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Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent

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How much exercise, sports or physical activity have you been able to do after stenting or angioplasty?

Read the patient comments below to learn from others who are living active lifestyles after these procedures, ask questions, and share your story to support others on the road to better health in our heart patient community.

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Current Postings on This Page (110):

• I related how I had shortness of breath, sweating, passing out to my interventional cardiologist who had performed the angioplasty. He said the arteries were the most opened up they had ever been, and the episode was not heart related. I should see a pulmonologist.
Helen, California, USA, June 18, 2022

• Helen from California -- Sorry to hear of your symptoms. Is the "Doctor" you consulted the cardiologist who performed your angioplasty? You should definitely contact him/her and report your symptoms. Let The Forum know what you find out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 17, 2022

• It’s been 2 weeks since angioplasty with 4 stents placed. I had heart surgery a year ago. I’m still short of breath while walking, and once got so short winded, dripped sweat and almost blacked out. Doctor said it’s not heart related so to resume normal activities. Is it all right to go out even if I get short winded every time I walk about 12 feet? I don’t want to risk having another heart attack.
Helen, California, USA, June 17, 2022

• Dear Worried Mom - We would, of course, defer to the opinion of your son's physician, who knows the exact details of his patient's clinical status. One question would be if your son has clearly described to his physician that he's not just "going back to work," but he plans on racing and to describe what that entails in terms of physicial challenges and stress levels. Another would be if the stent was inserted through the leg (groin) or wrist, and if that site has completely healed. A third would be if there was any significant damage to his heart (if he received the stent quickly, there may be little or no damage). And finally, since he is on blood-thinners (probably clopidogrel or similar) he is prone to bruising or bleeding, so there's that. But this was not open heart surgery; the sternum isn't in play here. And, if the procedure was successful, he should be able to resume his regular activities. As an example, Mick Jagger recently had a new heart valve placed via a procedure similar to angioplasty. And slightly more than a month later, he could do this:
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 22, 2019

• My son 54 yrs old just had a massive heart attack 99% blockage of Coronary artery. He received quick care with success & a Coronary Stent was successful! HOWEVER... He is a RACE CAR DRIVER & plans on Racing this week!!! & It has only been 3 WEEKS since his stent procedure... he is on blood thinner and all kinds of medications... We dont want him to race, we have tried to talk him out of it... He seems to think that it will be OK because the doctor gave him approval to go back to work and live his life. We think racing a big race car, getting banged around, his hands & arms struggling with the steering wheel, & even possibly banging his chest & sternum on the steering wheel seems so dangerous... ANY ADVICE!!
Worried mom, Clio, Michigan, USA, August 22, 2019

• Indiana kickboxer, never had a symptom or heart attack, everything seems good except for the aneurysms found with cat scan looking at hernia, found it then. I am very active raced cars for years and took martial arts for years back in the 1980's and 1990's. coached little league baseball and played competitive soft ball for over 25 years. hoping this stent wont shut me down because it will be very hard to change what I have been doing most all my life. hoping for the best?
kickboxer, Charlestown, Indiana, USA, July 29, 2016

• Kickboxer in Indiana - check out our response to "S" on July 27 and check out This man continued IronMan competitions after having an AAA stent graft. Good luck and let us know how things are going from time to time.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 29, 2016

• I am 56 years old smoked about 35 years. Stopped smoking 2 years ago. Went back to one of my favorite hobbies, karate, boxing, judo kickboxing. Been doing it 2 to 3 days a week. Feeling good got my breathing back in order, been working on my cardio. Have a small hernia in my stomach, was not going to do anything about it since my doctor told me it was small and may not be a problem., well in judo class I made it hurt when on ground with teacher. So I decided to have it checked out. They found I have 3 aneurysms. in stomach AAA I see its called. Doctor is going to put in y shaped stent to repair it. I want to know if it will be possible for me to return to my hobby, karate, judo, boxing mma and the stent be ok and not blow out or move when I get hit or kicked and when I have my heart rate high. can any one help with this question? I am worried I may not be able to return to martial art class and workout as I have been doing for the last 2 years, by the way loving it. makes me feel younger and stronger and I have been taking class with my grandson who has just earned his black belt at age 8. We do this together and don't want to lose this time with him.
kickboxer, Charlestown, Indiana, USA, July 28, 2016

• Dear S. in India - How much exercise is safe after a heart attack and PCI for a given patient is advice that we cannot give, but a doctor, who has all the information about the state of your heart, your ejection fraction, etc., is who you should consult. If your current cardiologist really feels that it is not a good idea to compete, ask him/her why. Specifics as to what the issues are. This will help educate you in other areas as well. However, we should point out that many patients (some who have posted in this topic) resume very active lives after stents. One, in particular, who has written about it quite a bit, is Kevin Morgan who, after receiving an endovascular AAA repair (a stent graft) resumed his Ironman competitions (marathon PLUS bicycle race PLUS swimming). We've referenced him below, but here's (one of) his web site(s):
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 27, 2016

• I would like to engage in a discussion about the level of activity a person who has undergone angioplasty can do. I am 54 years old. In June 2015 I had my first angioplasty in the left descending artery of the heart. After that I started to race, run half marathons, and do track. I have suffered no after effects i.e. chest pain. I now want to run full marathon on Nov 6 in New York and have been training for it. My cardiologist has recommended that I do not compete (I am trying to compete at a lower intensity level with use of a heart monitor). My training heart rate is between 130 to 140 heartbeats per minute. When I race the average heart beat will be at 150 to 160 as I will not pick up the pace until I am into the race i.e. 1/3 of the way). I would like to find a safe medium to minimize my risk of sudden death but I still cannot understand why this would happen when I am told a person sitting behind a desk can suffer.
S., India, July 25, 2016

• Darlene in Texas - Obviously, many people posting to this Forum have engaged in significant physical activity after stenting, heart attack, etc. But everyone's clinical situation is different, so you really should ask your cardiologist this question. He/she will have a much more complete picture of your status.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 26, 2015

• I had a heart attack when I was 49 years old I would like to know after 3 years can I pick things over 30 pounds?
Darlene, Houston, Texas, USA, February 23, 2015

• I am 75, good health, exercise daily and work full time. I am planning to do a 100 miles walk What do I need to do to prepare. Any help will be appreciated.
June, a Brit in TN, Tennessee USA, February 3, 2015

• I am a 56 yr old vegetarian (since childhood),non-smoker and non-drinker. Having felt discomfort in heart while walking, I approached for medical advise. All my tests including Cholest. were normal and nothing could be detected through treadmill, Doppler test, or through scanning. Angiography showed single vessel disease and plaque in the left artery at a crucial location. One drug eluding stent has since been implanted about one week back. I still feel discomfort (sometime) and little pain though EKG, Blood tests all show normal status. My doctor feels that it could be muscular pain. I would highly appreciate my esteemed friends from this forum to kindly let me know (i) what precautions I am supposed to take for next few weeks(months) (ii)whether I can undertake long air journey (10 hrs.) in next two weeks (iii) any specific changes in life that would help me in avoiding similar trouble in future. Thank you very much and I wish all dear friends in this forum a happy and healthy days ahead. Regards.
Sharma, Munich, Germany, June 25, 2013

