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Financial Assistance for Plavix and Other Prescription Drugs (2010)

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I had a heart attack in June and received a drug-eluting stent. I can no longer afford the Plavix and I am scared to death what may happen without it. There must be others out there in similar situations that can not afford all your medications and I am wondering what people do in these instances?
Shelley, Florida, USA

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Archived Postings on This Page (90):

• What is people to do when Plavix is so high that they cannot afford it?
Betty, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, December 28, 2010

• I just saw an ad on tv saying that some prescription drugs are available for free, including plavix. The phone number was 1-800-381-1367. The website was It sounds good. I hope it's legitimate. Sorry, if this info was mentioned in prior posts.
Robert B., Irvine, California, USA, December 18, 2010

• To Regular Joe: your post is uninformed, inflammatory .... just plain wrong. Republicans did not "give Plavix extension" to anyone, it was the US patent law which was upheld, under the watch of democratic congress, democratic senate and democratic president. You can learn the truth by reading this article:
Tom in Encinitas, Encinitas, California, USA, December 18, 2010

• To all -- scan through this topic. A number of readers have sent in links to various sites where discounted drugs or financial assistance can be found. Where possible, we've added in links (underlined and blue). One is Bristol-Myers financial assistance site at, which has been posted by several readers. B-M are the makers of Plavix.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 15, 2010

• 6 years ago I had my first heart attack and was put on Plavix and had another stent put in. I stayed on my Plavix all thru the next 5 years, thru which I had 2 more heart attacks and more stents. My husband and I lost our business during that time and are presently living on social security. We continue to have health insurance and prescription coverage but the makers of Plavix put the drug up to another tier and I could not afford the 175.00 a month so I stopped taking it 3 months ago and last week had another attack. I need help paying this expensive drug that I need to stay alive.
SB, retired, Defiance, Ohio, USA, December 15, 2010

• My dad has a lot of health problems. He has leukemia, sugar diabetes and just recently had a heart attack. He can not afford the Plavix, his doctor prescribed to keep him alive. My dad has never ever asked for anything in his life. My whole family is stressed about this. My dad needs your help, without it he will die. I am having health problems now because of the stress. PLEASE HELP MY DAD!
Amy H., Pennsylvania, USA, December 14, 2010

• I have used the following websites to help my family with prescription drug assistance:
Hope this helps.
Alabama Lady, Birmingham, Alabama, USA, December 10, 2010

• All you people on here that are Republican can thank your political party for giving the Plavix manufacturer an EXTENSION on the patent rights. A generic was already ready to go, but they petitioned, and won, the right to rip us off longer.If you ever look at how your party votes, you will see they vote for BIG BUSINESS EVERY TIME. F the little guy.How does it feel?By the way, I am on Plavix too. I have seen how the system works....lots of bribery...
Regular Joe Getting Nowhere Fast, Midwest, USA, December 10, 2010

• I had a heart attack on Dec 3 and the Dr prescribed Plavix among others. I went to Walmart and 30 pills were $176.54.I saw an ad in the paper for where the price for 100 generic pills with the same dosage and medical ingredient is $99.00 and there are no shipping charges. It is based in Florida and I will be checking this out as it is 1/6 the cost of the Brand name. It also has many other medicines at generic prices available. I hope this helps everyone.
John, Fort Myers, Florida, USA, December 7, 2010

• ttdc from Georgia -- there are several links posted by users to this Forum. One is Bristol-Myers financial assistance site at, which has been posted by several readers. You also might want to discuss this situation with his cardiologist. Plavix has several uses: one is keeping the blood from clotting in the stent, which is recommended for at least a year for a drug-eluting stent (less for a bare-metal). Once the stent has "healed over", you're back to normal, so to speak. But Plavix is used for other reasons and only your doctor can recommend whether your husband should still stay on this drug.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, December 4, 2010

• My husband has been in the doughnut hole for 3 months. Plavix is one of his drugs. We have never asked for help, but his prescriptions are running around 750-800 dollars a month. We used to have good insurance, but now have Part D with Aetna and that ran out in September. My daughter cries when I ask her to pick up his meds. I cannot let him see the prices. He would refuse to take the meds that are keeping him alive. He has been on Plavix since 1999. Where can I go for help? He is 90 years old and I need to keep him safe as long as we have him. He has a stent in his leg and one in his heart. He walks every day to save that leg.
ttdc, Cumming, Georgia, USA, December 4, 2010

• My namne is Yvonne. I take plavix every day. I'm dug out please help thank you
Yvonne, prin 20years, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, Saturday, December 4, 2010

• Well to the poster saying that I am insensitive to those with financial difficulties--Nothing could be farther from the truth because I am one of those with unimaginable financial difficulties. I too have to pony up for my plavix following a massive MI at the age of 54. So, I found a good source of quality generic in canada and 200 75mg tabs cost me $68. I set plavix and aspirin as a priority and do what I have to do to support myself. I have noticed that many are posting here for ways to get help for relatives and I understand that. The answer is simple get it from Canada (which you can still get the generic contrary to the posts here) and help your loved one yourself. I see all the sons and daughters here asking how to get help but never even hint that that have an obligation to help their friends and loved ones. Take a look at all the we have here in this country. It might mean that if we want us or our loved one to live that we just might have to give up a few elective choices in our life like satellite TV, smoking, drinking and take care of those we supposedly love. Help them locate and fill out the forms for assistance. Then chip in and help them pay.
iluvit (Rick), Hanceville, Alabama, USA, November 21, 2010

