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Cost of Stent and Angioplasty

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The cost of stent and angioplasty procedures from patients around the world. Learn more about the financial cost of heart disease treatment, and share your experience to help others.

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• National reports show that 60% of medical bills created have errors in India. The world of billing problems is as vast as medicine itself. Many frequent complaints from patient side are: receiving double billing for the same treatment, being billed for the wrong treatment, getting a bill for unexpected costs etc. Problem comes because of human involvement in the entire process before billing creation. It’s generally an estimated that approximately 10-15 people are involved in generating a single patient bill, from the receptionist who collect the personal information from patients, doctors and nurses who treat the patient, pharmacy , lab and housekeeping who provide added services to the patient. So from a billing perspective it becomes very difficult to bill for 50 items in a single time.
Rahul, DocEngage, Bangalore, India, August 9, 2013

• hi! i am ve from the Philippines. I would like to seek for help because i want my father to live more. My father is presently suffering from heart problem. He is diagnosed for having several blockages in his heart. The doctor told me that the only way to remove these blockages is through angioplasty or heart bypass. I really don't have the idea about these two procedures but upon reading and searching the internet, i can tell that these processes are too expensive which my family can't shoulder. We're really in need of help. My family earnings cannot suffice all the medical expenses. We have no savings to spend. I will not be tired of looking ways to help my father. I love my father a lot and I want him to live. Posting a comment here could help me or maybe not but at least i tried. Please help...please....
ve, Angeles City, Philippines, June 11, 2013

• Over the last two years had a heart attack, 8 angiography, 3 stress test, 2 nuclear gram, 7 stents. Total time in hospital 35 days. This is great place to live New Zealand total cost FREE
Paul, New Zealand , May 26, 2013

• 48 Yr old AP done on 14/03/2013, 3 stents in LAD and 2 in RCA in Jullunder pb India, cost 10k usd,I had no ins in US .
Manny, Houston, Texas, USA, March 19, 2013

• Hi! I am a researcher in Health Economics. I am currently working on PTCA cost. I am trying to find the cost of PTCA & stenting, CTA test and consultation cost in each of the 27 EU countries. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
Spiridoula, Greece, March 19, 2013

• I am confused regarding costs at hospitals in America. In 2/12 the cost of leg (1) in Oklahoma was $28,000. In 11/12 I returned for surgery (2 legs 2 stents in Illinois at a cost of $66,000. How can such a difference exist in cost/expense? Crazy!!
Arden, Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA, January 27, 2013

• Hi,my father had a TMT test so far,actually the day we reached the hospital my father was so tired due to journey from jeypore to vishakhapatanam.he hadnt enough food also we reported at 9am & TMT test happened at 6pm.due to tiredness he was having fatigue in 3rd level tmt doctors advised for Angiography father is diabetic patient.please advise should we go for Angiography test?as per Tmt test,but my father seems normal no chest pain nothing.
Sanjay Satyanarayana, Jeypore, Odisha, India,January 26, 2013

• I don't understand why in this world there are so many people discussing the cost while few people concerning about prevention. As far as I know, stent WILL NOT solve the problem, because it enlarges the blocked part of your blood vessel to allow smooth blood flow, but fails to prevent buildup in your blood vessel from forming. This is why in average 3 years patients need another stent. If you live in the U.S. and want to try a different approach, please e-mail My ways include DIY-acupressure, supplementation, diet modification, and safe exercise. If you live outside of Atlanta, GA, you need to have internet access and webcam, as I will show you locate acupoints on line.
BZ, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, January 17, 2013

• Here in Cairo- Egypt we do angioplasty with one drug eluting stent (FDA approved) for only 4000$+ 2000$ for any further stent (this includes the doctors fees, one day stay and the routine medications. Our hospital is only 5 minutes away from Cairo airport. We are the best hands and all of us is a member of the European society of cardiology and intervention subgroup,you will find the care you need with the lowest cost possible. Call me on 002 011 41003596 for any further information or by e-mail
Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt, January 6, 2013

• I was advised to go to the emergency room after passing out with convulsions at my pulmonary doctors office while doing a spirometry. The stay was from 10-31-2012 (about 1:00pm) to 11-3-2012. a drug-eluting stent was put in an artery , OM2 (a lesser artery to my understanding), on 11-02-2012. I received my bill a few day later for $92,377.69 from Tampa General Hospital. Not including any of the doctors.1 HB G0290 STENT DRUG ELUTING $23,855.69. I was also charged for 500 BIVALIRUDIN 250 MG SOLR at a total price of $8,925.00. This seems a little high. I am uninsured due to pre-existing condition of C.O.P.D. Is there anywhere I can find out what the actual costs should be? They are willing to "negotiate", but I have no idea what is REASONABLE to begin with. I know I will NEVER go to a hospital again.
Case86, Brandon, Florida, December 4, 2012

