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Recovery and Medication After Angioplasty

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I have recently or will soon undergo angioplasty. Can anyone tell me anything about the recovery period and medication following this procedure?

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• mh01610 in India - You are on a number of heart medications (antiplatelet, BP and statin drugs). While sildenafil (Viagra) is relatively safe, there are some concerns that cardiologists have expressed, specifically that it may lower blood pressure too much in heart patients who are already on blood pressure meds. Given your clinical situation (stent, ejection fraction, etc.) and the variety of medications you are on, we would strongly recommend that you consult your cardiologist about all the drugs you are taking, including any over-the-counter or non-prescription medicines as well.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 10, 2013

• I got implanted a sirolimus stent 2.75*24mm in LAD.,LVID(es) is 4.7cm and LVID(ed) is 5.8cm., left ventricle was dilated , and LVEF 25% in echo report. Now having Clopivas 75+75=150, ecoaspirin 75+75, remipress 2.5, metroprolol 40 mg, lipvas 40mg., pentoprozole 40mg. are these doses per day are more than required? Any interaction with sildenafil citrate? Which one? How to use sildenafil while continuing these drugs?
mh01610, New Delhi, India, July 10, 2013

• Sir I got angioplasty five months back and faring very well, no problem what so ever. Taking medicines as prescribed. Can at any time statin be stopped or shall have to continue for life? Doing 6 kilometer brisk walk without any problem and also doing all types of exercise as doing previously. Getting BP medicine, statin, clopilet, ecosprin, promulet
Ahuja, Retired business man, Bangalore, India, June 22, 2013

• Hi am srikumar 32 yrs old, 4 months back I had a massive cardiac arrest and undergone primary angioplasty (95%block in LV). Two weeks back I have done TMT and Echo. TMT result was negative; Echo shown 55%. But for the past 6-7 days I am not able to walk more than 100 meters. I am feeling heaviness and pain in my chest. What to to....
Hi, Cipla, Kerala, India, June 7, 2013

• I have undergone angioplasty in February 2013 with one stent but after March I am suffering from acute joint pain, swelling of both foot. Statin,Aspirin,Clopidogrel,Ramipril & Alprazolam are presently running medicine. Such complications I have never experienced. Doctor suspects for Arthritis but my RA Factor is negative. Whether this is because of any side effect of those medicines or I have to go for more test for Arthritis?
Santu, Kolkata, India, April 21, 2013

• GLD in India -- Hopefully your cardiologist gave you some recommendations. First of all, take the medications your cardiologist prescribed: Plavix or equivalent and aspirin are very important to keep blood from clotting in the stent. You probably got a statin and blood pressure medications too. Stop smoking, if you do, eat a healthy diet and get exercise. How much exercise is safe is something you should discuss with your cardiologist but, if you are healthy, you can usually resume full activity. See our Forum Topic on Exercise, Sport, Physicial Activity After Stent for some stories on what patients have done after angioplasty.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, Februry 28, 2013

• I had my angioplasty in 22/11/2012, two stents inserted for block of 99% & 96% what precaution & exercises taken in future by Me.
GLD, Dombivali, Thane, Maharashtra, India, February 28, 2013

• I am an echocardiographer. I had a heart attack last year followed by a stent. I was sent home with no hope of any kind, the knowledge that I would be back for more and the understanding of the disease progresses. I can tell you stenting or bypassing arteries is a life saving procedure for which I am grateful but I found a way to make myself heart attack proof so that my heart disease can be arrested and reversed check out this link: Many people say change in diet is radical. I'll tell you what I find to be radical:Radical is when you get your chest cut open arteries from legs and arms stripped and connected around the blockages, a year or two later, more stents, bypass, heart failure, heart transplant (if your lucky). That's the way this disease progresses. Don't let it take over. STOP IT, CONTROL IT, MAKE IT GO AWAY. Go to the link I posted above and educate yourselves. Knowledge is power!
jobueno, Houston, Texas, USA, February 7, 2013

• Kittu in India -- After a drug-eluting stent, standard duration of dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT - aspirin and clopidogrel) is 12 months, but some cardiologists recommend longer, if the patient is having no side effects. Drugs for high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are pretty much life-long, unless these numbers are able to be lowered in other ways (weight loss, diet alteration, etc.) But all medications should be discussed with your cardiologist because each patient is an individual with individual needs and unique clinical situation. The "one side fits all" model of medicine is disappearing.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 5, 2013

• Sir how many days use drugs metoprolol and clopidogrel after angioplasty? Doctor was fit OM stent on 06-05-2011. I am using following drugs tab. Metosartan 25mg (metoprolol and telmasartan) cap. Clopilet A 75 mg (clopidogrel and aspirin) My History HTN with DM Since 15 years now I'm 48 years old
kittu, medical rep, Kakinada, Andhrapradesh, India, January 22, 2013

• Paul in Tennessee -- Do you mean you had an angiogram, not an angioplasty? Because you had no blockages, so nothing would have been done. Is this correct?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 5, 2013

• I had angioplasty on 12/14. There were no blocks. How long will it take for recovery? Its been a week and i feel uncomfortable even for short distance walk. Feel chest heaviness at times
Paul, CTS, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, December 21, 2012

• • In most of the posts I have read here, I find that blockages occur more frequently after stenting. My husband Aged 56 has undergone angioplasty twice. last month he was quite bad i.e. he was getting breathless. An angiography was taken and found that the angioplasty (stent) is fully blocked. Moreover his pulse rate was quote high and his heart pumping was about 15%. A cardiac MRI was also taken which shows that his muscles are thin and brittle so doctor said right now they will not be able to perform by-pass. A friend suggested alternative therapy of Ayurvedic Panchkarma. Has anyone tried this kind of treatment and is this useful? kindly advise.
fonseca, Thane, India, December 10, 2012

• I am 34 year (Male) old work in IT as a telecom engineer. I go angioplasty one stent had been put due to 90 per block in one artery. After angioplasty i feel very good and work normal can walk more then 30 min before I can't. From tomorrow after 29 day suddenly I feel dizzy when as I woke up in morning. Whole day atlesat 10 time happen. I don't why it happen every day I walk more then 30 min some breathing yoga. Rest to work in office on my PC and phone. Please suggest. I am taking medicine after angioplasty Ecosprin Gold 20 (Atorvastatin,Clopidogrel twice a day and Aspirin Capsules) and T met XL(25) one in morning.
ramde, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, November 25, 2012

• I had a stent last week Thursday 25th October 2012. So far I'm fine taking all prescribed medication and am just resting with occasional walks (without pain). My Cardiologist described clearing the blockage of 'Calcium deposits'. How did they get there? Is it just an age thing, poor arterial health or diet (I don't take milk with coffee or tea). Is there anything I can do or a diet I can follow to reverse a calcium build up?
stergio, Cheshire, United Kingdom, October 30, 2012

• is it safe to take controloc and plavix together after des stents ?
wong, Malaysia, October 18, 2012

• I had a Boston scientific promise element plus stent installed two weeks ago after I suffered a total blockage on one artery. Doctor has me on clopidogrel 75 and aspirin 325 daily. For a year. I am wondering if I could be on a lessor dosage or every other day regiment? Really concerned about all the possible side effects. Since being released , we have gone 100% Vegan.
Karl, Austin, Texas, USA, October 16, 2012

