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Not Feeling Well After Stenting

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Feeling badly after stenting? You're not alone.

Many patients feel very well after having a stent implanted, with relief of angina and other symptoms. Other patients have written that they experience the opposite and feel less well, at least for a period. This could be due to a variety of causes.

Read on to see if anyone shares your symptoms. To support others who may be in a similar situation, post here to describe your experience, especially if your problems were resolved.

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Current Postings (237):

• Dear JC in Florida -- It's possible you're having side effects of your new medications. If this doesn't resolve soon, talk to the interventional cardiologist who did your angioplasty. There may be an alternative medication for you. But definitely do not stop taking the currently prescribed meds until you can see your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 15, 2022

• I am 56 and I had my gastric bypass surgery on April 2022. After that procedure I was feeling some disconfort in my chest when I used the stairs. I had the widow maker blocked and I had a stent angioplasty around 3 weeks ago. From that moment on I've been feeling symptoms of tingling in my arms, back, legs and face. I feel a light burning sensation in same areas and a weakness sensation on my right arm and leg. My Dr. says Im Ok, I don't have any restriction and I have a great prognosis. I never had a heart attack. I'm on plavix and aspirin treatment. Some help will be more than welcome! Thank you!!
JC, West Melbourne, Florida, USA, October 15, 2022

• The recovery after angioplasty and stenting varies between individuals, and whether the procedure was done before or after a heart attack. Individuals who have the procedure after a heart attack are likely to take a longer time to recover than in whom it is done before. In general, the first one week after the procedure the experience is one of fatigue, tiredness, bruising or discoloration and mild discomfort or pain at the site of catheter entry. A week later and up to a month after the procedure symptoms experienced also depend on the amount of physical activity done (which should be only as advised by the cardiologist), and excessive activity may result in chest pain, and shortness of breath, and tiredness, which may also be present even otherwise. Side effects of medications such as stomach upsets, cramping, etc., can also be experienced depending on the medications prescribed. Slowly easing into activity, avoiding strenuos work immediately after, and incorporating exercise into daily routine by starting slow and slowly increasing over time is the right way to go about physical activity.
Skedoc, Hyderabad, India, August 26, 2022

• Ann in California - We would advise contacting your cardiologist with these specific issues. Some of this may just be you recovering from a medical procedure, or possibly a reaction to the new medications you have been put on post-procedure. Stomach upset can be a side effect of some antiplatelet meds, like clopidogrel. But get in touch with the interventional cardiologist who did your angioplasty: he/she would be familiar with your case and could give the best advice. And let us know how you're doing.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 14, 2022

• A week ago, I had stents placed, and Ive been feeling weak, breathless and had stomach upset. Today, I had acute shortness of breath on walking, sat down to rest, but started sweating profusely and felt like I was going to pass out. This went on for about 30-60 minutes. The stenting was successful, but Im worried this is not a good sign or is it just a phase in healing after a 2 hour rather extensive angioplasty.
Ann, California, USA, June 13, 2022

• Under left arm and rib pain after angioplasty
Sarah, Consol, Plymouth, UK, April 6, 2022

• I am interested to know the comments about angioplasty and stenting as I among also one patient with stents. These comments are very helpful for me
Ahmed, Karachi Sindh, Pakistan, February 25, 2022

• I got a stent put in my heart also because of a blocked artery they found. I have been experiencing pain when I eat. I feel like I can feel everything going down and when the food gets to like the chest area it causes like a burning sensation or like a pull. The procedure was done 3 days ago and I am on blood pressure meds and some other meds doctors said to take for a year. I wanted to know if this pain was normal after a stent placement? Also random question how long before I can drink coffee again?
Tom, Cambridge, MA, USA, December 19, 2021

• Hi, Im 52 years old, female. I got 5 stents 3 years ago. Since then, I've never felt really ok for a long period. Occasionally I have chest pain that radiate to left arm and to the chin. This pain related frequently to climate change and emotions. Accompanying with this pain, I also feel burning, dizziness, nervous and palpation. The pain not only uninscrease with exsercise, but also improve. So is this pain related to menopause? If not, what is it? I use duoplavin and statin frequently. No diabetes, no Hypertension. ECG normal.
Nhatchau, Vietnam, December 9, 2021

• I'm a 48 year old male and had a heart attack in late August 2021, 100% blockage and stent implanted. I am so grateful to be alive, but the anxiety and shortness of breath is very difficult to overcome. I love to exercise with my wife, but some days are better than others. Also have a very sore left shoulder and pectoral muscle area some days very bad. Also, periodic minor pain in the same area as when heart attack occured. Like I said, so happy to be alive, but just reaching out and relieved to see that I am not alone. Good luck to everyone!
Bryan, Georgia, USA, December 2, 2021

• Have felt worse since I had 2 stents placed in RCA on prasugrel / ASA 81 mg baby tablet per day with anti cholesterol drug atorvastatin 80 mg per day Im a walking bruise , fatigued , short of breath easily and have joint pain .. I feel worse !
Nancy59, Home , Massachusetts, USA, October 13, 2021

• This is my story.I am 53 old man ,190 cm/ 80 kg, I got a stent 5 months ago on my artery coronary left , then my doctor sent me to statins and aspirin, but unfortunately from statins I obtained arterial fibrillation, because my heartbeat was strong and I woke up with wet wet pajamas, at night I slept only 2-3-4 hours maximum. Only after 2 months my health started to improve, the arterial fibrillation disappeared once I started the keto diet. All this nightmare was about 2 months after the stent implantation, although I took statins and clopidogrel and aspirin only about 10 days in total, but in the meantime I was reading everything that was interesting to my heart, on internet. Most people do not want to seek the truth about their health on their own, they leave themselves in the hands of allopathic medicine, appearing in front of doctors with their bodies ready for execution.

My artery coronary left was clogged 100 % , said my doctor.But I am asking myself: why I didnt die , if my artery coronary was clogged 100 percent?

Before implantation of stent, I was vegetarian for 4 years, after stent I continued like vegetarian just 2 months, then I found Doctor Eric Berg , so 2 months later after stent I started Keto Diet.

Now I am following the keto diet with intermittent fasting 16-8 hours daily.
Vitamin D3 / 20 drops per day
Vitamin k2/ 12drops per day
Acerola powder/ 3 teaspoon per day
Instead of aspirin I take a teaspoon cumin in a glass warm water before I go to bed.
And exercising.I
try to do everything, but I dont want to go back to the statins and aspirin.

PS : I will be happy to communicate with people who have the same trouble like me. Thank you for understanding
Fg, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 6, 2021

• Linda in Akron -- We can't give medical advice, but we strongly urge you to consult with your cardiologist. The standard medical therapy after a heart attack and placement of stents is 6 months of antiplatelet medication, usually clopidogrel (Plavix) and aspirin. This is called Dual AntiPlatelet Therapy or DAPT. It is very important to keep your blood flow from clotting up inside the stent. That being said, GI issues are a very common side effect of these meds. Depending on the severity of these side effects, your cardiologist can prescribe other meds (e.g. Proton Pump Inhibitors) to counter some of the GI issues. He/she may even decide to shorten the time of DAPT. But these decisions should be made by your cardiologist, preferably the interventional cardiologist who placed the stents. We're somewhat taken aback by your gastro doc's suggestion that you should see a shrink and maybe be prescribed Amitriptyline for depression!! Does he/she know that you are on DAPT? Does he/she have knowledge of the well-documented side effects?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 29, 2021

• I had three stents placed a few weeks ago after having a heart attack. Will not start therapy for a month. The problem I am having is stomach pains and alternating constipation and very loose movements. I have been previously treated for IBs with constipation. Have never had loose fast movements. My gastro doctor says I should see a shrink and be treated with Amitriptyline. I do not think it should be taken for heart attack patients ? Is the diarrhea normal after stents ? I almost feel like I have H. Pylori which I had a year ago when my stomach issues started. Very worried and in pain. HELP !!
Linda, Akron, Ohio, USA, July 27, 2021

• I am a 65 year old black male, I had two stents inserted in the heart arteries, one stent in the front & one stent inserted in the rear of my heart, after the stent procedure I begin to see double, my blood pressure went up to 190/120 & I felt tingling in my right hand. the doctor preformed the cath through my left groin, he was successful with inserting both stents but I been experiencing lightheaded every since the stents been inserted, they were inserted August,28th, 2019, my cardiologist reduced my medication & my neurologist tried different medications but nothing helped or stopped the lightheaded. what can I do to stop this lightheaded? It only bothers me when I stand on my feet,from 1-10, when I stand it goes up to a 8 or 9, when i sit down it goes down to a 2-3,when I lay down it goes down to a 1, but when i stand up, it goes up to a 8-9, sometime it goes up to a 10. what is happening & what can I do, my neurologist said there is nothing else they can do. I am a veteran & need help, been lightheaded for almost 2 years every time I stand on my feet, it never goes away until I lay down in bed!
L., US veteran, North Carolina, USA, June 13, 2021

• Hi. Best wishes for all who post on here! I had a stent put in about 5 weeks ago. On so many meds I can't think of all the names. I'm 53 y/o male, out of control diabetes led to heart attack. Very weak, was doing ok, but now can't eat much before it comes up. Starting feeling dizzy when I got up in the middle of the night. Fell twice, but only remember once (wife told me). Was sweating, took BP which was 93/72. Blood sugar was 159. Not sure what is going on. Will call Dr in the morning.
Ray in CA, Fresno, California, USA, March 15, 2021

• I had one stent a month ago and two more a week ago Im still getting burning in my chest and pain between my shoulder blades This only starts up after I start walking maybe 1/8th a mile. Is this normal?
Richard, New Market, Louisiana, USA, February 18, 2021

• I am 45 years old. I get my stent in LAD on 05/30/2020 since I have chest pain, back pain, etc.. My lab troponin etc., always normal. EKG normal, sinus arrhythmia, or 1st degree AV Block. I can be riding my bike, but the chest pain never goes away. Very mild chest pain, but bothering me. I only take Brilint twice a day. I can't take any other medication because of allergic reactions. Blood pressure normal, but since the stent, I have a lower heart rate. The doctor is telling me because I am active. Any idea why I have mild chest pain under my left ribs as well as back pain?
MICHAEL FROM FLORIDA, Florida, USA, December 28, 2020

• I am 41 yr old male living in India. I had undergone Angioplasty in Dec 2017. 2 stents were put in LAD and LEX to OM. For 6 months everything was fine and I recovered well. Later I started getting Heartburn and acidity issues, which I mistook as cardiac issues and visited hospital couple of times but every time tests were normal. I was put on Antacids but not much improvement in fact with every such episode I started getting more worried and anxious. Now even after 1.5 yrs I am experiencing heart burn, pinching pain in chest, pain in shoulder traveling to left arm, burning sensation in left ribs etc. 2 months back I did Echo and TMT and those were normal. Any suggestions are welcome.
KG, Pune, India, September 22, 2019

• I had a stent put into my LAD artery on 8/1/19. I haven't had any pain but I do have a little indigestion. I just am not sure if it is due to the procedure or things I am eating. A lot of times it happens when I am exercising. I am in cardiac rehab now and have been doing well with my numbers I'm just not sure if I should worry about the indigestion.
Mo, Cape May Court House, New Jersey, USA, September 13, 2019

• Kay10 - The stent procedure (technically not surgery) shouldn't cause bloating, although perhaps the stomach pain is actually pain from the groin (femoral) puncture site, which even though it wasn't used, it was still performed. But stomach upset might be caused by the antiplatelet drugs required after stenting, namely clopidogrel (Plavix) or even aspirin. Definitely do not stop these drugs, because they help prevent blood clotting in the stent, but definitely talk to the cardiologist who did the procedure for advice.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 31, 2016

• My husband had a stent put in three days ago. They went through his left arm to get to a blockage in his right leg. They tried the groin and the calf before actually going through the arm. He is experiencing mild pain in stomach and he is very bloated in the stomach. Is this a side effect from the surgery?
Kay10, Maryland, USA, July 31, 2016

• Mildan - Patients report some chest aches/pains after stenting, which seem to recede over a few weeks. Have you discussed this with the interventional cardiologist who placed the stent? If not, give him/her a call because your cardiologist has all your records and would be the best person the judge what the cause might be. Be sure to mention how the pain goes away after taking nitro. And let us know how you make out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 31, 2016

• I had a stent in my heart 6 weeks ago. I get pain in back between my shoulders and in my chest in the same place. I am 87 years old and come from longevity. My mom was 97. Sometimes down my arm up to the elbow. The pain goes away after I take nitro after 5 minutes. Is this angina, acid reflux or gasteritis? Please help.
Mildan, Toms River, New Jersey, USA, July 31, 2016

• I had a heart attack in November 2015 and had a stent put in. I was doing great for 2 months and then about 3 weeks ago I started having edema in my feet, I had noticed my hands swollen since a month after my heart attack, but now I am having edema all over. Did an echo that looked great no CHF did ultrasound ? kidneys and that looked great. could it be one of my medications? I am on Plavix, Aspirin, atenolol, atorvastatin
Dorothy, Norridgewock, Maine, USA, February 25, 2016

• Fatigue for me was huge after my MI and cardiac arrest. Had a Stent placed and doing ok. I found a daily dose of Coq 10 helped with the fatigue. Beta blockers interfere with Coq production in the cells of the body, so I reasoned this might help. I still have rough days but participating in cardiac rehab and I am at the three month mark. Hope this is helpful to someone else.
Sophia L, Ohio, USA, February 19, 2016

• HAD heart attack, PTCA and one stent on 2nd January 2016. Taking all the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Feeling discomfort and not like previous life, feeling breathing trouble, sleeplessness. When would I go to my normal life? How could I make myself relief from these symptoms?
Sanjb, Durgapur, West Bengal, India, February 3, 2016

SouthLondonUK - Have you gotten any advice from your cardiologist on this? I'm a 35 year old male. My heart attack was November 15th 2014. I had a 100% in my LAD. I have all the same symptoms that you have. It can manifest on both sides of my chest, back and also in my wrists. They last seconds. I work out 6 days a week and feel zero symptoms during exercise. They come when I'm at total rest.
mplscycleco, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, February 13, 2015

• I believe your feedback was correct, although I think my husband is suffering from anxiety more than depression. He tells me he may very well never be the same again. Is this true? If not, how long does one typically feel anxiety or depression after a procedure? We were only married 3 months when he ended up in the hospital. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I really miss the man he was before the procedure. I'm trying very hard to understand more about this. Any guidance or education would be extremely helpful.
Harborgirl, Seattle, Washington, USA, February 11, 2015

• My partner had thigh and groin stent felt great while in hospital but has gone down hill since home as refuses to stop smoke and drink brandy in his cups of tea bottle every Cople days approx his leg will no longer bend properly and his brain is not as active as should be always talking about the past very concerned his doctors he tells them he's fine and not smoking or drinking he cannot walk far he's jewellery another appointment soon I am scared he will lose his leg and deteriorate further I have twins 182 rs and an 11 yr old daughter and one extremely moody man who is in denial and thinks he will be in work in a couple of weeks
Shell, housewife, Penmaenmawr, North Wales, UK, February 8, 2015

• Dec 2013 had A Mager heartache 100% block I was working the 2 days not feeling well I felt like I was going to die. Walked down to ER were I wwork first thing they say your ekg is fine. So they took another they sent me up to pcu. I was not even there for 5min they rushed me in and put stent in woke up in cvicu. Cardiovascular DR comes in and say you had a blockade 100%rt side. He was saying that there another 60 to65%On the top of the one that he fixes. After they moved me I been having a hard time with my breath notables get my breath. I ask is this normal after. My primary DR say I will as physicist. I was telling him this is not in my head. I having hard time with my breath he told me I was having a panic attack. I was trying to talk he say I wildly u some Zoloft I look at him like what just happen here. Now I still feel the same I get out of breath and still feel nauses haven't been able to walk far or do my daily work at home. Now it's 2015 of Feb. Please is there anyone out there that this is happening to.
Angie, Florida, USA, February 4, 2015

