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Angioplasty Recovery Period

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What is the time period for recovery after angioplasty?

Read the comments below to learn from the firshand experiences of heart disease patients, ask questions, and share your story to support others in our patient community.

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• Hi everyone. I am 42 and suffered from very peculiar anginal symptoms that were never diagnosed until a CT angiogram found out my LAD was occluded up to 80 percent. I just got the stent done 2 days ago but have been experiencing some chest pain on and off. Peculiarly, the pain gets worse after getting up from recumbent position. Does anyone else experience this during recovery period?
MrMeaner, Malaysia, November 18, 2021

• I had a heart attack 1 year 4.5 months ago. It took at least one year to start feeling better. I always had shortness of breath and I am now better since they have taken me off my Effient and others. I am on Bystolic which is min on side effects. The first year was rough but you will get better just takes time.
Maryanngeorgia, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 21, 2013

• Hi Arup in Faridabad -- When we see posts such as yours, we wish that hospitals would be more forceful in making sure that angioplasty patients are given clear instructions when discharged about what they can and cannot do. If there is an easy way to contact your cardiologist, you should have him answer these questions, because every patient's needs are a bit different, and we're not sure what food and/or fluid restrictions you in particular may have. A list of some common discharge instructions for stent patients can be found on Wikidocs. As for medications, after placement of a drug-eluting stent, the guidelines recommend a minimum of 6-12 months of clopidogrel and aspirin (Ecospirin) to keep blood from clotting inside the stent. The other meds are for cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. If you are not feeling well and tired, you should also make sure your cardiologist knows this. Perhaps an adjustment to your drug regimen may help, but this is something a doctor should help with.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 7, 2013

• I am 47 male , having 1 no PTCA on 28/2/13. Presently having Ecospirin 300, clopidogrel 150, Astrovastin 40 mg [atorvastatin?], Lasix 40 mg, Planep 25 mg , revotill .5 mg, Remistar [Ramistar?] 1.25 mg, Pansped 40 mg. I had undergo Angioplasty in RN Tagore Cardiac Hospital - KolKatta , India. My question is How many days the Food Restrictions require & what is the minimum Fluid Intake (Incl Water ) & What are the restrictions after PTCA ?? How much interval Medical Supervision Required ? Mild Pain is in left chest after weeks, & Tiredness also. How long I have to take Drugs??
Arup M., Faridabad, Haryana, India, April 6, 2013

• John in Washington -- Check out our topic "Not Feeling Well After Stenting." A number of patients report that there's a period of adjustment after stenting, although your fatigue may be drug-related. Discuss this with your cardiologist. Dofferent patients have different reactions to blood pressure meds, statins, etc. A patient recently told us that they hated taking Plavix, but that the symptoms were hard to describe, kind of like not being present "in the moment" -- and these feelings disappeared as soon as they were able to stop taking the drug.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 20, 2013

• After 36 years of faithful and vigorous daily exercise, no red meat for the last 10 years and no known family history of heart diseases, I received two stents -- circumflex and right coronary arteries -- in two separate PCIs over a three-week period in January-February 2013. The first was transradial, the second through my femoral. I returned to work four days after the second PCI. I have noticed over the past week or so some renewed angina and tiredness and am wondering if I did not go back to full-time work too quickly. I am walking again most days (I was a regular runner prior to the PCIs) though not vigorously and will start monitored exercise tomorrow evening. I would have to say I am surprised that I am not feeling stronger and more alert now almost three weeks after the second PCI I am taking the usual medications -- Effient (the stents were not eluted) and metoprolol plus 40 mgs of Crestor. Is there such a thing as "normal" recovery period for a 60-year old male -- three weeks, a months, two to three months, etc.? Thank you.
John A, Washington, D.C., USA, March 12, 2013

• Con in Canada -- We would tend to agree with you that you may be experiencing side effects from some of your prescribed medications. It may simply be that your dose needs to be adjusted, or that you are having these reactions to one particular drug. For example, some patients find that they don't tolerate statins well. But definitely discuss this issue with your cardiologist and don't make changes without this discussion. For example, Plavix and aspirin are extremely important to prevent blood clotting inside the stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 20, 2012

• I had angioplasty on November 2nd, after experiencing shortness of breath on several occasions this summer. They found the LAD artery 94% blocked at the bottom and 76% blocked at the top. The next day felt good and immediate subsequent days. Then bad experiences with dizziness and coming close to fainting. On several occasions taken back to hospital. I've had the usual investigations, echocardiogram ambio sound a scan similar to MRI and stress tests. All show the heart to be performing well. Average blood pressure 132/86. I was very active before angioplasty, now find a big problem with light-headedness and dizziness. Can't walk too far without feeling dizzy. Some mild pains in left arm. Prescribed drugs include: Aspirin, Amlodipine 5mg once a day, Atorvastatin 20mg bed time only, Plavix 75mg, Metoprolol 25mg morning and night, Ramipril 5mg twice a day. I think I've been off work now for longer than most people recovering, just over 5 weeks. I need advice on how to combat the dizziness. I use Ativan if I feel it's necessary (anxiety) and the nitro spray when appropriate. I can't help but feel it's my cocktail of drugs that make me feel light headed and dizzy.
Con, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada, December 12, 2012

• Dee -- Ask your cardiologist if you can have the angio done via the wrist (called transradial). Read our FAQs for patients about wrist angiograms and angioplasty. The main benefit for you is that you do not have to lie flat once the procedure is done. You can walk around almost immediately.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 3, 2012

• I had angio in 1984 age 43 no cath used the balloon. The worst part was the pain in my back from laying still for so long. Can't take pain meds, get very sick. I may have to have angio again. Any ideas of what to do to avoid back pain?
Dee, Florida, USA, November 29, 2012

• For posters with specific issues after stenting, such as pain, etc., check out our Forum Topic, "Not Feeling Well After Stenting". You'll find a number of other posts similar to yours.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 10, 2011

• I had 3 stents placed in my 99% blocked LAD on 11-3-11. It`s now 11-8-11 and I was placed on Lopressor, 50mg, twice daily, Effient, 10mg, Lisinopril, 2.5mg, and Crestor, 10mg. I did not have a heart attack and I`m experiencing more pain in my left chest than I did when i sought help. Dizziness and some shortness of breath after most slight exertion. The procedure was 2.5 hrs and they said it was "hairy". Are these symptoms unusual? RJ in Texas
RJ, Teague, Texas, USA, November 8, 2011