• my father (54 years old) got a CT scan of heart done which says he only has 60 -70% lad in left coronary artery that is calcific. and 40-50 % mixed plaque in another one. He is going for stress thallium test next week....can someone please tell this alarming? i mean we really want to avoid a stent or angioplasty for another 1 or 2 it possible to treat it clinically by medicines?
Appy, India, October 7, 2012

• Dear sir My father had chest pain in the month of June,2012,while normal walking in his office. The doctor who attended immediately reported Positive ECG report and referred for Angiography to be done. The angiography after referral from Organization was conducted in Apollo Hospital,Bilaspur. The results for the Angiography are as follows;LMCA: Normal LAD: Type III vessel and Ostial to mid part across D1 long segment 50-60% disease. Diagonals and septals are normals.D1: Good size vessel and Ostial 99% stenosis. LCX: Anatomically dominant vessel and 100%occluded,before crux. PDA&PLV filled from left injection. Final diagnosis:Right Dominant system. Double vessel coronary artery disease. Kindly suggest us whether Angioplasty is to be recommended in this case or not ,as Doctor in Apollo Bilaspur said,there is no need for angioplasty since the artery presently choked is too small that the angioplasty tube cannot be intruded and kept under medical management, with monthly review. The medicines under progress are :Tab Clopivas AP150mgTab Met XL-R(2.5/25)Tab.Metagard CR 60mgTab. Pantocid 40mgTab.taxim-O 200mg. With regards yogeshK
Yogeshk, Ranchi, IOCL, panipat, India, October 5, 2012

• Ullas in UAE -- Sounds like you are doing the right things and feeling well. 2 kg per month of weight loss is significant, and while your weight is a bit below the low end of the "ideal" for your height, you might be at the right place for your body. If you keep losing weight, and are concerned, you should probably discuss this with your doctor. But feeling well is certainly a good sign! And Dee in Bangalore -- we can't give medical advice, especially to such detailed information as you have supplied. We can say that the guidelines in the U.S. are to treat patients with medications first and move to angioplasty for symptom relief if the medications don't relieve the symptoms, or if the cardiac problem advances to an unstable state.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, October 1, 2012

• my father (64 yrs), stent in mid LAD (DES-2004),recently was admitted with unstable angina there was no change in ecg but cardiac markers were slightly elevated CKMB-15.2ng/ml Tropinin-1.44ng/ml Myoglobin- 428ng/ml, angiogram report follows LMCA-normal, LAD-type III vessel, Patent stent in mid LAD with mild neointimal hyperplasia, Distal LAD 50% stenosis, D1, D2, D3 small vessels, LCX- non dominant vessel normal, OMI ostioproximal 60%stenosis, OM2 normal,RCA- Large dominant vessel. Ectatic vessel, Distal RCA filled with 100% thrombotic occlusion,PDA. PLV fills via left to right collaterals. He was advised 48 hrs infusion with tirofiban and check angio.check angio report follows:Distal RCA has fully opened up with TIMI grade 3 flow in RCA, PDA PLV has diffuse disease with residual clots underlying residual clot with 80% stenosis in distal RCA. He was discharged with following medications T.ecosprin(150 mg),T.effient(10mg),T.tonact(40mg)T.neksium,T.nikoran(5mg), T.ranozex(500mg) and asked to meet doc after 2 week of medication for further angiogram, he has no symptoms now except tiredness and sleeplessness, which is the best treatment for him medicines or angioplasty. v r confused bcz of mixd op
Dee, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, September 26, 2012

• Dear Sir, I (42 year Male) had MI on 19th March 2012 and immediately done primary PTCA , LMD is stented due to 100% blocks with thrombosis and on 9th April RAC is stented which has 70% blockage on long segment. Now on medication (Aspirin 100mg, Plavix 75mg & rosuvastatin 20mg) exercise 40 minutes walking in the morning and diet control. I am 170cm tall and had 69 kg in march 2012 and I am losing my weight gradually and now 57 kg only. My question is why my weight is losing so much. I don't feel tired or any other problem.
Ullas, United Arab Emirates, September 24, 2012

• EnergyPlus -- nice name -- first of all, make sure you let your cardiologist and his/her nurse know that you live alone. They may have some specific suggestions for you. One of the biggest issues after angioplasty usually has to do with healing of the needle puncture access site, especially if your procedure is done via the femoral (leg/groin) artery. The site needs to heal, so no heavy lifting, etc. for several days -- maybe a week. Less than 1 in 15 patients have this type of complication; even less if the access site is the radial (wrist) artery. Obviously, if you have any significant pain at the access site or chest in the days or weeks after the angioplasty, call your cardiologist ASAP. Most important is to take the prescribed antiplatelet medications (Plavix and aspirin) as directed. These help prevent blood clotting inside the stent while the artery is healing. You should be able to resume normal activity within a day or so, just take it easy and don't do anything strenuous for a while. And, of course, nothing here should be viewed as a substitue for medical advice from your doctor.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, September 18, 2012

• I am scheduled for an angioplasty this week. My concern (other than the obvious) is that I live alone with no family around. Some folks are expressing concern over this. I am gathering I would spend the first night in the hospital, but what are the issues after that? Thanks, this is a VERY helpful site!
EnergyPlus, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, September 17, 2012

• Angioplasty in Pakistan -- he may just be adjusting to the medications, or possibly feeling emotionally drained. Depression often accompanies the discovery and treatment of heart disease, but this can be dealt with. If you're concerned you and he should visit his cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 29, 2012

• my father had an angioplasty last week, he was recovering nicely but for last two days he is feeling weakness and he just want to take rest please tell me what should we do? please tell.
angioplasty, ned, Pakistan, August 21, 2012

• HK in Seattle -- More questions than we can deal with, but you are among the few who get a POBA (Plain Ol' Balloon Angioplasty) procedure and no stent. As far as physicial activity goes, look over our Forum Topic on Exercise. There are posts from a number of marathoners, bikers, etc. The fact that you've already resumed that level of activity is great. As for duration of Plavix and aspirin, the one year recommendation is for drug-eluting stents. Plavix has a number of beneficial effects for heart patients, but the reason it's prescribed for stents is to keep the blood from clotting around the metal stent struts. Your cardiologist may feel you are "thrombogenic", prone to clotting, even though you have no stent -- but these are good questions and only a cardiologist, preferably an interventional cardiologist, shouldgive this kind of advice. As for healing, most bare metal stents heal within 60-90 days, so no stent should be no more than that. As for LDL, statin dosage, etc., again you really need to consult a physician about these issues. Each patient's clinical picture is different.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 20, 2012