Alabama Rick your post was extremely insensitive to the financial misfortune of the individuals that truly cannot afford to pay the high price for prescription drugs. Retired seniors living on a fixed income cannot come up with an extra $100 to $150 a month to pay for a medication no matter how much they need it. Having lower priced prescriptions has absolutely nothing to do with socializing medicine. The pharmaceutical companies are profiting billions of dollars each year and they can certainly afford to have programs to help those less fortunate and give them free prescriptions. I know they can afford to do this because they are doing it right now. All anyone has to do is talk to your healthcare provider about getting you approved for free medication, all doctors offices have the paperwork necessary to get those in need free medication. You will have to provide proof of income proving you are in need and within three weeks you will be approved for any medication that particular company manufactures. It is extremely important that you take these life saving medications, I know an individual who could not afford his medication and he died a month after his samples ran out.
Travis M, Florida, USA, November 19, 2010

• I am a 29yr mother of two young children! I have a extra long stent in my main baslair artery right before it enters my brain to stop the bleed from two pseudoaneurysms (very rare)!! I still have them because stenting was all that could be done because they balloon the artery from the inside out!! It was a great surprise to find that I had these when having a MRI for scoliosis hairline fracture discovery two weeks later I was in the hospital for stent placement I was very close to rupture!! I also have several other problems I have to take ten meds each day each one vital to my health and well being!! All these problems have been discovered in the past four month week after week one thing after another and I am very afraid that this is not over yet!! If I could find some prescription help that can be combined with insurance it would help greatly! I spend between $300-$500 a month on medications med visits and bills a month!! I have thousands more in medical bills from surgery I can not work because of the overwhelming anxiety and fatigue!! I hate that I have to put all this on my husband he is so great but I know even though he tries to hide it he is going crazy with stress!! Help!!
April, Mother & Wife, Alabaster, Alabama, USA, November 15, 2010

• Dawnie from Florida -- thanks for the clarification. Hope this helps some readers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 15, 2010

• In response to to my previous posts regarding a discount prescription card program, I used to work for Michael Hargrove until I became ill. He is also involved with another company that offers discount cards and financial assistance for people that can not afford their medications. I have used the discount card which has allowed me to now take ALL of my medications because of the card alone. In response to the form that I filled out in my earlier post. The form that I was filling out was to qualify for assistance for a drug that my doctor wants me to try which is very expensive. There many posts that people can not afford their medications so I thought I would share my experience. Many people are asking for help in paying for Plavix. NBBI offers a new program that came out that offers assistance for people who qualify. The qualifications are based on your income. If anyone would like to know more about the NEW program you can visit the web site or email Michael directly. He will be able to answer all of your questions. Info@drugcard4u.comgo to this web site and click on "cant afford to pay for medications" at the bottom of the page to read
Dawnie, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, November 3, 2010

• Need to help my Mother get Plavix. she had a stroke and they put her on Plavix but she can not afford it so she just don't take it.. how can I help her.
Ruthie, Lancaster, Ohio, USA, October 27, 2010

• Rick -- Thanks for your post. Regarding buying drugs from Canada or other sources outside the U.S., we'd just like to refer you to our post from July 20, 2010 about how the FDA views this and to refer you to their online publication, "Buying Prescription Medicine Online: A Consumer Safety Guide". As for pricing, Plavix currently sells for a little over $5/75mg pill at online sites like -- that translates to $150/month, not $299-400. But as far as personal responsibility goes, unfortunately some patients who cannot afford medical insurance also cannot afford a prescription like this -- hopefully sites like this one and other legit links that readers have sent in can help ease that burden.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 26, 2010

• You can purchase the name brand or generic in canada for about 65 bucks for 200 tabs (generic versions). Those saying they are paying 299-400 bucks for a months supply are either not shopping around or not telling the truth. Some are just pushing to get socialized medicine here apparently. I know that drugs are expensive but they are also expensive re R & D. We would have no drugs if companies were not allowed to profit on the ones that succeed in improving our health. How many of you who want it totally free have a cell phone, satellite TV, internet, smoke, drink, etc. I think you should at least be willing to pay a nominal amount as opposed to wanting it totally free. It is a life-saver so how much is your life worth? I say this as someone who takes Plavix every day and probably will the rest of my life. I just believe in taking at least some personal responsibility.
Rick, Alabama, October 26, 2010