• My sister (age 72 and diabetic) living in California recently had an angiogram, using contrast dye, which showed 3 arterial blockages of 90/70/50%. Upon hospital admission, when the cardiologist went to put in stents, he informed her the arteries were CLEAR! How could this be? Also important, will her insurance and Medicare still pay? Are false-positives possible with this type of angiogram. I thought it was fairly definitive for blockages. They would tell her nothing at the hospital. She must wait for Cardiologist appointment.
Rachel, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland, November 21, 2012

• About the cost of angioplasty and stenting in the US based on medicare payment:
Cardiologist fee: $838 for one vessel, each additional $233
Hospital fee: $10,371-$18,227

Left heart catheterization/coronary angiogram:
Cardiologist fee: $$316/$259
Hospital fee: $3,041.39- $11,465.04

In the US the coronary angioplasty costs about 2-3 times higher than other developed countries but if the US physician would not get paid at all the price difference still would not change much given the high hospital fees.

Example: average cost for angioplasty in US: $14,378 substract $838 Doctor’s fee=$13,540 non physician cost of procedure compared to total procedure cost in Germany $3,347??? Where does the >$10,000 difference go? Currently the US hospitals get additional increase in reimbursement while physicians get a cut.

As a cardiologist I can comment on the bill from your cardiologist: the bill usually shows the “maximum allowed rate” that is not the actual amount paid. The take home pay is for a stent: $838-15% patient who don't pay-50% office cost-x% tax=$220-$240. First paying job=age 35
CardMD US, San Antonio, Texas, USA, November 1, 2012

• I had the OM1 stented for a 90% blockage and 3 stents in the RCA for 100% blockage over the course of 2 weeks to minimize possible kidneys damage due to excessive dye usage. My saving grace was the fact that I fall into 5% of the population whose 3 arteries were the same size. Now I have never felt better... no more angina. A special thanks to the cardiologist and OHIP in Canada as it didn't cost a thing.
ndttech, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 30, 2012

• I have recently done my fathers heart bypass surgery in Bajaj Hospital, Aurangaba, India. there is 4 blockages, I had total expenses $4000 including ICU & Room charges for 10 day hospitalization, Most well come to India for plasty & bypass surgery visit on
Heart by pass surgery, KHPL, INDIA, MAHARASHTRA, September 21, 2012

• What is the cost of angioplasty at aiims, newdelhi
kk nayak, India, August 29, 2012

• Hello I'm 51 yrs old had 1 stent placed on 6/2012 it took about 1 to 2 hrs total cost with hospital stay $101,000.00. I feel great. Dr. did an excellent job. I will recommend this procedure oh by the way i had 99% blockage / College Station Med is the place to have this procedure done hi tech equipment best doctors in the State Of Texas.
Gus, Bryan, Texas, USA, August 26, 2012

• Hello. I am a retired doctor age 67 who has just undergone an angioplasty and stent insertion in my LAD coronary artery. I am writing this for world consumption. It was free. My daughter married a New Yorker and I have a grandson born in Manhattan. I am quite concerned at the ignorance of many (but not all Americans) as to the efficiency of a nationalised health service. Do they realise the UK NHS costs about a half of the USA model? How can they believe such a system is a bad thing? Are they so prejudiced as to deny themselves the best just to prove a point? Please you anti "Obamacarers" could you explain your logic to me. This is a serious request. Thank you.
Dr Dick, Retired Hospital Doctor in the NHS, London, England, July 24, 2012

• Went to hospital in Kelowna B.C.. Suffering from heart attack, after routine ECG while on stretcher in hall, rushed to ER cubicle and 14 minutes later was in cath lab and received angioplasty and stent. In CICU for 2 nights then regular cardiac unit many tests released from hospital with virtually no heart damage. Had a 100% blockage of my left aorta. Life saving priceless. Bill zero.
Lynn, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, July 18, 2012

• April 16 I suffered a heart attack, went to emergency in St. Thomas Ontario, received one stent via angioplasty in London Ontario and spent a total of four nights in hospital. I am feeling terrific and thankful to all of medical team. At no time was there any mention of a waiting list for the life saving treatment I required. The bill was zero, and paying extra in taxes is the best investment I ever made.
Bobby M., Ontario, Canada, May 2, 2012

• I had my angiogram March 12,2012 and had angioplasty procedure yesterday March 14, 2012. they put 3 stents,it took the doctors 3 hrs to finish and had to stay overnight as a precaution, all for FREE. I am an immigrant from the Philippines. If I had not been approved to migrate to Canada, I don't know if we would be able to shoulder the expenses. Thanks to Canada's health care program.
EB of Mississauga, Toronto,Ontario, Canada, March 15, 2012

• What is lowest cost of medicated stent paying for Lowest Bed at AIIMS, New Delhi, India
UCO BANK -MEDICAL DEPTT., UCO BANK, India, March 9, 2012

• John from Belfast -- Thanks for your post. A bit of a contrast to Karyl's from Florida.