• I'm a 59 yo male. Heart attack 6/12. Balloon angioplasty, no stent, 6/21 after angiography found blockage in ramus. No infarction. Mild arteriosclerosis in other arteries. Before I was asymptomatic. No major risk factors. Very active, 8-12 hours vigorous exercise/week for 10+ years. I'm a (former) masters bike racer and competitive rower. I've resumed most activities without symptoms.1. I want to cycle more and ski. But I'm concerned about bleeding risk from aspirin and Plavix. How significant is the risk? Is it external or internal? 2. I've asked my doc to move to aspirin alone; he's said probably not for 12 months. I've seen 12 months for eluting stents and counter arguments. What's the rule of thumb DAPT for angioplasty alone? On what's it based? 3. Other than genotyping, how do I know if Plavix is effective? 4. If less than 12 months of DAPT makes sense and my doc says no, should I seek a second opinion? 5. How low should LDL be to slow or stop arteriosclerosis? Is there benefit to lowering LDL even more? 6. If my LDL is low enough, should I ask for a lower dose or milder statin than 40 mg Crestor? 7. How long's it take an artery to heal from plaque rupture and angioplasty?
HK, Seattle, Washington, USA, August 15, 2012

• always low fat diets and regular exercise helps to maintain good health (heart) keep away [from] HURRY WORRY AND CURRY
surjit kohli, New Delhi, India , June 30, 2012

• My dad went through Angioplasty with Stent recently and is currently under recovery stages. He recently did develop fatigue with mild headaches and also developed insulin variations since he is diabetic. This has caused insensitivity to food and loss of appetite. My doctor says its nothing to worry although my dad is still very weak. Should I be worried? Is this an after effect of the procedure?
karthik ram, London, UK, June 23, 2012

• SemperFi in New York -- You've done your homework regarding your concern that you may be a non-responder to Plavix. And you are correct that there is a percentage of the population that does not respond to Plavix, although it's a minority. The issue of testing is a big one -- since it definitely adds costs to the healthcare system. At Scripps in San Diego, ALL stent patients are genotyped (read our interview with Dr. Eric Topol regarding this) but few systems elsewhere do this. We're a bit surprised by the Effient vs Plavix for bare metal vs Drug Eluting stents that you have reported. We'd think it would be the other way around, since the concern over stent thrombosis (blood clots in the stent) is more with drug-eluting stents. We're not clear about your stents: was one placed inside the other? Or are they both just in the same artery lengthwise?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 20, 2012

• I had two BMS placed inside the same artery due to size of lesion and extrusion. A 5 x 18 and a 5 x 13 inside of it in my Mid LAD. The doctor who did the PCI recommended that I be on Effient and Aspirin as the DAPT. He told me he prescribes Effient in patients who are good candidates for it (no risk of bleeding or age etc.) with Bare Metal Stents, for DES (Drug Eluting Stents) he recommends Plavix. All was well and good until I found out that the VA Hospital where I get all my medications and only coverage I had at that time did not carry Effient and to get it would be a large undertaking that at best would take months to resolve IF ever. So, I could not get it and the doctor reluctantly prescribed Plavix and aspirin for me. My question is: Should I ask someone to help me afford to buy Effient? I have requested Effient from the VA but they REFUSED to even consider getting it for me stating that 'I should do fine with Plavix'. I also requested a test to be sure I am not one of the people who cannot metabolize it as the FDA warned and refused to even consider that! This was the head of Cardiology at Northport. NY VA Dr. Mallis. I have no faith in VA, please advise a Marine.
SemperFiDoOrDie, USMC Veteran, Northport, New York, USA, June 10, 2012

• Did anyone have have Troponin T elevations after their stent procedure? Seems like I was running a very low chronic Troponin and still do despite having had one stent 6 plus years ago. Is this dangerous? What does this mean? I kept hearing them talk about Troponin elevation at the hospital but the other CK or heart muscle test was normal.
Peppy, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, June 6, 2012

• I am 50 years my heart is bubbling but two years ago i done angoiplasty in Saudi German Hospital which medicine is recommended for me at the present time i am using Pedovex & Aspicard but four five time in a day the heart.
Bubbling Deeply, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, June 2, 2012

• Gary -- hope all went well. And that's the idea. The angioplasty is supposed to relieve your symptoms. It does not cure the disease. That's something, however, that you can have some significant effect over, by stopping smoking, if you do, and changing your lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) and taking your prescribed meds.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 30, 2012

• I am having angioplasty tomorrow. Can I expect to feel better and have no more shortness of breath within days or weeks of the procedure.
Gary, Woodstock, Georgia, USA, April 22, 2012

• Wong -- See our March 29 response to your previous post. Bleeding is an adverse effect of antiplatelet therapy, so your situation is a bit complicated and, to our knowledge, Daflon is a supplement, not a prescription medication. In any case, we cannot give medical advice in place of advice from a physician or healthcare provider, so you really should consult your cardiologist with these questions, or the physician who prescribed Brilinta and Grendis for you.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 15, 2012

• Can I take Daflon 500 6 tabs a day to treat bleeding hemorrhoid after 3 stents and on Brilinta and Grendis ? The Daflon treatments is for 2 weeks
Wong, Malaysia, April 15, 2012

• Sadasivam in Qatar -- It's important to take all medications prescribed by your cardiologist, especially your DAPT (Dual AntiPlatelet Therapy) which usually consists of aspirin and clopidogrel or equivalent (prasugrel, etc.) to keep the blood from clotting inside the stent. Depending on the type of stent, this must be taken for up to a year or more. And do anything you can to reduce your risk factors for coronary artery disease and slow down its progression: diet, exercise, stop smoking if you do, reduce stress, etc. Your hospital or doctor may be able to enroll you in a cardiac rehabiliation program to help you with these issues. These are general recommendations, but you should definitely discuss any precautions that might be specific to you with your cardiologist, especially the one who implanted the stent.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 5, 2012

• What are the precautions to be observed after the stent implanted last week to me.
Sadasivam.Muthukumarasamy, Integrated Trading Services.Co. Wll, Doha, Qatar, April 5, 2012

• Wong in Malaysia -- Grendis is an aspirin substitute, but it is not available in many countries, U.S. included, so we don't know much about it. Bleeding is a definite adverse effect of antiplatlelet therapy. Is your cardiologist aware of your concerns, because he/she would be the best source of information on your specific situation. As for causing a stroke, there are two types of strokes, the more common being ischemic, meaning that antiplatelet therapy actually decreases that risk. The other type, a "burst artery", is caused by a weak arterial wall (or aneurysm) and usually a high blood pressure. But by all means, discuss your concerns with your doctor.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 29, 2012

• hi, recently i get rashes around my hands and legs and quite severe gastric pain plus daily gum bleeding caused by aspirin I'm taking together with Brilinta after putting 3 stents. i consulted my cardiologist and he suggested i take grendis together with Brilinta and stop aspirin. is this a good alternative as i worry grendis plus Brilinta will cause severe bleeding or stroke due to burst artery to the brain cause by the combination. i really don't know what to do now...please advise me
Wong, Malaysia, March 24, 2012