• You sound like you're keeping yourself in good shape which is excellent. It's not really possible for us to advise you on the correct amount of exercise because each patient is an individua; with different capacities, etc. Your cardiologist should be the "go-to" person for this advice. We'd also suggest that you check out the web site of Kevin Morgan (aka, @FitOldDog -- he posted just below you). He's in his late 60's and has lots of information for atheletes with stents!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 25, 2013

• I am 75 was a jogger 10 Miles, Biked 20, Competitive swimmer at age 67, had a stent 9/2011, and spine surgery with fusion 12/07/12. Walk long distance & Tai Chi, starting to swim about 40 min. I do have other arteries at 40 and 50% clogged, will have another stress test in Sept. 2013. Should I continue to swim? Walking I'm fine with. Clor.68 and tri. at 64. Should I do moderate exercise only?
Stella, Summerfield, Florida, USA, June 24, 2013

• Well, I got back on with my life with an AAA stent graft (I call him Rupert, as we are a team), and finally qualified for the Ironman 70.3 Worlds Championships, 2013. I attribute this success to studying my situation, applying logic to training modifications to protect Roger, the extensive study of body awareness, and the support of family, friends, and this online community. I recently published an e-book to provide guidance to others, based on my experiences Wishing everyone all the success in the world with continued training. Sincerely, Kevin Morgan aka FitOldDog
FitOldDog, Old Dogs in Training LLC, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA, June 5, 2013

• I was a 57 year old male, stressful job, smoked and little exercise but I felt fit until a heart attack in 2011. My left artery was blocked which caused the heart attack. The cardiologist unblocked the artery, then inserted one stent. Since then I changed my life, two and a half years without smoking , take regular exercise, 30 min every day, got gym equipment at home, eat healthy, Google, GOMBS diet, a research doctor who has had great success in the USA with exercise and diet methods. I feel 20 years younger I can exercise the same as everybody else. I have just taken a stress ECG plus other tests and got my pilot's licence back with my instructor rating, so I am now semi retired and work part time. I feel great and intend to stay that way.
Chris, Semi retired, Shropshire, England, May 25, 2013

• JVT in Pennsylvania -- Every patient is different: different clinical status, different capacities. The fact that you already are a runner and personal trainer means you're in good physical condition to start. Now that you have been stented, it would be wise to set up a cardiac rehab program with your cardiologist. He/she can guide you to the resources in your area, or devise an exercise plan to get you up to speed, so to speak ;-)

If you look through this topic and read other stories, you find stent patients who do marathons, bicycling races, Ironman Triathlons, etc.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 23, 2013

• Heart Patient / Avid Runner, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher - I am age 55. I was diagnosed in 2012 with minor hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; 3 weeks ago I was sent for a calcium test since being treated for hyperlipidemia for 28 years. Test revealed a risk and instructed to stop running. I had an angioplasty done - two arteries were 90% blocked - 1 being the front main artery and the second the rear. Two stents were implanted. Do you know if I will be able to exercise run at previous levels? I always wanted to run a marathon. JVT, BeWell.
JVT, Pennsylvania, USA, May 19, 2013

• 65 years old marathoner -- You should ask your cardiologist about this. Not sure that the belching and heart disease are connected, only that in diagnosing the cause of your belching, the coronary artery disease was uncovered. You should ask if the angiogram showed any other blockages, and also if there are any follow-up tests to assure you that the stent is intact and keeping the artery open. You might also be interested in one of our posters' web sites. Kevin Morgan has an AAA stent graft (not the same as a coronary stent) but has continued to participate in Ironman Triathlons. He has lots of training tips. Check out his site
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 1, 2013

• I am a 65 years old marathoner and a non-smoker and healthy eater. Even with all these good habits I still came down with blockages to my coronary arteries. With a new stent in place I was given the OK to participate in a half marathon by the end of May. Running is back on track with a max HR of 130. So being in good shape has saved my life and help me in my rehabilitation after the surgery. My concern is that I only discovered my problem because of my belching while under running stress, no other symptoms were present. I still have some belching but less then before. Does it mean that my problem is not 100% fixed and that I should limit my running? Thanks.
65 years old marathoner, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 17, 2013

• Hi I am male 55 years, weight 65kg, on 26th Feb, 2013 I got Angiogram, surgeon put one stent of 2.75mm X 18mm, please suggest the best indoor exercise so that I can buy the same.
LUICE, service, Deer Park, New York, USA, March 3, 2013

• Fireman Steve in England (and some of this applies to Mark in Canada) -- While we certainly are not in a position to give you an official "you can go back to work" certification, you are definitely doing all the right things: diet, exercise and also, we assume, staying compliant with the medications you've been prescribed (Plavix or equivalent, aspirin, and probably a blood pressure med and statin). One thing is also to reduce stress -- try to stop worrying too much. For example, you do have great news that your heart muscle is normal. If you read through these posts, you'll find a number of patients who, after stenting, resumed full active lives, running, biking, even Iron Man Triathalons! They have found that exercise not only is good for them physically, but emotionally. It's easy to get depressed after discovering you have coronary artery disease. So a good way to deal with that is to "get back on the horse." As with all advice, situations vary from patient to patient, so this is a question you should definitely ask your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 26, 2013

• I am 46 years old. I had 2 stents placed about 4 weeks back. Since then a changed diet and always done regular exercise. I feel healthy and normal. Walking 8 miles a week. I am an airport fireman, heart surgeon says heart is not damaged. Can I go back to work after 3 months, please help it's worrying me
Fireman Steve, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England, February 24, 2013

• Hi! I am 57 and had a stent put in last year. can I start jogging and running, diving and bench pressing etc or are there any restrictions. I am doing pretty good walking and light swimming and would like to increase my exercise? Any pointers/suggestions would be appreciated.
Mark, Goshen Trading Corp, Milton, Ontario, Canada, February 24, 2013