And Karyl -- it's not "against Medicare law" to implant two, three or more stents in one procedure, but the reimbursement to the hospital and doctor is tricky -- Medicare looks at multiple stents in a single vessel as a single procedure, and only reimburses it as a single procedure, even though there are more materials used and more time taken. Not really fair. In certain cases, an expert hospital "coder" can write up the procedure so as to get a fairer reimbursement but this varies from locality to locality (according to our sources, there is no current "national determination" on stent procedures). This gets into a complicated area but, for example, if a blockage is long and needs two overlapping stents to reach end to end, it would not be a good thing to place them in separate procedures. Likewise, it may not be possible to determine accurately before the procedure if more than one stent is needed (and you should read our articles on FFR about this). Placing stents in separate procedures (called staging) has the benefit, if there is any, to allowing the body to adjust and to see if possibly the first stent is all that is needed. But for each procedure, a needle stick, catheter access, insertion, wiring of the arteries with a guide wire, inserting and placing the stent, closing the arterial access and controlling the bleeding -- all these must be done each time. Placing two or three stents may only add a few minutes -- and avoid the multiple catheterizations and closings, all of which, while safe, are medical procedures that entail some risk and discomfort to the patient. But we are not experts on Medicare reimbursement -- that is a very specialized field. Some of the stent manufacturers have Medicare hotlines to help physicians. Don't know if they would respond to a patient though. Hope this helps.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 6, 2012

• does medicare pay for more than one stent implanted during the same procedure. Doc in Sarasota said, "it's against the medicare law to insert more than one stent, if you need more they have to be implanted individually. Oh that makes sense, medicare wants to pay more. Is the doc lying?? thanks
Karyl, Cocoa, Florida, USA, March 6, 2012

• I had exercise test + ecg + heart scan + angiogram + angioplasty along with 2 stents to my right and left coronary arteries at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast United Kingdom total cost including the drugs I'm taking (FREE) i do feel so sorry for people in the Philippines and other countries whose government cannot provide health care,,,,i have a friend from outside Manila Philippines who had saved up all his life for retirement only to have one stent fitted at a cost of 1 million pesos my wife is Filipina and I'm British,,,,so we are very lucky where we live and our health care is first class although it does have its ups and downs.... I wish everyone good health for the future.
John Moore, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, March 5, 2012

• Help...anyone know how much its roughly cost for the cardiologist in Singapore? My dad was admitted by ambulance plane from Jakarta to Singapore on Friday due to heart attack. The doctor put 2 stent on his left artery which cost 11,000. The bill so far comes up to 32,000 including pharmacy, room charges (ICU), X-ray. The anesthetic doctor just told me today that his own fee is $7000. Is this reasonable? The cardiologist hasn't mentioned anything but i am scared that the bill might be really high. Please help! Thanks
Angelina Ng, Singapore, February 15, 2012

Karl.....Your insurance will not pay the hospital 110K. There is a fixed rate paid for an interventional procedure. For example, if you had more than 2 stents placed in your RCA or Right Coronary Artery...the insurance company will only pay for the full price of 2 stents and half the price of the 3rd. So all in all the hospital will be paid 25 to 30K for your full stay...this also includes recovery room charges. If you have to pay a % of the charges...make sure you find out what the insurance paid and that's what you base your charges to be...not the hospitals inflated price.
USA, Texas, USA, January 13, 2012

• I live in the uk and had a exercise test, nuclear medical test, angiogram, angioplasty with 2 drug eluding [eluting] stents and 5 days in hospital in march 2011 all for FREE
rob, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, January 2, 2012

• What is lowest cost of stent paying for Lowest Bed at AIIMS, New Delhi, India
swaroopa rani, Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India, December 29, 2011

• I just had 5 stent inserted into CA to the tune of 110,000 us dollars! When I opened the bill i almost needed another cardio service. Hopefully, the insurance will pick up most of it. The "most advanced" country has a health care system for the privileged only. When will the Americans wake up and put a stop to the greed? All you Americans, quit bashing the Canadian healthcare. Just keep up with your patriotism and make the richer!
Karl, Peoria, Illinois, USA, December 20, 2011

• Response to the Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, What about patients that had a cath because of a positive stress test and have been found to have a "Widow Maker" or Left Main disease? Is it safe for those patients to wait 6 months on a waiting list to have a Bypass or the new trial LM stenting? So my point was to stop the BS about Canadian medicine being better because its free...which us educated posters or readers know that nothing is free...there is always a price to pay. In the USA some pay the high cost of health insurance and get great care and the ones that cant pay still get the procedures performed. In the US...hospitals CANNOT refuse care to the uninsured or poor. In others countries with socialized pay through the WAzoo in taxes and get a nice waiting list...Even if you have the worst in coronary disease...the Left Main killer. Try going to England on vacation and having to visit the will quickly understand that you better have insurance or a British past port! In the US...even if you are not here still get free bypass or invasive care...this is why our health insurance is so expensive.
USA, Texas, USA, December 12, 2011

