The Stent Blog Has a New Look

Burt at his laptop Hard to believe it, but I started this blog eight years ago! Ouch!

So it’s certainly ripe (more like over-ripe) for a bit of a change — you know, we need to re-invent things at least once a decade…. So here it is. We’ve designed a new look but, more importantly, we now will be able to link more easily to a variety of social networking tools, show off our Twitter feed and post appropriate comments from our readers.

And, even more importantly, our posts will have category tags so you’ll be able to find all my scintillating insights into the various controversies of the day, such as Appropriate Use Criteria or Fractional Flow Reserve or the Transradial Approach.

As with all change, this transition is a work in progress…or, in this case, regress. Which is to say, posts prior to March 2012 are still in the old school format, and can be accessed in our archives. But, as time goes on, we will be importing and tagging our older posts, all the way back to October 2004, into this new format.

Hope you all approve. Your comments are, of course, welcome.

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