• I had angioplasty stent procedure done through radial vein on my right wrist. Everything went well except I am not sure why the lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen. The first time it was about 4-5 days after the procedure and it was both glands right and left side closer to my ears. That swelling lasted about 1-2 days. This time, five weeks after the procedure its more the glands under my right jaw only, closer to my tonsils, and the swelling will not go down now, it has lasted five days.
JohnTheHuman, Los Angeles, California, USA, February 1, 2015

• age is 25 yrs 6 months. On 25 january i had an heart attack with single vessel disease with 100% block but i am afraid of angioplasty and stents bcause it is so young now.plz tell if angioplasty not done or stents not placed what is the risk factors of my life and what will be the life with angioplasty n stents plz help i m afraid every other is normal no smoking ever no bad habbits and others blood tests normal like cholestrol sugar and bp too..will i lead a happy married life with or without angioplasty..plz suggest..i m confused...plz reply soon..
intzar, postal deptt, meerut uttar pradesh, INDIA, January 31, 2015

• Scared to death - Don't be. 600,000 stent procedures are done annually in the U.S. alone. Our Forum is one of the places where stent patients post issues they've had. While there are complications, adverse reactions to medications, etc., these are small in percentage. What you read here are usually the problems; people who have had none (in the high 90%tile) tend not to write in. So you are looking at a very skewed picture: a distillation of adverse events. The important question is whether or not a stent/angioplasty will be of benefit to you. And this is a discussion you should have with your cardiologist. Is there a significant blockage that is causing angina, reduced blood flow to the heart which in turn causes the heart to work harder? Are there alternate methods of treatment to try. For example, are you currently taking the proper medications, stopping smoking, changing diet, exercising -- all of these risk reduction strategies? However, if indicated, a stent can be very beneficial, can give you back a quality of life, and is usually not too big a deal. See our article on Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, for example. She's 81, received a stent on a Wednesday and was back on the bench on Monday! In any case, you are having a cath for diagnosis. Good luck and let us know how things turned out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 10, 2015

• WOW....i will be having a heart cath done on Monday to determine any blockage and if a stent will be needed. I am 45yrs old and after reading all these posts am really scared. I wonder if it is worth having done? Sounds like the symptoms after are way worse than the before. Does anybody have any positive comments about this procedure?
Scared to death, Clearlake, California, USA, January 10, 2015

• SouthLondonUK - as you may read in the posts on this topic, a number of patients experience a short period of discomfort after stenting. There are several theories about why this happens: stretching of the arterial wall, sudden increased blood flow, etc. But we always urge a patient to discuss these types of issues with his/her cardiologist. There is also the possibility of a GERD reaction. Clopiodgrel, or related drug, is a necessary antiplatelet medication to prevent clotting in the stent. One side-effect of these drugs is stomach irritation, which may manifest as "chest pain." Your doctor can prescribe a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) like pantoprazole if it's determined that's the problem.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 10, 2015

• I am a 49 year old male who had an anterior ST elevation MI and arrest 4 months ago. Clot in the LAD was removed and was fitted with 2 stents (3.5 X 15 Resolute Integrity at the proximal LAD, and overlapping 3.5 x 16 Promus Premier to the mid LAD) and my EF was 50% on discharge. Recovery has generally been great, cardio rehab circuit training was pushed hard with no side effects, doing 20 mile bike rides and playing rounds of golf with no difficulties at all. However, I have been plagued with a daily dull ache in left chest and accompanying pain in the back. It generally seems to happen late afternoon to early evening and can sometime be quite severe for an hour or two. GTN spray has no impact at all and this never comes on after doing physical activity, if anything it's after prolonged sitting at a desk or standing and preparing food. Because of this have ruled out Angina but have focussed on meds with GP and after reducing my Bisoprolol from 2.75 to 1.25 in the mornings it seemed to have stopped happening for a couple of weeks. Now however seems to be coming back and wondering if it could be stent related. Any thoughts great fully appreciated!
SouthLondonUK, London, UK, January 9, 2015

• Harborgirl - It's possible that some of the symptoms you describe might be associated with his depression. Depression is a well-known occurrence after a cardiac event. It's not the stent that's causing it, but the realization that you have a chronic disease. Unfortunately our health system is not very attuned to dealing with this very real adverse reaction. The mind-body connection is very real. Would like to think that his cardiologist could identify some resources for him. We are, of course, assuming that his doctor has checked and ruled out any possible clinical causes for his symptoms. Much has been written about heart disease and depression. A big step is just understanding that it's actually common, that he is not alone in this.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 8, 2015

• My husband had 2 stents put in 1 1/2 months ago. He's 47, and until then had never been sick, taken a pill, or even had a cavity. We are good eaters and exercise fairly intensely. They tell us it's genetics, but he's adopted so we do not know. His main symptom prior to the surgery was that he "just didn't feel right" and occasional shortness of breath. Since then, he is having a terrible time sleeping, feeling as if it is hard to breath when he lays down. This concerns me. I believe he is also dealing with some depression since this occurred, and he seems unable to think about much else. The Dr. says he is fine and will see him in 6 months. He just doesn't seem fine to me. Is this normal? The shortness of breath is worrisome.
Harborgirl, Seattle, Washington USA, January 4, 2015

• Devastated Daughter in UK - We are most sorry for your loss. It's obviously not possible to say what exactly occurred. Sounds like there were other issues with an infection, etc. that may have complicated your father's situation. Not sure what was meant about the "stent slipping" however. When a stent is placed, it is expanded by a high-pressure balloon and firmly pressed against the wall of the artery. It should not be able to move. As for the two stents placed after he collapsed, stents are used during a heart attack is to stop it from progressing. By opening the artery with a stent, the blood flow is usually restored. Antiplatelet medications like clopidogrel are also very important to keep the blood from clotting, especially in the month following an event or stent. It may be that too much damage already had occurred. Have you been able to talk more to the doctors who cared for him to help understand what happened?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 4, 2015

• Hi. My dad aged 68 passed away recently 2 days after having a stent fitted. He originally was admitted to hospital after suffering with a chest infection for a month and shortness of breath. He was investigated and was found to have narrowing of his artery . Due to he infection he was kept in for 5 days before the stent was fitted as his temperature was too high. He was discharged from hospital one day after the procedure and two days later collapsed at home . He was resuscitated and was in ICU for 3 weeks but never regained consciousness . We were told his stent had slipped and that he was unlucky! My dad had always been healthy and exercised regularly, he did smoke and drink but had never been really ill in his lifetime. His cardiologist fitted two more stents to his artery as soon as he had the fatal heart attack and I can't help but think if this was done originally would my father still be with us now. We are absolutely devastated and would like to know if anyone else has had anything similar happen to their loved one . I remember my father saying that during the stent procedure he felt like a burning wire was being inserted Into his veins, please comment xx devastated daughter
Devastated daughter, Worcester, England, January 2, 2015

• BeckyRN - Check out our Forumtopic on "Stent Allergy." If you are allergic to nickel, or other metals, it's possible you're having a reaction. Do you know specifically which stent you got. Boston Scientific makes one called the PROMUS Element, which has the lowest percentage of nickel of any stent. But metal allergies to stents is an area of much debate. Studies done show no effects where stents are concerned (the amount of metal in a stent is quite small). However, as you can see, a number of patients seem to feel they are suffering from this. An additional point is that in some individuals, neither bypass surgery nor PCI completely relieves angina. For these patients, specific anti-anginal drugs, such as Renaxa (renolazine) are sometimes helpful. Finally, coronary artery disease in women can take the form of microcirculatory narrowing, which cannot be addressed with stents. They can, however, be responsible for anginal pain. Perhaps you can find a cardiologist who specializes in women's heart disease.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 17, 2014

• I am a 49 year old RN. Had MI in Jan. 2014, 100% occlusion RCA, stented with Bos. Sci drug eluting stent. 2 weeks later, chest pain worsened and I was back in hospital with 100% occlusion of PDA-was occluded prior but nothing done. Since then I have had another cath-clean. Chest pain is non-stop. Doc doesn't know why nor seem to care. Meds: Brilinta, amlodipine, losartan, carvedilol, fluoxetine, glucophage, ASA, atorvastatin. All are new to me except fluoxetine. I am really over the pain, he wants me to go to ER each time I have it. They won't let me move in there, so that's not an option. I have talked to my coworkers and done exhaustive research--at a loss. Is it possible that I am sensitive to the eluted drug (everolimus) or the metal in the stent itself? (Previously had issues with orthopedic hardware). HELP
BeckyRN, Gainesville, Florida, USA, March 15, 2014

• Monika in Maine - He should really discuss this with his cardiologist. There could be many causes for this nausea. It's not normal, but may not be serious or long-lasting.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 10, 2014

• My husband had a stent put in, did not have a heart attack. Since he is home he is very weak and has a lot of nausea. Is that normal?
Monika, Bangor,Maine, USA, February 20, 2014

• my father age 87, gone through angioplasty on 1st July, 2013 with 3 stents in main artery (80% block) and 1 in other artery (70% block). 20 years back he had done angioplasty, which were successful and since then he is on Aspirin medication. He was discharged on 3rd July, since then he is feeling short on breath and when he gets up he gets black out, and he is feeling the sinking of heart feeling, discuss same with family Doctor as well as with Dr who done angioplasty, they suggested some test which all came okay, with all new report, his concern is why he is feeling sob and blackouts.. cause of that he is gone very low which i never seen him like this, that's why i try to search and find this informative site.. putting this query to get best of the answer from all the lovely people here.
feeling short breath and blackout after 3 stenting, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, July 14, 2013

• Dear Angioplasty.Org comment., tks for input. I had librax prescribe. by gastro 25 yr. ago, got down to only 2 of 4 prescribed, prior to this hospital procedure. I was not taking pain pills until my stomach blew up in unreasonable ways, and remained without help from heart doctor or gastro doctor or family doctor. I had a gastro doctor in 2009 do an acid test on my system and I am worst 5% of stomach acid generators., he suggested a surgical procedure. I went to surgeon, and could not agree to the surgery. So I take one or two randitidine 300 mg. each at night to treat acid reflux., And I was only taking one protonix 40 mg. each morning, now + 2nd one at lunch. I been on diabetic meds for 25 years, acid reflux meds 25 yr, and IBS meds 25 years. They all in balance and working on 4-22-2013 when I went to hospital, with chest pain. My only new meds leaving hospital is small pill of beta blocker, and to cut my diuretic by half (blood pressure) by rec. of heart doctor PA.staff,& I was not bloated prior to hospital visit, all working fine to handle the added acid with generic meds. I feel the procedure/added meds all too much burden on my system.
Jimmy, retired, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, July 9, 2013

• Jimmy in Tennessee - The symptoms you are describing don't sound like anything to do with the drug-eluting stent itself, but might possibly be reactions to some of the medications that normally get prescribed for cardiac patients, or perhaps some of the other meds you are on. For example, a side effect of Librax is constipation. Likewise for hydrocodone. And gastrointestinal upset is one of the more common side effects of clopidogrel (Plavix) and similar antiplatelet drugs. But do not stop taking clopidogrel; it's a very important drug to keep your blood from clotting inside the stent. The passing of the catheter, wires, stent, etc. from the femoral artery in the groin wouldn't have any impact on the digestive problems, etc. -- all of that work is done inside the arteries and circulation. The main complaint patients have is leg pain afterwards. The bloating and distension of your stomach might have to do with fluid retention, but we'd suggest sitting down and sorting out all these meds with your cardiologist, especially any non-prescription remedies you may be taking over-the-counter, and any pain meds you may have left over from a prior Rx. Maybe have your gastro doc consult with your cardiologist, if that's possible.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 9, 2013

• I had A DRUG emitting stent into my widow maker artery 4-23. ever since I got constipation, now improved a little with more fiber and steroid suppositories to shrink hemorrhoids, but I had distention and much bloating, with pain with stomach blown up like a basketball. I got pain on front and in my back, such sharp pain I save a few Hydrocodone pain pills from Dec. 2012 surgery, for night sleep. I get some pain relief from elec. heat pad to stomach and even more to my back. Why would I get such impacts? they went in by my groin, should they have done it from arm, and not go by the artery inside digestive system, and all within abdomen, even near pancreas, which feels like it hurts, whether its this , its substantial back and chest pain. I was wearing 38 to 40 waist and I have lost 15 pounds in this 2.5 months since Hosp. stay. Now I am wearing size 42 and suspenders, and it's still too tight on my stomach. I tried probiotics, seemed little value. I use two Protonix per day, and 3 generic librex [Librax?- Editor], yet got front and back pain gets worse as day goes on, and use narcotic pain pill in order to get sleep, while gastro Dr. considers more tests. Heart Dr only see gastro.
Jimmy, Retired, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, UA, July 9, 2013

• WorriedGal in Sacramento - Read our response to Chea below. And other posts as well, because many patients experience a short period of discomfort after stenting. There are several theories about why this happens: stretching of the arterial wall, sudden increased blood flow, etc. But we always urge a patient to discuss these types of issues with his/her cardiologist. Since your fiance actually experienced an infarction, it may be related to that. On the plus side, if he hadn't gotten timely angioplasty/stents and aspiration (vacuuming of blood clots) he most likely would have sustained damage to his heart muscle which would impair him for the rest of his life.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 23, 2013

• My fiance had 3 stents inserted in right artery, plus 2 blood clots sucked out. This was done 1 week ago. He still has chest pain that radiates to his left upper arm. He says the pain isn't as bad as when he had the heart attack, but it is annoying. I am so worried about him and I try not to panic when he tells me this. Does anyone know if this pain is normal and will it go away soon?
WorriedGal, Sacramento, California, USA, June 18, 2013

• Chea -- If you look through the posts in this topic, you'll see that a number of patients feel a kind of discomfort or dull pain after stenting. This has been documented and it's usually the body adjusting to the stent, the increase in blood flow, etc. There's also the possibility that your father is feeling some side effects from the medications, many of which he may not have been taking prior to his stenting. Certainly six stents is a large number, so he must have had a relatively long or mutlivessel blockage. But pain is not really a side effect of medications and, if this sensation continues, we'd recommend discussing this with his cardiologist, if only to allay your concerns.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 8, 2013

• My father just recently had 6 stents placed into his arteries. Has anyone felt hot flashes moving around different parts of the body, stiffness, or bruising sensations (soreness) in the chest. Or could that be a possible side effect from the medications? He is on Isosorbide Mononitrate, Metoprolol, Effient, Lipitor and Aspirin. I've been keeping my eye on him constantly and asking what he is feeling everyday. Everyday there is always a different sensation. It's quite inconsistent, even the soreness or minor chest pains he has been experiencing. I'm not quite sure what to make out of it. At rest he'll feel subtle soreness or subtle pains that last around 30 minutes in the whole entire day, on some days he'll feel nothing.
Chea, Virginia, USA, June 6, 2013

• Hi, my name is Mihaela, I am 43 years old and I am from Romania. On April 3rd I had two simple stents placed (LAD). One 80% and one 90% blocked. I was fine in the beginning. Now, after 1.5 month I feel pain in my chest, shoulders and arms. All my tests are fine, the doctor said that everything is fine and there is no reason for this pain. Any idea, please?
Mihaela, Bucharest, Romania, May 29, 2013