• Dawnie et al -- we did a little research about drug discount cards, such as the ones offered by the company you mention, NBBI, and there seems to be a bit of controversy about exactly how they work. As we've mentioned, we don't endorse private companies' plans but, in the interest of helping our audience of patients, we do allow readers to post their "finds". We would, however, ask you if you are in any way connected to NBBI or Mr. Hargrove in a business capacity which, in the spirit of full disclosure, we would like to know. Your email address comes from the domain "" which auto-forwards to another domain "" -- a company whose business is increasing traffic to certain web sites by, among other methods, placing links on high-traffic and trusted sites. We're also puzzled by your statement below that "I can only speak for myself, friends and family members who have used this program", when in your previous posting from two days ago, you had literally just found out about this program and filled out a form. This topic is dedicated to helping patients in need and we would like to make sure such discount drug plans as the one you mentioned are legit. Thanks in advance.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 26, 2010

• To Forum Editor: In response to your request, I can only speak for myself, friends and family members who have used this program. Some have saved hundreds of dollars while other have save 10 to 15 percent on their prescription depending on the medication. In speaking with the director of his web site of NBBI, Michael Hargrove allowed me to give this forum his contact information with any questions that someone might have on their assistance programs. He will be able to provide BBB information and more. I am not sure if I am able to post the web site. So if I am providing information that violates any policies then please fell free to remove it. He explained to me that NBBI works with a team of members such as Pharmacies, Manufactures, and one of the largest Heath Care Management companies called Health Trans to make these discount prescription medication possible at no cost to the people who uses this program. He did give me his official web site which is When I was down and out, I could not afford my medications because I lost my job and I met Michael at a local health care providers office where he was speaking about the program.
Dawnie, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, October 25, 2010

• As with all the great information listed on this page i too have many of the same problems. I have 2 stents in heart and 1 in my leg. I have been on plavix since 2004. It is very costly my insurance is going to quit covering even the little bit they pay for plavix. I was paying 80.00 monthly now it goes up to 180.00 monthly. I consider what these companies like bristol myers , makers of plavix , is nothing less than holding the users hostage knowing they have to take it and pay or risk dying. Well i am going to have to risk dying because i do not qualify for assistance being on ssi. There must be some integrity in these billion dollar company other than their greed for the almighty dollar from the american people. Someone should file suit against them for some reason for not making this life saving medicine affordable for people.
another plavix user, retired, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, October 24, 2010

• Dawnie from Florida -- Please let The Forum know how things go with the web site you noted below. We have not heard of them (and Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any discount prescription site) and we'd be curious if you, or other readers, have or have had any experience with them, good or bad.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 24, 2010

• I have an immune disorder without insurance. I have no insurance so Doctors will not even see me anymore since I lost my insurance. I have to pay just to receive my medications. I was able to find a place that helps me pay for my medications and without them I would not be able to pay for them. I was paying over 400 for all of my meds and now they are reduced to under 100.00. I just filled out a form through their community action that is based on income which is over 3 times the poverty level. I make less the 30,000 a year and it looks like I can pay under 30.00 for each prescription. I will know in a few days. Meanwhile I will keep using the card. Dawn from Florida I think the web site is
Dawnie, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, October 24, 2010

• Jill C from West Virginia -- not only has is the generic version off the market, but the Canadian manufacturer who marketed it briefly back in 2006 was fined $442 million this week. Read about it here: "$442 Million Fine Against Apotex for Plavix® Patent Infringement".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 23, 2010

• My husband has applied for financial help on the previous mentioned web sites and like most people he does not qualify. The pharmacist recently told him about the lawsuit where the generic for Plavix was forced to discontinue being sold. I think its shameful that a company is so worried about making money then helping people that are struggling.
Jill C, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA, October 23, 2010

• I have read many of the comments on this forum, and have found so many situations similar to mine and my wife it is uncanny. Thank you all for your tips and suggestions. I am looking into some of them now. My wife and I both are on Plavix and the cost is prohibitive. We have both been out of it for six months. We will contact the places in Canada and see what we can do. I also wonder how we could find out about a reputable source for this drug in Mexico. I have heard from several sources that Plavix and other prescription drugs can be bought there even cheaper than in Canada as the gentleman wrote earlier. If anyone has any other ideas about a reputable Pharmacy in Mexico it could be helpful also. Again, thank you all so much for your comments, concern, and help.
Mike, Godfrey, Illinois, USA, October 21, 2010

• I am 36 years old and recently moved to SC to be near my parents. I am on disability after 6 heart stints. I have 3 children and the State of WV takes over $500.00 of that for children support. Just recently started a part time job and Wv is also taking over half of that for back child support. i have been out of plavix for 2 months and cannot afford to buy it. Can I get some help? SC has turned me down for medicaid even tho I had it in WV.
John, Longs, South Carolina, USA, October 8, 2010

• I'm in the same situation I have 5 drug U stents and I can't afford the cost of the medication plavix. My insurance pays very little I still have to pay $81.00
Kent, New Jersey, USA, October 1, 2010

• I had a stent put in my heart on October 25 of 2009. Since my insurance changed I can not afford the 45 dollars that I have to pay for it now. I have many problems and have 15 medications I take. I take cymbalta as well which is 45 dollars. So you can not afford 15 medications. I rally need help. Please help me with the cost of my medicine so maybe I can get my body to working right. How do I get the help I need?
Cat, just a deputy underpayed, Bullard, Texas, USA, September 30, 2010

