Vascular Surgery and the Battlefield: Honoring Our Veterans

  Today is Veterans Day in the U.S., honoring the soldiers who fought in the country’s wars. Last week was the VIVA 14 meeting, presenting the latest advances and techniques in endovascular repair and therapy of blood vessels.

These two events are actually closely aligned: the development and advances made in vascular surgery, and now endovascular therapies, were pioneered on the battlefield.

In the video clip below, excerpted from my documentary, “Vascular Pioneers: Evolution of a Specialty,” pioneering vascular surgeons from Michael DeBakey to Norm Rich to Bill Blaisdell discuss these advances starting with the Civil War through Vietnam, the development of M.A.S.H. units and arterial repair.

As Dr. Rich states in the opening, “Hippocrates did say…2,300 years ago, that if an individual wanted to be a surgeon, he should follow an army.

By the way, if you would like to see the entire 52-minute documentary, you can purchase the DVD, “VascularPioneers: Evolution of a Specialty” on our website.

Vascular Pioneers: Evolution of a SpecialtyThe video includes interviews with 20 prominent physicians. Part I tells the history of vascular medicine. Part II is a lively and controversial discussion among key players in the field regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving approaches to the treatment of vascular disease.

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