• On July 16, 2006, I posted about the theory that increased turbulence thru stents from vigorous exercise would promote increased smooth cell proliferation from high shear stress and thus contribute to restenosis. The editors thought this novel and said they would investigate. On 12/31/2012, I experienced my first (mild) heart attack after (not during) extra vigorous exercise. Aside from the fact this was my first angina attack since 2006, and that my nitro was stale and I procrastinated in going to the ER, my heart muscle still experienced some death (troponin levels elevated). The source of blockage was in the exact same stent that was placed in 2006. The diagnosis, supported by angiogram, was that I experienced "plaque erosion" (not rupture - Google the difference), with resultant clotting factors and temporary blockage. My poor habits contributed to the damage but function was unimpaired and EF was 60%. I post here to say that there is much literature on plaque erosion caused by shear stresses. Thus my original post (6 years ago), about shear stresses causing premature restenosis of newly placed stents seems to have added validity. Sharing for information & comment. Ken
KenC, Loveland, Ohio, USA, January 24, 2013

• While I won't give specific case medical advice I will tell you about a doctor that saved my life. Doctor Caldwell Esselstyn ( As seen in go to YouTube search on “the last heart attack” Television Special by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I had to post because I see so many of my fellow athletes having these issues getting same old advice, blaming their genes; having stents and by-passes then doing the same thing that got them into the trouble in the first place like mice stuck in an exercise wheel. First and foremost.. of the time, it is not your fault or your genes! Second, diet trumps exercise (hard to accept especially for me who does over 10-15 hours of cardio + 3 hours of strength training per week for the last 30 years.) Third just because you are on statins now and if you have not completely changed your diet, more stents, by-passes etc are down the road. Being a cardio athlete my whole life and never eating red meat, just seafood and fish and lean chicken breast but lots of salads & veggies. When I started having symptoms of advanced CAD, the cardiologist blamed my genes. Dr. Esselstyn blamed my diet. Per his consultation & since starting the diet I have experience a 90% reversal of symptoms and lost 25 lbs (With my strength training and vitamins I have kept most muscle mass. All of the little fat pockets are gone.) Cholesterol normal levels (note just because your chol. is normal on your current diet, does not mean your are not in trouble.) I am on the strict vegan/oil free diet with the complex multi vitamin & amino supplements including Dr. E's recommendations as well as Dr. Stephen Sinatra (he targets inflammation but these vitamins will help restore endothelium function also. please note: Dr. Sinatra totally misses the point of animal protein induced inflammation that will partially derail the level of reversals. But, his vitamin routine combined most importantly WITH Dr. E's vegan/no oil diet will give degrees of reversals and completely halt progressions.) Is the diet hard ? Yes, but you guys that are athletes know the definition of discipline and can quit listening to people blaming your genes and listen to people that can give you back what your worked so hard for; your long term health. Dr. E is a gold medalist '56 Olympics.
Gerr, Denver, Colorado, USA, December 24, 2012

• A general reply to posters -- we've written this before -- we cannot (and are not allowed to) give specific medical advice on this Forum. And it's important to understand that the amount of exercise, type of diet, etc. that is best for a given patient may or may not be best for another. For example, some patients will do well on a low-carb diet, while for others that may not be possible. The simple idea regarding diet, exercise, etc. is to reduce your risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, endothelial inflammation, stress, smoking, etc.) for progression of heart disease as much as possible. This includes taking the prescribed medications as well. It is best to work and partner with your doctor (or someone he/she can steer you toward) to achieve these goals for you as an individual patient.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 19, 2012

• Hi, what are the benefits of slow jogging for heart patients ? Is it safe? How long?
H, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, December 17, 2012

• hello,i am 47 years old female. I have high BP since 10 years. I met with an accident and then found coronary blockage. doctors implanted stent after that. Its been a week only. Please suggest me dietary and other precautions
Saroj, Panipat, Haryana, India, December 9, 2012

• VA in India -- sounds like you are doing all the right things (we assume you don't smoke). Make sure to check in with your doctor and monitor your various levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. and to take whatever medications your cardiologist has prescribed.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 2, 2012

• Hello, I am a 39 year old male underwent angiography on 30-09-12 which revealed 100% occluded proximal LAD and 90%-95% two tandem lesions in proximal part of large OM2 for which PTCA with stenting of LAD & Large OM2 was done in same sitting by using 2 drug eluting stents (Endeavor resolute stent-3.5X38mm (LAD) and Promus Element stent-2.75X32MM in OM2. Have been an active guy thru out with ~ 20KM per wk walk and ~ 70KM trek per year prior to this process. Turned vegetarian ~15 years before. We did have Family history. At present I restarted my Morning and evening walk since last 15 days and reached back to a level of 10KM per day with 30% of the same in form of slow jogging. Any suggestion for me on lifestyle.
VA, India, October 29, 2012

• I have just had two stents put in and would like to know how long i should wait before lifting anything more than 20-30 pounds? I would like to know also when i should start exercising again?
Ken, Northern Ontario, Canada, October 23, 2012

• 41, PE teacher, very active with work, soccer and weight lifting. Always had very good CL scores, but history of heart disease in family. Few months back started 2 have chest pain, pressure angina pain sometimes during exercise, stairs, walking even! Dissipates quick with rest. Still able to play soccer and lift heavy weights, HIIT workouts and have no discomfort at all! Angina issues very inconsistent. Dr. discovered a 95% blockage of CA. Going in for catheter exam Wed., to be followed by stent placement soon after. Dr. figures 2 should do the trick. Can't believe I won't be able to do all that I have been till now after surgery, so am expecting to get right back to it all. Dr. thinks inconsistency of chest pain may have more to do with BP than HR, but otherwise wasn't keen to speculate on physiology of my condition. Mornings and walking or stairs seem to be a pattern, HR dropped to 36bpm one morning. Also, futbal has been very difficult, but outside 11-a-side footie not, could warming up have something to do with it? Anyone else experienced anything like this? Great posts and reassuring, thanks for site and all participants. Will share post placement experience.
pluggedbhoy, SMIS, Tokyo, Japan, October 20, 2012

• I am 26 years old and had mine Angioplasty and Stent placement through right femoral artery done on 16th September. What precautions other than food habits and smoking should i follow. Can i do physical exercise for example running as before.
Nandan, student, Ahmadabad, India, October 19, 2012

• i am 52year old . i have 3stent in my heart in 2008. i walk 1 hour daily from last 7 year. now i want to join gym so suggest me which ex.. i should not do. heart problem is inheritance .my mother was also a heart patient and she expired at the age of 48. my blood tests ate normal. somewhat TG is more which is now under control. my tlc dlc cholesterol are normal. i am very much fond of swimming.
Mona, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, India, October 1, 2012

• Hello. I am now 47 and am 10 yrs from a massive MI which was stented in the Lcx 100%. I subsequently had a stent in the LAD and angioplasty in the RCA. My posterior wall is completely scarred. Much against my lazy nature, it has taken me many yrs of forced exercise to gradually gain some fitness - karate and more recently tennis badminton and the gym. Along the way, all of the working out has taken a heavy toll on my knee and my hands. My doctor is very encouraging for me to exercise ( he only said that squash was not suitable). I encourage everyone to seek your doctors approval re fitness / limitations and then to work towards your fitness goals in a gradual sense. Yes, It is hard work and there will be setbacks but the benefits are substantial and long lasting. Good luck.
Gordon, Sydney, Australia, September 10, 2012