• My dad is 71 yrs old. He suffers from hypertension. Already had a bypass in 2003 and a pacemaker installed in 2010. The doctor told at that time he has some blocks but he can be operated later. Last year as he went for his regular check up he had some symptoms of breathlessness and chest pains. He had an angioplasty on 3 weeks back. He had two 100% blocks and one 99% block which was in the main artery. He was released after 4 days after the doctor did a check angiogram. He was under complete bed rest after that as he complained of chest pain and breathlessness even when he went for urinal and back to the bed. The doctor called him for diagnosis and did an echo and a mild treadmill test. His echo reports were not so bad but he failed to do the treadmill test. He was put to rest for 20 mins after the TMT . The doctor said he was surprised as the reports were ok. The doctor changed the medicine and asked us to visit in a week. We went to the doctor after a week with very mild improvement. Now the doctor has asked us to cone back in another week. But my father was far more active before the surgery and now we are worried if he can come back to his normal schedule or not ? Pls help.
Rai, Bangalore, India, May 28, 2013

• I find it interesting that not much is being discussed about prevention and reversal of heart disease, (only pharmaceuticals). I slashed my LDL dramatically by applying Dr. Esselstyn's no-fat diet, (the primary cause for heart disease). I recommend reading his book, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease." View his documentary on the subject: "Forks vs. Knives."
Jim G, Pinetop, Arizona, USA, May 19, 2013

• Monica -- What medications/dosages are you currently taking? Extreme fatigue may be a side effect of one or more of these (and some people are more sensitive to certain side effects than others).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 16, 2013

• I had 95% blockage and two stents placed. This was 7 weeks ago. My doc said recovery would be about 2/3 weeks but I am still so tired that i cannot do anything. A phone call can wipe me out. I had my meds changed last week and am still not recovering as quickly as I had hoped. Check up are all ok. How long, in reality, can recovery take? I am 55. I am getting very desperate with how this is making me feel but cannot seem to find any answers as to "real" recovery. Only normal recovery periods listed after the procedure which is less than one week! Please help! Desperate for REAL experiences!
Monica, San Diego, California, USA, May 10, 2013

• D.S. in South Carolina -- Since you've had another heart cath, we assume you've met with and discussed your problem with the interventional cardiologist who placed the stents. If not, you should. It's possible you may be suffering from post-procedure depression, which can have physicial manifestations. But it's also possible your drug regimen needs some adjustment although fatigue and lethargy are a relatively rare side effect of Plavix. Any other readers have similar reactions? If so, please post.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 8, 2013

• I'm a 45 year old diabetic female. On April 1st, I had two drug stents placed (LAD). One 80% and one 95% blocked. Prior to stents I was walking two miles a day in 35 minutes, 4 to 5 days week. Now I can hardly walk 1/2 a block. I get tired very easy, short of breath and tightness, pressure in my chest any time I do anything for more than a few minutes. The only new medicine that I am taking is Plavix 75mg. I went back to the ER two weeks after stent placement due to chest pain. Echo and another heart cath done and showed no problems. Blood pressure is fine. I'm very aggravated and discouraged to still be feeling so bad. What could be causing this?
D.S., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, May 5, 2013

• Rita -- Also check out the related topic of Allergic Reactions After Drug Eluting Stent (DES).

Caring daughter in Illinois -- Also check out the related topic of Complications from Femoral (Leg) Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 15, 2013

• My hubby had 1 stent inserted 7 weeks ago through the wrist ever since then he is so unwell suffered a reaction the same night the op was done by having lots of redness and swelling in his body and was given antihistamine. Since he is suffering extreme weakness nausea hit flushes and feeling very on edge all the time . Doctors are baffled as his blood work all comes back ok even though I had to call an ambulance the other day as I thought he was going to pass out looked very pale very sweaty and weak . They changed his blood thinner to a different one and giving anxiety tabs but I'm not sure that's the answer . Could his body be rejecting the stent ! Could the stent have moved out of place ? I don't know what to think anymore but he has no life at all its worse then before the procedure. Any one else experienced anything like this if so please share. Thank you.
Rita. D., London, United Kingdom, April 10, 2013

• I am 48 and just come up on the 1 year anniversary of my MI. I had a drug-eluting stent put in my LAD that was totally blocked. Family history of cardiac disease and my cholesterol was high for 3 years before MI. Was put on Plavix, Ramipril, Lipitor, Metoprolol, aspirin. Nausea from Plavix means I am also taking petraprozole. Had echo & two stress tests within 9 months of MI and cardios say no heart damage discernible. I have had no end of odd sensations - aches in my arm, side, shoulder, chest - had EKG and enzymes tested during these episodes and all normal. Found I was low in vitamin D a few weeks back so started supplementing and aches gone. But now I have muscle cramps all over upper body - just started three weeks ago. I had gone on Zocor from Lipitor because of aches but it was the vitD not the Lipitor, so now I'm off Zocor & back on Lipitor and who knows, maybe the Zocor was causing the cramps & one more week until perhaps it is flushed from my system. I can only say that the discomfort & pain during the MI was a cake walk compared to what I have been through since. Maybe things will brighten up in the near future...
Vince, British Columbia, Canada, April 9, 2013

• My father just had a stent placed in his right groin. He had severe bruising. He has had extreme swelling in his right lower leg and foot. No DVT's present, no gout, no cellulitis, the calf is extremely tight. VERY PAINFUL. We have seen 3 cardiologists, 4 vascular surgeons, 2 ER doctors and our PCP. The most recent Vascular surgeon thought compartment syndrome! But the swelling goes away with elevation when sleeping at night? HELP...WHAT CAN THIS BE? We need to get him well. He is suffering so badly. Thanks.
Caring Daughter, Ottawa, Illinois, USA, April 8, 2013

• I have had a stent placed on February 22, 2013 and one artery opened with angioplasty. My recovery was very fast and I had little problem with pain or breathing. It is over a month now and recently have noticed minor chest pain and shortness of breath when walking at a fast pace. Symptoms disappear as soon as I stop. I will be visiting my family doctor in a couple of days and intend to ask if this could be related to the Plavix and aspirin routine. Best decision I made was to have the procedure sooner than later. I also take other meds for blood pressure and heart murmur that may have some effect on my body when combined with other meds. Anyone else have the same problem?
Bob, Toronto, Canada, April 4, 2013

• TheBug321 in Missouri -- Just one point -- after stenting you really need to take antiplatelet meds (Plavix or equivalent and aspirin) to prevent blood clots inside the stent. You may not feel you need these drugs but they are very specific in what they do and are critical in preventing stent thrombosis, a potentially fatal event. As for other meds, every patients reacts differently to different drugs, different dosages. We recommend working with your doctor or finding a doctor who will work with you.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 4, 2013

• Doctors will overdose you with too many meds. I feel like %$#@*& taking all these meds all kinds of blood pressure, Plavix, digoxin, etc. I myself know my own body and how I feel so I am going to take what I think I need. I was put on hydralazine and had to energy was shaky could not motivate and told the Dr but it went in one ear and out the other. Finally I stopped it and felt much better. Another Dr said the hydralazine was too much for me to handle.
TheBug321, Stover, Missouri, USA, April 2, 2013

• Jo in Australia -- We would automatically think that your shortness of breath and tightness might be due to a compromised lung function from your two-plus-pack-a-day habit which (kudos to you!) you have kicked -- not an easy thing to do. But the lung function tests came back A-OK, so it's a bit of a mystery. The only thing to worry about is whether the stents might restenose. We assume you got drug-eluting stents and possibly the two stents were overlapped to cover the 30mm length of the blockage, although recently longer stents (34mm, 38mm, etc.) have been made available. So make sure to continue with your dual antiplatelet therapy (aspirin plus Plavix or equivalent) to prevent blood clotting in the stents, and do everything you can to reduce your risk factors (diet, exercise, medications, etc.) It is very possible that your heart muscle is still adjusting to the increased blood flow. It's also possible that the chest tightness and SOB is being amplified by your emotional stress -- PTSD is not unknown in heart patients -- in fact a major study of this was published last June in the Public Library of Science, "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Prevalence and Risk of Recurrence in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: A Meta-analytic Review." Possibly some cognitive behavioral therapy might help. Just be aware that you are definitely not alone in this.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 22, 2013

• I turned 40 just a few months ago and went to the Dr's 7 weeks ago with shortness of breath that had been lasting around 4 weeks thinking I would be getting an asthma preventor as I have suffered asthma on and off over many years. I had quit smoking around 8 weeks prior, had been 45 a day smoker, and was getting worse not better and ventolin wasn't helping as well as I thought it should. Next thing I knew I was in the local hospital then flown to the city to have 2 stents inserted the following day. I had a 3cm 99% blockage in the left anterior descending and even the cardiologists cant understand why I hadn't had a massive heart attack or why I was even still alive. I had 2 stents inserted and although the shortness of breath is a lot better I am still struggling to breathe and still feel quite unwell. I have had a lung function test and shows my lungs are functioning at 125% and chest X-rays all clear. I have also just been diagnosed with PTSD and put onto fluoxetine 20 mg. I take Plavix and aspirin and atorvastatin for the heart condition and I am also suffering low blood pressure. Why would I continue to get chest tightness and shortness of breath. Please help with advice if you can.
Jo, Australia, March 16, 2013

• Yvonne in Texas -- It is possible that you are experiencing a side effect of the dual antiplatelet therapy (Plavix or equivalent plus aspirin) which is known to irritate the stomach lining, causing "heartburn" and some gastric distress. Talk to your cardiologist about this, but don't stop taking your medications, since they are important to stay on until your cardiologist says it's okay to stop.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 11, 2013

• About 4 weeks ago a drug eluting stent was placed in my 95% blocked artery. The first week was great and now off and on I have minor chest pain and at least once a day I have a burning sensation in heart and breast area. Because of this I have developed extreme anxiety as I don't know what causes the discomforts. Has anybody experienced this? Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated!
Yvonne, Texas, USA, March 8, 2013

• Ram from Texas -- Seems that your problem is now stabilizing blood pressure, as well as reducing it. Getting the correct drug cocktail is the key here. Some drugs, like calcium channel blockers, have shown promise in stabilizing these hi-lo swings, while others, like beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin-2-receptor blockers tend to increase it. We don't think it's related to the stent, but we suggest continuing to work with your cardiologist to get this under control. By the way, you mention an "HCl drug", but that's just a part of the drug's name, meaning hydrochloride, so we're not sure from your post which drug he has added.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 6, 2013

• Over the past ten years I have had four angioplasty procedures done. Each time a stent has been placed in the artery. I have felt great after each of the first three procedures and was able to resume all my physical activities. I had my fourth angioplasty done a month ago but this time I am having problems with high blood pressure. Previously, I had never had problems with high blood pressure. My blood pressure is excellent in the morning but three hours after taking the blood pressure medication, my blood pressure goes down below 100. Later in the evening, my blood pressure goes up near the 190 range. I have already spoken with my cardiologist and he has added HCl medication to my blood pressure medication. However, I still am continuing having problems with my blood pressure going down and up during the day. Any suggestions why I am experiencing this with my blood pressure?
Ram from Texas, Brownsville, Texas, USA, March 4, 2013

• Squeaky in England -- How long ago was this new stent placed and what brand was it? Check out our Forum Topic Allergic Reactions After Drug Eluting Stent (DES) for more information and posts from patients on this issue. The type of reactions seen with drug-eluting stents were more pronounced in the early first-generation and they tended not to be the acute types of reactions that you describe. Also, the amount of drug released from these stents is relatively small and localized. Some patients who are extremely allergic to metal (nickel in particular) may experience some symptoms (see our Forum Topic on Metal (Nickel) Allergies to Stents). Also possible - your mother may be reacting to new medications, if there were any new ones prescribed. In any case, you should contact her cardiologist and describe these issues. Let us know the outcome.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 20, 2013

• My mum has had five stents fitted however has just had to have one more fitted again as one blocked, please forgive me for my lay terms, she is now experiencing ill health, her symptoms include shaking all over, especially her legs when she tries to stand up and breathlessness on exertion, I am feeling that she has an allergic reaction to the stents or the drug on them, is this normal and does anyone else have these symptoms?
Squeaky, England, February 20, 2013

• Questions in Cincinnati -- Certainly stress test results are important, although not 100% conclusive. Make sure during the doctor's appointment that you describe the nature of any pain, the fact that it comes on with activity and goes away when you stop. If you read through these posts, you'll see that some patients experience discomfort for a while after stenting -- it's not uncommon and often goes away after a while. Pain specific to physical activity is always of concern, which is why your doctor did the stress test -- wants to make sure that the stent was well-placed, that it isn't closing up, etc. If the pain is being caused by lack of blood flow, hopefully the stress test will indicate that. If there is concern about this, your cardiologist may feel that a follow-up angiogram is called for, to get a clearer look at what is going on. During that procedure, it may also be possible to address any problems and fix them. Also, read through our article You and Your Physician for some general tips on communicating with your doctor.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 11, 2013

• Six weeks after my husband's stent placement (90%) has had a couple of issues when exercising on treadmill. After 10 minutes some pressure in chest with pain down arm and jaw pain. When he stops, it goes away. During a tennis match, at the end of the match had to stop. couldn't catch breath. Went back to Dr with info Just did another stress test today, but doesn't see Dr until wed. Still has some jaw pain and complains of a "stabbing" in chest. Hasn't missed meds and hasn't done exercising until he sees Dr. What's going on? What questions should we be asking Dr.? Plan a vacation in 3 weeks!
questions with stent procedure, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, February 11, 2013

• Highland Mary in the UK - It's possible his gastric problems may be a reaction to the antiplatelet therapy (aspirin and Plavix) which is necessary to take after stent implantation (3-6 months for bare metal / a year or more for drug-eluting). First of all, these are extremely important medications to take, so don't stop taking them. Perhaps his doctor can prescribe some other drugs (like PPIs or H2 blockers) to ease the gastric problems.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 3, 2013

• hi there Highland Mary here can anyone help or experienced likewise hubby suffered heart attack 4 weeks ago had 3 stent implanted 2 weeks ago since then has been readmitted to emergency room once for sob [shortness of breath] says he feels build up of gas in his tummy feels nauseous and consequently has difficulty breathing visited doc 2 day he did chest x ray which was fine but he could not hear any sound at the right air entry gave him colpermin and sent him home any ideas?
Highland Mary, Western Isles, United Kingdom, January 31, 2013

• i have one sincere concern and a quick reply would benefit me.i am recently (a week back) after unstable angina attack medicated stented 56 years old for one 100% block-LAD, one 50% and one 40% block and i am on metoprolol (meto ER 50) morning and night (total of 100 mg as divided dose). my question is, i am a hypertensive candidate since 26 years of age for 25 years and betablock, a total of 40 mg(20 morning and evening) was always extremely enough dose. it is some how i could not reveal my doctor(cardiologist) on discharge as he was busy on that and another attendant came on that day for discharge. now should i inform him soon or 3 days after when my meet with him is due. is it no harm until then? also in the last 3 or 4 years my BP was 130/80 normally whether i take medicine or not since i have a happy living by gods' grace
Ramchand, Bangalore, India, January 27, 2013

• BubbaBobReferee in North Carolina -- Wondering if they used a device called the Rotablator? It is specifically used to "sand down" the calcium in an artery so that a balloon or stent can be inserted. However, since this was a "renowned clinic", we'd have to assume they tried this. If they were unable to pass a catheter because the plaque was so hard, the chances of plaque "loosening up" are probably pretty low.