• Bill in California -- When you say that three days ago everything was great, what brought you to the hospital? We would assume you were having angina or some type of cardiac event (coronary artery disease is sometimes asymptomatic -- people's sensitivity to pain varies widely -- so it feels sudden, even though the plaque may have been building for some time. In any case, here are two Forum Topics to check out: "Angioplasty Success Stories" and "Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent". A word of caution in reading through other topics on this Forum. As we have often written, this Forum tends to be a "complaint department"; patients write in because something isn't right, or they have questions. Not many write in just to say, "I feel great", but some do. The basic post-stent routine is that you need to reduce the risk factors for heart disease that are under your control: watch diet, stay active and exercise, stop smoking if you do, lose weight if you need to, and take the medications prescribed by your cardiologist to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. if that's needed. It is actually possible to feel better and healthier post-procedure -- and reducing risk factors greatly reduces the risk of progression of the disease. As for your age, Mr. Adolph Bachmann, whose picture is on the top of this page, was the first person to ever get an angioplasty -- and that was in the days of very crude balloon-only equipment. He was 37 at the time and also had a discrete proximal LAD stenosis. He has remained active and is still doing quite well at 72. As for the stents you received, the Medtronic Resolute Integrity was just approved by the FDA, and is also the only drug-eluting stent approved for diabetic patients. It is one of the newest generation of stents, performs extremely well and has been used widely in Europe. You can read more about it here.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 16, 2012

• Need some hard data and some good news. Three days ago everything was great Now I am a 43 year old male 2 stents. One Resolute Integrity in the mid LAD and one in the Proximal LAD. Found it hard to talk to Cardiologist. Looking on the internet scared me even more. I feel more positive after finding this site. Where can I find simple, current data and odds. Am I bound to have more problems and stents or worse? Also it would be great to hear more optimistic stories.
Bill, Walnut Creek, California, USA, March 15, 2012

• IKS in India -- we assume you mean "disolve the plaque in the arteries." Unfortunately there is no magic cure like a medicine to get rid of all the plaque -- not yet anyway. What patients can do is reduce all risk factors like stopping smoking, exercise, diet and staying compliant with prescribed medications. Hopefully these actions can slow or stop the progression of coronary artery disease.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 12, 2012

• I have undergone angioplasty about 6 months back. Is there any medicine to dissolve the flakes in the arteries.
IKS, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, March 12, 2012

• Wong -- you are probably on some blood pressure medications. We suggest you consult with your cardiologist and he/she may want to make an adjustment to avoid these low blood pressure readings.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 11, 2012

• hi this is wong again. got my 3 stents 3 plus weeks ago with average daily bp 108/70 hr 56-63bpm. but for the past two day my bp drops to 95-98/56-65 hr 56-65 bpm. Is these normal or something serious happening inside me causing all these hypotension ? please really scares me. is these caused by the medicines, bleeding or some organs not functioning properly?
Wong, Malaysia, March 10, 2012

• Wong in Malaysia -- Aspirin is different from NSAIDS or Acorxia, although you may be allergic to both. Is it possible you may be having allergies to ticagrelor or a different drug? We assume you got drug-eluting stents which means you need to take aspirin and another antiplatelet drug (Plavix, ticagrelor, prasugrel, etc.) for a year to help prevent stent thrombosis. This is, of course, unless you are having an adverse reaction. The bleeding you describe may be one of those -- bleeding is a known side effect of antiplatelet therapy (a.k.a. "blood thinners"). You should not alter your medications by yourself, but you should definitely consult with your cardiologist about these issues. By the way, Acorxia is not approved in the U.S., partially due to concerns about a possible increase in adverse cardiovascular events -- it's a COX-2 inhibitor, in the same class as Vioxx which was withdrawn from the market in the U.S. for this reason.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 27, 2012

• Hi this is Wong from Malaysia again. right now I'm having lots of rashes around my wrists, palms and hands caused by aspirin I'm taking daily after 3 stents put in me...according to my skin doctor whom i consulted today. is there any alternatives to the aspirin I'm taking which will not trigger rashes? i told my doctor about my frequent rashes and my allergies to acorxia and postant painkillers (nsaids) before the angioplasty stents procedure and he told me not to worry. but after 12 days the rashes starts. what should i do now. also once in a while i found some bleeding while wiping my anus after past motions. please advise me ...thanks
Wong, Malaysia, February 27, 2012

• Wong -- The main danger from stents is a blood clot that forms inside. If you keep up your antiplatelet meds (in your case, Brilinta and aspirin) the risk of that is very low. There is concern that pantaprazole and other Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) can lower the effectiveness of the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel (Plavix). No such interaction has been shown with either prasugrel (Effient) or ticagrelor (Brilinta). As for your electric guitar pick-ups, haven't heard of any problem there. Most stents are even safe at the recommended strengths for MRIs (see our topic on MRIs and stents) and MRIs generate a much higher magnetic field than guitar pick-ups. There are well-known rockers with stents, David Bowie for one....
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 24, 2012

• I just got 3 stents last weeks. is having 3 stents dangerous for me ? also taking the aspirin and Brilinta make my gastritis worst and I'm taking 2x 40 mg pantaprazole sodium and 10ml gaviscon advance to ease the pain. my main concern is whether the pantaprazole sodium (controloc) will compromise the effectiveness of the Brilinta (ticagrelor )? another matter that worries me is whether i can still continue to play my electric guitar with amplifier plug on because i heard the magnets in the guitar pickups that send electrical signal to the amplifier will effect the metal stents in me, is that true? please advise me.
Wong, Malaysia, February 22, 2012

• Dr. RK in Nepal -- See our Forum Topic, "Not Feeling Well After Stenting". You will find many of the posters have some residual chest pain for a while after stenting. This often goes away with time and can be from a number of things. But if the pain is like the angina you had before stenting or angioplasty, and if it is significant to you, you should see your cardiologist, just to rule out any serious problem.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 24, 2012

• I have angioplasty before two month but i had a problem of pain Please tell me about that problem
Dr RK, Nepal, January 23, 2012

• Yupstr8up in Australia -- we think you meant your husband had two stents to the circumflex. Is that right? In any case, clopidogrel (Plavix) and aspirin usually need to be taken for one year minimum after drug-eluting stent implantation. The reason is to keep the blood "lubricated" so that the blood platelet cells don't start to clot inside the stent, causing a "stent thrombosis" which can cause a heart attack (it's an infrequent event, but it's important to stay with the meds). The other drugs are standard medications to treat his heart disease, lower his cholesterol and blood pressure, etc. and probably need to be maintained for life. Indigestion can be caused by any one of these drugs, but clopidogrel/aspirin definitely have the side-effect of gastric issues. If so, your cardiologist can prescribe a drug to lessen this. There have been concerns that one class of these drugs, called Proton Pump Inhibitors (Protonix, Prilosec, etc.) can reduce the effectiveness of clopidogrel, but you should discuss this with your cardiologist (we realize this is difficult). Ramipril is an ACE inhibitor, used to treat high blood pressure. So is metoprolol. Perhaps your GP can prescribe an alternative BP med to use instead of ramipril (which also has the side-effect of upset stomach).
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 4, 2012

• My hubby had 2 stents to sub comflex [do you mean "circumflex", Ed.] arteries that had 100% occlusion in Nov. 10. He had the drug eluting stents inserted. Recently his indigestion pain has increased. He still takes the discharge meds of Metoprolol, Ramipril, Clopidogrel and Lipitor. How long should he be on these. We suspect that it's the ramipril as it's only in the evenings he feels it. His GP is reluctant to decide and seeing the cardiologist is hard (no private cover)
yupstr8up, Real Estate, Australia, January 3, 2012