• Ii heard some one said i am not suppose to lift any heavy stuff anymore, is it true? How much weight can you safely lift after stents ? even years after
Star7068, Wakeman, Ohio, USA, September 3, 2012

• I'm a 72 yr old male. I had ACS 3/24 and PCI six days later. My LAD was 99% blocked just above the bifurcation - very tricky procedure. The stent is the newest Promus Element Plus, 3mm x12mm. I'm on Effient 10, aspirin 81 and metoprolol (all new). I'm also on irbesartan 150, atorvastatin 80 (300 mg Co-Q10 tid). My principal exercise routine, other than fairly heavy work with firewood, etc., is a climb down into a steep ravine in an adjacent state park several times a week. My cardiologist thought I would see an immediate benefit in short windedness, but this hasn't happened. I have some non-arterial reasons for being short-winded - constricted lung function from spinal stenosis, moderate LV regurgitation. However, the metoprolol seems to cut my max heart rate from around 155 to about 132. Overall, however, my stamina is improved. My next appointment is in about a month. Is my lack of improvement in breathing sufficient reason to go in sooner?
Earle in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama, USA, August 19, 2012

• i undergo angioplasty before one year. i walked 50 minutes at6.5 km/h how much exercise can i do
police, Maharashtra, India, July 31, 2012

• I had what the doctor said was 99% total blockage of the LAD in Feb 2005 at the age of 44. Drug eluting stent was inserted. I had a follow up angiogram in 2008 and the stent section was completely clear of any blockage. I am hopeful, now that i follow Esselstyn diet and have total cholesterol of 82, that I will never have another problem. I dodge a bullet with the widow maker.
Steve, Houston, Texas, USA, July 14, 2012

• Oboe1 -- We can't and don't give medical advice in place of a doctor, so you should really ask your cardiologist this question. We would think the answer would be "pretty quickly," but these types of recommendations all depend on the clinical status of each individual patient. So we'd suggest that you ask your cardio.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 11, 2012

• I'm a passionate and professional oboe player, 63, with two stents in one artery, just a few days ago, following bad chest pain. The other two arteries were just fine. I've had no previous problems of this sort. My question is: when and how can I resume intense oboe practice with safety?
Oboe1, Barnet Chamber Music Club, London, England, July 9, 2012

• I am from Pakistan 51 years old I had 2 stents two years back, but never felt comfortable, my doctor advised it and it was negative, after 6 months I again got thallium test and observed blockage in the same stents area. I usually feel pain in left arm and on chest too, but when I walk and sleep I become perfect, during walk I don't feel any pain even I feel good. Please tell me is the problem in stents or this is due to any other reason I usually feel trouble after meal. Please guide what to do. When I take Plavix I feel more discomfort, my medicine is Plavix 75mg, loprin 75mg, concor 2.5 half tablet, Rovist 5mg at night, is it heart muscles weakness.
Sazgar, Pakistan, July 6, 2012

• I am 55 yr old. I have had high BP for last 6yrs and have had marginally high cholesterol. Have always exercised from moderate to strenuous at least 4 days a week. I had a heart attack in May 2012 and ended up with 2 drug eluting stents in right ventricle Artery. Another left ventricle Artery had chronic 100% blockage,which Dr decided not to touch. 3 weeks after the procedure I feel just fine and have started walking about 3 to 4KM every day. I intend to go back to my pre-procedure physical exercise program however my Dr. has asked me to take a stress test before doing any strenuous exercise such as BOOTCAMP. I have decided to follow PLANT based diet with no oil whatsoever as suggested by Dr. Esselstyn book " Prevent and Reverse Heart disease"..... However time will tell as to how it worked.
YS, British Columbia, Canada, June 29, 2012

• Edilio in Italy and Penang in Malaysia -- This Forum does not dispense medical advice -- for that you need to see your doctor. But, as you read through these posts, you'll see that many stent patients have been able to resume full activity -- some even doing marathon, Ironman Triathalons, etc. So, it's possible but, as we always note, every person is different, has a different clinical situation and different physicial capacities, which is why you need to ask these specific questions of your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 25, 2012

• Dear Doctor, I'm 64, since 20 years I'm doing sport activity (Running) amateur and competitive sport (4 training exercise per week,about 60 km per wk, a few half marathon per year and a marathon every 2 years). I've never suffered heart problems. My data: 1,82m height 65kg weight;no diabetes;no smoke; no alcohol; sport diet; cholesterol always less than 190;HDL 65; LDL 105;triglycerides 70; blood pressure always 110/70-80; no inerithance.Suddenly i had some pain to my chest during sport activity (under physical efforts). I had a coronarography: found occlusion 95% of 1 coronary arteries , therefore installed medical stent. Now I feel very well. I would like ask you the following: May I to restart (after 3 months of trial stage) the previous sport activity as indicate above with the same intensity and competitive running? Thank you and regards, Edilio Minetti from Milan (Italy)
Edilio, Milan, Italy, June 16, 2012

• I just [had] angioplasty 3 weeks ago, i heard some one said i am not suppose to lift any heavy stuff anymore, is it true?
Can i lift heavy stuff?, Penang, Malaysia, June 4, 2012

• Hi I'm 58 years old diabetic, suffered heart in September 2010, two stents implanted in arteries. I'm Vegetarian non drinker now, quit drink in 1999, just one month back i started having red wine on advice of my doctor. Strict diet and exercise walking on treadmill and swimming . Having. medicine regular as directed. I'm good without any problem, at the time of discharge my heart rate was 35% which is improving . My mistake was having fried foods and GHEE.
surjit. kohli , delhi tyres and company, New Delhi, India, June 2, 2012

• Thanks, Forum Editor!
Dave Wyman, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 8, 2012

• David in Dubai and Dave in Los Angeles -- Congratulations to you both on your regaining strength, active lives and your health. Too often the Forum only hears from those patients who are experiencing problems. And, while those patients definitely need and are helped (we hope) by this Forum, one gets a somewhat skewed picture of the benefits provided by angioplasty, stents and other interventional procedures. So it's great to read stories like yours!! The whole idea of interventional cardiology, after all, is to help people lead full and active lives.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 8, 2012