And Kimberly in Ohio -- Sorry couldn't answer your question before your MD appointment, but you only gave us one day. In any case, you can read through some of the articles on our PatientCenter about communicating with your doctor. We wonder if some of your symptoms might be to new medications you're taking since the stent placement? Also you mentioned that after 3 weeks the meds didn't seem to be working -- we're not clear what that means. Do you mean you were having angina pains and they were not relieved?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 25, 2013

• I had a minor heart attack in Australia and Doctors have done a stent surgery. After I got discharge from the hospital I am getting some chest congestion and lump in throat sensation when ever I stand up. I am on regular medication (coplavix, atorvastatin, metoprolol) and I even stopped taking metoprolol on cardiologist advice and it had not helped me. It relieves when I lay down and relax. Cardiologists also checked my heart (echo, stress test) and said nothing related to heart. I even checked acid- reflux and no issue. Please let me know your advice.
Sam, Australia, January 22, 2013

• Have had (3) heart attacks. Had previously, stress tests, angiogram completed, but found nothing. After the 3rd heart attack. Had a catheterization performed, and had a 70% blockage in the LAD, and 90% in the diagonal branch. Cardiologist, mentioned that he only wanted to treat me with medication, to see if that would solve the problem. Disagreed with wanting stent placement. Said, I would have more problems. Meds didn't seem to be working. Had appointment, stating would like to have this stent placed. He again, was disappointed with my decision. The 90% blockage, in the diagonal branch which was 90% blocked was not able to be performed due to the artery being too small. Waited (3) weeks, meds didn't seem to be working. Had stent placement in the LAD. Right after surgery, have been experiencing heart spasms on left side, with heavy blood throbbing feelings, with flutter sensations, and quite cold with these feelings, and light headedness and feelings of passing out. Appointment is Tuesday. January 21, 2013. Did I do the right thing, by having this stent placement. Feeling somewhat disappointed now. Has been (3) months since stent placement. What ? should be asked to DR.
Kimberly in Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, USA, January 20, 2013

• I recently had unsuccessful stent surgery where the team of Dr's at a renowned clinic in the US was not able to insert a balloon and stent because of the hardness of the blockage and calcification. They tried for almost 2.5 hrs unsuccessfully. The artery is 85% blocked but supported by collaterals and the bypassed arteries from 5 years ago are all good. Question: Precautions I should think about after having people in my chest and heart possibly loosening up plaque without putting the stents in?
BubbaBobReferee, North Carolina, USA, January 14, 2013

• E.R. in Canada -- A stress test may be able to give an indication whether there's a problem with the circulation; also possibly in some locations, a Cardiac CT (non-invasive). If not, your cardiologist may adjust your drug regimen, or prescribe a PPI to help with stomach issues. Unless your ECG is showing problems, most cardiologists would like to avoid subjecting their patients to another angiogram.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 14, 2013

• How does a cardiologist differentiate six week post stent, indigestion from statin drug side-effects, from chest pain mimicking angina so another angiogram is avoided?
E.R., Canada, January 13, 2013

• My father-in-law had a stent. his hemoglobin was low before the procedure at 9 then dropped to 7 the next day. his top blood pressure dropped to the 90's. He felt bad for several days. They gave him fluids and Sudafed pills, no blood. Seems strange doesn't it?
pjh, Texas, USA, December 21, 2012

• Xavier -- if you are concerned, you should call your cardiologist. You are about 6 months out from your bare metal stent. If it going to reblock (restenosis or what you refer to as "scar-up") this is about the time period in which that might happen. We're not saying that's what it is, but no harm in checking it out if you're feeling discomfort that's new.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 5, 2012

• I had a bare-metal stent P-LAD in May 2012; no heart damage. I was 53, now 54. Post-surgery pain subsided as Dr's indicated it may. Taking my meds daily - Plavix, aspirin, Lisinopril, Simvastatin. Now, experiencing another chest tightness, not hard, just worrisome - used my first NG tablet since procedure, but not sure. Life causes anxiety; scheduled cardiac rehab; walking has been sporadic - 1-3x4 miles per week. Tightness wasn't 'difficult/hard' the first time around so it's hard to be sure there is anything to this mild discomfort. Have never experienced radiated (related) pain to the rest of the body. Hate to run to the ER with nothing but a 'feeling' - may go anyway. With these drugs, during an episode, is it likely my HR would spike - or is it likely to remain low? Would that indicate HA or at least difficulty? Could stent scar-up and be causing this?
Xavier, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, November 28, 2012

• Please advise if there a difference between Nitrostat .4mg tabs and Nitrolingual Pumpspray 400mcg? Thank you!
Merri, Florida, USA, November 21, 2012

• Our 26 year old male friend in NH post MI and two bare stent placements 10/30/11 still having periodic chest pain significant enough for ER visit.
Penny, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA, October 29, 2012

• I'm a 56 year old male and just had one stent put in about 2 months ago. I've had more days than not with chest twinges but no real chest pains but these twinges are persistent throughout the day. I started cardio rehab a couple of week ago and was progressing nicely. Today prior to moving to phase III, I experienced jaw pain as I started my 6 minute walk and they immediately shut down my rehab until I see my cardiologist. The jaw pain subsided after rest, so I assume it was a case of angina. Is this common after stenting and does anyone know the cause(s) of this?
JR'S 1st Stent, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, October 22, 2012

• Major B -- Smoking any number of cigarettes increases your risk factor for heart disease. One pack a day is quite a bit. Perhaps your cardiologist can help you by prescribing a nicotine patch or other smoking cessation aid. The Xience is a drug-eluting stent. The recommended period for dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) which is aspirin and Plavix (or similar) is one year. But you are probably on other drugs as well, so your cardiologist should be your guide here. Good luck.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 15, 2012

• I am 42 years of age and I had my angioplasty done on 10th Sep 2012. I have one stent placed in my artery. I had a severe pain in my left upper chest and went to hospital; the stent was placed on the date mentioned above. I was a chain smoker and used to smoke almost 40 cigarettes a day. After the placement of one stent I have reduced the smoking to around 20 per day. I have no problem now, my arteries are clear and I have no chest pain at all. I still not able to start an exercise plan which I hope to start within a week. I tried to quit smoking but failed miserably. I started drinking excessive lemon juice on daily basis. Question I need to ask here is after the stent HOW MANY CIGARETTES can I smoke in day if I am unable to quit it. Furthermore; for how long I have to take the drugs on daily basis with the stent as my stent is Xience Prime 2012 model stent. I am from PAKISTAN and a serving military officer. Thanks.
Major B., Rawalpindi, Pakistan, October 11, 2012

• Kirmani -- Obviously, your dad needs to make some serious lifestyle changes in terms of drug/alcohol/smoking (smoking is probably the worst of these offenses for heart disease). As for the pain in his arm, sounds like he's having a complication from the radial (wrist) approach. We have a Forum Topic on radial angioplasty and also an entire section of our site on Transradial Access.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 10, 2012

• Hello sir, my dad had a mild heart attack few days ago, he is fine with one stent now and stent was injected in his heart through his arm thus his arm hurts very badly all the way till shoulder 24/7, he is 57 and for your info he is strong opium addict, a chain smoker and used to be a regular alcohol drinker. What should he do? He has appointment with doc of Thursday but he says his pain is so intense and he can't wait till then that's why I'm discussing his prob here so you might help. Thanks !
Kirmani, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, October 7, 2012

• On June 16th, I had three stents put in my right artery from a heart attack. Been on Atenolol for blood pressure, Simvastatin for cholesterol. I was allergic to generic Plavix, bad experience. They plan on putting me on Effient. I’m scared to death of another experience like I had with the former. I’ve had extreme depression, very tired, sleeping long hours, dizziness at times, trouble sleeping, and no blood tests and no seeing a doctor even after I went to the hospital with back pain two months after the heart attack. The doctor at the emergency room said I should see my cardiologist within three days. I tried to make an appointment and they said the earliest I could see them was two months. Maybe if I take this Effient it can end it all.
MGL, Caldwell, Idaho, USA, October 5, 2012

• Controlling modifiable risk factors (weight, exercise, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) is the most important thing patients can do after stenting. Stents don't cure the disease, but they can "reset" your clinical status and reduce symptoms. There are charts and studies about "life expectancy" but these are all population level data. What an individual's chances are depend on that individual's behavior and genetics.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 29, 2012

• I'm 35 and few days ago I had a Mild attack, did my angioplasty Immediately after that. There's one stent in one of my artery. Though, I was not a chain smoker but still I had quit smoking some 3 yrs ago and I'm not a regular alcoholic. My cholesterol was high which was the main cause for my disease, complimented with my food habits. I'm not over weight in fact a little under weight I'm athletic a regular trekker and for past few months a regular swimmer. I'm not so sure about my life expectancy which is bothering me. Will I have a normal life ahead.
Tara S., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, September 28, 2012

• mrp56 in Utah -- read over our Forum Topic on Complications from Femoral (Leg) Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty. Is the pain new, or have you felt it since the procedure?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 27, 2012

• I am a 56 year old male that had two stents and an angioplasty about nine months ago for nearly 100% blockage. Since then have had no chest pain and feel good, exercise regularly, and have lost 40#, with about 20 to go. My problem is severe leg aches in the leg the angioplasty was done, especially at night if I lay in one position. Don't know if I should be concerned?
mrp56, Ogden, Utah, USA, September 26, 2012

• Rua in New Zealand -- not sure what adventitial injury would be, and find it hard to think that your stent is vibrating with loud noises, but you're clearly having some type of reaction. Could it be a metal allergy? Check out our Forum Topic on Metal Allergies.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 15, 2012

• Four years ago I had a stent placed, then 4 months later two further stents. My problem is this: At the time they placed the first stent I felt extreme pain out between my shoulder-blades. A gnawing sensation persists to this day. Flare-up pain is caused by any activity. I cannot lift more than 2kgs. My stent is vibrated by loud noise. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome. I take morphine (30mg) morning and night, and Sevredol (10mg) throughout the day as required. I cannot wash my hair, brush my teeth, or perform any daily activities without getting flare-up pain. Why do I have this pain? Sometimes it is so bad that I vomit. Will it ever go away?I suspect that the stent has caused adventitial injury, but my Cardiologist refuses to comment on this. Please help me understand.
Rua, Otago, South Island, New Zealand, September 15, 2012

• Mylene -- Post stent pain starts after the procedure and then wanes. Getting pains 3-6 months after the procedure might be nothing important, but it also may signal that the stent(s) are getting reblocked. Your husband should check in with his cardiologist and discuss his symptoms.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 15, 2012

• My husband had angioplasty with 3 stents last June. Medication has been religiously followed. However, he has been experiencing chest pain for the last 3 days since we started on a diet (to reduce weight) which we do with regular walking exercises (at least 20mins of brisk walking). The pain is not the same as pre-angioplasty pain but is not worry-free since the pain is consistent. Is it normal for this to occur 3 months after the procedure? your forum is very helpful. thanks.
Mylene of the Philippines, Philippines, September 14, 2012

• 12 Feb 2012 major heart attack with 100% blockage in Coronary artery, 80% circumflex and 80% LAD. Complete heart block. Balloon angioplasty and 3 drug eluting stents inserted. Dual anti platelets Aspirin and prasugrel, metoprolol, Ramipril, Lipitor, Anginine. Great for 4 months although did suffer from that so called non existent stent pain occasionally. After 4 months started to feel tired and at 5 months angina started. At same time diagnosed with endometrial cancer so thought that was the cause of new symptoms. Booked for a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago but ended up having emergency heart surgery on the day rather than hysterectomy. CABG X 5 (5 grafts) received due to 2 stents at 90% blockage and a new blockage in coronary artery. I am only one of 2% of people who reject their stents! Now in recovery from heart surgery and awaiting hysterectomy in a few weeks. Age 39. If you don't feel right get checked until you are satisfied.
Mel, Wollongong, Australia , September 11, 2012

• PK of India and Dipu of Bangladesh -- Your questions are common one and have been answered previously. In short, it definitely is not recommended to monitor your stent with an angiogram; and many patients have these symptoms immediately after stenting, sometimes for a few months, as the body adjusts and heals
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 10, 2012

• Myself male age 44yrs, had CAD DISTAL LEFT MAIN 70% , PDA -PROXIMAL STENOSIS , Undergone PTCA + 2 STENTs six month ago, Is it required to go ANGIOGRAM Test again to see the development of STENTING ??,
PK INDIA, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 10, 2012

• I am 40 years, had a heart attack in left anterior wall descending on 3 Aug. and admitted to hospital for angiogram and had angioplasty with 3 stents in LAD, LCX and RCA on 11 Aug.. All of them were 80/90 % blocked. its been a month i have been taking rest home and feeling many kind of discomfort in chest, shortness of breath and chest pain whenever i make a physical act. how long i have to wait to be a regular working person again and can be able to do some exercise?
Dipu, Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 9, 2012

• Marcela in Washington -- We do not give medical advice in place of a doctor's. Your questions are very specific, which is why you should ask them of your cardiologist, preferably the one who did your procedure.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 8, 2012

• Hi, I was born with coarctation of the aorta, but it was found until early this year. I'm 31 years old and over a month ago I got a stent for opening my aorta from .8mm to 17mm. My BP has normalized, but I'm still getting some chest pain or shortness of breath when walking fast, in a hill, stairs, etc. I had one MRA and everything looks good with the stent, so, after reading the previous posts, I guess my body is just adjusting to the stent (maybe nerves?). Also, I've experiencing some discomfort in the leg (pain and some kind of cracking) when I walk... have you seen this type of discomfort before? Even with these symptoms, I was wondering if doing some exercise (running) could be dangerous or if it is ok, also... If getting pregnant can be a good/bad idea for now. Hope you can help and give me your advice from the cases you've seen. Thanks!
Marcela, Washington, USA, September 8, 2012

• R.E. in San Pablo -- We would recommend seeing your cardiologist who might be able to pin this down with some further testing.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 7, 2012

• I was always in good shape I had good diet workout 3x a week weight trained and I also was a 3 to 4 times a week swimmer. Then all of sudden I had a heart attack 1 stent inserted Sept. 20 2011 I take all of my meds consistently but lately I've been experiencing some discomfort in my chest, Why,, I started walking 4x a week usually I put in about a hour am I doing too much. I've change my diet and my stress level is better than before I shouldn't be experiencing any pain what's wrong with me I'm 49 needing some answer can anybody help me.
R.E, San Pablo, California, USA, August 29, 2012

• Judy in Vermont -- possibly drug reactions? Plavix can cause these types of reactions, but don't change your meds without discussing with your doctor.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 28, 2012

• I had a stent placed in the LAD artery 3 weeks ago. They said that was the only blockage and had "mild" artery disease otherwise. I have been feeling somewhat light-headed and dizzy off and on ever since, but no chest pain or pressure. Only meds are Plavix a a full-strength aspirin. I've been trying to do moderate exercise - walking. Yesterday after the longest walk yet - about 40 minutes - I felt fine but a few hours later experienced nausea and vomiting for a short while. Today I felt tired but otherwise ok. Is this normal after a stent?
Judy, Rutland, Vermont, USA, August 24, 2012

• Rehab is very important for all heart patients -- that's been proven in a number of studies. Did you ask why he/she wasn't prescribing?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 23, 2012

• Is there any reason that a doctor would NOT prescribe cardiac rehab after stent and mild heart attack?
BG, Manchester, Tennessee, USA, August 22, 2012