• I have undergone angioplasty with a stent in the main coronary artery. Doc says that i was well in time before any damage could have happened to the heart. I take drugs 1) cordovas, clopilet, cilodoc and prolomet evey day. I tend to get some sort of giddiness after eight hours of work. Is it the medicine or my general weakness. I walk for 20 mins each day and also do breathing exercise for 15 mins each day. I eat well (vegetarian food without oil). I am not able to get sound sleep during night. Please let me know what is it that I can do to over come the above
suresh, BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD, India, Bangalore, September 23, 2011

• I am 60 years,observed heaviness in left side of chest all 24 hrs. and heavy breathing after climbing two storey for last 2 months. I was under treatment and was taking asomex 2.5, metelor 75 morning, ecosprin 75 after lunch and metelor 75, tonact tg after dinner for last 4 years. Had angioplasty of RCA due to100% blockage two stents of 33&25 mm long of flexi biomatrix(DES) inserted it is exactly 26 days now chest heaviness persist,weakness feeling,both shoulder pain,highly gastric. walking 30 min each morning & evening. medicines 8am cardace,10am nicoran5,clopigrel75,meterol75,after lunch 350 ecosprin,10pm meterol, nikoran, clopigrel and tonact tg.Pl. advice how long these medicines will continue and when the above symptoms will go. Before angioplasty I was swimming 30 min. daily can I go for swimming ,does cold water harms. Pl. give me feed back and oblige.Thanks Yours Truly. R. Dube
Rajendra, Indore, M. P. India , September 20, 2011

• I am regular in walk and yoga. Female, Aged 48. ideal weight and not fat at all. Do not drink or smoke. Have mild blood pressure and no diabetes. Had angina a fortnight back and got an angioplasty done. After that I have either gained weight or have swelling (water retention) on my face. Is this a side effect of the medicines? Please advise? I feel very frustrated looking at my bloated face.
APK, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, September 11, 2011

• Dear At Least in Tennessee -- It's not clear from your post exactly where your stents were placed. But they are large (not coronary or leg stents) given the measurements. It sounds as if they were inserted through the femoral arteries in your groin, the standard access site for these types of procedures, and then advanced to wherever they were placed. Stents of this size would need a somewhat larger access site incision, so the healing of the access (groin artery) site will take longer.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 5, 2011

• i just had 4 stents 2 9mmx57mm and 2 9mmx37mm on both sides of my groin i was given the shot in the iv anesthesia and guess i came to during the procedure and went "buck wild" as the nurses called it then they gave me the tube down the throat and mask anesthesia and strapped me down. now I'm having real bad chest pains and i had this done because of leg pain not chest pain. my left side groin is not bad at all but my right side is black and blue about a area 8"x 16" from my leg on across my groin and down. i am in a lot of pain both from chest abdomen (which is where the stents were placed) and my right side groin. i tried calling the Dr. who done the surgery and was given a appointment over a week from now. i had the surgery on Friday morning , came home Saturday around noon and this is Wednesday night. should i be worried the Dr told me i would be back at work in a few days before he done it and now it looks like i may lose my job if i cant return before the weekend but i cant even stand straight yet.
at least i got a pulse now, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, August 31, 2011

• I was a very active woman at 63, walking for an hour, and yoga for 45 minutes. I never had any indication of any heart problem, checked cholesterol and ecg every year. Suddenly one morning I got up with a jaw pain, no other pain. It was diagnosed as a 90% block in the RCA. It was in my maternal grandmother's family. I had angioplasty and a medicated stent 3 wks ago. Next day I came to know that the pictures are showing that I had suffered an attack. Since then I don't feel good. I had been to the hospital twice during the first wk, with no adverse finding. Now I have muscle pain all over, specially neck, throat, ear and jaws. I have been prescribed Simvastatin 40mg (my Total Cholesterol was 200 on that day), Clopidogrel 75mg, Trombyl 75 mg and Metoprololtartrate 50mg. As the attack started with jaw pain, I feel very disturbed with that. But now I have it almost always, even while sleeping. I feel very tired, even after walking for 5 minutes. I can do some household work in installments, but can't go out. I wonder if I can be active ever? I can't talk to the cardiologist before 9 th Sept.
nupur, Uppsala, Sweden, July 26, 2011

• I received a cabgx4 in Dec 95. No problems until last week. Checked in hospital on Tues. night stent placement next day went home next day at noon. Back to work Thursday. I feel great. I thank the entire medical team and all of the hospital staff.
Ricky Boy, CDA, Ocala, Florida, USA, May 23, 2011

• Daddysgirl1018 -- Depression is a well-documented after-effect of bypass surgery, angioplasty, etc. -- often these procedures are the first encounter the patient has with the fact that they suffer from coronary artery disease (CAD) and depression is not an abnormal immediate reaction. However, it is important to move into rehab very quickly, to make lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, smoking cessation, etc.) which can counter this depression and actually improve the patient's health. With these changes and the improved blood flow, it is possible for a patient to feel better than they previously had. Check out our topic on "Exercise After Angioplasty" for some good stories. And also, since your dad is being done through the wrist, you can read up on it in our "Radial Access Center".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 28, 2011

• My father had 3 stents put in his right artery and we are going back monday to have another stent placed in circumflex artery which was on the top and they need to go through his wrist. just curious if any men have experienced depression afterwards?
daddysgirl1018, daughters, Red Bank, New Jersey, USA, April 28, 2011

• To The Roman -- as with all patients, your cardiologist should really be the person to get you into a rehab program for heart patients -- he/she knows your personal capacities best. But a recent study out of Canada shows that patients should start exercising as soon as one week after a heart attack. Here's an article on it in a UK newspaper. Also check out our topic on "Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 23, 2011

• Hi. I'm male, 60 years old. I was having pains in my chest which turned out to be Angina. They also found I had had a mild heart attack sometime previously. I have no idea when as I had no symptoms. They said very little damage had been done to the heart muscle, which was in good condition considering. I had a stent fitted for a 70% blockage on Thursday 14th April. I have been given no advice about exercise etc. I feel ok. I walk an hour non-stop once a day and may do about 10 minutes in the garden. Is this ok ?
The Roman, Chichester, United Kingdom, April 23, 2011