• I'm 64. After four stents and two heart attacks since Dec. 2008, I'm as physically active or more so than ever. This year I've twice biked 100 miles in a day. I plan to hit 4000 miles on my bike this year. I'll occasionally spend several seconds at max effort to see how high I can get my heart rate (so far 182, down from well over 200 when I was younger). I've hiked/climbed at well over 13,000 feet. I was back on my bike five days after my first heart attack, with one stent, and I took it easy for two weeks. Two more stents were placed after angina pain (80-90% blockage in another artery) in 2009. As far as I was concerned, either the stent worked or it didn't. So I was back on my bike in three days, and I resumed full activity immediately. I had a serious heart attack (a clot formed in a stent, requiring a 4rth stent) in March 2011. There was some scarring to my heart. I took two weeks off from exercise, and then worked as hard as I could to get back to where I had been. Although doctors have saved my life, they also told me after my last heart attack I might need a pacemaker and that I would never ride my bike as strongly as before. They were wrong.
Dave Wyman, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 7, 2012

• Just an update to my post of March 2011. For RAM's information as to whether or not you can run again post-stenting; If your cardio says so then go for it! After 3 stents in 3 operations in Nov. 2010, I now workout 90 minutes every other day (intense interval running sessions and weight lifting) and swim on the other days. Good luck to you. I'm running half-marathons too from time to time, so happy running...I also regained my First Class pilot medical and am busy flying for a living again. Without the technology of the stents I would have had to end a twenty plus year career and passion. All the best to all of you fellow stentees!
David Jessop, Emirates Airline, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 6, 2012

• A.K. Joshi from India -- We can't give medical advice, let alone equestrian advice(!) -- so you should ask this question of your doctor or cardiologist, but it would seem that if you are able to do routine work, you should be okay. But ask your doctor! One thought you might want to discuss with him/her is the pain and weakness in your legs. Coronary artery disease is narrowing of arteries around the heart, but the same process can occur elsewhere, for example, in the legs -- called peripheral artery disease. Good luck and have a safe journey to the holy place.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 18, 2012

• Hello, i am 62 years old i had a heart stroke 2 years back and 2 stunts [stents] in the same vain [artery] were fitted by doctor at PGI Chandigarh India. from that day i am on regular medicine as advised and reduced diet as advised by doctor. i am doing all routine work like driving /walking etc. i feel weakness / pain in legs when doing walking. i have to visit a holy place vaishno devi temple where i have to walk around 21 kms. approx. to avoid walking i have a option of horse riding to travel the hill to reach temple. Please suggest me is it ok to travel by horse 21 kms. Will it be ok to travel on a horse with my present 2 stents....A.K.JOSHI, PANCHKULA, HARYANA, INDIA.
HORSE RIDING WITH STENTS, MODERN COMPUTERS, kalka-haryana, India, April 14, 2012

• RAM in India -- First off, you should definitely ask these questions of your cardiologist, since every individual is different and the amount of exercise (and your plan for getting back to normal) will vary. A great resource is "FitOldDog" -- a patient with a AAA stent who posts here regularly. You can find his blog at He is not only a marathon runner, he competes in IronMan triathlons, at age 67 with a Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm stent repair! Lots of information there about safe training for runners.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 10, 2012

• hi am a 38 yr old cardiac anaesthetist. regularly exercising last 3 years running around 20-25 kms weekly. 2 months back, i pushed myself to train for a half-marathon. last Sunday, developed neck pain after 16 km run. went to hospital - 99% LAD block stented with bare metallic stent in view of emergency (pain to stent time less than 100 mins. My LVEF is 59% which they say will improve in the coming weeks. (I HAVE NO RISK FACTORS AT ALL - NO DM, HTN, LIPIDS BANG NORMAL, NO VICES, NO FAMILY HISTORY) They say there may have been a plaque rupture and dehydration must have caused a thrombotic event. The rest of the coronary tree is absolutely normal. I am currently on b-blockers, dual antiplatelets and statins. The one question which keeps rankling me is "WILL I BE ABLE TO RUN AGAIN (at least a half-marathon)?" Running gives me the most happiness and I want to be able to continue to do it. I'd be grateful to hear such success stories. How soon can I start training? What precautions do I need to take?
RAM, India, April 8, 2012

• Discussion from Pakistan -- see our reply from March 12 -- you should discuss this with your cardiologist. Same for Strangtire in Iowa. However, re: your question about "replugging" or restenosis, the progression of disease depends on many factors. Patients have to reduce the risk factors that are under their control with medications, exercise, diet, smoking cessation, stress reduction and blood pressure control. Some risk factors, like genetics and family history, are not under our control (not yet anyway).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 31, 2012

• Hi, I am 57 years old and I had a heart attack on 3rd. March 2012. I had two stents and on balloon put in. I worry about running and did not get a chance to ask my doctor if it was OK to run with stent & balloon. I wanted to know if taking sleep on left side is Ok.
Discussion Forum, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, March 25, 2012

• I'm a 43 year old male. I have 5 Stents in my heart first ones starting about about 35 years old. I'm 6 foot 195lbs, I enjoy running allot and all types of outdoor activities, is this hurting or helping me buy doing the running I do. I try to watch my diet but I'm still plugging up, I'm not over weight and I'm well built, any ideas would be great, don't want to do open heart any time soon.
strangtire, Strang Tire Co., N.E. Iowa, USA, March 15, 2012

• Shaheen in Bangladesh -- many patients are able to resume full physical activity very quickly -- the biggest recovery is usually the femoral catheter access site in the groin. But, as with any patient, you should ask your cardiologist these questions about safe level of physical activity because every patient is different.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 12, 2012

• Hi,I am 40 Years man serving in Defence Service. On 19 February 2012 I had Angioplasty (PTCA to LAD, 80% Block). Facing NO DIFFICULTIES at present. May I know HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY PHYSICAL EXERCISE, GAMES & SPORTS like before Angioplasty health condition? Thank you.
Shaheen, Bipsot, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 11, 2012

• Hi folks, I am interested in encouraging people with different health problems to exercise safely, and to both support and advise each other on common problems. Such problems include fear and how to get their life back on track, including the incorporation of safe exercise approaches. I have created a Forum at for you consideration. I initiated this approach as a direct result of my own struggles following AAA-stent surgery, and comments on my blog at from cancer patients and others. I think that there might be a place for some useful crosstalk on such issues. -k @FitOldDog
FitOldDog, Old Dogs in Training LLC, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA, February 28, 2012

• 57-yr-old-male in Australia -- Did you have a brachial procedure? And, if so, is the hematoma gone? This is really a question for your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 26, 2012

• 57 year old male drug stent haeomatoma in arm during procdeure how long before exercising again?
57 year old male, qld, Australia, February 25, 2012

• Best to do a program that's under medical supervision -- ask your cardiologist what's best for your individual needs, but many if not most stent recipients are able to continue an active life almost immediately.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 19, 2012

• Recently have had two heart stents. When is it safe to begin exercise rehabilitation?
Peatmoss, Quebec, Canada, February 15, 2012