• Hi My dad is suffering for a heart disease having a clot in his heart's veins. The doctor advise is to undergo angioplasty here in Cebu Philippines. I do not have an estimated price for it yet but they said it may reach 1million pesos. This is to high for us and trying to find the amount so we can save our dad's life. Anybody that can give any advises. Thank you.
Ebby, Negros Occidental Philippines, December 6, 2011

• USA in Texas (we know Texas is big but...that big?) -- we hear your opinion and would only say that most Canadian and U.S. hospital centers have pretty good emergency angioplasty protocols in if you are having a heart attack and quickly get to the Emergency Dept of a hospital that performs angioplasty, you will most likely get an emergency angioplasty with the 90 minute window. This stops the heart attack and limits the muscle damage to the heart, maybe even avoids it. But once you have had a heart attack, and the attack is over and you are stable, there is no longer a need for any emergency procedure. However, a 6 month waiting list is certainly long!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 6, 2011

• It really BURNS me to read this garbage from some on here. I have family that live in Canada, and a family member that had a heart attack. He went to the hospital and was told he had to be put on a waiting list for 6 months!!! He came to New York and had it done the next day. We don't have a waiting list here in the USA...A smart person gets health insurance. You want the have to pay for it. We don't have socialist medical care in the US...even though the fool in the white house is trying to get us there. I don't want some idiot that's not a doctor telling me to wait 6 months. How do you think Canadians get free healthcare? They have high tax...I don't care what you say, I have family that lives in Canada and they pay high taxes. Don't act like everything is rosey...if you are going to tell a story, tell the entire story. You have a waiting list and most die before their number is called.!!!!!!
USA, Texas, USA, December 1, 2011

• I had venous angioplasty in Seattle on Feb.11/11, it cost me $5800 plus $1200 travel and hotel. I'm Canadian and universal healthcare failed me in this situation. All Canadians are entitled to free angio, test, etc...unless you've been diagnosed with MS. I'm grateful I had the options to go to the US and the staff treated me like gold but I would rather have stayed in Canada but 'politics' and money determines what is allowed for health care.
K.V., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, November 16, 2011

• I was just in the hospital and had 4 stents put in my heart. After reading these messages, I have no idea what the cost will be. I know it will be overwhelming. I have insurance that requires a co pay of $3,000, and only covers 70% of what's left over from the bill. From the looks of what it costs just for one stent, I can only imagine that my bill will be somewhere in the $60,000 range, meaning that I will end up with a bill I have to pay that is around $18,000. I make $25,000 a year. So much for insurance.
Stentoquatro, Eugene, Oregon, USA, November 10, 2011

• To Jason D of Toronto. Where do you get off bad mouthing American Health Care and blaming it on the Republicans! You need to keep your Canadian bleeding heart universal health care where it belongs and come and take that phony pretend to be an American Neil Young back with you. We have excellent health care here. Rich or poor! We do not want universal health care. It sucks!
American, Denver, Colorado, USA, November 6, 2011

• Would anyone be able to advise on how much it would cost for an angioplasty in Jahannesburg South Africa?
Lalloo, Harare, Zimbabwe, October 29, 2011

• My dad had to be brought into Emergency by ambulance for a heart attack. They have put 2 drug-eluting stents and will have to stay in hospital for 3 days with 1 day in ICU. What would be the approx costs without insurance?
Bowr, San Jose, California, USA, October 2, 2011

• It is astounding the variation in costs, although the US seems to beat all with it's high price tags. I had 4 stents put in 5 weeks ago after 2 MI and a cardiac arrest. The total cost to me was 300 euro [roughly 400 US$]. This cost was a statutory 75 euro per diem cost for all hospital patients. The actual stents and medical care were free. I do not have any private insurance and don't need it if it is an emergency case. However, the real cost is aftercare, where my meds are costing 322 euro per month, but the Govt here cap that at 120 per month, so it's not too bad at 30 euro per week to stay alive. The main thing is that the wonderful doctors and nurses saved my life, and thank God for them, all over the world doing their wonderful and mostly thankless jobs. I still wouldn't like to be dependant on the US medical system though, but Canada sounds great:)
Pete Ireland, Drogheda, Ireland, October 1, 2011

• My Mom needs an angioplasty. We are from the Philippines. Do you know any hospital or doctor that do this for charity in the Philippines? We are an average family. We cannot afford to do loans as we have no means of paying. Can anyone give us referrals to any doctor or hospital?
Ashley Eugenio, Quezon City, Philippines, September 30, 2011

• In August 2007 I had 2 stents and 1 angioplasty for a grand total of $60,000 US. A supreme rip off for 45 minutes of work and 2 days in the hospital. The up side is that I am still around to complain.
vbc, Upstate New York, USA, September 3, 2011

• In July had one stent inserted in LVCF and 7.5 hours to the minute I arrived in the ER, I walked out of the hospital on my own accord realizing I could not afford the bill. Below is the itemized bill as received 3 days after I got home.