• Robbo -- first off, congratulations on keeping up an active lifestyle. less than 5 months after a heart attack!! How much exercise is "safe" is really a very individual matter, since so much depends on the state of your total body, as well as your heart muscle. Maybe your GP and cardiologist should have a talk. FYI, we're going to cross post your question to our topic on "Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent" and maybe some answer will come there.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 8, 2011

• I had a stent fitted in November 2010 after heart attack. Was prescribed atorvastatin, amlodipine, ramipril, bisoprolol, lansoprazole, clopidogrel & aspirin. Before the procedure I was very fit having cycled and walked regularly. I had a bad time for 3 months with chest aches, and dizziness. Subsequently I requested to come off the tablets and immediately felt 10 times better. I now take only aspirin, clopidogrel (for 12 months after op) lansoprazole and atorvastatin. Now I am cycling regularly 40 miles and walking mountains. I try and exercise every day but have rest days in between. I am trying to get back to full fitness. However I was told to keep my heart rate down below 121 which is difficult sometimes when out cycling. After particularly strenuous cycling ( a long uphill) my heart rate rises to 145 for a prolonged period. This is fine at the time but the next day I sometimes suffer with dizziness & pins & needles in my left arm. Can I persevere with my exercise (making my heart stronger) or is it advisable to reduce my exercise? My cardiologist who is Indian did not encourage extreme exercise at any stage (even before heart problems. My GP encourages my exercise!
Robbo, Hull, England, April 8, 2011

• Mother in India -- 26 is very very young for such an incident. His cardiologists might have some answers, in terms of how the heart attack occurred, was there a blockage in one or more arteries? Also they will have his medical records and so can best prescribe the correct therapy going forward. Sounds like his lifestyle is pretty optimal but he may have high cholesterol, etc. which can be modified with modern medications, which have come a long way. We hope he and you find answers, and please let the Forum know. But again, his best recommendations would be from a cardiologist who has his medical report in front if him.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 5, 2011

• My 26 year old son (non smoker, no alcohol, player and a gym regular, no family history, thin and tall, unmarried) had a heart attack in office last week. Emergency stenting was done.Will he be able to do normal activites in future? How long will he be on medication? What kind of diet will be good for him? Pl guide me since i am totally devastated after the incident. Also my son had taken an international flight just two days earlier to the incident. Can there be any connection?
Mother, Govt. of Maharashtra, Maharashtra, India, April 5, 2011

• Broken Hearted in Australia -- read our Editor's Blog from yesterday, Smoking After Sex: A Double Heart Attack Risk?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 24, 2011

• Broken Hearted in Australia -- as we tell all patients asking these types of questions: each individual is different in terms of their clinical status -- the risks for exercise, including sexual activity, have much to do with your physical state, whether you have exercised regularly, etc. Your cardiologist is the best judge of whether a given activity may present an increased risk. Also stay tuned to Angioplasty.Org because there is a study coming out later this week dealing with this very issue. We would say, however, that if you know you need another stent, that means your coronary arteries are somewhat compromised -- so taking it easy would not be a bad idea. We did not say abstain...we just said take it easy....
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 21, 2011

• Delicate subject....How soon after having a stent is it safe for a man to have sex & if another stent is needed in a few weeks, is it safer to wait till after that?
broken hearted, Australia, March 19, 2011

• As we have often responded, if you are having ANY questions or feeling poorly, experiencing blood pressure changes, etc., contact your cardiologist. The body may take a while to adjust to the stent, the increased blood supply, and definitely to the medications that patients are given -- often for the first time right after an angioplasty. The chief reason angioplasty and stenting is performed is to make patients feel better, relief from angina, increased energy, etc. If that is not happening, you should consult your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 20, 2010

• My father had an angioplasty two months back. Had two stenting done 85 and 90 percent blockages. For two months his BP was normal but suddenly now it has started fluctuating and stays high even after high dosage of medication. Could this be related to stenting?
Mmukul, Kiit, India, November 20, 2010

• I am 55 recently retired. developed tightness in chest and L arm, breathlessness over 5 weeks, thought it was due to overweight and lack of exercise. Went to A and E had angiogram 2 stents in L Ascending Artery 90% blockage. Going back for 2nd stent for a 70% in 3 weeks. Feeling reasonably well after first. Some discomfort in L arm and a little heaviness in chest but nothing I feel alarmed about. Main problem is worry and negative thoughts also have yet to tell my family. Walking ok for 10-15min . up and down stairs Slowly. Great to find Forum feeling less anxious. Thanks to one and all.
Rita Ireland, retired Social Worker, Ireland, September 23, 2010

• I had a stent inserted 2 months ago but still have off days. I am back to work but find a whole day too tiring so I work half a day. I am exercising and eating properly but still don't feel 100% and am worried that at this stage I should be back to normal. Is this a bit odd?
Mrstig, Castlegar, British Columbia, CANADA, August 24, 2010

• Bala -- we do not know the drugs Innegy and gulofide -- but coughs such as the one you describe may be related to an ACE inhibitor -- a drug used to control blood pressure, etc. It's a known side-effect. Again, we aren't familiar with the two drugs you've mentioned. Ask your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 18, 2010

• Hi experts I 42 years and i have one stent fixed with angioplasty 10 days ago and i am in drug with Plavix, Aspirin, Innegy & gulofide. I am in my routine work, currently i am having severe cough and sometime feeling pain in the chest. Is it a alarming sign for any thing or is it Normal? Will the cough affects in any way???
Bala, Middle East, August 16, 2010

• Worried in Azusa -- Check out our related topics, specifically "Not Feeling Well After Stenting". A number of readers have posted that they experienced chest or back discomfort post-stenting, but it often goes away after a month or two. It's possible that some of the back pain may be caused by the extended period that patients have to lie flat so that the femoral puncture site can heal. But if you are concerned, ask your cardiologist
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 10, 2010

• I had angioplasty 4 weeks ago, 85% blockage on had 3 stents on 3 arteries. I walk for 30 minutes per day at moderate speed only as my exercise. Now I have pain under my left and right ribs, more pain on the right side and some times back pain is that normal? I take plavix, aspirin, metoprolol, diovan and lipitor as prescribed. For my GERD, I take nexium. I'm also diabetic and I take metformin for this. Is the rib pain and back pain normal?
worried 65 years senior, Azusa, California, USA, July 26, 2010

