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Spring Training for Transradial (Wrist) Angioplasty
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Transradial angioplasty
May 2, 2012 -- Place a stent in the heart from the wrist? Sounds crazy, but actually it's the way angioplasty and stenting is done around the world...except in the U.S. But that has been rapidly changing, because of training courses in the transradial approach, like several that are happening this month.

Interventional cardiologists who are interested in learning how to use the wrist access should definitely attend a course, as a first step. And they can find an appropriate course on Angioplasty.Org's page devoted to TransRadial Training Courses.

So quickly -- why use the wrist approach when the femoral (groin) approach has been the standard access for almost half a century? The answer is: (1) because the wrist approach has less bleeding complications, especially important when powerful anticoagulants are being used to prevent thrombosis, heart attacks, etc.; (2) the equipment needed to perform simple diagnostic angiograms, as well as more complex interventions, has gotten smaller and smaller, to the point where it is safe and effective to go through the wrist; (3) the impact on patients is significant -- when the wrist approach is used, patients can stand up and walk immediately, they do not need to lie still for hours, the risk of hematomas or the very serious complication of retroperitoneal bleeds is virtually eliminated.

So during this month of May, Angioplasty.Org urges interventional cardiologists to attend one of the following courses:

(1) Coming up this next weekend is the two-day Transradial Course being held at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Course director, Dr. Issam Moussa, has assembled a top level faculty to present a wide spectrum of information pertaining to transradial angioplasty.

(2) The following week is the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. And the first morning of this year's meeting offers a mini-symposium devoted to the Transradial Approach.

(3) Finally, the Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri is offering a two-day transradial course on May 15-16.

Spring training. It's not just for baseball anymore....!


Reported by Burt Cohen, May 2, 2012