• I am the same here I had several heart attacks and now have 3 stents in my heart. The doctor says I have to take Plavix but I don't have the money to pay for I don't want to die either. Please help!!!!!!
Anita, Kettering, Ohio, USA, September 30, 2010

• This is the Bristol-Myers site for assistance try it! Good luck-
dcool, Riverside, California, USA, September 21, 2010

• Suffolk County (Eastern Long Island) has a government program to help residents pay for medications -- about 20% off. It's called SCRIPTS (Suffolk County Initiative to Provide Taxpayer Savings). Check it out at
PillTaker, Long Island, USA, September 8, 2010

• I would recommend you take a look at some of the discount cards on the market. The one I've found to provide good discounts on many drugs has been the Bluegrass Rx card. I've used it and have also told many friends who are uninsured or pay for their meds in cash. The Bluegrass Rx card is completely free and there are no membership requirements, income or age restrictions, and you don't have to fill out any paperwork or provide personal information. Using the card can save up to 75% off many prescription and over the counter drugs. I am not sure what the discount would be for the drugs you need, but it's worth a look. The Bluegrass Rx card was designed to help the uninsured and underinsured across the country. You don't have to live in Kentucky to use it - it can be used by anyone at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the United States. Even people with insurance can use it if they do not have good drug coverage, or if their coverage does not cover specific drugs. Go to to get a card. I was sure glad I did.
KentuckyBound, Kentucky, USA, September 8, 2010

• Karen -- doesn't the Canadian healthcare system provide assistance for the cost of prescription medications? Also your figure of $185/month is $6/day -- assuming you are taking 75mg of Plavix, that's 50% higher than the cost in the U.S. There are other drugs out there, most recently Effient (a.k.a. prasugrel) approved last year in U.S. -- but it most likely costs more and does carry a higher risk of bleeding complications. Are you taking Plavix post-stenting?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 8, 2010

• Hi to all Plavix users, I too am on Plavix which I have not used in 5/6 mths as here in Canada it is $185.00 a mth. I as well do not have insurance but get some compensation with filing my taxes however - there also should be some compensation through Bristol's that can help us in order to keep using this drug. I have over the past 8 yrs. since taking this drug have found that I vomit frequently and have since stopped using this as well can now keep food down and my stomach does not burn anymore. How well is this drug and is there a substitute??????
Karen N., Ontario, Canada, September 8, 2010

• My son is on Plavix and is 48 yrs old and cannot afford this medicine so I have been trying to help. Is there any where he can get some help with this? Thanks so much.
NANCY FARINACCI, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, September 2, 2010

• is a good place to buy Plavix. it is in India.
M. Demarco, Georgia, USA, August 30, 2010

• I order the generic Plavix from a site called Quality Generics, which comes from India and no prescription was required. After taking for 21 days, I started having heart palpitations and getting dizzy spells. I also am in the donut hole and my Plavix cost me $162.00 for 30 tablets. I borrowed the money and filled my Plavix prescription. After taking Plavix for 3 days, I started feeling better. I found the most inexpensive Canadian Pharmacy that you can get the brand Plavix. The site is called and a month supply cost $52.00.
Patty, Retired, Denver, Colorado, USA, August 29, 2010

• To all looking for help -- a number of readers have posted links and information to this topic for getting help. Look through posts from the oldest (bottom of page) to newest and you may find some assistance. Let us know how you fare.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 17, 2010

• I have had heart attack, stints, bypass and another stint [stent]. now on Medicare and have dropped into the donut hole. I am unable to pay for Plavix. Doesn't look like any help for 6 months. Who has had luck buying from Canada? How do you find them?
Plavix NEEDED, Jim in Bakersfield, Bakersfield, California, USA, USA, August 16, 2010

• My father-in-law is on disability and his medication is roughly $1200 a month. He was just informed that he will have no insurance help with his co-pays and prescriptions as of December 31. I need help knowing which direction I need to go in to get him the financial help that he needs. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks
Amanda, Sylva, North Carolina, USA, August 16, 2010

• I had a heart attack 5 years ago -- been on lisinopril, Plavix, coreg, metphormon (Metformin?), several others including shots. Got my sugar around seven. I have been off meds for 8 months -- hurt every day. No way to buy insurance -- was cancelled. Anyone know anything about makers of these pills? No help dr said sorry but you will die without them.
Lane, Thomasville, North Carolina, USA, August 11, 2010

• I have been on Plavix for over 5 1/2 month and I keep call the doctor office and they keep telling me then can't find my bottle of PLAVIX what can I do to get it for free because it cost $167.00 for a month supply but the doctors office were getting for me but I don't know WHAT HAPPEN TO IT.
unhappy, Canby, Oregon, USA, August 6, 2010

• my wife has had a heart attack in 2003 and as of 7/19/2010 found to have a blockage of 80% and one 40%. we are both toll disable in the insurance gap. our insurance is asking $445.00 for a 90 day supply. do you know of any way to help us cut cost of your life saving drug for my WIFE. PLEASE HELP US. SHE IS ON 18 DIFFRENT MED.
WILLIAM LAND JR, , BUENA PARK, California, USA, August 3, 2010