• Oh my! We hope this is not typical for the NHS.... Not that you're in need or having symptoms, but the emphasis on wellness care is definitely lost here! We can only repeat what suggestions we made earlier, but if you're feeling great and are able to stay active without the symptoms you had, then there's really not much the doctor will probably do, except make sure these things are true -- and also do some standard in-office tests like blood pressure, listening to your heart, etc. which you may be able to get at a walk-in clinic. Anyone in Ireland or the UK have any suggestions for Cassandra??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 20, 2010

• Dear Editor I had a phone call this morning, from the Hospital to inform me my appointment to see my Cardiologist was being posted out to me, I asked them when it was for and got quite a shock,18th of February 2011,that was the earliest they could see me .Is there any danger in leaving it so long for a verification that all is well after all I am 80 yrs old,would be grateful for your advice,thank you for your previous advice.
Cassandra, Dublin, Ireland, July 20, 2010

• Cassandra from Dublin -- good for you! Getting back to a routine, exercise, etc. is the best thing you can do. Sorry to hear there's such a long wait to see your cardiologist, especially since he/she requested you to come in for a check up. Maybe you could try to convince the scheduler that it's something the doctor wanted(!) -- but it shouldn't be cause for anxiety -- the doctor just wants to make sure you're doing okay, that there's nothing amiss, etc. and also that you're taking the prescribed medications (like aspirin and Plavix). The fact that you're feeling well is great. Make the appointment for as soon as you can and, if you're concerned at all, you might get your blood pressure measured. Other than thaty, just keep up what you're doing!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 18, 2010

• I had a Stent inserted 6 weeks ago. I am feeling great, considering I am 80 yrs of age. I'm doing my housework etc, and out walking every day. My Cardiologist wants me back for a check-up in 2 weeks time, but when I phoned up for an appointment, I was informed there was a long waiting list. Will having to wait to see the Doctor/Cardiologist cause any problems?
Cassandra, Dublin, Ireland, July 18, 2010

• Paddy -- as we've said many times before, each patient's clinical picture is different and questions like yours really need to be asked of your cardiologist. If the procedure is uneventful, no complications, etc. (and especially if the procedure is done via the wrist) many patients these days are treated as outpatients and released the same day.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 17, 2010

• Hi I visited my Cardiologist in my home country but may now need to travel to NY to have a stent installed but as I live/work in the Caribbean how long after the operation is it safe to fly and return back to work ? Thanks
Paddy, Caribbean, July 14, 2010

• Neel -- it's impossible for anyone who's not your relative's cardiologist to even attempt to answer that question. Certainly angioplasty and stents are used in similar situations with multiple blockages, etc. We always suggest getting a second opinion if you want, preferably one from an interventional cardiologist (one who does stenting) and one from a cardiac surgeon (who does bypass surgery) to see which way to go.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 15, 2010

• My nearest relative was diagnosed with 4 blocks in artery & suggested angioplasty. He is 57 years male. Can u please suggest whether angioplasty will be effective?
Neel, North East India, June 10, 2010

• Jean -- as we've said many times, people go back to work and do all kinds of things right after a stent procedure, but since each patient is different and has different issues and clinical profiles, any advice such as "Can I do this?" should be addressed to your cardiologist. In your case, having actually had an infarction, a careful assessment of your heart muscle capacity would be in order.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 9, 2010

• I had a heart attack 5 days ago, angioplasty with stent done 2 days ago. I work as a registered nurse in a nursing home, fairly heavy duties. How long should I stay off work?
Jean, United Kingdom, May 26, 2010

• Madlyoverweight in Minnesota -- this Forum is mainly about coronary angioplasty for the heart, but you might want to look at the topic on peripheral angioplasty, although we're not sure your issue is discussed there. We've not heard of anything such as stenting causing weight gain -- this may be an issue with your medications -- or there may be some other cause. You clearly have peripheral artery disease -- atherosclerosis in the leg, iliac, etc. You may be experiencing this same disease elsewhere -- have you discussed this issue with your cardiologist??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 26, 2010

• I have had four surgeries on the main aorta and the iliac arteries in my legs. They were almost completely closed. I have seven stents in my arteries.The last time I large blood clot developed in between the aorta and the iliac and one traveled into the popliteal causing me to lose some feeling in the left leg.My question is this. Before they stented me I weighed 122 lbs. In three months time I weighed 148 and I keep gaining and no matter what I do, can't lose a pound. It almost feels like I am pregnant. My breasts are extremely sore and I have heartburn like when I was in my twenties and pregnant. I don't have a uterus any more so this is not possible. I feel that where they stented me is sending a signal to the ovaries that I am pregnant. My stomach is huge where before barely a roll was there.No one can give me any answers and I don't believe that old age caused me to change that quickly. B.S. The doctors need to be more honest about this procedure as they want you to exercise and maintain weight, when they are the ones that caused the weight gain.
madlyoverweight, Minnesota, USA, May 25, 2010

• Beverly -- We're not trying to duck the question, but our mantra here is always, "ask your cardiologist". Every patient is an individual and your capacities and clinical situations are all different. Your doctor knows you, sees your chart, your history and your angiograms -- so he/she is best suited to answer this question of returning to work. The best things you can do are to lower all your risk factors through diet, exercise, smoking cessation and the medications you've been prescribed. Genetics is not something we can alter...yet anyway. As for stress from work, that'[s harder to measure. President Clinton recently had two stents inserted in his original native artery after his bypass graft failed -- and he was back at work within a couple days -- trying to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 3, 2010

• I had two stents in October 2009, one in November my chest pains continued. I had a normal stress test in March , in April the chest pains were so bad, I went to E.R. with an abnormal stress test, had another Heart Cath, they reopened the one in November with scar tissue and stented another one. My job is pretty stressful-mentally. Should I wait a couple of weeks before returning to work?
Beverly, Champaign, Illinois, USA, May 3, 2010

• Patti -- the Guidelines state 4-6 weeks of Plavix plus aspirin for bare metal stents (minimum) and a year for drug-eluting stents. But every patient is an individual and we would suggest strongly that you discuss the upcoming surgery with your mother's cardiologist BEFORE the stent procedure so he/she is aware of it. Also it wouldn't hurt to get the surgeon in on the conversation.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 18, 2010