Card Cath: $23046.20 (0659h-0718h -- 19 minutes)
Cardiology: $ 2276.50 (doctors WERE awesome-saved my life)
EKG/ECG: $ 504.00
ER: $ 1318.00 (0630h-0659h -- 29 minutes)
Implants: $ 3715.80 (Metal Stent loc. LVCF)
IV Fluids: $ 172.00 (Former USAF PJ, sugar water 1 bag)
IV Therapy: $ 1.00 (IV machine usage maybe)
Lab: $ 2114.40 (blood drawn twice, ER and ICU)
MED/Surg Sup: $ 6746.70 (several items used)
Pharmacy: $ 4409.90 (2 nitro tabs in ER, 1 for nausea)
Pharmacy SELF:$ 238.85 (don't recall self-medicating)
Room: $ 3015.00 (ICU after cath lab, left at 1400h)
X-ray: $ 301.00 (used during cath lab procedure)

TOTAL: $47859.35
Uninsured Discount(self-pay): -$19143.74
Balance $28715.74

Guess if I was insured, would've cost more? Healthcare is so much cause it's a means to an end!
Dwight H., Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, August 23, 2011

• In Romania the cost of angioplasty with one farmacological stent (the best) is 4000 EURO + 300 EURO for hospital accommodation (all inclusive). I am Director of Marketing & Sales of the Center of Excellence in Interventional Cardiology in Romania. We have 10 interventional doctors (the best in EUROPE all of them are "FELLOW OF EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY AND ALL HAVE + 4000 PROCCEDURE ALLREADY DONE! Our vision is to make medical tourism from USA, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, RUSSIA, WORLDWIDE, so, for more information please visit or call at. 004 0733.248.620 (Mario Plescan Director of Marketing & Sales) 004 0726767677 Dr. Oren Iancovici General Manager of MED NEW LIFE CARDIOLOGY
Dr. Oren Iancovici - Mario Plescan, CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY, Romania, August 5, 2011

• I had a quadruple CABG 15 years ago at the Singapore General Hospital - that cost me about USD4000 all-in at that time. Two weeks ago, I had angioplasty and two stents implanted - this time, the all-in cost is USD6000.Reading some of the horror stories above, especially from the USA and Philippines, I wonder how their governments justify their very existence to the people.
A fortunate Singaporean, Singapore, May 20, 2011

• REGARDING BASEETH'S reply from Bangalore India about cost of Angioplasty with 1 stent : The cost in Bangalore India is 170.000 INR (Equal to about 4000 US dollars) . This 10 times Economical than US .Even a radial angioplasty in Chennai will not cost more than 5000 US dollars for an Equivalent procedure done by cardiologists who perform more than 1000 procedures per Year .

• In July '08 I had angioplasty with one stent in the RCA. I was in the hospital about 3 days with many tests while I was in the unstable angina phase. I believe the surgeons fee was 25,000 with the total bill running about 77,000.
Scott3, Newport News, Virginia, USA, May 13, 2011

• I had angioplasty & stent and due to serious problems due to an underlying health problem I had 2 additional angioplasties and then had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks on top of it. Thankfully I live in Canada and didn't have to give the cost a second thought. Our taxes aren't that much higher than what is paid in the US (I know, I compare with friends there regularly) so it boggles the mind that Americans accept not having universal health care - the ONLY country in the Western World without it. It's shameful that so much is spent on (unnecessary) war, but so little spent on health care in the US. Breaks my heart that the US Republicans use 'fear' to keep American people from revolting. Your health care will be BETTER with universal health care. Good doctors, who care do not want to work in a system where everyone doesn't have equal access to top quality health care. Doctors in countries with universal health care are doctors because they care and want to heal, not so they can line their pockets with money and assembly line treatment. Sorry, but you Americans are sadly misinformed about universal health care, its cost and its quality. So sad...
Jason D., Toronto, Canada, April 25, 2011

• Thank God I live in Canada!! Hospital visit, all tests done for unstable angina (x-rays, cardio, drugs etc. etc.) Referred to local cardiologist. Home.. Awoke with pain, sweating, vomiting. Ambulance to main hospital. Further tests completed there. Immediately sent by ambulance (120kms) to cardiac hosp. One drug eltuing stent, two days in hosp. returned to home ambulance, one more day in hospital. All drugs, treatment, continuing drugs...COST! ZERO!!!! Wake up Americans...grasp your new plan being proposed by President Obama.....
AnnieMac, Ontario, Canada, April 18, 2011

• The cost of my single stent was $56000 doctor cost $2500 and the rest was costs for a 2.5 day stay at Bert Fish Hospital New Smyrna Beach Florida. When I complained the cost was reduced by a whopping 50% BUT the ambulance traveled 4.5 miles and cost $850 a doctor examined my ecg cost $900 see my extras a painful tearing of my right thigh no where near the entry site that was a freebee. The actual stent was $18000 yes siree here in the US of A we like to think BIG big greed big rip offs and nasty lawyers to give you lead boots if you don't pay up. And we thought Al Capone was dead.
Stent Cost, Human being but maybe not much longer, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA , March 7, 2011