• Hello sir as am undergone angioplasty before one week but still am feeling something in my throat and sometimes i feel that it passing downwards to the chest and sometimes it will disappear am taking clopitab; k-cor; ecospirin; and atorlip please help me
ambily, Kerala, India, November 30, 2011

• My father had a blockage of 80 % in only 1 artery and all other are good. his sugar and cholesterol is normal but his pressure is about 100/120, his age is 67. while consulting, few doctors told that its better if he goes for an angioplasty and few are telling that there is no need of it please suggest.
Pritesh, Tanzania, November 15, 2011

• I had a two drug coated stents put in last Friday (Xience V) after an angiogram revealed a 78% blockage in my right coronary artery. I am sleeping ok, but feel very tired. You mentioned in an earlier response that anxiety is very normal--could this anxiety cause me to feel tired? Also, how long before I can start running again?
Beach Bum, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, September 20, 2011

• my mother-in-law underwent angioplasty 2.5 months back and recently she got tooth infection her dentist suggest her to stop blood thinner tablets so he can perform treatment on her tooth so i just want to know can she stop her blood thinning tablets for 2-3 days.
kothari, Mumbai, India, September 19, 2011

• sir, my father going to angioplasty, i need grant
anupam das, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, September 15, 2011

• Is it Ok to fly back home to India after angioplasty after 5 weeks? What precautions one should take? The patient got 2 stents and one ballooning. Thanks all for the feedback!!
Sona, Indiana, USA, September 14, 2011

• i had one stent put in left artery 20 days back. Now i am having a lot of tingling feeling in my all my toe fingers and have trouble sleeping in night for that. What could be the reason for this.
Sunil, Mumbai, India, September 10, 2011

• Sir, my mother in law got an massive heart attack and her two arteries were 100% and 90% blocked so Dr. put stunt and she was fine .Even there was a recovery in heart but after 45 days she again had minor attack with water in lungs. Doctor says that same arteries are again blocked with 70 80% blockage and bypass or stunt has to be done .She is in USA we want her to come India and then bypass .Is it possible and why so early blockages occur .She is diabetic also
abha, Kolata, India, September 8, 2011

• DEAR SIR-MY name is Mufti ahmad and i am from Pakistan I have done my angioplasty 1 year ago after having pain on left side of my heart .One of my valve was block and after angioplasty i feel fine, but one problem is that i feel too much weakness. I want u 2 advise me a proper diet so that i can recover my health as well. thanks
Mufti Ahmad, Peshawar, Pakistan, September 8, 2011

• i am 56 and have had 7 stents put into the 3 main arteries to my heart last week. can you tell me how long is the recovery period for this as i now live abroad and language barrier is a problem for these types of information. thank you.
lana, Spain, September 3, 2011

• How soon after a stent is placed via cath can a person drive?
Concerned wife, Texas, USA , August 15, 2011

• What are the negatives to using angioplasty?
Chrissy, student, New Zealand , August 8, 2011

• sir after angioplasty stent what precaution have to take for my health. Food & Exercise. is there any chances to get 2nd heart attack. I am 36 years. It's happened one month ago. i am getting fear if small pain left side (heart area). is it serious for one block. thanks & regards.
food & exercise, Andhra Pradesh, India, July 25, 2011

• To all posters -- we cannot advise you regarding specific medications or therapies. Your cardiologist is really the best source of information for this because every individual is different, both in the nature of the coronary artery disease AND in the situation of the patient (health status, age, etc.) Studies have not shown that stents or angioplasty are any better or worse than medication and lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, smoking cessation, etc.) EXCEPT in the acute situation, such as a heart attack. Then angioplasty, if used within an hour or two, can save lives, save heart muscle, prevent long term heart failure.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 25, 2011

• my husband underwent angioplasty 3 weeks back. He had 100 per cent LAD blockage. He was fit and was on treadmill when massive heart attack took. After angio during golden hour And 5 days of hospital, Now his blood pressure is always between 105\55. Is this normal? What should be his BP? He does not suffer from BP diabetes and has normal lipid profile. please advise.
deepali, Ahmedabad, India, July 22, 2011

• I had 4 stents implanted in Left artery 20 days before and Dr. said to implant 3 more stents in right artery which is having 70 to 90% blockages. How much time should i wait to implant 3 stents after the 1st procedure. Thanks..
Shyam, Daman, India, May 22, 2011

• I got three stents, two in heart and one in right shoulder. its been 8 months now. what medicines should one continue taking after angioplasty and for how long. is it necessary to continue taking medicines throughout.
AG, Mumbai, India, May 22, 2011

• I had coronary by pass surgery 15 years ago and had two stents put in on May 2 2011. I have never had a heart attack.When can I resume my normal daily work out activity at the gym which I go 4-5 times a week. I walk 3-4 miles at a pretty fast pace (3 MILES IN 40-45 MINUTES
Bill Ontario, Ontario, Canada, May 10, 2011

• SSS in India. You are welcome! And your post is an important one so thank you for writing in. Many patients experience anxiety for a while after any procedure like this -- that's normal. And this anxiety can raise heartbeats, etc. So patients experiencing this anxiety can read your experience and benefit from it. However, it is NEVER a bad idea to be concerned about irregular measures, reactions, etc. Glad to hear you're doing better. Cheers.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 23, 2011

• Thanks Forum editor for the response.Yes, now my basic causes of anxiety seems to have reduced over a period of time.. heartbeat is normal @ abt 76/78 and body temp is also normal. It was a false worry .. I should have waited a couple of days more.
SSS, Retired Scientist, Hyderabad, India, April 23, 2011

• SSS in India -- your cardiologist is the best person to regulate your medications because each patient has different needs. One guideline, however, is taking dual antiplatelet therapy (aspirin plus clopidogrel -- brand name Clopilet) for a year. The Endeavour Resolute has shown very good outcomes (see our recent coverage). The other meds you are taking are treating the underlying cause of your coronary artery disease and are meant to lower your risk factor. As always, if you are having problems, you should consult your cardiologist and keep asking until you hear an answer.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 20, 2011

• Subsequent to chance discovery in 2D Echo ( during routine checkup .. not in emergency condition ) of RWMA-LAD territory and 40% EF I had undergone Angioplasty 20 days back. 3x30mm Endeavour resolute stent was put. Initially Ecosprin/clopitab/Meto ER/Olmesart/Lipicure/Cilodoc medication for 15 days. After review medication changed to Clopilet/Stiloz/Metosartan/Atorlip/Toresa. During review I told following:1. Increased Heartbeat .. 76 earlier to 85-90 now2. Body temp is always around 99.5Cardiologist who carried out the PTCA just laughed off and said you continue with new medication. I asked .. How long this medication .. He said .. LIFELONG.====My query: Is the raised temperature and Heartbeat a common phenomenon? and Do I have to take these medications really lifelong? ..or will they taper-down slowly?
SSS, Retired Scientist, Hyderabad, India, April 18, 2011

• Dear Pat in Missouri -- 92/57 is very low, assuming the measurement is correct. From your post, it seems he was in hospital for 4 days. Why so long and what was the problem? It could be that he's gotten new medications that are lowering his BP too much. Or there may be another problem. But we cannot give medical advice. He should see a doctor ASAP.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, April 13, 2011

