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I had an Angioplasty in 1981 at St Francis Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma and have never had a problem since. I am still taking a 1/2 aspirin a day and 50m of Tenormin. I was just wondering how many other people have had an Angioplasty this long ago and are doing well?
posted by David E., Oklahoma, USA, May 3, 2006

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• I am a woman over 50, but in good health and fairly active. In 2006, I was 15 years younger and primarily a vegetarian. It was then that my heart issues increased and I was admitted to the ER. I need both a heart ablation procedure plus I had an 80% blocked main artery, and also another artery 40% blocked. The blockage was cured by a groin angioplasty, but for the past year, I began to have symptoms of more blockage forming around the original stent and maybe further. I’m going in for another angioplasty tomorrow, but they are going in through the arm this time. I’ll report back on that after the procedure. This shows you that plaque can grow back around your original stent over time.
SocalDancer, Ventura, California, USA, October 17, 2021

• Dear Editor,Thanks for such motivating success stories, sure this will help a lot to all of us. Please try to ask Mr. David E. from Oklahoma again how's he doing now if you have his email address cause i am sure that will be even better. Again thanks for the good work.
HA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, March 20, 2012

• I was rushed into hospital on Wednesday 18th May within 25 min I had an angioplasty and one stent placed. Remarkable how quick the procedure was. I just couldn't believe it. I had a feeling in my chest and the side of my neck -- not a pain, just a weird feeling as if I had indigestion except it was in the centre of my chest. I had this feeling at 9am on 18 May 2011. I was driving to work, came back home immediately and called the ambulance. They did ECGs and sent them to the Freeman Hospital Newcastle which fortunately is exactly a mile away from where I live. They told the ambulance to bring me in as there seemed to be a problem. I reached the hospital at approx. 10:15am. I was back in the ward by 11am how amazing was that!! Remarkable team. Remarkable hospital.
Binay S., patient, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK, May 22, 2011

• Ganga from India -- check out our Forum Topic on "Exercise after Angioplasty".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 1, 2010

• Male, 55 year old, I had three stents placed after two major attacks in 2008.I have fully recovered and active now. I walk 3 miles, cycle 3 miles daily, only with slight difficulty in gradients. I am still on all medicines (Atorva 40, Ecosporin 325, Cardace 5, Daxid 50, MetXL 50 all 1 each daily,Clopidogrel 75 & Metformin 1mg, twice a day. My question is should I continue with such a heavy dosage even after 2 years? Is there anyway that I can reduce dependency on medicines and try to build up through diets, exercises and lifestyle. My Cardio has abroad for 2 years. Please guide.
Ganga, Pune, India, September 24, 2010

• I had my PTCA in Dec. 1998 at age 42 following several weeks of mysterious but increasingly severe chest pain. I did not recognize the symptoms until it was almost too late. It was in my LAD artery and a stent was implanted. Since then, I feel great. I have no restrictions on my activity, I work out on a treadmill and with weights, jump rope and run with my dog. This is a miracle operation, almost painless and NO SCARS! Cheers to the cardiac team at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in Toronto.
Dave C., Brampton, Ontario, Canada, July 31, 2006

• I had 2 stents placed in my LAD on 3/15/06. I'm a 55 yr old male, 5'8" and 152 lbs. Prior to noticing angina symptoms I exercised vigorously, cycling 4-5 times/wk at a competitive level, and lifting moderate weights 2-3 times/wk. I have had this same workout routine for the past 20 years. No chronic health problems, whatsoever, and have never taken any long term medications. After receiving the stents I was placed on blood pressure medication, plavix, and a statin. It took me a number of weeks to become adjusted to all the meds, but I feel very good now. I recently went for my 3 month follow-up and have been cleared by my cardiologist to resume my pre-stent level of activity. I am probably 85-90% back to the level of workout I was doing prior to the stents, and I feel great!
John H., Georgia, USA, July 16, 2006

• I was #115 angioplasty in the US with Dr Richard Myler in SanFran in 1979. I restenosed and was revascularized two months later. No problems until 1995, when I went three times. The reason for the reblockage was the "creep" of poor eating habits. Unbelievably, I was symptom free until April of 2006, and here we go again. Culprit: poor eating habits, this time in spite of good cholesterol readings from Lipitor and daily regime of fish oil (started back in 1995). Lesson: never (NEVER) cheat on proper eating. Now, I have a stent (great progress?) but I made a mistake in allowing it to be inplanted..edge exposure, turbulence, perhaps improper fit to artery, etc. So I am trolling the boards and sites looking at my future with a possible restenosed stent location (angina is returning 5 weeks post).
Ken C., Ohio, USA, June 13, 2006