• My dad undergone an angioplasty along with one stent called Cypher company, he was suffering with burning sensation near near chest, but after angioplasty he is all right now it cost us around 1,70,000 indian rupees in bangalore jayadeve hospital.
BASEETH K., Bangalore, Karnataka, India, February 19, 2011

• Dear 9-year-old from Cebu -- One thing that your dad IS lucky about is to have such a caring 9-year-old child! Seriously -- the love of family can do a lot. But your question is a big one, not just in the Philippines, but worldwide -- in governments where there is no guaranteed medical care. Here's an article we found in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, titled "Health care beyond reach of poor, say critics" -- and the article mirrors your complaint. We can't help you directly. Maybe contact the Philippine Heart Association and explain your family's situation. In the U.S., some hospitals accept a certain percentage of "charity" patients who cannot afford the standard fees. One such hospital happens to be Seton Medical Center in Daly City, California, part of the Catholic Healthcare system -- Seton also happened to be one of the pioneering angioplasty centers in the world -- there is, by the way, a very large Filipino population in that area.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 19, 2011

• I would like to know if there are doctors and hospitals that will do angiogram and angioplasty for free? I am 9 years old from Cebu, Philippines. I have realized that this is such a cruel world. Why cant they do angiogram and angioplasty to my dad before they ask us about payment.they want us to deposit 300,000 pesos so they can start the procedure.they also said that it will cost til million pesos.its so hard seeing my dad in the ICU fighting for his life.we tried to sell our things so we can give him medicine everyday.
9 year old from cebu, Cebu City, Philippines, February 19, 2011

• I just had my angiogram yesterday afternoon..Feb 9 at 330 pm. It took them to finish it for only 15 minutes. But I have to wait for 6 hours before I was discharge. Thank God that there are no clogged arteries in my heart. The only problem is my heart is enlarge. It costs 2500 Brunei dollars here, but it is really painless.
Beckybabyrn, Brunei, Darussalam, February 9, 2011

• I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and presently carry around 3 stents in my 52 year old body, and will be receiving a fourth this week. The cost to me- $0.00.I am alive and still solvent because our medical system works.The one observation I should like to enter into the conversation is the peace of mind (of both the patient and loved ones) from knowing we will be taken care of without debilitating financial loss.
Bruce, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 26, 2011

• arunG -- stents were first used in the mid-to-late-80's and there certainly are patients walking around with those early devices -- in fact, the first patient who got an angioplasty (no stent, just balloon) in 1977 is well and active in Switzerland.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 26, 2011

• i had a MI - primary angioplasty PTCA to LAD (4 by 18 mm) Promus stent costs around 1.25 L INR at Pune India last week at age 39. I feel absolute normal immediately after that. I want to know what is the life of stent which is inserted? will it go for next 20-30 years (assume all diets and precautions are taken?)
arunG, Pune, India, January 17, 2011

• In 2001 I had triple heart bypass. The surgeons' and doctors' bills came to about $9,000. The hospital bill for three days was $163,000. At that time I could have stayed at some place like the Ritz Carlton or Plaza with all the necessary equipment and 24 hour nursing care for less than, to be generous, $10,000. Obviously I could not pay, nevertheless I received a summons to appear in court less than a week after the operation. Fortunately, I have almost nothing. I have heard of people whose homes were confiscated. Happens a lot.That's about all. Many people have go bankrupt. When you are sufficiently poor and old here, in the USA you can get Medicaid which pays for Medicare does not. In America you have to be either extremely poor, pay through the nose for health insurance.
Mr. Josephia I. Schmoe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, January 8, 2011

• Usmaz -- your post is a bit off-topic (this ForumTopic is about costs) but our quick answer is that you need to get this advice from your cardiologist -- it's not really possible to advise you on the proper treatment long distance. One thing we can say is that the "percent blockage" is not always a reliable measure, since the real question is whether or not the blockage is limiting the blood flow (see our article on Fractional Flow Reserve).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 4, 2011

• i am 51 diabetic-13 years my angio2010 shows 1. ANGIOGRAPHY 2010- LMS:- Distal tapering - LAD patent stent ( surgeon says stent stenosis is there) 65% disease in proximal and distal course.- LCX :- 80% ostial stenosis- RCA 50% in proximal and distal course and 60% ostial disease of PDA- LV function good what's best treatment?
Usmaz, Pakistan, January 4, 2011

• Having read most of these email on Angiograms, I am truly amazed that the U.S. is still screwing just about everyone with their so called Health Care. I, personally have had since 1984 , 2 carotid artery surgeries,one triple bypass surgery, 14 angiograms with 6 stents, and another angiogram to come in the next 3 weeks. Total cost $0, you see I live in Saskatchewan the original home of medicare in Canada. The history of it's inception in 1960, is quite wild, with the doctors going on strike, and our social democratic govt having to import doctors to get the program off the ground.It became so successful the rest of Canada wanted it. Now you wouldn't dare take it away. Hooray for us!
Saskdan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, November 27, 2010