• Muhammad in Texas -- You're not alone. Read through this Forum Topic. A number of readers have posted links to financial assistance programs available from drug companies, etc.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 31, 2010

• I have just been placed on Plavix and to my surprise it is very expensive where can I get help.
Muhammad, Texas, USA, July 29, 2010

• I had a stent placed in 02 and have been on plavix since then. I get my plavix from Canada, I live in the USA. It is $48 a month in Canada and would cost me $78 a month with Medicare. I pay for the most expensive drug coverage $105 a month to cover all my other cardiac drugs. I switched from Lipitor to Simvastatin as you can get simvastatin for $4 a month on $4 list of big chain store.
Sassyseaotter, Oroville, California, USA, July 26, 2010

• To all readers -- once again we would like to state for the record that Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any pharmacy or online drug vendor and that, as the disclaimer at the bottom of each Forum page states, "Opinions and recommendations expressed on the FORUM are solely those of their authors." The current FDA regulations state that virtually all shipments of prescription drugs imported from a Canadian pharmacy by a U.S. consumer violate the law. We assume this also applies to drugs from India, etc. The FDA has posted an article, "Buying Prescription Medicine Online: A Consumer Safety Guide", on its web site.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 20, 2010

• You can buy the generic for plavix from Canada. American Pharmacy @ 1-888-392-7257 -- The price is like $33.00 for 3 months supply
Ben Fichera, Spring Hill, Florida, USA, July 14, 2010

• Hello, I have been taking Plavix for a while now. I recently lost my insurance plan and was in a dilemma to how I will support my daily medication plan. I came across, a Pharmacy checker approved pharmacy. I was reluctant to order generic Plavix, however as I could not afford to buy Brand I ordered Plavix 75mg generic, 84 tabs for $62. 95. That is all I paid. My order arrived in 16 days, since I have placed with them and my doctor faxed the prescription to them on 1-877-606-1470 . The medications arrived in box packing. I tried the generic Plavix for a few days and I felt the same as I felt with Brand Plavix. I am so pleased that I have found a cheaper alternative. I would like to recommend others who are in my same situation to buy cheaper Plavix from
Phyllis, Ohio, USA, July 13, 2010

• For those needing help with your prescription costs, go to They carry a lot of medications that you can get a 6 months supply for $20 each no matter how many pills. Others may be a little more expensive but still worth checking out the site. If anyone is needing Aricept, there is an Aricept patient assistance program and you can get if for free even if you have reached your doughnut hole with Medicare part D. Plavix is the hardest one to get help with if you've hit the doughnut hole, Bristol-Myers Squibb will only give a coupon card. Haven't used it yet so don't know how much of a discount I can get. Best of luck to you all......I know how hard it is to get help.
RobinH61, Lake City, Florida, USA, July 12, 2010

• I just hit the GAP with my HMO and now have to pay $443 for 90 days supply of Plavix 75mg which my doctor told me will need it for the rest of my life. There have to be thousands of people stressing over similar financial loads. Any words of wisdom? I had a stent -angioplasty - in the circumflex artery last October and Plavix was prescribed immediately after.
ydraki, Laguna Woods, California, USA, June 29, 2010

• I'm on a fixed income and can't afford my prescription medication. Do anyone know of anyone that can help me get my medications. I really need my medication to survive.
Pat, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, June 25, 2010

• This week had a mild stroke and have occlusion of the right middle cerebral artery. I do not have insurance and they will not put a stent in my brain or do an angiography of the brain without insurance. Plavix is necessary to keep the blood thin enough to prevent another stroke. The hospital gave me a free 30 day supply, but I am worried about what happens next month when I can't afford to refill the prescription. I have 4 other meds they prescribed but they are on the $4 Walmart list so I can take those. Seen posts here for the Canadian Plavix. Is it safe? Will I get arrested for purchasing drugs in another country? Don't want to wind up in prison, but don't want to be paralyzed either since the stent operation is out b/c of no insurance? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Chris, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA, June 24, 2010

• I am a senior with SS income of $1800 per month and some other small savings...I must take 9 (nine) pills every day called CREON and the cost is $750 per month...I have been paying it for some time and I now am having such a financial problem and am looking into buying from Canada with a cost of $310 per month. I have been told by SS that they might be able to forfeit for me to buy myself, but I just cannot find the right SS office to talk to. Can this site give me some info. thank you
jerry526, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, June 9, 2010

• Tarra -- reading these posts makes us sad as well. We wish there were something that could be done for the many many stent recipients who get a drug-eluting stent and then find out they need to take a $4/day drug for at least a year. It's an issue we personally testified about at the FDA Stent Safety hearings in 2006, yet little has changed. But a little has changed. The health care reform bill will be shrinking the "doughnut hole", but it will take until 2020 for it to be eradicated. There are some patient assistance plans and links sent in by readers in this topic (browse through the links) but, as you say, if you're in the middle, you're too rich to be poor,etc. We urge ALL posters to also send these complaints to your Congressman and Senator. Call them, write them, let them know your situation -- originally Obama's health care reform was going to be more robust, but many in the legislature refused to enact certain provisions -- and while the plan that was enacted will hopefully help many, it won't relieve your stresses for a while.