• Had 6 Stents placed in my heart, the main artery was 85% blocked 2 other arteries 80% blocked. The stents were done on February 22, 2012 was released from the hospital on Feb 24, 2012. Saturday Feb 25 got up walked about 600 to 800 and had a heart attack admitted to the hospital, had another heart attack the next day in the hospital. Monday had another cath and the surgeon had to add 2 more stents because 2 stents collapsed. I might have been pain free 10 days since February 26th, went back to my cardiologists and they tried pain management I am presently on 16 medications, 3 are for my diabetes. I have had no quality of life since the stents was placed. Decided to go for a second opinion on August 7th had another cath on August 14th and had additional stents inserted because my body rejected the MEDICATED STENTS that were placed on Feb 22, 2012 So, so discouraged. When I first went into the hospital on Dec 15th, nothing showed on the EKG or the stress tests it wasn't until Feb 15, 2012 when the initial caths were done that the Dr found the main artery 85% and 2 other arteries 80% blocked.
Louann S, New Jersey, USA, August 21, 2012

• Shirl and others- read over our Forum Topic on Complications from Femoral (Leg) Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty. We're glad, and surely you are as well, that angioplasty prevented the damage to your heart, and a life-long disability.The complication in your case was an access site hematoma, and a painful one. Hopefully this will dissipate. These types of complications are a main reason why we at Angioplasty.Org are trying to spread the word about the transradial approach, where the catheter access is in the wrist through the radial artery instead of the groin/leg.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 20, 2012

• I had a heart attack Aug. 10th. I was immediately taken to cath lab & stent put in I ha 100% blockage & some with 40%. I got there in time. no damage to my heart but have huge Hematoma. Can't lift my right leg about inch w/out severe pain. I was told to put hot packs on it. is this normal. They did do a ultrasound on my leg. It is almost impossible to get up out of a chair or bed.
Shirl, Tuckerman, Arkansas, USA, August 16, 2012

• I had a XIENCE Nano 2.5 24mn stent placed in early June 2012 .. I had a Taxus stent placed in 2004 .. with both stent placements I have had discomfort my first Dr said it was because I have small arteries "Micro-Vascular" and it would slowly improve as I adjusted to the stent .. which I did .. However this time when they placed this new stent (both in my (LAD) I have been ill since the day they placed it with a 10 day stay in the hospital at the time of placement due to severe abdominal pain and nausea .. 10 weeks later I am still ill and very fatigued .. I saw my Hematologist today who was stunned .. I have Porphyria dual Dx with AIP and EPP .. he did a quick research to find the medication Everolimus which the stent delivers is a cytoP450 trigger meaning this medication should never be used with porphyrics .. I am a brittle porphyric and it is all over my hospital charts yet the cardiologist never bothered to check it out .. I had two Heart Caths in 2 days not easy for one who is allergic to the dye and the prednisone pre-meds .. Just a note porphyrics beware of this stent .. My Dr. is currently trying to find out if anything can be done other monthly doses of hematin .. sigh ..
Catawren, Melbourne, Florida, USA, August 14, 2012

• I had a Resolute stent placed on June 20th and felt very good for an entire month. Suddenly I wake up with pressure and pain in my chest. The entire day was uncomfortable and painful, so decided something was wrong and went to the ER. No answers were given as to why I was having pain again after a month pain-free. They just watched me for a day and then I went home and continued with the pain and pressure, sometimes very painful. Saw my cardio doc and he did a treadmill stress test and he says the pain is not from the heart but by the intercostal muscle. My primary care doc says that it could not be since there is not pain when he pushes on my chest. I think it is from the heart and still have pain on exertion and no exertion. When I lay down it occurs also so makes sleeping laying down difficult. Something is wrong but have no answers. I understand that this can occur right after stent placement, but to suddenly appear one month after?
Joyce, Tucson, Arizona, USA, August 5, 2012

• My wife had 3 stents inserted into the main artery of her right thigh about 3 1/2 days ago and has not been able to stand on it or walk without crutches. She had almost 100% blockage of the artery (approx 8-10 inches in length). They actually did 2 angioplasty procedures, first one cleared about half of the blockage from top down back on 7/10 and stopped there because of concerns for safety having taking 3 hours. For the second one they went in behind the knee (approx 3 inches below the bend) and went from the bottom to top and cleared the remaining blockage at which time they inserted the stents. She is/has been continually in pain in the thigh area where the stents are and has chest pains (she says in the lung area). She is on reg aspirin and blood thinner meds. Doctor said they did a lot of work both times on that leg (laser, ballooning, etc.) and said it could be upwards of a week or two with these conditions. She went back to the doctor the next day and they did a sonogram up and down her leg and said it was OK, no clots, pulse was good and foot is finally warm. Is this normal/to be expected, she is maintaining a positive outlook, I seem to be the concerned one.
Tim, Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA, August 5, 2012

• Heart attack May 22nd. One stent. Slight pressure discomfort on chest wall since. Doing cardio rehab and yoga can walk on treadmill at 3.8. Can do pushups, crunches etc. all without discomfort or breathlessness. Two nitro's do not make a difference in the discomfort. Feel good otherwise but do have rib and spinal arthritis and wondering if the feeling is from that or is it the "stretching," of the arterial wall? I felt good before and after the heart attack. Have exercised moderately for over 25 years and I am in my seventies.
Jeanne, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, USA, August 4, 2012

• JMartin2Jax - read over our Forum Topic on Complications from Femoral (Leg) Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 4, 2012

• Help? My dad had 80% blockage in an artery somewhere in his lower abdomen that was causing him problems walking and pain in his legs. 3 months ago they went into his groin and inserted the stent. His surgeon says everything is fine, however it's not. He has a huge mass at the incision site, extreme pain in his legs worse than before the procedure and also appears to be losing size in the side of the leg they entered in. Doctor gave him 90 days of loritabs...Is that common? 180 pills for a simple stent procedure?
JMARTIN2JAX, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, August 4, 2012

• I had a stent (#5) put in right coronary artery one week ago. After 6 hrs. they removed the 2 catheters and my b/p went from 160/80 to 52/60 or something really low like that. They gave me meds, tilted bed and gave me bolis (don't know that one). I was so close to passing out I could not talk. It lasted 3 or so min. and then ok. Now a week later I still feel the same as before I got the stent (97% blockage). Could it have collapsed?
April Y., Houston, Texas, USA, August 2, 2012

• Chelsie -- We would highly recommend that you make sure the cardiologist who did the angioplasty knows about this most recent issue. And we're sorry to hear that the ER did not initially diagnose the problem -- this is a big issue in emergency medicine and there's not inconsiderable controversy about how to triage patients with chest pain and shortness of breath.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 29, 2012

• My dad, 54 years old had three small attacks in Jan 2010. He had two stents inserted at that time. Now he was admitted to the ER for the second time this week with shortness of breath and heartburn. After some runaround and persistence on our part (his family) he was seen by a cardiologist who determined that we actually knew what we were talking about and sent him for angioplasty. They found another blockage that was at 80% and put a stent in. He was released from the CCU this am and had a quiet day at home. Now he has been readmitted to the ER with abdominal pain bad enough that an ambulance was called. Any ideas on what could be happening? Soooooo tired of the run around.
Chelsie, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, July 28, 2012

• Kenny Cee in Pennsylvania -- You have a complex situation with several things going on simultaneous. Your weight gain could definitely be affecting your energy level, and certainly COPD does, limiting your oxygen. Curious as to how long ago you stopped smoking and wondering of the weight gain happened since (this is not uncommon). It would be great if, as part of the cardiac rehab, you could figure out how to lose this extra weight -- not an easy task. And, of course, exercise can actually help invigorate you, as opposed to tire you out. Another thought is your medication regimen -- are you taking other meds as well? Maybe Tekturna is causing the fatigue and a different blood pressure drug might be better. Also curious as to why you stopped Effient at 8 months; recommendations are for one-year, unless you are suffering side-effects.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 28, 2012

• I am 9 months post 2 right coronary stents. I had 99% blockage and 95% blockage. I am on Tekturna 150 mg. 1x per day and aspirin. Took Effient for 8 months after the stents. I am very fatigued all the time. I just want to lay down and rest. I just completed phase II cardiac rehab and will start phase III in two weeks. I had a stress test and other tests in 5 months ago and they were all fine. Why am I so darn tired all of the time. Since the mild heart attack and receiving stents I feel worse than before this all started. I am 59, former smoker, and have gained about 25 additional pounds since getting the stents. I have also been diagnosed with COPD. Again why am I so tired? My cardiologist feels that everything is fine-I don't.
Kenny Cee, Clairton, Pennsylvania, USA, July 27, 2012

• Note to all posters in this topic: If you read through some of the over-800 posts in this topic, you'll find that a number of patients report some kind of pain or discomfort immediately after stenting. Remembering that the posters here are but a small percentage of the total stent patients, still the discomfort is real. You will also note that a number of patients write in that the pain does go away after time. Post-stent pain is a known phenomenon -- it is thought that the body is adjusting to the stent, or that there is some stretching of the arterial wall, which triggers this. Also, some pain can be caused by anxiety, only natural after any such procedure. We cannot give medical advice in place of a healthcare professional but, if the pain seems significant or if you are concerned IN ANY WAY, call your cardiologist and get his/her advice.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 24, 2012

• i am male 54 on Jan 14 heart attack on test of stress echo they put one stent and in Jan 14 another stent in other arteries but after 2 stent i am not feeling well at all, chest heaviness is new problem but Dr says it is not due to stent which they insert. i was feeling well before this angioplasty Dr now again asking for another angiography for checking the stent which they insert. what they did i don't know but i am not feeling well always pressure in my chest and it trigger after any tension about this health condition can somebody help me i am taking all the medicine they prescribed clavix.ecosprin.atorvastin and other blood pressure medicine also. my blood pressure high from the last 10 year ITS RANGE IS 150/100 WITH MEDICINE CAN IT DUE TO ANY MISTAKE BY THE DR AT THE TIME OF ANGIOPLASTY ONE THING MORE WHEN THEY INSERTING THE STENT I FEEL SOME SOUND DHAK DHAK TOO AND ALSO CHANGES IN PULSE SOUND ON MACHINE I HEAR
not feeling well after angioplasty, self employ, Delhi,India July 24, 2012

• I hate total LAD blockage in September and was written off, I found a cardiologist willing to help me. Basically my husband who loves me states emphatically that this is all my fault and that I SHOULD HAVE done MORE EXERCISE with HIM 24/7 and when I try to tell him to shut UP and listen he gets very angry and is telling my family that it is because of my "laziness" that I am sick. Yes I AM a therapist and I got a LOT of work done and tx in my old hospital. Now that I am clinic bound (FOR MY HEALTH) and getting weaker there is NOTHING I can do besides accept and work with it. I had breathing tests last week, they were not good. Forcing me to go down and walk etc when I shaking with fatigue and sweat about to have g-d forbid ANOTHER HA is NOT REALISTIC. I know that John is scared and adores me and feeds me right but I cannot eat much, I have no appetitive and my body is compromised due to the problems caused by the botched surgeries in VA 1998 - 2001. I am devastated and yes I hurt a LOT to think that people who love me and who respect me are now saying I am LAZY and stubborn re my exercise; I just want to be me again, I am 58 and slim and it's congenital.
sandyzk12, HHC, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, July 23, 2012

• my mother had 4 stents put in her heart. now also ,once in a while she tells me that she got some pain which went away on taking nitrostat. should i plan to take her to the E.R or is it normal to get such pain sometimes which is relieved by nitrostat
by chance, Cooper City, Florida, USA, July 14, 2012

• hello, my dad 58 years old had two balloons and a stent added 3 days ago with 75% blockage,he complains of heart burn just after two days, every time he eats he suddenly develops pain in his chest (more to left side) along with shortness of breath he is also gone very pale,he's on statins and aspirin 85,he is also diabetic type II,and HTN, his meds are regular and fat free diet, how i help relieve the heart pain? it's squeezing and burn sensation.
Sadaf, pharmacist, Pakistan, July 12, 2012

• HI, This is Jack, on 30 May 2012, i had an heart attack and doctor dropped the 2 stunts [stents] in my heart but after one month i have still feel pain in my right arm and back. plz let me know that this is normal pain or there is any serious problem. I am waiting for your response.
Jack, Delhi hospital, India, July 6, 2012

• Steveb in Washington State -- you might want to get an evaluation from your cardiologist. We can't advise you one way or the other, but you are four months out and you want to make sure that this is not due to any reblocking or restenosis of the stent. We assume you' ve been complient with your medications and taken other steps to reduce risk factors. Is this pain the same as you felt before the stent?

And Barry in South Carolina -- statins (of which Crestor is one) actually have the opposite effect -- they can help prevent the progression of coronary artery disease. Check out our topic on Exercise After Stenting to see what others are doing. But you should talk to your cardiologist about any exercise, or activity increase, to make sure you do it in a reasonable fashion, and within your capacity. But, yes -- if you've not suffered damage, there's no reason why you can't resume your previous level of activity.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 3, 2012

• In March 2012 I had a stent implanted in my left descending vent. This came from chest pain that felt like tightness in pectoralis muscles while working out on elliptical machine. Now June, I feel muscular pain in my left pectoralis muscle that goes up my neck to ear. It is difficult to lift with left arm. Is this muscular pain due to heart disease? I still want to work out at the gym and swim, but my arm is making this difficult. Please advise.
steveb, Brush Prairie, Washington, USA, June 20, 2012

• Hello, I'm 48 with 3 stents, little damage done. I read where Pravastatin, Crestor and the likes of cause blockages later on. I know I can't do the same thing's (like cut grass,etc) I use to a month later. Coreg?, Plavix, Pravastatin. Any thoughts? I was told I'm about good as new and go back to what I want to do. In my mind cause of anxiety?
Barry, Aiken, South Carolina, USA, June 19, 2012

• had a stent put in April 2012-third one-also on pacemaker-felt a little better but now an feeling very tired and have no energy-cardiologist says not due to meds-am on Plavix and aspirin. Am i expecting too much too soon?
tony d, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, USA, June 12, 2012

• My dad,46, had a severe heart attack and they found 100% blockage in an artery. They placed 2 stents. He also has 60% blockage in another. He's been home for two days now and said he feels major numbness in his left arm if he even lays on it a little and some numbness in the right arm. He has chest pain every couple hours and he has absolutely no energy. He said he feels like he can't even walk to the bathroom.
tmoore304, Elkins, West Virginia, USA, June 5, 2012

• EP Hobbs in Canada -- not sure that your stents "collapsed". More likely, they reblocked. After stent placement it's very important to stay on the prescribed meds, especially Plavix and aspirin which prevent blood clots from forming inside the stent. Your doctor can give you something to deal with the gastric irritation from the aspirin and Plavix, but these drugs are very important. We assume you are doing everything you can to reduce your risk factors (stopping smoking, changing diet, losing weight, etc.)
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 5, 2012

• Hi i had mild heart attack two yrs ago, had four stents placed and three weeks later they collapsed but done good until may of 2012 had another heart attack and had another 2 stents placed in my LAD the circumflex is 100% blocked, doc said he couldn't do anything for that artery, which had 4 stents previous. the new stenting gave me no pain until the 4th day then I started having discomfort but I believe its from the aspirin, had to get off it before because of discomfort in chest, but Dr. says if i don't take it and the Plavix my stent will collapse again.
EP Hobbs, Caledon, Ontario, Canada, June 4, 2012

• My dad had a stent input about 5 months ago....he doesn't have pain in his chest anymore but when he does hovering, washes car or walks he tends to get shortness of breath. What could the reason for this be? is there anything to worry about? also he is going on holiday in a few days any advice? thank you in advance :)
heartofhearts, London, England, May 27, 2012