• How long after an angio and 2 stents would an 84 yo woman be able to have a total hip replacement? If a bare metal stent is used....Plavix x one month?
Patti L, Huntington Beach, California, USA, April 18, 2010

• My 87 year old mum has just come home from an angio. She is very tired (which is quite unusual for her). I have been told by her cardiologist that she should be right in about two weeks. Has anyone else had this type of experience?
L.P., Brisbane, Australia, April 17, 2010

• Jim -- actually minimally invasive robotic bypass surgery has been done for several years now. DaVinci is a company that makes one of the leading systems and it's incredible -- surgeons sitting in New York have actually perfomed surgery on a patient in Europe. Pretty futuristic already!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 14, 2010

• Just had angioplasty with stent placement in right artery. This was not my first stent and the artery had three previous stents. This created a real problem and they were unable to place the stent on the first try. The next day they repeated the procedure using "ROTO BLADE" to clean out the plaque and make way for a new stent covering the entire area previously occupied by three stents. These procedures are advancing rapidly and soon bypass surgery will be performed by Robotic arthroscopic surgery with minimum invasion. Please forgive me if the spelling is not correct. As far as recovery goes it is all in your head ! Get up and get moving, no laying around saying how tired you are. When you moan and groan it just puts more stress on the family. We are all going to die so be thankful for everyday and live life to the fullest.
Jim Van Vranken, Poway, California, USA, April 12, 2010

• just had two stints [stents] put in 03-16-10, home now 3-18-10 but still have little pain in middle of chest. Not bad but an acky dull pain, is this normal ?
Gerald Farries, Washington, North Carolina, USA, March 18, 2010

• Karen -- fascinating that the doctors are doing a CT Angiogram because the standard invasive angiogram couldn't image the third artery! It's usually the other way around. But it's doubtful they would do a bypass, since now that you've gotten a stent, opening up one of your arteries, even if this third artery had a blockage, bypass is not really called for in single vessel disease, especially since it's probably not a major area. The big question is whether the third blockage (if there is one) is causing you angina or reduced blood flow. If not, there'd be no reason for an intervention.

And Don M. from Vancouver -- people fly, go back to work, do all kinds of things right after a stent procedure, but since each patient is different and has different issues and clinical profiles, any advice such as "Can I do this?" should be addressed to your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 3, 2010

• I have read a number of the postings. I had a stent inserted Feb 26/10 and I think I am feeling good considering the procedure. We have a trip planned to Palm Springs flying out on Mar 10/10. Is there any restrictions on flying and although I haven't driven my car yet should I be concerned about doing so especially since we will have a rental car?
Don M., Vancouver, Canada, March 2, 2010

• I just had a stent put in for a 75 percent blockage in one artery a week ago. The second artery is clean, but the third is sort of "hidden" and they have to do a 64-slice scan to make sure its clean. I feel great; great vitals, cholesterol, BP, etc. But someone said "Maybe they'll have to do a bypass" if there's a problem because the Dr. couldn't "get" to the third artery. I've never even been in a hospital before---this is totally shocking to me. At what percentage can you handle a blockage with meds/lifestyle etc. rather than invasive bypass?
Karen L., Winter Park, Florida, USA, March 1, 2010

• I had a heart attack and one stent placed in the - at almost age 61 - over a year ago. I was back on my bicycle five days later, albeit riding slowly around the block until a stress test three weeks later confirmed I was good to go. I still had an estimated 70% blockage in another artery.Two more stents were placed after angina pain developed 7.5 months later, in that artery. Less than two days later, I peeled back the bandaid covering the incision in my groin, and couldn't find the wound. I was back on my bike in three days and I didn't bother with any rest period. I was floored, especially the second time, at how minimal the after effects of such an important procedure turned out to be.
Dave Wyman., Los Angeles, California, USA, February 1, 2010

• I recently had a stent placed for a blocked artery (LAD 95% blockage). My doctor placed me on two blood pressure lowering medictions (an ace inhibitor and a beta blocker) although my blood pressure runs in the normal to low range. Can you explain the purpose of these medications and how long I will need to stay on them?
W.V., Austin, Texas, USA, January 27, 2010

• hi my name is slem i just had an angioplasty done on friday. whats the recovery time before heading back 2 work.
Anslem M., Maryland, USA, January 12, 2010

• I will soon undergo an angiogram procedure. I had open heart surgery 12 years ago at 42 and have in the last year had multiple heart attacks. the cardiologist can tell from the echo and ekg. What is possibility that my heart muscle will not hold up? I had a prior MI 12 years ago. I also have pain in my legs. Will this affect my legs?
Pat R., Clarendon Hills, Illinois, USA, January 7, 2010

• I am a massage therapist and one of my weekly clients will be having angioplasty on a thurs. His appointments with me are on mondays. Is there a recommended time to wait to get a massage after the procedure?
Evelyn, Florida, USA, November 9, 2009

• Had three stents placed in two arteries for 70 and 80% blockage a week ago today. I did not have a heart attack. Was told I could return to work (light duty) last Monday and did. The fatigue is what worries me. I am more tired now than I was before. Post stent placement chest pressure and headache are gone. Why the fatigue. On plavix, aspirin, HCTZ, and Atentolol.
L.B., Arizona, USA, October 23, 2009

• To all who ask whether this or that activity is too strenuous, etc...these questions should be asked of your cardiologist -- there really is no accurate answer as to how many days, what amount of weight-bearing, etc. is safe, since every patient has a different clinical status, different muscle tone, etc. If the physician doesn't discuss this with you (and they often don't) it's really up to the patient to be proactive and find this information out directly. Also check out the related Forum Topic on Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 20, 2009

• I just had a stent placed in my LAD last Friday (5 days ago). I am an RN and am off from work for this week. Do you think it is safe for me to resume my duties as a bedside nurse which involves some strenuous physical activity (lifting and pulling up patients in bed).
Dean G., Florida, USA, September 23, 2009