• My son had a stent 4 days ago came home from hosp. yesterday. Just called me and his bp was 92 over 57 should he go to the emerg room it a lots lower than has been.
Pat, Garden City, Missouri, USA, April 13, 2011

• Rangnat -- if your father's blood pressure is now normal, that's good. It's possible that the higher readings reflected his coronary problems, blocked arteries, etc. However, if his BP drops to abnormally low levels, he should see his cardiologist. Is he still taking BP meds?
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 14, 2011

• My father had undergone angioplasty 45 days. After the procedure his BP has come to normal (116/76). He has been having blood pressure form past 10 years and using medicine. I am worried about this sudden change in BP. Is this scenario normal?
Rangnat, Bangalore, India, March 12, 2011

• Rakesh -- We don't know the specifics of your father's clinical situation, which artery it is, whether it is the same area that is blocking, or another part of the same artery. Reblocking in the same area is called "restenosis" (you can find more information on this site about restenosis) and with drug-eluting stents, it happens in less than 10% of patients. Assuming your father has done everything he can to reduce his risk factors (exercise, as you mentioned, diet, smoking cessation, adherence to prescribed medications) then the reblocking may be a result of unlucky genes or possibly a problem with the stent in that specific area. What are his cardiologist's explanations? Specifically the interventional cardiologist who performed the angioplasty? If the problem is only in one artery, then we can understand his doctor's opinion not to do bypass. Remember, angioplasty, stenting, bypass surgery are all ways of opening blocked arteries. But they do not "cure" the disease and eventually, arteries can become blocked, even with surgery. (U.S. President Bill Clinton had bypass surgery several years ago and last year had to have angioplasty to open up two of the arteries that had been bypassed!) Perhaps you should accompany your father to his next appointment and ask some of these questions. We'd be interested in your report back here as well. Ahmedabad is home to a number of world-reknown interventional cardiologists -- we hope you can get some satisfactory answers. Good luck
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 8, 2011

• My dad for Angioplasty 3rd time today in last 1.5 years. Not sure why the artery keep on blocking after some time. He do lot of exercise and around 7KM Fast Walking every day. Is there any medical reason on this? Also a person can go for angioplasty for maximum how many times? We suggested the doctor to go for bypass so that he can remove all those blocked arteries but they say it is a clear case of angioplasty and no need to open the chest for operation..Any suggestion and comments?
Rakesh Patel, Ahmedabad, India, March 8, 2011

• Tankiang in Malaysia -- curious why you are taking both cialis and levitra together? They both work in similar ways and taking too much can result in dangerously low blood pressure. Seeing as you have just had a drug-eluting stent and you MUST take Plavix and aspirin for a minimum of a year to avoid a blood clot in the stent, you really need to consult your cardiologist about your total range of prescriptions. We would recommend waiting on the ED drugs until you've met with him/her.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 26, 2011

• I have eluting stent for angioplasty, also I am on cialis and levitra for ED, can I continue using cialis and levitra with plavix and crestol [Crestor? -- ed.].
Tankiang, Mackim, Malaysia, February 26, 2011

• Pravisha -- two things: first, I'm not sure where you get the impression "that blockages occur more frequently after stenting". The whole purpose of placing a stent is to open up a blockage that is restricting flow of blood (and therefore, oxygen) to the heart muscle. Yes, there is incidence of re-blocking, called restenosis, but today, especially with drug-eluting stents, the incidence of restenosis is less than 1 in 10 patients. One or more blockages may occur, but that's a sign of the progression of coronary artery disease, or atherosclerosis. In your mother's case, does she have stents now? Being diabetic, she is at higher risk for restenosis -- it's part of the syndrome. However, with modern medical therapy and ancillary treatment such as smoking cessation, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, the progression of the disease can be slowed down, perhaps stopped. And, according to reports made by Dr. Dean Ornish, even reversed somewhat. Interestingly, although he was trained as a Western cardiologist, Dr. Ornish places great emphasis on meditation and other non-Western and non-traditional therapies. We don't know about Ayurvedic Panchkarma, but we welcome our many readers in India (or anywhere else) to add to this discussion. If we get more comments, perhaps we should start a new topic on Ayurvedic Panchkarma.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 6, 2011

• In most of the posts I have read here, I find that blockages occur more frequently after stenting. My mom Aged 60 has 2 blocks and she is type II diabetic. A friend suggested alternative therapy of Ayurvedic Panchkarma. Has anyone tried this kind of treatment and is this useful?
Pravisha, Pune, India, February 6, 2011

• After Effects in India -- your father is about 6 months out from his angioplasty. If restenosis (re-blocking) occurs, it is most often during this first period. This, of course, may not be the case, but it is probably what his cardiologist is concerned about. If an angiogram shows the stent has gotten re-blocked, a balloon can re-open the area; sometimes another stent is put inside as well. It's also possible that a blockage in a different area has developed.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, February 3, 2011

• My father had a angioplasty on August 2010. But recently his TMT report was not so good. as per report his tolerance level is poor. Ans observed few problem after TMT. Dr said he might need to undergo one more angiogram or angioplasty. Can it be possible to have one more angioplasty with such a short time frame. what will be the alternatives? Brief Analysis of TMT.ischemic protocol for a total 2.14 mins achieving a maximum heart rate 136 BPM (82% of THR) at peak point at 4.6 mets. Max BP was 160/80 MM of HG. Patient complaint SOB and chest discomfort. No significance ST-T were observed during exercise significant ST-T appearing in LEADS III ABF and V 4 - v 6 during recovery.
After effects of Angioplasty, IBM, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, January 23, 2011

• Chautenqua in New Jersey -- as our disclaimer states, we cannot give "medical advice" on this site. Yours is a question you need to ask your cardiologist. You might be fine for the flight, but your cardiowho knows your medical history and clinical situation is the person to ask.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 7, 2011

• Dear Sir/Madam -- I had angioplasty operation today (January 6, 2011). The surgery went through excellent. I had 60% blockage and a stent was used. I have flight in 3 days from now. Will I have any complication? I am taking medicine of course. My flight will take about 13 hours. Should I make this trip? Thank u for the answer.
Chautenqua, Norwood, New Jersey, USA, January 6, 2011

• Ibrahim -- your cardiologist should be the one advising you on these matters, because every patient is different. That being said, many patients can resume their normal (non-strenuous) routine within a couple days.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, January 4, 2011

• I am residing in Kuwait and had two angioplasty, one mid circumflex coronary artery with direct stent implantation (1 bare metal stent implanted). Other angioplasty of the left main coronary artery with 1 drug eluting stent implanted. Angioplasty was done 4 days before, how much rest I should take, taking medicines and foods as prescribed, I am feeling quite normal. How long these stents effects works. Please advise. How many days rest i should take.
Ibrahim, Service, Kuwait, December 26, 2010

• A cath is a diagnostic procedure. If a stent is put in during the same procedure, it's called an "ad-hoc PCI" (PCI stands for percutaneous coronary intervention) and some feel that if it's not an emergency situation, there's no harm in waiting and discussing the various treatment options before going ahead and putting in a stent. The only downside is that it requires two procedures, two arterial accesses, etc. By the way, UMass is an excellent facility with excellent interventional cardiologists.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 16, 2010