For Zabrina - After recently having 3 stents, I found out I have hereditary (a)lipoproteins (pronounced little a lipoproteins). It is a factor in LDL cholesterol which increases the your LDL levels hence affects the laying down of plaque in your arteries. I am on medications plus fish oil and other vitamin supplements to inhibit the (a)lipoproteins from erupting through the artery wall. You may want to investigate treatment for (a)lipoproteins. I am female, only 60 years old, average to low BP and only 15lbs overweight so, from the outside, didn't appear to be a candidate for atherosclerosis However, my mother died at 55 from a heat attack. Can you tell me more about what happened to your stent because I am having ongoing, inexplicable problems with vasospasm.
Di in Sydney, Sydney, Australia, February 3, 2012

• Can the forum could help guide me when talking to my GP and cardiologist? I had a stent/80% 6 wks ago, never had any BP chol iss's previously, now feel much worse, am breathless even when talking too long, or walking less than 100 ft and have several times leaned into/fallen into walls, doors etc.; cannot go long enough to exercise, am concerned about lack of exercise ability and therefore reduced ability to lose weight, my BP and pulse and lungs and o2 levels are always fine, what direction do I go to get back to pre MI ability, am 62 yrs old, female with strict desk bound job, 5'3' and 217, not diabetic, but husband is so eat a fairly decent healthy diet with very little processed and very little restaurant food, my total chol is borderline 5.4 but no one seems willing to tell me what my LDL and HDL is, how do I get doctor's to do something to help? nurse told me as "freshie" (MI = 02 Dec 11), have higher risk now, but this is poor quality of life now.
Freshie, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, January 23, 2012

• Saxenayoginder -- We can't give medical advice on this site like the kind you are asking for, but you should ask your cardiologist this question, because he/she knows your current clinical state and your capabilities better than anyone -- and can therefore safely guide your rehabilitation. As you can see from this topic, many atheletes have been able to resume their activity post-stenting.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 21, 2012

• I am a 54 year man from New Delhi, doing weight lifting & Gym exercise, since last 30 years, on last 27th dec-11, I got heart attack & fixed a stunt [stent], Now I am all right & feeling well. Can I again do gym exercise in same old manner?
saxenayoginder, New Delhi, India, January 21, 2012

• Zabrina -- The stent recoiled?? Did the cardiologist treat you in any way, like re-expanding the stent with a balloon? By the way, if you know, what brand name/model of bare metal stent was it? Check out our Forum Topic on In-Stent Restenosis, as well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 21, 2012

• I am a 49 year old female. In Feb. 2011, I had a bare metal stent placed in my LAD because of 79% blockage. There was an area of 20-30% blockage discovered in another artery but not stented. I have always been active, exercise, 125 pounds at 5'2". I mention my weight and height and activity, because people just do not consider a person of my size to have coronary artery disease. I do not have high blood pressure. Family history is the reason for my CAD. I have always had high cholesterol. For years I would not watch my fat intake very close. I was able to keep my weight and exercise, I thought that was enough. Since my stent I have been very strict with my fat/sodium intake. And continue to exercise. 10 months after my stent, I had stent restenosis with 70% blockage. I learned that I did not cause the restenosis, because the blockage was a recoil of the stent. I had no tissue or plaque in it. So following the suggestions of my cardiologist and DR, taking my meds (Plavix & Simvastatin, aspirn & vitamins) does work. Some days I would like to have a "day off", but falling into that mind-set can cause me harm. It is a lifestyle change or modification, but well worth it!
Zabrina, Wisconsin, USA, January 21, 2012

• Hi I am a 36 y old had a acute myocardial infarction of the inferior wall 2 weeks ago had two stents placed in the RCA, Started some walking since then but the weather is still too cold so I had to stop never thought can happen to me as I did all possible tests prior to the attack as I had tremors and rapid beats but doctors assured me I was fine, the only thing the cardiologist prescribed to me prior to the attack was Helex 0.25mg. for anxiety now i feel I am in some weird dream and all I feel is to wake up from it, I have two children 9 and 4 no job .I live in a god forgotten country called Macedonia where every time you check in with a doctor you need keep in mind the bribe he awaits you to give in case you wish a medical treatment.
Macedoniaguy, Macedonia, January 21, 2012

• I am a 51 year old male that required a stint [stent] in a main artery 5 months ago after a minor (if there is such a thing) heart attack. About a year prior to the attack I started feeling noticeably weaker with the onset of fatigue and muscle pain at the START of either cycling or weights that I undertook at a high level on alternating days. After the attack I am exercising at 1/2 the weight and 1/2 the endurance and twice the muscle pain. I feel run down and cold every waking moment. Current medication includes the lowest prescribed doses of ACE inhibitor, beta blocker, ASA, and Crestor. With a limited heart rate, my waistline is increasing with what has always been a good, but not perfect, diet. I never smoked, drink very rarely, and was a muscular 12% body fat prior to the attack. My GP and cardiologists have no recommendations except "get used to it". All are aware of what exercise is because they read about it somewhere, not because they practice it. I'd sure like to hear some recommendations because I am about to toss the beta blockers and ACE inhibitors to see what happens.
Ivan the Not Feeling Great, Poorly organized by nature:), Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, January 17, 2012

• Boxturtle and Little Donkey (what are the odds of getting two posts with screen names like this on the same day from opposite ends of the world? We love the interwebs!) -- Glad to see people continuing to exercise after. And Boxturtle, we're very glad that this Forum Topic helped you before you went in for your stent. Thanks for the comment and to all, keep up the good work!!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 14, 2012

• my sister 75 years old had a massive heart attack last year, we have just started doing aquarobics once a week for one hour will this be good exercise for her??
little donkey, Harwich, Essex, England., January 14, 2012

• Hi, I am a 48 year old male and through an angiogram (groin) it was discovered I had a 75 percent blockage in my right heart artery. A few weeks later I had a drug-eluting stent put in (through wrist) on Dec. 20 (about 3 weeks ago). Prior to stent I was jogging (30 minutes) and biking (60 minutes) every other day (i.e., jog one day, bike one day...). Biking never brought on the angina pain, but jogging did (hence the doc visit). Today I am doing the same and happy to report it's better than ever. Keep waiting for angina pain while jogging but nothing appears. Couldn't be happier. Your mind can play tricks, so be wary (one time I jogged and convinced myself pain was coming back); and that's all it was: obsessing something was wrong. I'm not "pushing it"; just happy to be able to keep my exercise routine. Doc said I don't have to really change anything in my lifestyle except be diligent about cholesterol consumption. Am on meds most are on including Plavix, cholesterol lowering med, blood thinner. I returned to exercising 4 days after operation. Just take it easy and build up! Life changer! P.S. read all posts here before operation and really helped...
boxturtle, Tokyo, Japan, January 14, 2012

• Still Ginger in England -- Thanks!! Your post is a great inspiration to spur on our readers' New Year Resolutions to change their lifestyles and get healthier. Everyone out there: stop smoking, number one!!!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, Decmeber 30, 2011

