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Transradial Angioplasty Training in Indianapolis
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana

April 26, 2011 -- This Saturday cardiologists, cath lab managers and hospital administrators will gather in Indianapolis for a day-long workshop in the transradial approach to angioplasty, stents diagnostic angiograms.

Dubbed "The Indianapolis Transradial Summit (Perfecting Your Transradial Technique)", the program is aimed at those interested in establishing or expanding a transradial practice. and will utilize targeted presentations, high-definition case video, and interactive discussions with expert faculty.

13 Modules - 9 Faculty
A full day of presentations will be led by nine faculty members, all expert transradialists. Among the faculty will be Dr. Jack Hall, Program Director at St. Vincent's Heart Center in Indianapolis, Dr. Jack Chen of Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Dr. Mauricio Cohen of University of Miami Hospital, Dr. Sunil V. Rao of Duke University Health System, Dr. Sandeep Nathan of University of Chicago Medical Center and more. Complete details on faculty and schedule can be found in the online program brochure (PDF).

You can read interviews with many of these radial experts in Angioplasty.Org's Radial Access Center.

In discussing the course, Dr. Hall told Angioplasty.Org that he is looking to bring in a wider audience than just clinicians:

"We're looking forward to advancing transradial technique out to more U.S. physicians, particularly here in the central Indiana region and the Midwest. We hope to bring in not only physicians and hospitals that want to start transradial programs, but also people that have adopted the technique recently and want to refine their technique with new tips and tricks.... We also want to offer transradial training to hospitals, hospital administrators, cath lab managers and CV service line administrators, so that they can learn along with their physicians about the transradial technique and what it may mean to their facility from an economic standpoint, patient throughput standpoint and, of course, help everyone to understand the clinical advantage of the transradial."     Dr. Jack J. Hall
Dr. Jack J. Hall

Cost-Effectiveness of Transradial
With cost-consciousness and efficiency becoming more central in the national discussion over healthcare reform and Medicare, the transradial approach offers unique advantages in several ways. Although the recent RIVAL Trial showed equivalence between the femoral and radial approaches for the primary endpoint, the secondary endpoints and the incidence of major and minor access site complications were significantly lower in the radial cohort. Likewise, the group of patients treated for STEMI had better outcomes with the radial approach, mainly due to the need for powerful anticoagulation in STEMI patients -- access site bleeding complications are almost zero when the wrist is used as the catheter-access site. As Dr. Hall and others have pointed out, just one bleeding complication can be very expensive, so lower incidence of in-hospital complications translates to lower costs -- the potential for cost-efficiency when the transradial approach is utilized may be significant.

Additionally, because patients are able to sit up and walk almost immediately after a radial procedure, as opposed to the femoral approach, which requires patients to lie flat in bed for hours unless a vascular closure device is used, patients can safely be discharged earlier; angioplasties can easily be done as outpatient procedures. All of these have cost-saving implications for our healthcare system.

The Indianapolis Transradial Summit us being held on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 7:00am - 5:00pm at the Hilton Indianapolis North. Full program information is available online. The organizers state that space is limited, so please register online at or call 888.508.8554 for more information.

About The Radial Access Center on Angioplasty.Org
To assist in educating the professional and patient population in the U.S. about the this technique, Angioplasty.Org created the "Radial Access Center for Transradial Approach" in 2007, a special section devoted to information and news about the transradial technique, for both patients and physicians. The Radial Center features interviews with leading practitioners of the radial technique, such as Drs. Jeffrey Popma, Sunil Rao, Mauricio Cohen, John Coppola, Shigeru Saito and Jennifer Tremmel.

For interventional cardiologists and cath lab staff, Angioplasty.Org also maintains a listing of upcoming training courses in the transradial approach. For patients, there is a unique "Radial Hospital Locator" that lists U.S. centers practicing radial angiography. As Dr. Howard Cohen of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York says of the wrist technique, "Patients really prefer it. 95% of people who've had it both ways would say 'I'm coming back to you, Dr. Cohen because I like this transradial a lot better than the other way!'

Reported by Burt Cohen, April 26, 2011