• -2attackgirl. First I think it is odd you had undiscovered blockages that caused yet another heart attack only 3 months after the first. Surely they didn't develop that rapidly after only 3 months? Maybe they simply missed these and now you can recover with all arteries stented? Second, as far as the bad dreams, I have found several places that indicate ace inhibitors and/or beta blockers can cause this symptom. I am on both and I find that I do dream more now but fortunately nothing traumatic. I had the infamous "widow maker" 4 weeks ago with 2 medicated stents and I have another 95% blockage on the right side which needs to be taken care of in a couple of weeks. Other than that, my only problem is a rash in the hematoma which was a result of the emergency cath point in my groin. But apparently some people get much worse rashes so I am hoping this goes away as the hematoma dissipates.
kdavis45, San Jose, California, USA, May 25, 2012

IMRAN, Gujrat, Pumjab, Pakistan, May 19, 2012

• Age 53. Had stent placed on April 24th. Felt great after. Blood pressure normal, HR normal. Had 2nd stent in LAD on May 15th. Since the placement of 2nd stent. Blood pressure is now elevated to pre-first stent placement. Does anyone know if this is normal and will it eventually go back to normal?
anna87, Junction City, Arkansas, USA, May 17, 2012

• 2attackgirl -- Certainly understand why you might be having anxiety. What does your cardiologist say? It seems that your risk factors are under control, as far as you've reported. Do you have a family history? We're also cross-posting this in our topic on heart attack to see if anyone has more info.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 5, 2012

• I am a 47 year old female who had 98% blockage LAD and 1 stent in Jan 2012 due to plaque rupture. I was told there was a "weak area" on the bottom apex of my heart. I am a non-smoker, average to thinner weight, not bad cholesterol and a 3x a week gym rat and tennis player, despite some night chest angina and twinges in inside left arm and armpit i was fine and attending cardio rehab 3x a week. 3 1/2 months later Apr. 16, I had another massive attack in the circumflex and lower LAD, 3 more stents put in and am back to square one. WHY IS THIS Happening?? I faithfully take my Plavix, 40 of Lipitor, 6.5 mg of carvedilol, aspirin, diovan. Now my right ankle veins are bulging and aching at night when I lie down and all I want to do is sleep day and night. I've also experienced bad dreams which wake me in a huge state of anxiety... 2 Heart attacks in 3 months, long-term good diet... help! Now I'm scared of every ache and twinge, and starting to feel depressed.
2attackgirl, Chicago, Illinois, USA, May 3, 2012

• HEC in Maryland -- You have experienced the failing of bare metal stents, which is that they have a higher rate of restenosis. Of course, the alternative of drug-eluting stents was not possible, because you would have to take Plavix and aspirin for a year...and delay your surgery as well -- not an option. The standard "fix" for in-stent restenosis is to place a drug-eluting stent inside the restenosed stent. If you are feeling angina pains in your chest, you should see your cardiologist. But it also might be a gastric issue, which he/she can help you with as well (can be caused by Plavix and aspirin -- but do not stop taking these). As you may read in this topic, many patients feels pains after stenting that tend to go away with time.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 29, 2012

• Hi I’m 57. I too thought I was in great condition as I had no problems ever. A diagnosis of prostate cancer caused me to get cleared for surgery. By the time I was done they found a 98% blockage in my descending anterior artery. So we cancelled prostate surgery and I had 2 non medicated stints [stents] put in, Nov., 2011. They were non medicated so we could schedule the prostate surgery. After I did get the prostate surgery. I still did not feel well and got another catheter that showed the two stints [stents] build up scar tissue and they had to put a medicated sting [stent] inside of them. I have had pretty good days but then sometimes I feel this pressure and discomfort in my chest around my diaphragm. I am experiencing badly right now and it worries the hell out of me but I can’t run to the hospital every time i feel something. Anyone got anything for me or should I get my shit in order. Feeling crappy in MD. Thanks
HEC, Maryland, USA, April 28, 2012

• talkalotgal in Ohio -- We cannot mke a diagnosis long-distance, and certainly not for something from several years ago. But the question of whether you needed a stent is an important and controversial one. Nuclear stress tests can be useful, but also are incorrect about 1/3 of the time. Which is why cardiologists use the angiogram as a more precise measure. However, as we have discussed at length in our section on functional measurement and FFR, even angiography is not the ultimate measure. A 70% blockage may or may not be significant.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 28, 2012

• In 2007 had stress test, echo. etc. because of shortness of breath,chest pain upon walking. had been dx in 2006 w/ possible GI intermittent bleeding and severe anemia. cause of bleeding never found but GI probs. (all scopes done) take Prilosec. ..Cardiologist told me I was OK, pain due to GI probs,anemia 2010..having same symptoms, primary ordered stress test at local hospital, another primary conducted test, said she was very concerned, I was rushed to ICU, transported to reputable heart center by ambulance, inserted stent in LAD. 70 % blocked. Never felt any better after. went back, another stress test, OK, but anemic again from (I felt) aspirin and Plavix. Went off Plavix (bare metal stent) no better. They insisted on aspirin. After 1 year of feeling weak, tired, pain upon walking,shortness of breath on walking, taking aspirin, got 2nd opinion at well known heart center....took me off aspirin (cholesterol always OK) only anemic once since. Question, Dr. said he found it interesting that my blood flowed freely in second stress test as well as first one, after tests,said 98 per cent sure pain was not heart,but GI Why a stent if blood flowing freely to heart on both tests.
talkalotgal, Ohio, USA, April 27, 2012

• Angela in California -- Do you know what type/brand stent was placed. There have been reports of hypersensitivity reaction to the first generation drug-eluting stents, and patients who are allergic to certain metals have also have reported problems. It is also possible that your grandmother is reacting to one or more of the drugs that she is now taking, as a result of the findings of coronary artery disease. The reactions to the contrast dye should not have lasted for long, but she may have other issues. Look over our topics on "Allergic Reactions After Drug Eluting Stent (DES)" and "Metal Allergies to Stents".

And Tania in France -- read through the other posts to this topic. Sometimes it takes a short while for the body to adjust and recover. But if you still have problems, definitely call the cardiologist who did your procedure.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 25, 2012

• breathlessness and pain after angioplasty and stent. I had a 100% blocked artery and mild heart attack caused by radiation for breast cancer. Then had angioplasty and stent put in. very successful, blood flowed like crazy but...I am still breathless and have some pain and my stomach is sensitive to the touch. I was operated on late Thursday April 18 and I expected my breathing to be normal by now. I had severe breathing problems which is how they diagnosed my initial problem - I had severe chest pains in cold weather with any exercise. Now after surgery my breathing is still bad, should I be worried? I watched the operation and it looked to have been amazingly successful. Thank you
taniafrance, France, April 22, 2012

• please help me identify my grandma's problem's if you can. My grandma is 78 and she had two stents placed about two weeks ago ,at first they said they were just going to do an angiogram however ended up placing the stents. She was released the next day and felt a little tired the next day she had hives so bad it looked as if someone had peeled her raw. that night she couldn't sleep due to itching so bad and by this time her eyes were swollen almost shut and her earlobes too and also her poor lips. Dr.? was not alarmed at all said it would go away and that it was from the dye, she has had an excess of it from all the MRIs and PET scans etc. oh yeah she was also diagnosed with colorectal cancer a year ago I realize the thinners are not good for that but since the third day after the stents were placed she has an incredible appetite and no nausea just says she feels like she has the flu, limited energy only short intervals then she has to go lay down. she has been passing some mucous but i hope that's good,if you knew her you would understand she is the backbone of our family I have begged for answers even a little input will do I'm just beside myself please help me and pop.
Angela, #1 grand daughter, Hemet, California, USA, April 18, 2012

• Jake the Man in Seattle -- it's possible that your fatigue may be caused by medications. Did this start right after your stents were placed? Or later on? In any case, you should consult with your cardiologist about these issues. Perhaps your meds can be adjusted. Or perhaps there is some other cause.

And Clara in Houston -- it's not possible for the cartilage in your husband's disks to wear out during an AAA procedure but, given that fact that his disk was probably already gone, the procedure would most likely have aggravated the condition, or brought it to the forefront. Have you seen an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 18, 2012

• I had 2 drug-eluting stents placed in Oct. '10. They were successful in that I have had no angina pain at all since the procedure. My problem is fatigue or lack of stamina. I can't seem to walk more than a block and then I just hit a brick wall. I don't feel pain, I just don't have the energy to continue any further until I've rested up for 5 to 10 minutes.
Jake the Man, Seattle, Washington, USA, April 18, 2012

• After I posted with a question earlier on, further tests indicated that the cartilage on one of the disks is gone (worn out). As your suggestion, we also think that it is because of the long hours in the same position during surgery (when the surgeon implanted a stent in the aorta due to an abdomen aneurysm). To answer your question, yes, my husband did see the surgeon who performed the surgery, but he "washed his hands", just did not think nothing happened. What we really wish is relieve from such awful pain which he has had since about over one year, every single second of the day! I just wonder if there is any help for his agony. Thank you.
Clara, Houston, Texas, USA, April 15, 2012

• I had 2 drug-eluting stents put in back in Sept. - it is now April and finally most of the pain has subsided although I still get the odd discomfort and pain in my back and chest but time does seem to have helped the problem. I thought the pain would never go away but just have patience and everyone seems fatigued after stenting.
Marr, Brockville, Ontario, Canada, April 4, 2012

• Note to all posters -- A couple weeks ago, a patient (Hopeful in Georgia) posted this complaint to our topic on "Stent Thrombosis", but it really belongs in this thread. She wrote, On March 14, 2012:

"I had a stent in Oct. 2011 it collapsed another in Feb 2012 am still having chest, jaw, arm,and shoulder blade pain. At first it was every day real bad now I am having skip days without pain but it comes back. I mean one day none the next pain again. Anyone know if this is normal and will the angina ever go away????"

We referred her to this topic, said that post-stent pain was not uncommon and that, assuming nothing is amiss with the stent, this pain usually goes away in time. She replied today:

" are correct about 2 days after my post the pain stopped, which made it about 6 weeks after stenting. I haven't had any more pain since that time. I even walk on my treadmill and is fine, so may there is hope for us all!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Hopeful

Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 1, 2012

• If the 80% artery is ischemic (i.e. causing angina and/or reduced blood flow/oxygen to the heart) then it should be beneficial to open it up, assuming that the part of the heart being supplied by this artery is viable (not damaged by his previous heart attack). Medicine can't dissolve or otherwise open up a blocked artery.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 31, 2012

• Thanks a lot for your reply. I want to ask you something else as well. Should he worry about that 80% affected artery? he is quite panicking he might have another heart attack. Is there any chance that 80% affected artery could dilate only with medicine? and then a stent might not be needed anymore? thank you so much
Lavinia, Romania, March 31, 2012

• Lavinia in Romania -- If you read through this topic, you'll see that many patients feel slight pains after stenting. This is normal. And emotional stress can certainly be a factor. However, if the pain is severe and/or like the pain he felt prior to his heart attack, he should consult the cardiologist ASAP. In terms of returning to his work as a masseur, which does require significant manual strength, he should ask his cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 31, 2012

• Hello. My dad (63 years old) had 2 stents introduced 2 weeks ago, due to a heart attack and he has to go back for another stent to be introduced as there is another affected artery (80%). Today he had some chest pains and sort of breathing problems. He was quite worried about something, would this be a reason? as in worrying too much. He also wants to go back to work (he is a masseur), but don't you think it's too early? shouldn't he go back to work only after the 3rd stent will be introduced? thanks
Lavinia, Romania, March 31, 2012

• tomakasmith in West Virginia -- Did your mother have the procedure done via the radial (wrist) artery or the femoral (groin) artery. Do you know what kind of stents were implanted (brandname, such as Taxus, Xience, Resolute, etc.)?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 31, 2012

• My mother just had 4 stents, a week later her arms became numb and swelled. The ER found nothing. What is the best test for them to find the problem? Thank you
tomakasmith, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, USA, March 28, 2012

• kmh in Indiana -- Not sure what you mean by the "LAD quad area", but your diagnosis of Prinzmetal's angina would suggest that your pain was from vasospasm, not atherosclerosis. Prinzmetal's or "variant" angina has been successfully treated with stents -- have you consulted the interventional cardiologist who did the stent procedure about your post-procedural problems? It may be that a different drug therapy is called for.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 27, 2012

• I had a stent placed in the LAD quad area about 4 days ago. I never had chest pains before the stent. I was getting spasms which would very briefly close off the LAD then pop back open (Prinzmetals). Never had pain just feeling of dread, nausea, sweating and nearly passing out. I was 50% blocked at the quad and 70% blocked lower in that same area. Anyway I am now having mild chest pain and occasionally difficulty breathing with it. Before the stent, drugs did not seem effective in controlling the attacks that occurred most often at night. I am beginning to feel regret about the stent.....
kmh, Indiana, USA, March 24, 2012

• I'm 39 years old. On March 12 I had a stent put in, It is now the 24th of March , 12 days after. chest pain started late last night. but not like before. It's like when your arm goes to sleep.
stent pain, Florida, USA, March 24, 2012

• Ron in Canada -- We're not clear about the "coverage" question. We thought that in Canada, everyone had medical coverage. As for Plavix and aspirin, the guidelines in the U.S. are for one year of both if you get drug-eluting stents -- for bare metal stents the guidelines are for six months or less. Did you get he stents during your heart attack? Or after...and if after, how long after?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 23, 2012

• I had a heart attack a week ago and am still having chest pain after getting two stents put in. I am worried because as the procedure began and the catheter was already inserted through right wrist they asked if i had coverage. After telling them no they continued with the operation seemingly in code. I was informed later that I had received two bare metal stents and would have to take Plavix for twelve months to keep them from clogging again. They sent me home next day with a list of meds to pick up and forgot to include Crestor to reduce cholesterol. I found them to be very unprofessional. I have no confidence in this procedure whatsoever and continue to fear for my life.
Ron, Bentley, Alberta, Canada, March 22, 2012

• Bill in Walnut Creek -- Almost 50% of patients experience some type of pains post-stenting, but these go away within days, weeks, sometimes months. But they are different than angina (the pain you felt before stenting) which is caused by lack of oxygen to the heart. If it is persistent (does not go away with Nitro, for example) then it may be a sign that the stent has gotten blocked up (relatively rare). It is very important that you take your Plavix (or equivalent) and aspirin to prevent a blood clot from forming inside the stent. We would suggest seeing your cardiologist if you are in any way concerned, if only to set your mind at ease. Depression and fear are not uncommon reactions to discovering you have coronary artery disease, but the good news is that with modern medications, adjustment of lifestyles (no smoking, diet, exercise, etc.) this disease can be controlled.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 21, 2012

• I am a 43 yr male and on March 14, 2012 received 2 stents in the LAD and angioplasty in the Left Circumflex Obtuse. The Card felt like the procedure went well. After four days, I feel ok with just some slight twinges of pain in my chest every once in a while. I also feel light-headed some and have some muscle aches in my neck. Also feel a little depressed/scared but seems like I am getting better as my knowledge increases. Also probably hyper-sensitive to every feeling in my body. Have not yet started to get too physical but plan to start walks in a couple of days so I will see how I do with some activity. My question is about angina. With my meds I was also given Nitro. It says if I get angina take the nitro and wait 5 min- if it goes away- fine- if not then 911. Is there a difference between the twinges I am getting and angina? and since they prescribe Nitro is Angina fairly common and should I expect it? Thank you for this forum.
Bill, Walnut Creek, California, USA, March 17, 2012