• I had a clinical trial stent placed on 9/1/09 and have had increase BP since (159/97 avg) and have recently had chest pain, though not the type I had prior to the stent. I am on Cozaar, but my BP has gone up since going to that med. Obviously, I need to tell my cardiologist about the BP and medication, but are the chest pains normal?
Cathy H., Penn Valley, California, USA, September 10, 2009

• After a false positive on a stress test, I got this procedure 3 days ago. My heart is healthy and strong. My question long before I can return to the gym and my normal workout (running/bike/weights)?
Maralee R., Tennessee, USA, August 28, 2009

• Barbara -- the bruising sounds like a hematoma, a not uncommon complications after and angiogram or angioplasty. It comes from blood leaking internally from the femoral puncture site (has nothing to do with the stent itself). It usually resolves itself. The pain is another story. If it feels odd, comes on with exercise, etc. definitely call your cardiologist, if for no other reason than to rule out anything. Also check out our Forum Topics on Complications After Femoral Angiogram and Not Feeling Well After Stenting.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 7, 2009

• had a stent put in 3 weeks ago today. had a lot of bruising from knee on up. it is finally going away. but the last couple of days i have been having pain in my chest and upper back. and also left arm aching. Is this normal or should i call my doctor?
Barbara, Chicago. Illinois, USA, August 5, 2009

• Brenda -- check out our topic on Plavix. Bruising is not uncommon. If this gets worse, or your blood pressure drops (or your stool is black) contact your physician -- otherwise this is a somewhat "normal" side effect. But don;t stop taking Plavix or aspirin -- very important to keep the blood from clotting inside the stent. Lower cholersterol. Good!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 2, 2009

• I am 40 and had a stint [stent] put in April 17/09. I am on plavix 75 and aspirin 81. I am bruising very badly and it takes forever for them to go away. Is this normal? I am only scheduled for blood work every 6 months and my doctor doesn't seem too worried about it. My blood pressure is down lower than ever (also on atenolol 50 and coversyl+) The doctor has lowered my atenolol to 25 and says will recheck in 30 days. I did have a mild heart attack and had a 90% blockage. I am told I have a perfectly healthy heart now. My cholesterol when this happened was 7.54 and is now down to 3.04 with crestor. Again, is this normal?
Brenda D., New Brunswick, Canada, August 2, 2009

• Advice from Joyce in New Jersey below is well worth reading. Thank you Joyce!!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 23, 2009

• I had two stent implants 3 weeks apart. I was feeling much better going on the third week after my first stent, but still didn't feel fixed as I still had one more stent implant needed and still had chest pressure and pins and needles in my left arm and hand. After the second one I knew what to expect for the most part and just took one day at a time. Blood pressure medication makes you sleepy and also if your not fixed yet meaning you still have to under go another stent implant the feeling of feeling sleepy could be because your not getting enough oxygen circulating through your system. Statin drugs can at first make your food taste like tin because of the statin,but the tin taste goes away. I am not having any problem recovering so far and it has been one month and five days now since both stents were implanted. When I get tired or I know I had been busy with chores and the like I lay down no matter if I am feeling sleepy or not. I have some vague discomfort in the groin area, but i suppose that will take a while to go away. If you are prone to anxiety attacks or are under a lot of stress at home or at work find a way to handle anxiety attacks and stress so that it doesn't bother your heart any. The first thing that was suggested to me was music therapy. Also chest pain also known as Angina can be a chronic problem. If it is not relieved with nitro or rest within a reasonable amount of time then you have to go get checked out. If you were diagnosed with angina you need to ask your doctor what type of angina you have because there are a few different types of angina. you can read about the different types here I am coming to the conclusion that I have to live differently now because feeling normal and living a normal life or at least bring things back to the way it was before I got sick isn't going to happen, instead I have to learn how to live differently now. It is the new norm in my life. Since I am living a new norm then I make sure I ask my doctor questions,write down your questions or else you will forget what to ask. Thanks for this forum a really nice place.
Joyce, New Jersey, USA, July 13, 2009

• Hank -- check out the topic, "Not Feeling Well After Stenting" and you'll see a number of posters who don't feel great after stenting. You're correct that some of this may be due to new medications that you're on. These can be adjusted by your cardiologist. Others report that it just takes a little time for the body to adjust. We always recommend that patients discuss these issues with their cardiologists.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 12, 2009

• Had an angio/stent six days ago. No MI prior. The narrowing in circumflex was an incidental finding to r/o cardio issues. Before procedure, I could easily walk or treadmill two miles, at 140 bpm, no symptoms. Today I got light-headed walking around the block. I realize it could be new meds, but I assume time to get rechecked, yes?
Hank, Michigan, USA, July 12, 2009

• CR -- good question. Most hospitals I've been in send patients to CCU recovery, but not all. For example, patients where the transradial approach through the wrist is used, patients go to a simpler recovery room and are able to sit up immediately. Would be interested in hearing from other hospitals on their protocols.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 3, 2009

• Is it usual to go to a specialized unit after PCI? I am a nurse in a cardiac step down unit and getting a lot of "push back" from administration about the misuse of the step down unit. the ratio on the unit is usually 3 patients to 1 RN with a higher level of vigilance during the removal of the arterial sheath. I sometimes get the "practicing old medicine" line from admin. but the docs want an "ICU" level of care. Stuck in the middle.
CR, Louisiana, USA, March 2, 2009

• Robin -- not insane -- sounds like your brother got to the hospital quickly enough so that an interventional cardiologist was able to open the blockage causing the problem in time to prevent damage to the heart muscle. Before angioplasty, little could be done for patients except to "wait out" the heart attack, which allowed the heart muscle to become damaged, and life changed radically for the patient. Now, what might have been a full-blown heart attack can be stopped in its tracks with little or no heart damage or long-term effect -- if it's treated in time.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 2, 2009

• My brother, age 53, had emergency PCI (one stent) 2 nights ago. He is being released from the hospital today & says the cardiologist told him he could return to work the day after tomorrow. Does this sounds insane to anyone other than me? He is a draftsman but does a lot of driving during the day, too.
Robin, California, USA, February 28, 2009

• To the posters who have written in regarding fatigue and/or chest pain following stenting, these are issues to discuss with your cardiologist, since every person has varying clinical pictures, and different recovery times. For example Sanjay in India, who had "kissing stents" at the bifurcation or branching of the LAD and Diagonal is feeling pain and having trouble walking, while Graeme in Australia was well enough to move furniture and paint a room. Often stent patients are suddenly taking new drugs, which may cause a reaction or possibly fatigue. Certainly any strong or intense pain should be reported right away. You might also want to browse through a related topic, "Not Feeling Well After Stenting".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, Feberuary 27, 2009