• Had my stents done 2008. Came out of hospital and started smoking straight away, continued in same lifestyle as previous for two years. Got divorced, packed in smoking, (took a week to learn how to smoke and fifty years to stop). Now eat at least 3 fruits/veg a day, walk 3 miles or 20 mins on crosstrainer if weather bad. Still feel like crap but can exercise some and don't get out of breath like fellow workers. I don't expect to be as good as I was in my 20s, especially coming up for 63, but seeing some of the other guys my age, I'm glad I had my heart surgery, (thanks to James Cook Hospital). I'd be pushing up daisies now if it wasn't for my warning. Put some weight on after stopping smoking but returning back slowly to 12 and a half stone. As a wagon driver I do sit most of the day but try and get out to walk for 20mins on break, eat and drink as I go. Do I feel better. I don't know because I haven't been 63 before. Father died of heart attack at 72, brother at 49!!! Still here, change your lifestyle and try something different.
Still Ginger, Durham, England, December 30, 2011

• Angie -- Does your post have anything to do with heart disease or angioplasty?? Regardless, get her to speak with her surgeon about this issue.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 30, 2011

• Hi my Mom just had a total knee replacement two days ago. She is not wanting to do her exercises or even put weight on any of her legs. Plus she does not want to straighten her new leg out. How do I help her?
Angie, Roswell, New Mexico, USA, December 29, 2011

• pnam in Austin and Chiefy in Australia -- thanks for your comments. It's great to hear about patients who, after stenting, change their lifestyles and become HEALTHIER than they were before the stent. It's important to realize that angioplasty and stenting is only a mechanical cure to a biological problem (something that Dr. Andreas Gruentzig, the inventor of angioplasty, used to say to us all). Changing your biological status, through exercise, diet, smoking cessation and modern medical therapy, is the most important thing! Thanks for your website link Chiefy -- and for those who want to read how a man with an AAA Stent Graft still participates in Iron Man triathalons, read our topic on Living and Training with an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Stent Graft and check out Kevin Morgan's blog.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 29, 2011

• If you have had a cardiac procedure and your cardiologist has given you the ok to start back in sports again then check out the following website: as it caters for just us and is packed with really good expert advice on safe and effective exercise.
Chiefy, Cardiac Athletes, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, December 21, 2011

• I am 46 years old. I had 3 stents placed about a year back. Since then a changed diet and regular exercise has enabled me to drop about 45lbs (from 188lbs to around 142lbs). I feel healthy and normal. I jog about 30 miles/week now and bike on some days. My jogging pace is about 10-11 minutes a mile. I am satisfied with my current exercise schedule and health. I have been wanting to try the marathon once. I am looking from the perspective of completing it in a reasonable time with about 10 minutes/mile pace. I wanted to hear from others in similar situations who have attempted marathon and their experience. Cheers
pnam, Austin, Texas, USA, November 28, 2011

• Soma -- we don't publish personal email addresses to avoid our users getting spammed by robots, but if you look through this topic, you'll see what other patients have done. Always the best person to answer this question is your father's cardiologist who knows your father's condition, physical capacities and can best advise him on the appropriate level of exercise.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 25, 2011

• My father (55yrs old) had a 2-cardiac stents operation last week. I'd like to ask: what kind of exercises he can practice & when can he start? he will do the work or no. He was former. Please send any information in my gmail
soma, mysore, India, November 22, 2011

• I'm 36/m , a software professional from Delhi. I had undergone PTCA stent ( drug eluting) on my LAD as it was 100% blocked which resulted in MI on Dec 2009. Rest of the arteries were normal. Now I have maintained an active lifestyle and reduced nearly 8-10 kgs. My question is can I resume cycling for say 15 mins daily along with my walking regime which i do for 30 mins almost daily. Please respond.
ABC.XYZ, Delhi, India, November 15, 2011

• I am 52 year old male and had a stent put in Oct 14, 2011 by Dr. Jayesh Prajapati, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad (Guj), India. After the stent I felt great and I want to start slowly get back to exercise & walking. Should I start now itself or wait, please tell when I should start my routine exercise, walk etc.
R S Singh, Delhi, India, October 21, 2011

• i wanna inquire my father got one stent in 2008 ..he walks 40mts everyday and do yoga and pranayam for 60 father has been exercising sine last 30 years...and he is 65 now...he has been a BP patient since 40years and the BP is due to stress for which he is taking high BP medicine since last 40 the problem is that since the stent has been put ...and after getting everything operated he goes for his exercise everyday ..after coming back ..he gets tired and if he louds a little and even while climbing stairs is feels, kindle let me know what can be done...thanx..!!
CM SHARMA, JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA, September 15, 2011

• aged 74, had three stents 6 years ago, nothing stopped me training, badminton 2hours twice a week. last year began to have a burning sensation in left arm and back, this moved down left leg and whole body, pacemaker fitted after mini stroke in left eye, now suffer from constant tinnitus, diagnosed as a neuropathic disorder treatment gabapentin also on thyroxine and warfarin, burning sensation biggest problem, I did read on the web US doctor saying don't let your stent patients play energetic sport, get relief from zoplicone which knocks me out for 8hours and able to face next day. Would like to hear from anyone with a similar experience knowingly or my be this will spark a light, cheers.
durhamackm, North Shields, England, UK, September 12, 2011

• E-mail from Kuwait -- Can't really answer your question long-distance because every patient is different in terms of physicial condition, capacity, etc. You should have your dad consult with his cardiologist to design a rehab program that will be best suited to his situation. But there's no reason why, if the incision site has healed and his results were good, that he cannot move forward right away.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 21, 2011

• My father (60 yrs old) had a 2-cardiac stents operation last week. I'd like to ask: what kind of exercises he can practice & when can he start?
E-mail, Kuwait, August 21, 2011

• Sam in India -- this is really the wrong topic to post in. Check out "Not Feeling Well After Stenting" for reports from other patients. Your dad's cardiologist might be right -- muscular pains or nerve pains from the artery having been physically opened up may persist for a few weeks or months. But if your dad is unable to live "a normal life" and is feeling worse now than he was before, you should persist in your complaints. Stenting is supposed to help people feel better, not worse. It may be simply that he needs an adjustment to his medications. But consult a cardiologist about these questions.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 19, 2011

• dad had 1 stent placed 6 months ago. Since then he's has chest pains almost every day.he consulted his cardiologist who said that everything was fine and pain might be muscular's getting pretty difficult for my dad 2 live a normal life. On the contrary he was better before he got this stent placed. What could be the reason behind this pain?
sam, ahmedabad, gujarat, India, August 16, 2011