• I just discovered this forum as I search for information. Last Saturday I had left arm and central upper chest pain. Both had a pain rating of 8. After an ambulance ride and a day of tests, it is believed that I had a cardiac event. I guess that is between a heart attack and where my enzyme levels were. I head in a week from Mon for a Cath. I had to ask for a calming agent so my head could handle the anxiety I really didn't recognize. Anybody here ever have a cath in one location and a Stent in another? It doesn't make sense to me but the cardio is doing the initial and should I need a stent, they would move me to Umass.
Jay, Central Massachusetts, USA, November 13, 2010

• I had bypass surgery 16 years ago in HCI, Glasgow. Angio done in 2005 with no abnormality. Graft were patent. A week ago, felt chest pain , had angioplasty in two hours time, placed two stents at NMC, Abu Dhabi . Done by very able & qualified doctor , Dr Jairam Aithal. Excellent result, no pain at all. My thanks to Dr. Jairam & his team at ICU. Now back to work in a week time. If I can counsel anybody
K M Hamid, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Vice President, November 2, 2010

• I am having stents placed in both my legs at the groin area. I was wondering if this is a condition of people who are aging or is this also happening in the younger generation..I have started a new job as a cashier and I don't need to walk to much and need the money and was wondering if I would still be able to work after 2 days... Thank you.
Elaine, Ontario, Canada, October 13, 2010

• my mother had angioplasty done on 24th aug 2010... ever since than she is feeling very weak the doctors are not able to find a solution for it...she had been an extremely active there anyone who can give a solution for this weakness.
legalserviceindia, Delhi, India, October 5, 2010

• I am Umashankar Mukherjee from India. Post angioplasty operation I am fine. But when I am walking or riding a vehicle i am feeling a heaviness in my heart. Is it common?
post angioplasty, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, September 26, 2010

• I had a heart attack about two weeks ago and am due for multiple angioplasties due to a number of blockages on the right and left artery. Would like to know about long-term prognosis and lifestyle modifications necessary please.
Yana, Malta, September 21, 2010

• John in Alberta -- your query is a bit off topic here. Check out "Not Feeling Well After Stenting or Angioplasty".
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 30, 2010

• My wife had her angioplasty procedure done two years ago for an 80% blockage. She has been weakened since then and never could return herself like before, though she takes all precautions possible - no sugar, low salt and more veggies and fruits. She still suffers occasional chest pain and had been sent back to emergency many times, however, the ECG findings all remain identical to the one shot a year ago - not much change. Could the pain be caused by the other things? She takes regular walk every day for about 4 - 6 miles and her overall health conditions have been improved, but her complaining about chest pain from time to time worries us, and the doctor kept assuring us she is okay. Any advice on this? Much appreciated.
John, Engineer, Alberta, Canada, August 25, 2010

• Jim P -- Dizziness is a very difficult symptom to find a cause for. It may be completely unrelated to any heart condition or medication, although some meds may have this as a side effect -- for example, metoprolol. Have you discussed the dizziness specifically with your cardiologist?? Certainly do not change your medications until you've done so -- he/she may suggest an alternative or different dose, etc. As for fear of recurrence, what stents do is open up the coronary arteries to allow greater blood flow/oxygen to the heart muscle. A lack of oxygen most often causes angina (although there are other symptoms). Sounds like you are doing the right things re: lifestyle changes. Good work and keep it up! As for worrying about a recurrence, your cardiologist can do some tests if there is evidence of a problem, but relaxation is an important component of recovery (for example, Dr. Dean Ornish's program includes meditation, etc. which has been shown to help). Let the Forum know what you find out and keep in touch!
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, August 15, 2010

• I had a heart attack 2 years ago, had angioplasty and two stents inserted. Taking lisinopril, plavix, metoprolol, crestor and aspirin and am dizzy every day. The worst thing is the paranoia where every symptom mentioned on Google makes me think i'm having a recurrence of another heart attack. In fact a year after the first angioplasty i had another inserted with a stent which didn't help. I follow the rules completely eating all the health foods recommended, avoiding meat completely, very little sugar and salt, not smoking, not drinking etc. But I'm still dizzy. Any suggestions from other angioplasty recovering people on what to do or doctors that would be helpful?
Jim P, just an individual, Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 15, 2010

• Gas Grill in New Jersey -- Adolph Bachmann, the first person to ever have a coronary angioplasty, had his in 1977. He's doing just fine today 33 years later and has not had a recurrence of that blockage. You can view the story of the first angioplasty here.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 18, 2010

• I had angioplasty nine years ago that worked out fine but I cant find any information about how long it will last?
gas grill, Freehold, New Jersey, USA, July 15, 2010

• Sankar -- see our Forum Topic, "Angioplasty and Stenting in the Elderly"
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, July 13, 2010

• my mother aged 74years, is the safe angioplasty to her
sankar, chilakaluripet, andhra pradesh, india, July 10, 2010

• CM Hammer in Oregon -- you should read the Forum Topic, "Plavix and Surgery" because the biggest problem with surgery after stenting is that the patient needs to take Plavix (clopidogrel) to keep blood clots from forming in the stents -- with drug-eluting stents, a year of Plavix is recommended -- and most surgeons do not want to operate on a patient who is taking Plavix, due to the risks of bleeding. By the way, the blockages of 10% and 14% can't be right. Perhaps you mean that the arteries were only open by 10 or 14%, meaning that the blockages were 86-90%.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, June 20, 2010

• My 83yr old dad had an angioplasty today for 2 blockages. One was 10% and the other was 14%. Now he needs a lobectomy for lung cancer. How long will he have to recover from the angioplasty (no stent) before the lobectomy can be safety performed?
CM Hammer, Portland, Oregon, USA, June 14, 2010

• Alana -- read our related topic in the right-hand column -- Plavix and aspirin are necessary to take for a year after a drug-eluting stent is placed -- 4-6 weeks if it's a bare metal. If you are having any adverse reactions since taking the drugs, call your cardiologist. Your dosages may need adjustment (dizziness, for example, is a common side effect of metoprolol) but don't change anything without clearing it with your cardiologist.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, May 15, 2010

• I have heart disease in my family. I am 51 and had my first stent put in. I am very sensitive to any medication and would like to know what is the very least medication I need to be on. I am otherwise extremely healthy and I am not on any other medication. They gave me Plavix, metoprolol and simvastatin and I seem to be getting dizzy and lightheaded, maybe overwhelmed. I would like to be on one only, any suggestions?
Alana, Minnesota, USA, May 13, 2010

• I have undergone angioplasty for four times in a period of 3 years. I am taking all the prescribed medicines regularly like anti platelet, statins, anti diabetics. Every time there is a new blockage after a period of 8-9 months. Doctor said that there is some calcium deposit in my RCA after undergone recent angiography. One blockage was there in OM and got angioplasty.
SP Bhatt, Surat, Gujrat, India, April 27, 2010

• HI there, my husband went in 7 days ago and had two stents placed in his heart and he is tired and recovering. He is on 5 different medications. However, his spirits are good. Our Cardiologist told him at least 1 week of complete rest. Then gradual return to activities. The big thing seems to be no lifting of anything.
MAP, Melbourne, Australia, January 11, 2010