• Tom -- thanks again -- although I think my point about the history is that, while the idea of angioplasty started in the U.S., the nuts and bolts of making it feasible and actually performing doing the first procedures...that was done in Europe, under a "Medicare-like" healthcare system. The cardiologist who invented this, Andreas Gruentzig, was then recruited by U.S. institutions a few years laters. Interestingly enough, one place that wanted him very much was in San Francisco -- but he didn't wind up there and one reason was that California would not let him practice medicine without going through a long licensing procedure -- this for the man who three years earlier had invented coronary angioplasty!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 24, 2010

• To Forum Editor: Your brief history of angioplasty was great and I will definitely look for the hardcover version. As I understand from it, the concept of angioplasty originated in the USA, it got copied by others, who in turn immigrated to USA to promote it and to perfect it, and now the whole world is benefiting, I am happy and proud of such outcome, and I can not imagine why anyone would want to spend medicare funds to "change" it.
Tom in Encinitas, Encinitas, California, USA, November 24, 2010

• I had 5 stents put in last year after having a heart attack. This cost about $140,000 without any insurance. I paid about $30,000 and they wrote the rest off. This year I had to have another stent put in with insurance and the total cost was $400. Without insurance they did the surgery and that was it. With insurance I have already had 6 follow up appointments. Everything is about money and not the care of the patient. It is a sad world we live in.
Stillherefornow, San Diego, California, USA, November 19, 2010

• To the person who wrote the following: "I had a stent inserted on 11/5/09 at RVMC in Southern Oregon, and I just got a bill for $33,708.00 When I was admitted, the estimate for an 'Angiogram and possible stent' was $10,000.00..." -- I've just gone through the nightmare of the U.S. healthcare system. I had an angioplasty done at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee. Here are the charges I suffered:
1.) Ambulance to travel 1.7 miles to hospital: $988
2.) Radiologist, anesthesiologist, etc.: approximately $1000
3.) Doctor's fee: $14,000
4.) Hospital fee/Aurora Health Care for three days: $32,000.
Total cost: About $54,000.
I have no insurance and make only $24,000 a year. I will promptly declare bankruptcy--either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13--to chop some of those absurdly asinine and obscene costs down. As one friend put it, "It's a wonder you don't have a full-on stroke or heart attack just hearing about how they're planning to financially rape you." I hope you've had some luck resolving your particular situation.
Tim in Wisconsin, Math Doctor Makes House Calls, Greenfield, Wisconsin, USA, October 20, 2010

• My father underwent angioplasty in Manipal Hospital on 30'th Sept 2010. The cost of the whole procedure came to around 2.1 lac. A medicated stent of cypher was used for this procedure. The cost of the stet was around 1.1 lac.
Arvind, Bangalore, India, October 2, 2010

• can somebody tell me about stent. which one is best, bare metal, drug eluting or chromium stent as doctors advised to my father to implant immediately. and how much will cost in nishter hospital in multan or in lahore.
fiazaoulakh, layyah, pakistan, October 2, 2010

• Hi, My mom underwent the replacement of the stent for heart in Lilavati Hospital - Mumbai. It costed around 35K for 2 nights. Now she is fine and healthy.
Lokesh, Mumbai, India, September 20, 2010

• Tom of Encinitas -- thanks for the shout out about our "great web site"! I would only say that "Obamacare" has not really kicked in yet, except in benefits for people under 26 who can stay on their parents' medical plan, and the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to not be refused -- all good things. We will see if this plan stifles innovation. (And now I get to talk about my favorite subject: history!) I can tell you absolutely that angioplasty and all these great devices might not exist if it were not for the European healthcare system (which some call "socialism"!!). The concept of angioplasty was conceived and applied (to legs) in 1964 by Charles Dotter, a radiologist in Portland, Oregon. He was laughed off by the medical profession and insurance companies in the U.S. who were interested only in doing what they always did. (His nickname became "Crazy Charlie".) Thank goodness a German radiologist, Eberhardt Zeitler, visited Dotter and took the technique back to Europe, where in the 70's a young doctor from Zurich, Andreas Gruentzig, saw it and perfected it for the heart. All these European doctors worked in university hospitals on fixed salaries. But it was an environment that fostered research, curiosity and science. Of course, when Gruentzig realized the technique had to grow and be taught on a large scale, he came to the U.S.! By the way, for any of you out there interested in this fascinating story, you can see it on our DVD, "PTCA: A History" -- now on sale!! ;-)
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 19, 2010

• It is easy to go stumping for obamacare after your own hospital bill arrives, and it is easy to exploit the protesters, but please, slow down and think a bit! obamacare promised to lower medical costs .... but the costs are rising, worst of all for seniors. This great web site reports on many new miraculous discoveries and procedures, magical doctors and fantastic machines and implements, all of which are prolonging our lives. These miracles would not be possible if the doctors and scientists had their wings clipped, which is major part of the obamacare. If you like obamacare, stock up on Laudanum.
Tom, Encinitas, California, USA, September 16, 2010