There was just a study, in fact, demonstrating that a larger percentage of patients without insurance are not given drug-eluting stents, precisely because they may not be able to comply with the required one year of Plavix. For those who have these devices implanted but cannot afford Plavix, there should be more financial assistance. Plavix is, after all, one of the largest selling drugs worldwide: revenue to Bristol-Myers is over $5 billion annually.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 5, 2010

• Reading these posts makes me sad. My mother has Medicare Part A & D. However, she was just notified that she has used up all of her benefits for the year, and will have to start paying the total cost of her prescriptions for the remainder of the year (Someone told us this was called the prescription donut hole-where your benefits run out before the year does). She is on 13 different meds (she has kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, etc, etc, etc). She was told Plavix would cost ***$400*** out of pocket - and that's just ONE of her many meds she needs...but right now, the only one I'm really concerned about since she keeps being told that she HAS to take it. She doesn't qualify for any of the programs listed on this page because her & her husband's social security benefits are above the income requirements. How can they put something in your body that forces you to take such an expensive medicine. What's even worst is that my parents are too poor to be rich, and too rich to be poor, so they don't qualify for anything. What can be done???
Tarra, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, May 27, 2010

• I am in the same situation and I am supposed to be taking vytorin. Also I have now gone 2 months without either of these prescribed drugs. Is there any real help out there?
SDoodle, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, May 21, 2010

• Karen C -- Thanks very much for your post. We are glad you found a solution. We also would like to state for the record that Angioplasty.Org does not endorse any pharmacy or online drug vendor and that, as the disclaimer at the bottom of each Forum page states, "Opinions and recommendations expressed on the FORUM are solely those of their authors." We also offer a link to this article that appeared last year in the San Diego Union Tribune, "Prescribing Caution", which discusses online pharmacies. Finally, Planet Drugs, a Canadian pharmacy, itself states at the bottom of its home page, "The FDA, due to the current state of their regulations, has taken the position that virtually all shipments of prescription drugs imported from a Canadian pharmacy by a U.S. consumer will violate the law. " That being said, an FDA spokesperson, quoted in the San Diego UT article, stated that the FDA is "not aware of any actions taken against an individual resulting from their purchase of small quantities of unapproved drugs from the Internet."
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 15, 2010

• Hi. I posted a little over a month ago about my husband having two stents inserted & now being on plavix. I wanted to update anyone who is looking for an affordable alternative to Bristol Myers Plavix. We ordered the generic Plavix (clopidogrel) from Planet Drugs ( We ordered 6 months supply for $88. We paid $150 for just one month purchased here in the U.S. Their customer service is great & incredibly helpful. They told me it may take 5-6 weeks to receive our order so advised that we order accordingly. The drugs took exactly 5 weeks to get here. I made the order online, then my husband called his doctor with Planet Drugs fax number so they could fax the prescription to them. I received a confirmation email from Planet drugs within 24 hours letting us know they had received the prescription. They did not charge our debit card until they were notified that the drugs had been sent, which was about 4 weeks after we ordered them. The drugs came from New Zealand (they also may come from India) and were in foil lined pouches,10 pills to a pouch, 3 pouches to a box. I hope this info helps anyone who doesn't have prescription insurance (like us). Take care.
Karen C, Northern Michigan, USA, May 14, 2010

• contact bristol-meyers the maker of plavix. they have a patient assistance program that may help you.
Dave Thomas, home owner, Modesto, California, USA, May 13, 2010

• Am in the same situation as most everyone else regarding Plavix. It is immoral for Bristol Myers to capitalize on something that people literally will die without. I don't know how those responsible sleep nights, knowing how many people live in fear and literally are impoverished trying to afford medication that their lives depend on. We have found The Canadian Drugstore (Drug Store Unlimited) (just Google it) and 30 days of Plavix is $57.05. You need to send them a prescription in the mail (you cannot transfer from your regular pharmacy, get a new written prescription). It's still a lot of money, but better. Good luck to everyone, you are not alone in this.
Charles, Bradenton, Florida, USA, May 8, 2010

• Mr. Rao -- we've had a number of posters from India discuss the availability of generic Plavix (a.k.a. clopidogrel). You can find these easily by searching this page. Use CTRL-F (Windows) and search for "India" to find them. Also discuss this with your interventional cardiologist maybe to give you a prescription for the generic version, if it's available. But it is very important not to stop taking clopidogrel after stenting!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 7, 2010

• I had undergone CAG and had two stents inserted two weeks ago. The doctor had prescribed Plavix 75 mg twice daily (8 AM & 8 PM) after food. It is very expensive in India too, each tablet costing about Rs. 115.40 (about $2.5) that is $5 a day. Is there any alternative medicine to Plavix which would cost less and available in India. I am about to retire from the government service by the end of this month (May 2010).
NV Rao, Indian Maritime University, Visakhapatnam Campus, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, May 7, 2010

• Thank you Cathy -- this is important information for everyone on this thread. Also read my post from last May about this program from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 18, 2010

