chronic disease and build a brighter future for millions of people and their families. Medtronic is pleased to collaborate with the NCCD to develop this unique Patient Care Centre to educate about medical technology and create opportunities for patient-physician dialogue.”

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1 A sample survey made by Livingston Market Consultants to patients in Beijing in 2010
2 The Fourth National Health Service Survey of China in 2008

Source: Medtronic, Inc.