• Hello. I had a stent inserted into one of my arteries the day before yesterday. It is a BMS (Bare Metal Stent) and not a medicated stent. The whole procedure cost me around Rs. 1.4 lakhs including hospitalization. I was in the hospital for two days.
Angioplasty and Stents, Bangalore, India, September 10, 2010

• I made a previous entry on the 4th of October 2009, that being I had 2x Promus drug eluting stents put in, one in the mid LAD and one in the Circumflex artery via right radial access. The procedure was done at Wakefield Hospital in New Zealand and cost $21,000 New Zealand Dollars. At the time I experienced absolutely no pain or any side effects what so ever and I could not believe how successful the procedure was. Nearly a year has passed since the procedure and to date I have not experienced any form of pain or any form of side effect what so ever. The procedure has been absolutely fantastic.
Grant Dwyer, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, September 7, 2010

• I underwent Angiogram, Angioplasty and stent implantation of LAD and OM and a 5 night stay last week, at a hospital in Mysore, India. The stents used were Promus Everolimus Eluting Stents. The total cost of all of the above was US$ 7750 of which US$ 6400 was covered by Insurance.
Ashwin, Falcon Tyres Limited, Mysore, Karnataka, India, August 18, 2010

• in May 2010 I had an angio, one standard stent, one night in hospital for $6600 in UNICAR, a top-rate cardiac unit in Guatemala City.
Oldie, Villa Nueva, Guatemala, July 22, 2010

• Sgt. Jerry, We think so -- but you should check directly with VA.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 10, 2010

• will veterans administration pay for veterans who have this procedure?
Sgt Jerry, Ventura, California, USA, June 1, 2010

• I have a friend who has had a second stroke (40years old). His new doctor said he needs to have a stent. But now he has to find a doctor who will be willing to work out a payment plan. He has no insurance so they're just sending him home after a 2 day stay. We are in TN/MS does anyone know how we can find help? How much will this cost?
CBarr, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, March 21, 2010

• I think all the heart blockage removal technique should be more cheaper price in INDIA than existing price. pls help me to tell who is cheapest in DELHI for Stents (to open the blockage)
Pawan V., Delhi, India, March 20, 2010

• To all readers -- The Forum on Angioplasty.Org does not accept postings that are commercial in nature and, although the post below fits that description, we're putting it up anyway since it might be of some help to someone. But with the caveat that we do not in any way recommend this particular service nor do we have any connection to it. But as can be seen throughout this thread, a number of U.S. citizens who have no insurance are finding it cheaper to travel abroad for interventional procedures. We sincerely hope that this situation will be rectified by the health care reform legislation -- but for the meantime, anyone contemplating going abroad should perform "due diligence" and research all aspects of where they are going. It is definitely a "buyer beware" situation. Although there are many excellent facilities and cardiologists around the world with state-of-the-art advanced facilities.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 17, 2010

• This is a company that helps patitents seeking all forms of medical travel programs. There is so many Uninsured, Insured patients with restricted coverage due to pre-existing conditions.WHY YOU DONT TAKE A LOOK ABROAD? See us at facebook:
Nelson, Intermedical tourism, Madrid, Barcelona, Spain, March 17, 2010

• Can any one suggest me what is the cost of Angioplasty in India, and some of the good places to go for it.Many Thanks.
Ravi, Chattishgarh, India, February 24, 2010

• For me it cost nothing - free at the point of use healthcare in the UK! Three stents inserted, 3 days in CCU post-procedure including 1-on-1 nursing care. Love the NHS!
Info M., Burgess Hill, England, February 18, 2010

• Kelvin -- the stent itself costs somewhere between $800-2,000 or so, depending on type (bare metal or drug-eluting) but you can't buy a stent -- it has to be put in by the interventional cardiologist -- and the size (diameter and length) etc. can only be determined in the cath lab during the procedure. As you can see from other posts, the stent itself is only a very small part of the procedure's cost.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 15, 2010

• Need a good quality Stent for my mom to have the cardiac surgery. Where can I buy it through?
Kelvin L., Palmdale, California, USA, January 14, 2010

• I am sitting at Escort Heart Inst. India. My husband has a stent put in yesterday. The entire bill including food for me and a place for me to sleep for 3 days now and a work up on him (angiography and stress test with nuclear medicine) is $9,686.78 US. The total cost with our first class air tickets from the US and a 27 day stay in India (in case he had to have by-pass) will be about 22T. We lost our insurance when he changed jobs and the insurance companies would not insure him due to pre-existing condition i.e. chest pain about 2 years ago. I really hope President Obama is able to get some health care reform. Otherwise only government employees will have health care.
Vanessa, Hanes, Kentucky, USA, January 6, 2010

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