• My husband had a stroke and heart attack about 10 days ago. He has recovered well from the stroke in his use of his limbs, speech etc, only his walking is a bit wobbly. He had an angiogram and stent inserted in a blocked artery. He was discharged the next day and is home recovering. He is very tired and lethargic. What sort of recovery should I expect?
Cecily T., New South Wales, Australia, February 1, 2009

• Hi, I went through Angioplasty a week ago and the procedure was completed with two stents, one in the Diagonal (D1) and other in the LAD artery. However I kept having distinct chest pain throughout next day while being in ICU. Having complained about this, I was again put through angiography which revealed that everything was alright, the stents were in place and the blood flow was established very well. Later on my pain slowly went down and I was discharged from the hospital. However during last one week when I go out for a short walk, I get a chest pain very early, just after even half a Kilometer and walking further almost becomes impossible. This is worst than the original trouble I had before angioplasty. What could be the reason ? I am going to meet doctor after a week, but very worried whether anything has gone wrong during angioplasty.
Sanjay D., India, January 28, 2009

• I had 2 stents inserted end to end in my right coronary artery on 23rd december and home on the 24th. Without a lot of guidance i set about some tasks that felt within my physical capabilities - painting a room, moving furniture out of the road and some other quite physical tasks - all within the first couple of weeks at home. Can these actions impact on the "seating" or bedding in of the stents.
Graeme, Sydney, Australia, January 15, 2009

• I had a stent put in last thurday and I am still weak and I am having some pain. Is that normal? Thank you.
Sharon P., Indiana, USA, January 14, 2009

• I had a stent put in 10 days ago and 2 others put in 3 weeks ago. I am very tired and have pains in chest now and then including center of chest is this normal and will it get better? I feel very weak doing regular duties etc. and have little energy to go out socially etc.
Jerry H., Carson City, Nevada, USA, December 29, 2008

• Rosematie -- you might want to look over the postings on another Forum Topic, "Complications from Catheterization, Angiogram or Angioplasty". As you'll read, many patients have itchiness, lumps, etc.. As for when to resume activity in your father's case, especially lifting heavy objects, you should talk to your father's cardiologist. Hope allheals well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 11, 2008

• my father had PCI to LAD just 6 days ago, now he's feeling more better but the problem is there is hematoma on his right femoral region on the insertion site and also there is lump he said only today he notice that, also there is mild itchiness is it normal. also for after how many days he can resume his regular daily activities like lifting heavy object?
Rosematie V., Qatar, December 10, 2008

• Suman -- gangrene is a symptom of peripheral artery disease. The same disease that causes blockages in the heart arteries also causes blockages in the leg arteries (peripherals), thus the gangrene. You and your father should discuss your questions with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 13, 2008

• hi, my father age is 56 yrs , he has undergone angioplasty due to heart damage, later he discovered a complication i.e. gangrene so his right leg got amputated , so he was 10 days in hospital and nw he is back to home now its 2 months finished after the angioplasty and he kept artificial limb and he is practicing to walk without support, also taking the medicine for heart also regularly visits the cardiologist to know the our worry how he is going to recover his heart muscle which was got damaged .. what would be chances life risk due to heart damage in future life and is completely out of danger ...and how he it can be recovered from heart damage and heart stroke ... Please let us know what can be done what are possibilities?
Suman, Bedok, Singapore, September 12, 2008

• Gwendolyn -- There's no literature we know of that would link stents to weight-gain per se. but that's a pretty large gain in a relatively short time -- you also have other clinical issues, so we suggest that you discuss this with your cardiologist and/or G.P.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 11, 2008

• I had 2 DES inserted last year (Dec.2007). Is there a diet pill OC or by prescription I can take to help me lose weight? Before the stent implants I weighed 120 pounds. After the stent implants,my weight soared to 165 pounds and I cannot adjust well to this weight increase. I am on Plavix, Lasix, Premarin and Benicar/HCT 20 mg. At the present time, I have been diagnosed with Acites, liver cysts and gall stones that have caused my abdomen to become extremely swollen with an increased weight gain of 45 pounds.
Gwendolyn D. Evans, Author/ Poet, Ellenwood, Georgia, USA, August 9, 2008

• I have just had my second angioplasty - only 1 stent this time. Staying still and horizontal for 4.5 hours after the procedure did the trick for me; for 5 days after, no driving or lifting and no sex. the result is no bruising, lumps or pain this time.Just take it easy, work can wait if you really want complete recovery from a somewhat invasive procedure.
Andrew Baker, London, England, UK, July 21, 2008

• Dear editor, thanks for your reply I have to have another stent put in in a week or so. It does seem strange that I can do these things and hope that this is because there is not much or any heart damage, I will ask the cardiologist what he can see whilst he is doing the next stent which is not a complete blockage (like the last one) but a restriction and carry on trying to lose two stone and be healthy, hope It lasts? I am 46 so a bit young for this sort of stuff, rather a fright to the wife.
W., United Kingdom, May 7, 2008

• W. -- your cardiologist is the best person to discuss this with you. The figure you are looking for is called the "ejection fraction" which is a % of how efficiently your heart is working. Using ultrasound or a catheterization, the cardiologist can also see how well the heart muscle is moving and exactly where and how much damage has occurred. So you're saying that you just had a heart attack last week, and a stent, and since then you've mowed the lawn twice, hoed the garden and walked two miles into town??!! Not to be facetious, but we'll bet there are some readers who are breathless just thinking about that. Best of luck to you and please let the Forum know what you find out and how you are progressing. Cheers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 6, 2008

• I had angioplasty and a stent put in this last Saturday having had a heart attack that I never felt until central chest indigestion type pains afterwards, it was two days later having done some reasonably physical work that I went to the doctor and they did a cardio graph and called an ambulance on viewing it. After having a blockage stented I came home, no work for six weeks and no driving for four weeks. Have mowed the lawn twice hoed the garden walked round the village (2mls)felt pretty tired and slept a bit no pain but a bit breathless. I had an enzyme reading of 7.0 on the blood test two days after the event which worried the hospital. My question is how much damage to the heart have I done and is it normally assessed after this sort of thing. thanks A (IS THE BREATHLESSNESS RELATED CLOSLEY TO THE DAMAGE?)
W., United Kingdom, May 6, 2008