• i underwent angioplasty and three stents were put in main and other two arteries on 9.5.2006. i am feeling fine, no chest pain etc. What long term measures can be taken for future and if reversal of artery disease is possible?
Gajinder, India, May 20, 2006

• Alan I was a little confused on when you had your angioplasty, did you have the procedure after you had the heart attack or before? Sounds like you did the right thing by calling EMS. Are you feeling well now?
David E., Oklahoma, USA, May 19, 2006

• Had my stent planted in me exactly one week ago. I still have 30 percent blockage in circumflex and Right Artery is totally blocked. Doctors put my on six drugs, including plavix, tryicor, altase and a few more. After two days of lying on my back only walked out and feel great. No pains. I was getting back and under left armpit pains. Yesterday I was on my roof with blower cleaning out my gutters. I want to watch my kids grow up and see grand kids too. I'm 54 and have learned to love rice, fruit and veggies. I was lucky. As soon as I felt the sweats and pain I called 911. On my way to the hospital my heart stopped and I had to be shocked back. If you think it's going to be the big one DO NOT drive to hospital. The ambulance and fire rescue had me wired up and at my house in five minutes. The doctor said if I would have driven my self, I never would of made it. God Bless EMS and Morton Plant Hospital in St. Pete Florida. Alan S
Alan Ray, Money Making Headquarters, Safety Harbor, Florida, May 16, 2006

• I'm sorry to hear that your husband doesn't see a bright future after the stenting but mine did not seem so bright for the first couple years either. I believe mine was more of a helpless feeling than anything. I was 25 years old when I received the Angioplasty and felt like life would never return to normal, but it did and I'm doing great now. I guess changing my lifestyle helped more than anything by managing the risk factors, walking every evening, cutting the fat out of the diet by eating chicken and fish, etc. Does your husband seem depressed? If so, he might begin to see a brighter future when he realizes that he's still young and will bounce back from this procedure. I'm sure he will feel better soon. Like I said, it took me a couple of years before I realized that this procedure healed me. Maybe this will encourage him. I returned to my Doctor yesterday for the first time in over 20 years, this was at the encouragement of my family Doctor because he's not a cardiologist and he thought it would be a good idea because I had this problem in the past, He just wanted to be sure that I'm receiving the proper meds, etc. Good news, everything looked normal and the Doctor just advised that I check in every year or so and inquire about new medications that may come on the market for lowering high blood pressure. The future looks bright and I know your husbands will soon also.
David E., Oklahoma, May 12, 2006

• Congratulations on doing well. David, mind me asking how old you were when you had the procedure in 1981. My husband was early 40's when he had stenting done in Jan. and doesn't feel his future is bright.
Massachusetts, USA, May 11, 2006

• Thank you for responding so quickly, As a matter of fact, my family doctor which rarely sees me because I have felt so good for the past 25 years, has encouraged me to visit the Doctor who performed the Angioplasty in 1981. Not that he suspects anything is wrong, he just wants to be sure that I'm taking the most up to date medicine for high blood pressure, etc..I'll be happy to post another message on my visit next week May 11th if you would like.
David E., Oklahoma, USA, May 3, 2006

• David -- first off, congratulations! You were among the first patients to get an angioplasty in the U.S. -- the very first U.S. cases were only started in 1978. I do know that Adolph Bachmann, the first patient ever done (1977 in Zurich) is also still doing fine -- I interviewed him a few years back for our documentary "PTCA: A History" -- you can see a clip here. Back then you would have been opened up by a balloon -- stents were not even on the drawing board. We thank you for your posting and hope that others who have had positive effects from this procedure also write into this topic. One of the caveats of hosting a Message Board on the net is that it tends to be a magnet for problems -- which is fine because there doesn't seem to be any other public and easy-to-access outlet at present -- but with over a million patients a year getting this procedure, we'd like to hear more from those who have benefitted from this invention. Especially since next year we will be celebrating angioplasty's 30th anniversary.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 3, 2006

I had an Angioplasty in 1981 at St Francis Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma and have never had a problem since. I am still taking a 1/2 aspirin a day and 50m of Tenormin. I was just wondering how many other people have had an Angioplasty this long ago and are doing well?
David E., Oklahoma, USA, May 3, 2006

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