• Sally5 in the UK -- hard to say...both irbesartan an candesartan are angiotensin II receptor antagonists and have similar side-effects. But the fact that your symptoms started after the change in meds is interesting. Some patients report odd chest pains, etc. after stenting for a few weeks or even months (see our topic, "Not Feeling Well After Stenting") which go away and are not indicative of anything wrong. Just the body adjusting to the new situation. Medications can certainly cause a whole range of side effects. We'd certainly recommend consulting your cardiologist. And by the way, ask him/her about taking omeprazole with clopidogrel. Some studies (and the FDA in the U.S.) have reported that the proton pump inhibitor omeprazole can lessen the effectiveness of clopidogrel (see our article, "PPIs and Plavix -- Confusion Reigns Supreme").
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 14, 2011

• I had a drug eluting stent placed on 23 May 2011. I had no problems with fitness, but severe shoulder pain for 2 days. Admitted to cardio and stent placed & sent home 2 days later. I am on Omeprazole Atorvastatin Bisoprolol Candesartan Aspirin Levothyrotine Clopidogrel & Fersamelsyrup. I am diabetic 30> years. I exercise regularly walking. I find that I have a trembling feeling which wakes me which is around the lower chest. No pain, just a small trembling feeling. I don't seem to notice it during the day. My Irbesartan was changed to Candesartan about the same time the trembling started, so just wondering if there is any connection. I passed my fitness at cardio rehab, so just hope there is nothing too drastic wrong. Can the medication cause reactions? Thanks.
Sally5, United Kingdom, August 13, 2011

• In such case, walking is best along with easy yogic practice will be conducive to the health. Swami Mahavanam -- Sr. Yoga Consultant -- Divine Wellness
Swami Mahavanam, Divine Wellness, Kanpur, U.P., India., August 11, 2011

• Stented in Canada -- We are glad you are doing well. As for your meds, we always recommend that patients do not change, reduce and stop their prescription meds without discussing it first with their cardiologist. We certainly agree that patients may need their meds adjusted -- your example of Lipitor has been reported by a number of patients. Some just don't do well on statins -- and there is the possibility that cholesterol can be reduced in other ways. But this should be done in collaboration with your doctor. As for Plavix, we certainly do not recommend cutting the dose in half. Plavix keeps your blood from forming clots inside the stent and in the case of drug-eluting stents is recommended for at least a year. If you have been suffering bleeding complications, then a reduction might be in order. But you want to minimize the risks of an acute blood clot in the stents, known as "stent thrombosis", which can cause a heart attack.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 11, 2011

• hi i had 3 stents put in june20/11. So far i have not had problems touch wood. I am on aspirin plavix water pill candesartan and metoprolol. they put me on lipitor 80 mg which i do not take as it really screwed up my wife some years ago. am i making a big mistake? also i have cut the dosage on the plavix to half and also on the bp meds. I feel the meds were doing me more harm than good at full strength
stented, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, August 9, 2011

• I had a stent fitted in November 2010 after heart attack. Was prescribed atorvastatin, amlodipine, ramipril, bisoprolol, lansoprazole, clopidogrel & aspirin. Before the procedure I was very fit having cycled and walked regularly. I had a bad time for 3 months with chest aches, and dizziness. Subsequently I requested to come off the tablets and immediately felt 10 times better. I now take only aspirin, clopidogrel (for 12 months after op) lansoprazole and atorvastatin. Now I am cycling regularly 40 miles and walking mountains. I try and exercise every day but have rest days in between. I am trying to get back to full fitness. However I was told to keep my heart rate down below 121 which is difficult sometimes when out cycling. After particularly strenuous cycling ( a long uphill) my heart rate rises to 145 for a prolonged period. This is fine at the time but the next day I sometimes suffer with dizziness & pins & needles in my left arm. Can I persevere with my exercise (making my heart stronger) or is it advisable to reduce my exercise? My cardiologist who is Indian did not encourage extreme exercise at any stage (even before heart problems. My GP encourages my exercise!
Robbo, Hull, England, April 8, 2011

• I suffered a massive heart attack in Mar. 2010 in which I had the paddles three times. I am now in excellent shape where I am doing interval training 4 to 5 times per week. I have gained back all of my strength I had lost. I bench pressed 275 lbs on Tuesday April 5. My life style is 100% improved over last year.
Samuari G, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada, April 6, 2011

• To all readers -- check out our Editor's Blog from yesterday, Smoking After Sex: A Double Heart Attack Risk? It's about sex AND exercise.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 24, 2011

• It's great to hear of everyone's victories recovery-wise, both major and minor. I had 3 coronary stents in Nov 2010 during 3 separate procedures and the cardio told me exercise as I wish... So, 2 10km running races and a half-marathon completed since the stents went in, and I'm now training for triathlons! I quit smoking and have lost over 10kgs and workout about an hour each day. I tell you all this because I'm so impressed by the medical intervention and how it can turn around our lives... The angina before I was diagnosed was agonising and I couldn't even walk 100 metres! Anyway, for the future I'm hoping to regain my professional pilot medical and be back to flying in about 3 months. Best of luck to everyone undergoing angio and stenting!
David Jessop, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 21, 2011

• I am Alam, 57 yrs of age. Recently I had 3 stenting and i am diabetic. However, it's under control. I have started regular walking after 2 weeks and started playing golf after 4 weeks. Is there any restriction on playing golf. How about sex?
Alam, Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 10, 2011

• To all marathoners -- check out the "Global Heroes" Marathon in Minneapolis in October. It's the sixth year that Medtronic has sponsored this race and the company invites "long-distance runners who hacve benefitted from medical technology" to sign up -- deadline is April 15 (hmmm, isn't there another deadline with that date??). Anyway, check out the information. It's open to runners with the following medical devices: any pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), spinal device, neurological device, insulin pump, heart valve, coronary or thoracic stent. Sorry -- those runners with AAA stent-grafts are not eligible.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 5, 2011

• Hi, I am 39 years old and I had a heart attack. I had one stent put in. I worry about running and did not get a chance to ask my doctor if it was OK to run with a stent. I run about 2 miles, 3 times a week. I eat well and take my medication every day. I also wanted to know if taking sleep medication at night (over the counter) is Ok, as I find it very difficult to sleep most of the time.
Kim K, Hollywood, Florida, USA, January 18, 2011

• To recent posters, to those who have resumed a high level of activity, congratulations on your achievements. To those with questions about what is a safe level to resume, see our response from October 18. Also check out our Editor's Blog from this past week, "Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft Athlete".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 8, 2011

• Hello, I am a 45 year old male with type II diabetes and 5 stents. I have had the medicated stents for 4 years now and always pass my stress tests without any concern. My blood pressure is normal, my diabetes is normal and I exercise at a high level (racquetball, biking, etc). We are going on a cruise and I would like to scuba/snuba. Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?
Teds, Wisconsin, USA, January 8, 2011

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