• I applied directly to the co. of bristol/myers -- makers of plavix. Hosp. gave me all info. needed. The co. checks your yrly salary and if you qualify, you can get plavix free or at reduced price and it's mailed to your phd for pick up. Yes FREE. I'm one of the pt. who had a med. stent put 1/5/2010. I'm on Plavix 75 & was reduced to 81mg of aspirin from 325 after 1 month. I've exp. no out of the ordinary major sym. that I've read as of yet except I've been cold even in the warm weather and my feet hurt. Sometime I get slightly dizzy for no reason. Have been told to stay on plavix for at least one yr. Should change my diet and regular exercise for wt. loss. I'm 57
Cathy Ferraro, Springhill, Florida, USA, April 17, 2010

• I have read the comments from all concerned family members. Has anyone gotten an answer? My father recently had a heart attack and had a stent put in his heart. The Plavix is WAY to expensive and he has no insurance. I was looking for any discount programs or any helpful info. Please help!
Karen V, Palm Bay, Florida, USA, April 5, 2010

• Dear Karen -- I had a DES ( made by JNJ ) in my LAD and in India generic Plavix is available at almost 15% of Sanofi Aventis price. Even Sanofi Aventis original costs just around $25 per strip of 14 tabs. But most Indians use Generic. This is just for your information. Rgrds Kriss
Kriss, Digital Imaging, Bombay, India, March 31, 2010

• Karen -- Excellent questions -- and few good answers. Your family's "Catch-22" is shared by many -- read our March 23 post about this issue. We have read reports that doctors in South Florida, dealing with poor and immigrant populations, have taken to placing bare metal stents, which only require 4-6 weeks of Plavix to avoid the stent thrombosis issue. BTW, what type of stent (manufacturer and brand) did your husband receive? As for where do specific generics come from, we can't answer that but perhaps other readers have more info. We've also "poked" Mr. Fichera as to where he gets his $32 Plavix from. We would suggest writing your opinion to both Bristol Myers and your congressional representatives. And if you find suitable alternatives, please let others on the Forum know. Thanks.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 31, 2010

• Forum Editor,Can you explain to me, and maybe to others who don't understand, why a company such as bristol myers needs to make so much money on this type of drug? I read an article that said they sold over 7 billion dollars of this drug in 2007.. Surely, they have exceeded any cost they put into creating the drug. Is their "victory" over a generic form of the drug based purely on greed or is there another explanation? Also, when you say the Canadian company Apotex has now taken their generic form off the market, where does that leave us? I've been researching online drug company's and found that offers a generic form of plavix at a very reasonable price. Can you, or anyone else, explain where the generic form is produced? My husband is all for ordering it through this company.. Has anyone else dealt with them or purchased their plavix through them? Thank you for any info.
Karen C., Northern Michigan, USA, March 31, 2010

• Of interest is this article in today's Wall Street Journal, "Sanofi, Bristol Reap Two Victories on Plavix ", basically saying that two court decisions have moved the possibility of generic clopidogrel (Plavix) in the U.S. back to 2012. A Canadian firm, Apotex, briefly introduced a generic clopidogrel, but the courts sided with Bristol-Myers and it was taken off the market in the U.S.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 30, 2010

• My husband just had two stints [stents] put in after having a heart attack last week. I was shocked when I went to pick up his plavix prescription and was told it was $150.00 for the month. His doctor told him he'd be on it for one year. By the way, we were never told a stint [stent] was part of the angioplasty surgery, or that this expensive drug was part of the deal. We have no drug insurance, only medicare. BEN FICHERA,PLEASE add info as to what canadian drug company you found plavix for $32.. I've done some research and found it much cheaper than here in the states, but not as cheap as you've listed. I'd really like any info you can share..Has anyone else ordered from Canada? How was the service, quality of drug, etc? Also, why is it Canada can offer a generic plavix, but we don't have that option in the United States? I have to tell you, I'm thankful my husband survived the heart attack but angry that he is now tied up in this whole procedure...
Karen C., Northern Michigan, USA, March 30, 2010

• i have a total of ten stents, 8 in my groin area PAD. 1 subclavian and 1 in my heart. i am layoff no insurance at all. Dr. has call for ultra sound of stents but when they know I have no insurance. they do not call. I need plavix cannot afford it. and scared of having a heart attack. what are the chances of having heart attack?
Scared Steve, Ohio, USA, March 26, 2010

• G.S. and others -- if you scroll down through this topic, you'll find that readers have posted a number of possibilities for financial assistance -- we would also suggest calling your local government representatives. Some counties have prescription assistance plans that offer discounts on medications. But the Catch-22 with drug-eluting stents and Plavix is a topic we at Angioplasty.Org have been writing and speaking out about for years (we even testified at the FDA Stent Safety hearing about this issue). Stents and Plavix are really a single package. You can't have one without the other. However, current insurance plans may cover the procedure for tens of thousands of dollars, but not the $4/day drug, a critical and necessary component of the treatment. It's ridiculous. We are hoping that the Health Care Reform bill passed this weekend may rectify some of these shortcomings, although it will be a while before some of these benefits kick in.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 23, 2010