• Thank you for your fast reply! I feel better today but have another problem - high temperature - I feel like I have a flu but I hope the high temperature is not connected to the angioplasty or the meds. My cardiologist said that I should not have pulse more than 58-60 but my pulse is 85 when I am relaxed-the blood pressure is ok 70-130. I've heard that the high temperature increase the pulse. My cardiologist couldn't explain why my pulse is so quick.
Bilyana Dimitrova, Bulgaria Gabrovo, April 1, 2008

• Bilyana -- almost 50% of patients report some chest discomfort, sometimes a heaviness in the chest right after stenting and there is an adjustment period as the body gets used to it. With a 99% blockage now opened up, the heart is suddenly getting more blood and oxygen. But if the pain is like the angina you had before stenting, report it to your interventional cardiologist, for peace of mind of nothing else. As for stent thrombosis, it's a rare but acute event -- a blood clot doesn't just cause pain or discomfort, but blocks the artery, similar to what happens in a heart attack. Again, it's rare -- so keep taking for aspirin and Plavix or other prescribed meds.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 1, 2008

• I have been in the hospital last thursday for coronarography. It was find out that I had 99% occlusion and the doctors placed one stent - the coronary has been successful with optimum result. But I worry because I still have some kind of heaviness in the chest, this morning I had pain in the left side of the chest and had nitroglycerin. I want to know is that normal, I am going to have control examination after two weeks, shall I wait till the examination or shall I go earlier because of these symptoms. I get all the medications including Plavix. I would like to know what are the symptoms of stent thrombosis - is that pain in the chest means that there is a problem or is this adaptation period of the body! Thank you all!
Bilyana Dimitrova, Bulgaria Gabrovo, March 31, 2008

• Guncha -- prognosis, etc. are things which your husband's cardiologist can answer best. Much depends on how quickly his angioplasty was done after his first symptoms, and what his heart function now is post-MI -- i.e. was there much heart muscle damaged? His general state of health is also important.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 24, 2008

• Hi, My husband [56yrs] had to undergo angioplasty of two of his arteries after he suffered a major heart attack. He was in the hospital for four days. He is now back home and on a number of medications. His treating doctor has given him four weeks of leave from work. It has now been almost 8 days since his release from the hospital but he seems to be recovering pretty slowly and has low level of energy. Can you please tell me what should we expect with regards to his recovery rate? Thank you.
Guncha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 24, 2008

• hi, just to thank you for being here, tonight. A friend had me boggled, when he was about his normal business, including driving, less than a week after an angioplasty and insertion of stent. He is one who usually, but not always, good about following recommendations, and I was concerned that he was "trying too hard", which he sometimes does. Your article and forum entries were very helpful. I have my CPR, but who wants to use it ? thanks again.
Elle Fagan, Artsite, Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, USA, October 10, 2007

• BJ -- we assume you mean "stents" not "splints". See our comments below as to recovery time. Also you say you have a systemic disease. Do you mean coronary artery disease? This is a chronic condition and that is why, even with angioplasty and stents, medical therapy and lifestyle change is very important in keeping the progression under control.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 24, 2007

• i am going in for a heart cath and possibly splints; how long will i be in the hospital and how long will my recuperation be? My calcification level is 331 and i have a systemic disease. Could that have caused my high calcium level? Thanks.
BJ., Mississippi, USA, August 18, 2007

• Mohamed -- as we say to all patients, these are questions that are very individualized for each person, depending on their health, clinical status, and what is being done. Your interventional cardiologist, who should be able to see your entire medical history, is the best person to make this call. We would certainly think you'd want to wait a few days to make sure your access artery has no complications, etc.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 14, 2007

• I will be undergoing Angioplasty very soon, but not in the country where I am working right now. I am planning my angioplasty in my home country. Can you please tell me how long I have to wait for an air travel (about 4Hrs 30Min) after angioplasty?
Mohamed Raffik, India, May 10, 2007

• Hi Peter My cardiologist signed me off from work for 10 days following the op. To be honest, I could probably have gone back three or four days later but I took full advantage of the break to rest and relax properly. In the UK you are not allowed to drive for a week after the op. It is very important not to put any stress on the groin area in any way for two or three days afterwards. I overdid it after my second angioplasty and suffered quite bad bruising due to an internal bleed. Given that you know that you have to have an angioplasty, it is also very important that take it easy from now until the op too ! PS. If it's any reassurance, I found the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure was having to lie still in the hospital bed for 6 hours after the op ! The actual op itself is relatively painless.
jj, Lancs, UK, April 30, 2007

• Peter, You are fortunate to have advance notice, please use the time to learn as much as you can and to work WITH your doctor, don't just let him tell you. From my perspective, there is no such thing as recovery period after angioplasty. Although I was home the next day and at work the day after that, there was no "recovery". Recovery suggests returning to the way things were, but things will never be the same. Look forward to new experiences, many of them wonderful. It's like moving to another part of the country - you bring the old furniture, but now you have to figure out how to make it work in the new house .... and you will.
Tom S., Encinitas, California, USA, April 28, 2007

• Peter -- recovery varies with the individual, their state of health, the amount of work being done and whether or not there are any complications. Normally patients are kept in hospital overnight and can go back to work within a couple days. There is really not much "recovery" needed from the angioplasty/stent -- more from the catheter access site (groin or wrist). If the procedure is being done from the femoral (groin) artery, you definitely want to avoid lifting, and any exertion for a while. You want the catheter access site to fully heal to avoid bleeding or arterial complications. A long haul trip would involve lifting suitcases, etc. so you may want to give yourself a few days. Discuss these concerns with your cardiologist, for sure. Also you may be on some new drugs post-angioplasty, so you want to give yourself time to make sure you're not going to have any reactions to these when you're on the road away from your doctor. Any other stories out there regarding recovery time??
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 28, 2007

• I will soon undergo angioplasty. Can anyone tell me anything about the recovery period following this procedure? I'm scheduling a long haul business trip and concerned.
Peter G., United Kingdom, April 27, 2007

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