• 2 years ago angioplasty was done 95% blockage in one artery a stent was put what treatment should i continue?
Kumar V., Chandigarh, India, September 20, 2009

• Anil -- we assume you mean travel by air? You should consult with your cardiologist because to judge your individual clinical status it is best to have your records and be sitting face-to-face.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, March 30, 2009

Anil D., Jabalpur, MP, India, March 23, 2009

• Omar -- for some examples of how people are doing after angioplasty, read our Forum Topic on "Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent" -- you'll find a number of patients who have resumed very active lives.
Angioplasty.Org Staff, Angioplasty.Org, November 20, 2008

• I am about to go for angioplasty but i need to know anyone who had recently gone through it to know how life is after this.
Omar, Pakistan, November 17, 2008

• A lot of the posts i am viewing are anywhere from 1-7 years old. I would like to know how you people are feeling now? Has it all been worthwhile and given expected results? I had this operation 1 week ago and so far so good.
Ted Bugden, New Zealand, October 4, 2008

• I went through Angioplasty for three blocks after 6 months I feel breathless 2 to 3 times a day I want to know wether it is normal and what should I do my medication is following one Clopitab one Flavonoid and one Aspirin as I AM DIABETIKER I take insulin and metformin.
Filomena, Goa, India, July 6 2008

• l underwent Angioplasty on 5th Feb 08 and went home the next day. Important things to note:

  1. take a good 2-3 days rest;
  2. do not drive for at least 5 days (I drove 2 days later and the the groin was badly swollen and bruised;
  3. Do NOT lift anything more than 2.5 kgs for at least 2 weeks.

Take care folks
Raja, Singapore, March 2, 2008

• Hi, my name is Marcela and my dad has undergone an angioplasty + stent procedure 6 days ago. My doubt is that after 3-4 days passing uneventfully, now he has this feeling of drowsiness which I cannot find cause of. Maybe some of you could give some feed-back, please. Thank you very much
Marcela Allheimen, August 18, 2005

• i have an employee who is having angioplasty and a stent put in. he has 80% blockage in one artery and 30% in another. How soon after can he return to driving cab for us.
debra stewart, quesnel, bc canada, July 22, 2004

• my mother is having angioplasty this Thursday 18/11/04 and we hope to fly out to Sydney next Friday- anyone think this is possible as Idon't want to push her. Janine, Auckland, New Zealand. 15/11/04
janine Brearley, Auckland New Zealand, November 15, 2004

• My father has had a similar reaction to his recent angioplasty as Connnie's husband had. After first five days passing uneventfully, he has been acting very erratically, irritable, reports feeling dizzy and generally "out of it." Left hospital with no plan for cardiac rehab and a one week follow-up appointment with cardiologist. Cardiologist simply stated that internist should deal with symptoms my father has been experiencing. Any others out there with similar stories?
Sheila, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 25 Jul 2002

• I had my angioplasty (for 3 blocks) three weeks back. I have not resumed my normal activity yet. Please let me know the rest period and the rate of activity level to begin with.
Samuel George, Madura Coats, Tirunelvali, Tamilnadu, India, 22 Mar 2002

• My husband had a quintuple bypass 12 weeks ago. Last week he had to go back in and have a stent put into one of the bypassed arteries. Since we have been home, his behavior has been somewhat erratic. He is taking heart medicine and was taking vicodin (back pain). He falls asleep during conversations, moves as if in slow motion, talks quite slowly at times. What is normal for a patient recovering from this procedure?
Connie, Glendale, Oregon, USA, 27 Dec 2001

• I am going in for an angioplasty. Are there statistics on recovery period after the operation? How long will it take me to feel better? How long before I start normal activities?
Mona Ramani, , KlL, Malaysia, 22 Oct 2001
• Had a 99% blockage in the right posterior artery and underwent the procedure March 7. The rest of my arteries are clean and the procedure took about 45 min., with the entry point in my right radial (wrist). After having my wrist clamped with what appeared to be a nylon ratcheting strap for about 8 hours, (allowing me to move around the ward) I was kept overnight and released the next morning. Pretty painless aside from a bit of swelling at the site, but I have decided to take a few days off just to gain back some energy. I will be taking Plavix for a month to prevent my platlets from "attacking" the stent and plugging up the site again, plus 6 weeks of Ramipril to dialate my vessels, although my blood pressure has always been normal. I also will continue with Lipitor for my cholesterol, which has been brought down to normal after 3 months of use. Too little, too late though. It's an easy procedure to endure and I found it quite fascinating. Good luck to you.
Pete, British Columbia, Canada, 9 Mar 2001

• This is my 2nd angioplasty and one stent and bypass surgery within the last 5 1/2 years. I came out of the hospital on Tuesday and was back at work on Thursday. I am on a blood thinner to prevent the restosis from re occuring since this was at the stent. I should be able to go to the gym next week.
Dot Lynch, Mobile, Alabama, USA, 8 Mar 2001

• My mom was out to lunch in 2 days following her angioplasty....from being rushed by ambulance on noon Tuesday, surgery same day at 2 pm, out by 5 Thursday at 10 am she had her Dr. appt follow up and then wanted to go out to lunch. She is taking it easy - but doing desk work at home, light housework, etc....but resting as needed. I came to this sight for insight thinking that her recovery period was too quick and that she was pushing herself. I am surprised and glad that others have also had a quick recovery. Good health to you all!
Tina Rodgers, 5 Aug 2000

• William: I was back to my desk job two days after my procedure. I have continued to take my blood pressure medication and a plaque inhibitor added. I took my blood pressure at the drug store and it was the lowest, both up and down, it has been in years. I am taking also Zantac for some indigestion which may or may not be related to the additional medicine.
Paul Carruth, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, February 29, 2000

• Dear William: By this time you probably have already been under the procedure and I hope are feeling better, as I am. I had the procedure about two weeks ago. In one week I was back to work (not full load) and have been taking different drugs. I am under my doctor's control and have had blood exams weekly. This will take a full month and followed by six months of lighter control. Had to cut salt and fat (animal or vegetable) and have lost about 5 kgs in the last two weeks. Not bad, since I needed to lose some. I still feel a very light pain (more like a scratch) on the left side of my thorax and some times a little pain on my lower left back. In general I am OK and the procedure was simple and clean. No pain, but naturally a lot of stress during the time the doctor was doing it. I am 54 male, live in Brasilia, Brazil and I am happy to share this experience with you. Good luck.
Yamil e Sousa Dutra, Brazilian Bar Association, Brasilia, BRAZIL, May 1, 1999

• As always, the interventional cardiologist who is performing the procedure is most familiar with your case, and can most accurately tell you what to expect (medications and recovery time vary from patient to patient). For some general information about angioplasty, browse through our "Links" section; the patient guide published by Guidant (a device manufacturer) is pretty good. Finally a good source of contact with other patients, as well as doctors, is on two newsgroups, and Good luck!
Burt Cohen, PTCA.ORG, March 21, 1998

• I will soon undergo angioplasty. Can anyone tell me anything about the recovery period and medication following this procedure?
William F. Markle, retired, Connecticut, USA, March 21, 1998

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