• My husband was recently diagnosed with a blood clot and given a prescription for Plavix. The one month supply cost us $177.00 and we had to scrap to pull that together. We could only afford the medicine for one month and he needs to be taking it regularly. We're looking for some alternative or assistance in helping to pay for part or all of this expensive drug. He only has medicare and does not cover prescriptions.
G.S., Fort Myers, Florida, USA, March 22, 2010

• I had my first stent in January 09, and was not informed that I would be dependent on Plavix. The stent had to be replaced in May 09 and I was hospitalized 3 more times in June 09 and I was fired from my job and now have no insurance. I am now on indigent care for the hospital but that does not cover any medications. What help is there for people? Is there an alternative affordable herbal remedy? Thanks, Wanda
Wanda , Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, March 16, 2010

• ask your doctor for free samples. clinics get samples often.
N., Kentucky, USA, March 16, 2010

• I am writing this for my husband. He had two heart attacks in one day on March 23, 2003. He had two stents on each side of his heart and eight stents up his right leg, and has been recommended to take plavix for the rest of his life. We both take a total of sixteen pills twice a day and can not afford the plavix. We try to get samples from his doctors office in Memphis,Tennessee. Family Physicians Group is our doctors, and we want to know why they can't get plavix as a sample for the patients. Thank you!!!!
Mary Perfetti, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, March 12, 2010

• i had a stroke in 1997, cancer and 9 stomach surgery. i take about 150.00 meds and now my plavix went to 80.00 on a fix income. it hard to pay 230.00 .what a person to do?
A. P., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, March 11, 2010

• listen up: you can buy plavix from canadian pharmacies . look them up on the computer. $32.00 for 90 day supplies.
Ben Fichera, Spring Hill, Florida, USA, March 6, 2010

• I had a stent put in last year after having a heart attack. Trying to pay for the plavix that i was put on was a hardship for me i am now have no job is there help for me i dont know what to do. doctor says i must take it. why do they put you on such an expensive med. i have no insurance please help me.
Verna Sharp, San Antonio, Texas, USA, March 1, 2010

• I need assistance on getting plavix. I recently became unemployed and don't have any health insurance, and I have only two more days left then i'm out. I get my prescriptions from Walgreens in Janesville WI and they were out until monday. I just can't afford them. I don't know where else to go for help. Thank you for your time.
David Fredricks, Janesville, Wisconsin, USA , February 21, 2010

• My husband had a quintuple bypass nine years ago. On 02/08/2010 they found another blockage and a stent was put in. He is also a diabetic. His medicines include Metformin, Glipizide, Metroprolol, Simvastatin, Plavix, and Lantus. I am a diabetic as well, however we can't afford all of this medicine. My husband suffered a back injury and was out of work for a year and a half. When he return to work, he was on the job for two months and then he was layed off. He has not worked since April of 2009. We lost our health insurance because of his job situation. As of January 1, 2010 we are insured under my employers health plan. I still cannot afford his medicine and mine, so we buy his because of his heart problems. With the addition of plavix, we really can't afford all of his medicine either. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get help, please let me know. Thanks!
Yvonne L., Virginia, USA, February 11, 2010

• I had 3 stents put in 2 weeks ago. Plavix is over $165 for 30 75mg tablets where I live. I live on disability with no meds coverage and cannot afford this and other meds I must take. I don't spent $5 a day to eat.
Jack H., Prattville, Alabama, USA, February 9, 2010

• I am not pleased at all with my mom's Plavix doubling in price this month due to the insurance's tiers on medication. It is now $80 when it was $40. That is ridiculous for a one month supply. She has other meds. as well. I have to try and make ends meet and this doesn't help me in the least. I never complained about the $40 as I know people pay much more a month. Now, I just called and told them to consider who is trying to pay this amount. Not happy. I feel your pain! This needs to be fixed. Oh, here's the Plavix commercial ironically on at this moment!
JK, Austin, Texas, USA, January 23, 2010

• I have had a stent placement since 2006 have been able to buy my medication at hospital where i work and have it taken out of 2 checks but the pharmacy no longer lets employees fill scrips here. I haven't been able to buy plavix 75mg in a month. Have so many scrips to get filled i just can't afford to get them.
Sybil M., McAClester, Oklahoma, USA, January 16, 2010

• I had stents inserted in May 2009 I too cannot afford or even begin to pay the prices for this drug. Where are they really made? I have samples from the United Kingdom and France??? And they tell us not to go to Canada??
Nina, Missouri, USA, January 11, 2010

• I had 2 heart attacks in Feb 2009, and had a Xience stint [stent] put in after the second heart attack. My husband had a blockage in his leg (PAD) and had to have surgery in November 2009. I currently take 7 prescription meds that are required. Even with my insurance I cannot afford to pay the copay for them. Vytorin is 102.00 and Niaspan is 150. that is co-pay. We are low-middle income. I have to take these meds. I am only 56 years old and am not eligible for medicaid. I cannot pay for these while I wait for my deductible to kick in. I only work 32 hours a week at 9.30 an hour and I am still trying to figure out how to pay for medical care that my insurance didn't cover. HELP!
Suzanne, North Carolina, USA, January 7, 2010

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