• Canhero in Costa Rica -- have you discussed this with your cardiologist? The main benefit of angioplasty is symptom relief, which you obviously are not having. It may be that you need an adjustment in your medications. Or, if you had a heart attack (is that what you mean by "attack in October"?) you may have suffered heart muscle damage. If you are still having angina, there are anti-anginal meds, such as Ranolazine, that may be of benefit.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 17, 2012

• Had 3 stents inserted 2 weeks ago during a 4 hour procedure in Costa Rica. Maybe it's just too early yet, but I see no noticeable differences with pre-procedure symptoms. I experience considerable chest pain when walking more than a 100 metres..bending over to ties shoes or pick up stuff is very painful. I stopped taking nitro as it caused massive numbing of my arms and chest and intense headache for a short period. I am 56 and have a 2 and a half year old baby as well as a grown family. Can I expect my quality of life to improve or not? Right now I feel as if nothing has changed since my attack in October. I can't do squat without having chest pain or shortness of breath. And yes I take all my meds, watch my diet and quit smoking 5 months ago.
Canhero, Heredia, Costa Rica, March 16, 2012

• My age is 48 years men. I have undergone angioplasty on 8.02.2012 and three number stents has been placed. i am feeling light pain in left side of chest some times since angioplasty and light pain in left shoulder and back side below left shoulder. You may suggest whether it is normal pain or some complication after angioplasty has been developed.
POWERGRIF, New Delhi, India, March 15, 2012

• Ref request of suggestion for Worried Wife in Reno: On my 48th birthday, last August I had a surprise heart attack. My Cholesterol was high, High Triglycerides and was about 25lbs over my ideal. On my small frame that amounted to 3 notches on my belt. I was unable to seek medical attention at that time and just took it easy and beared through the ordeal. Thank goodness, a friend gave me a book called "No More Heart Disease" by Dr. Louis Ignarro. He got a Nobel prize in 1998 for his studies in how Nitric Oxide creates cardio health. I started taking his recipe while I waited to get in with a cardio specialist and as the months progressed I felt better and better, despite having one coronary artery blocked 90% which I got stinted [stented] 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure excellent, I had to reduce my BP med twice and am now fully of it with great BP and my bad Cholesterol dropped 2 /thirds. People who watched my transformation started taking it as well and are also seeing great results. If you can't afford the cardio visit, it would be your best economic solution Proargi9+ is the product see below link. Best wishes for USA
Remarkable Recovery, Alberta, Canada, March 14, 2012

• I had a DES placed December 2011 (70%) blockage. Had what doctor calls "mild" heart attack, after emotional shock. I have a very uncomfortable, annoying feeling of breathing ice cold air, every time i take a breath. The "cold" feeling, seems to be in my mouth, palate, tongue, and when inhaling, it feels like I have run a long distance (like the cold air in one's throat, after running a distance) What could be causing this? I am on Clopidogrel, aspirin, cardicor (beta blocker) and aspavorin (Statin). Is there anything I can take/do to get rid of this cold air feeling? Sometimes it is so strong, I feel like passing out.
fed-up, South Africa, March 14, 2012

• Kami from Pakistan -- Your symptom is very specific, so we'd guess it's not an allergic-type reaction, because then you would feel this pain in several places. It may be unrelated to the stenting -- it's not the normal pain that others have reported. Were your stents placed via the femoral artery in the groin, or through the wrist? And, if so, which wrist?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 13, 2012

• Two stents placed (one in November 2011 & second in December 2011) but from last two month I feel pain in left arm (shoulder joint) now day by day it's increasing. I cannot move my left arm to my back side as compared to right arm or in other words I am unable to rub my back with left hand because pain at shoulder joint. I consult with my doctor. They advise some medicine pain killer with muscle relaxant but not feeling better. Kindly suggest this pain mainly feel after stenting before stenting it's OK.
Kami, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, March 13, 2012

• Worried Wife in Reno -- The concern about chest pains would be if they could be characterized as angina, possibly felt with exertion. This might, and we only say might, be signaling a possible restenosis, where the stent gets re-blocked. It also sounds like he is feeling depressed about his future, which is not at all abnormal post heart attack. We assume your husband is doing everything he can to minimize his risk factors (diet, losing weight, exercise, smoking cessation and staying compliant with prescribed meds). It's terrible that he isn't able to get a follow-up appointment without an upfront payment -- just another reason why this country needs healthcare reform. If anyone in Nevada or elsewhere has any suggestions, please post them here.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 12, 2012

• 12/2011, 49-year-old husband suffered heart attack without prior symptoms - treated with angioplasty/metal stent. Prescribed low-dose aspirin, Plavix and Provistat (less costly substitute for Lipitor). Initially reported that he felt better than he had in a long time. Over past 2-3 weeks, has made vague comments indicating that he doubts he'll live much longer, senses heart "winding down", finally revealing that he's experiencing what he describes as "cramping" in his heart. We are without insurance, assets or reliable income and not receiving assistance. Cardiologist requires $300 payment at time of service for office visit, so has had one follow-up following release from CICU. I don't know whether what he's experiencing is common, cause for concern, an emergency - nor where to turn. Information/suggestions most appreciated.
Worried Wife, Reno, Nevada, USA, March 8, 2012

•To all -- read through the various posts in this topic and you'll find a number of patients with similar complaints. There can be a number of reasons for this, but the one to be concerned about is if you identify the pain as angina, the kind you had prior to stenting. This might signal that something is not right with the stent placement. And, of course, if you are concerned about any pain, you should consult your cardiologist, if for no other reason than to set your mind at ease. Most patients say this "after-pain" usually subsides.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 7, 2012

• My dad had a stent put into two of his arteries about seven weeks ago....since then he has been having pain on the left side near his rib area......sometimes it moves around but doesn't increase or decrease much.....what could be the reason for this? is it something to worry about?...could it be gas (symptoms due to all the medicines?).thank you in advance :) x
heartofhearts, London, UK, March 7, 2012

• I'm a 50 year old male from UK. Had 5 medicated stents in on artery that was fully closed in November 2011. Been experiencing mild to moderate chest pain. been back for checks and awaiting to hear from the Cardiologist. Can't help feeling scared. I try and exercise most days and find that later I feel very tired. In all honesty I find the aftercare very poor.
Marvo61, Stockport, UK, March 3, 2012

• Frank in Michigan -- sounds like what's called "edge-restenosis". What kind of stent did you get the first time? Drug-eluting or bare metal? And the second time. Check out our topic on "In-Stent Restenosis".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 3, 2012

• i had a heart attack October this year 2 weeks after i had a stress test they put a stent in and sent me home 4 days later. in November i went hunting and toward the end of hunting i wasn't feeling well after a few trips to my cardiologist that did not believe there was any thing wrong ordered a cath said he would take pics and show me there's nothing wrong well January 16 he went in and i was 90% blocked another stent it was scar tissue that grew in front of it and i have not felt well sense then and the doctors have me on anxiety pills along with others and i just don't feel well I'm not sure what to do. will the scar tissue come back am i reading to much into it. myself and my family can't take much more any ideas
Frank, Saginaw, Michigan, USA, March 3, 2012

• Lynn in Ohio -- Going to the ER with a swollen arm after angioplasty is certainly not normal, but it sounds like a complication of some sort which may or may not be serious. Did she have her third stent placed using the wrist or arm as the catheter access point? (And by the way, three blockages does not necessarily mean she needed triple bypass surgery -- but that's another topic). What does the cardiologist who did the stenting say. You should definitely be consulting with him/her.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 1, 2012

• My mom had 2 stents put in about a month ago, when there was actually 3 blockages, the dr's made a mistake, they said if 3 or more should have triple bypass, she was still having chest pain, and yesterday they put a 3rd stent, now this morning she is in the ER with her arm swelled up and chest pains, is this normal?
Lynn, Blacklick, Ohio, USA, February 28, 2012

• To the editor. I understand what you mean about the medicine in the stent being miniscule, however, if one is allergic to peanuts, they can't even kiss someone who has eaten one peanut. That's what an allergy is. But I do thank you very much for your answer.
LMM, Litchfield, Illinois, USA, February 27, 2012

• Jim in Pennsylvania -- Have you had any diagnostic tests that might signal whether you are, in fact, experiencing angina? For example, a nuclear stress test or Cardiac CT Angiogram might show if any blockages are occurring. While angioplasty is definitely a good therapy for eliminating angina, some patients still experience these pains (called refractory angina). There are meds that can help -- one in particular is called Ranexa (ranolozine). From your comment about the "local quacks", we take it you aren't having what's called a "trusting relationship" with your cardiologist. Perhaps a second opinion? Or at least tests to find out the cause.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 25, 2012

• Had heart attack 10 years ago. Restented 6 mo. later. Having angina since. Changed meds. Angina went away for 1.5 years. Now back. Seriously disrupting life & job. 3.5 years till early retirement. Local quacks say not heart. Well, what is it? Desperate.
Jim, CAN, Stoystown, Pennsylvania, USA, February 22, 2012

• Hi JMC, I had a similar experience back in October 2011. heart attack, 99% blockage LAD, 2 stents. I also had that raw feeling you described along with extreme tiredness. These symptoms did go away with time. Good luck
Marcus, Wisconsin USA, February 20, 2012

• I am 46yr old female, had mild attack and barely registered on enzymes and lucky enough to not have any heart muscle damage, had a 96% block of artery and had stent put in 4 days ago. Getting mild pains today but different from before feels more like the raw feeling you get when run too fast and too hard. Should I be worried or will it pass, is it from the procedure? I don't want to feel like a hypochondriac and worry all the time. It's comforting to find a site like this where others have some questions.
JMC, Tasmania, Australia, February 20, 2012

• Newhere12 in London -- Read through this topic (well, read through some of this topic -- there are almost 800 posts) and you will find that many patients feels these pains after stenting. Some are psychosomatic, some are the arterial nerves recovering from the expansion that happenswith the balloon and stent. If the pain is intense and like the angina your dad felt prior to the angioplasty, then that might be of concern. Certainly, if you continue to be concerned, he should discuss this with his cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 19, 2012

• My dad, 54, got 2 stents put in a month ago, he tends to get minor pain around his chest area when he walks and gets sort of a tingly feeling on the left side of his chest near the ribs even when he is stationary, is this normal? or should we be concerned? pleaseeee help. Thank you in advance
newhere12, London, UK, February 17, 2012

• Octogenarian in San Diego -- Your doctor is prescribing a carotid angiogram, to see if there is a blockage in the carotid. Are there any symptoms associated with this? Blockages in the carotid are associated with stroke risk, although there are other non-invasive imaging exams that can reveal blockages. Read our interview (Part 2) with Dr. Nick Hopkins who heads up the Toshiba Stroke Center at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, in which he discusses how carotid blockages are diagnosed and treated.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 16, 2012

• Had 2 stents put in 3 years ago & felt well right away. See cardiologist every 6 months, who keeps me on herbs & vitamins in an integrative center of a hospital...only drug is a 5 mg blood pressure pill. Doctor, despite my doing quite well, exercising, eating organically, etc doctor, every once in a while seems to have a need to prescribe a procedure...the current one is an angiogram checking blood flow through neck into brain. Is this overkill. I have no symptoms.
The Octogenarian, San Diego, California, USA, February 16, 2012

• dl56 in Florida -- a blood pressure reading of 220/92 is definitely not normal. You should call her cardiologist, the one who put in the stent.

And lmm in Illinois -- the drug on the Promus Element is everolimus. The earlier Promus eluted all of its drug in 120 days -- we haven't seen data for the Promus Element but it's probably similar. As for the symptom list, like all such lists, it is very long and covers a wide range of possible adverse reactions. Everolimus is an immunosuppressant drug, often used to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ. However, the dose of drug given off by the stent is far less than a typical oral dose, so that would not be an obvious culprit here. We have gotten posts from patients who seem to be allergic to the metal in stents, specifically nickel, which is in pretty much every stent. Earlier 1st generation drug-eluting stents also were known to cause hypersensitivity reactions in some patients, but these seemed to be due to the polymer coating on the metal stent. However, a researcher who has done extensive work in this area has told Angioplasty.Org that he has not seen these types of allergic reactions in the newer stents. Check out our Forum Topic on Allergic Reactions After Drug Eluting Stent (DES). Another possibility is that you are having a reaction to the drugs that patients often begin taking when they get a stent, for example, Plavix or other heart drugs. Don't stop taking these drugs, especially Plavix (or Effient) and aspirin, without discussing this issue with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 15, 2012

• I had a Promus Element Plus stent in Dec. Since then I have been so ill. My symptoms are all over the place and if I were a doctor listening to me, I would think I was nuts. I will have a couple of good days then I have learned that very soon I will spend the whole day in bed. I'm sure I am allergic to the medicine in the stent. I would just like to know when It stops releasing the medication. I finally found the stent website which does say people can be sensitive to the med and lists the symptoms, most of which I have. I just want to know when it's finished doing its stuff and I can start feeling like a human again. Tired of talking to doctors, just want an answer to that one question. I can put up with anything if I know it will pass. Not upset with my card. He saved my life. To retired Doc and Jo...I feel your pain and hope you are feeling better.
lmm, Litchfield, Illinois, USA, February 15, 2012

• My mother-in-law had a stent put in last week. Her blood pressure has been abnormal. Her reading yesterday was: 220/92. It seems to be going up and down quite a bit. Would this be normal?
dl56, Orlando, Florida, USA, February 15, 2012

• My dad had a stent put in 16 days ago. He has experienced A-Fib, shortness of breath and extreme exhaustion. From the hospital, he was moved to a rehab facility. He can't even walk, he is too tired. He doesn't want to eat because he's too tired. He lost 16# the first week alone and is steadily losing ALOT of weight. Exhaustion and hallucinations are his key complaints. Has anyone experienced this? They are running more test on him today.
drosha, Portland, Oregon, USA, February 8, 2012

• I had a STEMI in 12/2009. I had a DES placed in my Circumflex artery which was 100% occluded. I have had this ACHE on the Left side of my chest constantly!! since the Stent was placed. My cardiologist doesn't know what it is. It is very troubling to me and I feel as if the doctor thinks I am making it up. I take my medications as prescribed.
SAJ. Atlanta, Georgia, USA, February 7, 2012

• Dear Post Stenting Vows in Saudi Arabia -- You've posted to our topic on "Not Feeling Well", although it sounds like you are okay. In any case, to answer your questions: guidelines in the U.S. (and many other countries) are that blockages greater than 70% should be stented. Some feel that 50% or more should be. But these percentages are assessed visually using an angiogram. The FAME study showed that using Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) to guide stent decision-making was more accurate and that a blockage should only be stented if it is truly ischemic (reducing blood flow). Read more about FFR in our Intravascular Guidance section. As for activity after stenting, check out our Forum Topic on "Exercise After Stenting".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 5, 2012

• I am 39 and felt severe pain on my back between my shoulder blades for less than a minute. I walked around and took deep breath, stretched and felt better. Half hour later driving home i felt the same congested feeling again and hence went to the doc. No pain in the chest registered anytime, it was always the back between the shoulders. The doc after referring a blood report informed me that that there are elevated levels of enzymes which mean i had a mild attack and this might repeat again. Admitted to the ICU I was informed that I will require to go thru an Angiography and if i have congestions of over 60%.. will require stenting. I had 59% narrowings and the team of doctors discussed and fixed two stents. As I never felt any much pain while I was with the doc or during the 12 hour monitoring in the hospital. I keep feeling that I could have done without a stent. Possible a diet control and exercise could have set things right. Now that i am required to take Plavix and Aspirins for the next two years. Kindly advise if I can go back to active sports and with these two stents.
Post Stenting Vows, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, February 5, 2012

• This is an update to my October 3, 2011 post. I went back to my cardiologist to get another test related to the mild chest pain and discomfort I was experiencing after the angioplasty with stent. He did all necessary tests and he could not find anything physically wrong with me, but he suspected it may be related to the severe anxiety I was experiencing at that time. I am happy to report that my doctor was right. I have been free of the chest pain and discomfort I reported back in October. In my case the cause of the discomfort was related to the severe anxiety I was experiencing due to the fear of the heart problem reoccurring again. Since then I have managed to control my anxiety with meditation, breathing techniques and regular exercise (brisk walking for at least 5K per day). I still feel some minor discomfort if I am stressed but the simple meditation or breathing techniques seem to work for me to release the stress consequently the chest discomfort goes away. If you have the same symptoms please consult with your doctor do not try to play a doctor yourself. If the doctor's diagnosis reveals no physical problem then you can mention to him my experience. Good luck.
KWM, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, February 4, 2012

• JoeD -- First of all, check out our Forum Topic on "Heart Attack and Angioplasty." Just a couple decades ago, your heart attack would have been allowed to progress, since there was no other option. And you would be severely diminished for the rest of your life. However, emergency angioplasty has changed all that (see the video on our post here). As for indigestion, Plavix and aspirin (both drugs which are very important to take post-stenting) can cause indigestion. There are drugs which your cardiologist can prescribe to reduce these side effects.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 3, 2012

• I had a heart attack Dec 27th and had 3 stents placed in my RCA that was 100% blocked. I was in ICU for 3 days and out of the hospital the 4th day. Had a check up and told the Dr I still had shortness of breath and chest pain. He knew that the LAD was 70% blocked. I had the stent in that one done January 26th. Although the chest pain is gone. Is anyone else experiencing indigestion?
JoeD, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, February 3, 2012

• Projeng from Cape Cod -- read over the posts in this Forum Topic and you will note that a number of posters feel a tightness right afterwards, which often goes away in days or weeks. If the feeling is strong, painful and like the angina you felt before the procedure, you might want to call your cardiologist, if only to rule out any more serious problem. But the aching can comes from a variety of things. Make sure to adhere to your dual antiplatelet therapy (Plavix or similar drug and aspirin) as prescribed.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 30, 2012

• I am a 48 year old male. I had a stent inserted 2 days ago in the right coronary artery for 95% blockage. I was released yesterday and felt very well. Over today (day 3) I am getting more and more tightness in the heart area of the chest. Is this normal will it pass with time?
Projeng 48, Mashpee (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, USA, January 27, 2012

• Lmmc in Illinois -- Sorry to hear about your problems post-stenting. A few things: First of all, stents can't be taken out; once implanted, they become part of the arterial wall. Secondly, depending on where the stent was placed, it still may be possible to perform a bypass later on, if it is judged to be of benefit (President Clinton, and many other patients, have had the opposite situation, where their bypass grafts closed, and a stent reopened the graft or, as was the case with Clinton, the stent reopened the original artery that was bypassed). Thirdly, there have been reports of hypersenstivity or allergic reactions to the first generation of drug-eluting stents. See our Forum Topic on "Allergic Reactions After Drug Eluting Stent." However, these symptoms are not as extreme as the ones you are having, and seem to not be present with the newer generation of DES (the reactions, by the way, are thought to be with the polymer coating on the stent, not the stent itself). Also check out our topic on "Metal Allergies and Stents." Finally, it sounds like you may be having reactions to your meds. Indigestion, nausea, gastric upset are all symptoms associated with the various meds prescribed to heart patients, for example, Plavix. However, and this is very important, DO NOT STOP taking your meds, especially Plavix, without discussing your situation with your cardiologist. Plavix is very important in preventing blood clots from forming inside the stent (stent thrombosis) and there are other drugs that can be described to reduce the indigestion, etc. As for not opening up other blockages, a blockage may be "visible" but not significant -- and studies have shown that it is better to leave an insignificant blockage alone than to treat it. Depression, of course, is a common reaction, experienced by many heart patients when confronted with their disease. Ask your cardiologist about rehab programs. Enagaging in exercise and rehab with other patients can build a sense of community and be very beneficial to recovery, both physical and emotional. Let the Forum readers know how your new appointment works out.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 23, 2012

• I was, I thought, in great shape 2 years ago. In fact, the day I went for my cath, I spent 45 minutes on elliptical but couldn't do the treadmill. Had 95% blockage in LAD, drug eluting stent thru wrist. Was horribly sick afterwards. Pains everywhere. I thought it was Crestor so stopped it. Two years later, on the treadmill again and it wouldn't register my pulse. Had been having chest pains so went in and immediately had cath and two more stents. I have never been so sick in my life. Indigestion even with meds, nauseated, chest pains daily, tightness in both carotids and pain in right shoulder and arm. All I want to do is sleep. Seeing another cardiologist. I want stents taken out and a bypass. He left one blockage the first time and one this time. Of course every time I get a pain it scares me. I think my body is trying to reject the stents. I am so laid back and have never been depressed but when you just want to makes you depressed. Thank God for an understanding husband and family.
Lmmc, Litchfield, Illinois, USA, January 22, 2012

• Abigail in India -- Your dad should see his cardiologist if he's worried. As you can read throuhout this Topic, many patients feel aches in their chest after stenting. It is thought to come from the artery wall expansion and usually go away in days or weeks. But if the pain is intense, or if it feels like the angina he had before the stenting, he should be checked, just to rule it out. Also to see if maybe he is actually getting a flu. Let us know how he does. Thanks.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 22, 2012

• My dad had one stent a little over a week ago. He feels a little uneasy and gets chest pains. Now he's getting symptoms of a flu. Is that bad?
Abigail, Goa, India, January 22, 2012

• George in Canada -- If the pain is like the angina he was feeling prior to stenting, he should talk to his cardiologist, but as many posters in this topic describe, there is sometimes a residual aching that may last for day or weeks, as the body adjusts to greater blood flow, the stent itself and even new meds.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 18, 2012

• hi my dad just got his 3 stents put in 3 days ago (Jan. 13, 2012), the first day he was under morphine, so he was feeling fine, but as the morphine's effect wear out in the 2nd day, he started feeling chest pain. Is the chest pain normal? or is it still too early to tell?
George, British Columbia, Canada, January 16, 2012

• Lydia in Minnesota -- We've cross-posted your comment below to our Forum Topic on "Transradial (Wrist) Approach to Angiograms or Angioplasty" where you will find others who have experienced discomfort similar to what you describe. You should definitely call this to the attention of the cardiologist who did the radial procedure. He/she may be able to help and also should be made aware of the complication. The wrist pressure band is just a way of stopping the bleeding, which is minimal. It's important to remember that the pressure band should not be put on too tightly or left on too long a period.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 16, 2012

• My husband had a heart attack December 9, 2011. Had 2 stents put in through his groin for 90% blockages. A third artery with 80% blockage was being treated for few weeks with meds, diet and therapy. However upon his stress test a few weeks later, the doctor decided not to prolong and arranged for a third stent on January 6th, 2011. They went in through the right wrist. Since the procedure, my husband has had sporadic continuous excruciating pain from his wrist all the way up to his shoulder. They did treat him with the wrist pressure band while in the hospital. This last weekend 01/14/12, had an ultrasound, chest x-rays and lab work, all of which were negative for clots, nerve damage or any other side effects. He still experiences such bad pain in his right arm that he cannot even sleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Otherwise, he is doing great and starts rehab all over again today, 1/16/12.
Lydia - MN, Pengilly, Minnesota, USA, January 16, 2012

• Mykol58 in Iowa -- You say you only had a small arterial blockage. Any detail on this? For example in what artery and what percentage blockage it was? Did you have the other symptoms you list (fatigue,pain in the groin, headaches) prior to stenting?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 15, 2012

• I had a stent put in about a month ago, prior to the stent, i had a lot of tests and they all showed hardly nothing except a small arterial blockage. My blood pressure to all this was extremely high, at first the cardio doctor could not bring it down to where it was suppose to be, then after 3 months it was lowered. So the Cardio Doctor decided to put a stent in, well i am on a fat free diet, no red meat, no fatty foods, eating correctly ,and doing cardio rehab exercising, and still i have problems, fatigue,pain in the groin, headaches, BP is high on and off, it is nerve-racking. I have a Cardio Doc appointment on the 17th of this month so i will explain to the Doctor what is happening, hopefully i can get some straight answers.
Mykol58, Tripoli, Iowa, USA, January 14, 2012

• Thank you for your response. I did see my cardiologist who temporarily DC'd the Lipitor pending results from another echo and an ANSAR test. I see him again next week. In the meantime, the fatigue seems to be getting worse (seems similar to what led me to my cardiologist in the first place). Hoping he can get to the bottom of this. I had about a month reprieve from this awful fatigue after my 2nd stent and now it's back again. My question is this: Can arteries become blocked this quickly? I have been following my diet strictly and tracking everything I eat, managing my BG and exercising until this week. I am really growing weary of feeling bad.
clcoleal, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, January 14, 2012

• If you are suffering from angina pain and yet your doctor feels that none of the arteries that might benefit from a stent are simply too small to physically accommodate even the smallest ones manufactured. In this kind of case, it is often called microvasculature angina or cardiology syndrome X. You're going to have to firmly demand EECP treatment, they'll never likely to suggest it themselves, See study below at
Gerald Oros, EECP Patient Veteran -5 Full Treatments, Collinsville, Illinois, USA, January 11, 2012

• Hi Gerald. Haven't heard from you in a while. Thanks for posting this info. For some reason the study you cited didn't come through. Can you resend?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 11, 2012

• It would be helpful to anyone suffering from angina to realize that this angina pain may or may not be caused by blockages in the vascular system. In most cases, a stent placed in the proper place to restore normal blood blow will quickly relieve the angina pain as well. But there can be another cause of of this excruciating microvascular angina caused by the body's inability to deliver sufficient blood flow to and from the heart. This condition is referred to as Cardiac syndrome X and while stent placements in these cases may be impractical, the treatment of EECP, for these same patients remains highly successful. EECP is highly effective. See Study below
Gerald Oros, None but I have had the 35 hour treatment 5 times, Collinsville, Illinois, USA, January 11, 2012

• clcoleal in Florida -- Statins have been known to cause joint pain in some patients, also possibly fatigue. Effient (and aspirin) are extremely important to take after stenting -- they keep the blood from clotting inside the stent which could be very serious. Lipitor, the statin you are taking, is prescribed to lower your cholesterol. You should not stop taking any prescribed med, but we'd recommend discussing your symptoms with your cardiologist and perhaps he/she can try a different drug or change your dose. And let the Forum readers know about the outcome.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 11, 2012

• 51 yr old female type I diabetic, total thyroidectomy (grave's disease), GERD, hypocalcemia had two stents end of Nov. 2011 - 87% blockage LAD & 70% RCA. Added Lipitor, Effient and Metoprolol to my already long list of meds. Felt much better right after procedure but now extreme fatigue again with aching in legs and general malaise (same symptoms pre-stent). I'm wondering if this is related to the heart meds I'm taking. I'm really praying this doesn't mean there's more heart problems.
clcoleal, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, January 11, 2012

• Ken from Alabama -- A number of posters in this topic discuss feeling various pains post-stenting -- it's unclear what the cause is, but it's thought it is the body adjusting to the stent in some way, and it's something that goes away over weeks or months. The only concern would be if the stent is restenosing, getting reblocked (called in-stent restenosis or ISR). This would cause angina pain but that may not at all be what you are experiencing. In any case, discuss this issue with your cardiologist. If he/she feels it necessary, a nuclear stress test might show if there is any reduction in blood flow/oxygen delivery through your coronary artery. A 256 slice CT angiogram might or might now show whether the stent is getting reblocked, because sometime the stent itself causes image artifacts that obscure the artery. But if you both feel this is not angina, then probably wait and see if it subsides. By the way, the purple splotches were most likely small bruisings, something seen in patients taking Plavix (clopidogrel). But don't stop taking Plavix until your cardiologist says to, because it's very important to prevent blood clots inside the stent. And please update the Forum as to how things pan out. Thanks.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 9, 2012

• 49 yr old w/male, never had any health problems. Recent event required heart stent assessed 80% block. Feel on and off chest pains ever since and sometimes very sharp heart pain with heart beat that goes away as quickly as appears. First 2 months had purple splotches show up on various parts of body, leg, arm, etc.. Still feel daily pain in chest area. Any diagnostic test recommended? What about the High Brilliance CT scanner 246 view (what does it show), or a nuclear stress test?
Ken from AL, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, January 9, 2012

• Follow-up to my October post: My Dr. and I have decided that the tingling was from Simvastatin. Apparently it doesn't agree with me. A/O yesterday, I'm now on a different statin and we'll see how that goes. After being largely clear for 3 months of the normal chest pain/discomfort post-stenting, some of it has returned in the past 2 weeks. On and off elbow pain has returned which was a symptom that originally got the attention of my Dr. Some on and off chest pains, generally in the heart area, have returned. I also have some tightness in the carotid area on both sides which is fairly constant. NONE of this is exercise inducted. I can rev the engine without any issues. In fact I generally feel better during and after exercise. I saw a Dr. the other day and he did a phone consult with the cardiology group that placed the stent. Neither seem to be particularly worried. I have been told to schedule a stress test, but am not sure what that will show. Over the past day or two, many of these pains have subsided a bit. I think what happened has a mental side that is of course very worrisome. So, do others find that these types of symptoms come and go?
BC, Washington, USA, January 8, 2012

• My dad had a Bypass Surgery 12 year back since 2010 he is experiencing chest pain, it was found his main artery was blocked. he had a angioplasty aorta on 26/12/2011. after a week when he tries to walk he again experienced chess pain. i have contact our doctor he said that the block was cleared . and this should not happen. please help
Anant, Nasik, Maharashtra, India, January 8, 2012

• I, RA, 51 year old under went for angioplasty and implanted one stent in lad and two in lcx in a span of 9 months. I still have heaviness and chilling sensation in the chest. It was done on 31.03.2011 and 07.12.2011. Can any one help to resolve this. I shall remain greatful to him.
RK, HJ, India, January 8, 2012

• E Hugh in Louisiana -- it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between gastic reflux and angina. Even Emergency Dept. physicians have this problem. Your cardiologist should be able to determine if you are having a problem post-stenting. He/she can also prescribe something for you to relieve the gastric distress, which can be exacerbated by the antiplatelet drugs (Plavix and aspirin) you are taking. There is some concern that certain drugs used to relieve gastric distress, called Proton Pump Inhibitors, can also reduce the effectiveness of Plavix -- so make sure to discuss this with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 2, 2012

• Had DES placed in LAD (73% blockage) on 12/14/2011. Feel good most of the time but a short brisk walk brings on burning in throat (angina?). I do have some gastric reflux and pain from that, especially if I bend over after eating. How can one tell the difference between angina and acid reflux? I'll see cardiologist on 1/4/2012.
E Hugh, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, January 2, 2012

• Lynda in Texas -- the chest pain you describe does fit the description of angina. Without knowing which artery is 100% blocked and which arteries were stented, it's not possible to say much, but we would suggest you consult with your cardiologist about these complaints.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 2, 2012

• I had two stents placed in November 2010. I am 49 years old and otherwise in pretty good health. I have had two MI's and take many medications. I have continued to have chest pain although it did improve after stenting. Lately, the last 3 months or so, my blood pressure has increased and is not controlled on medications, even increased meds. I have chest pain that is sort of an achy feeling in my chest that does radiate to my left arm. I also have a 100% blocked artery that was not able to be stented. Do you believe this could be from the stents or the blocked artery.
Lynda, Hondo, Texas, USA, January 2, 2012

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