Heart Stent Success Stories

Coronary StentsI just wanted to share a patient’s posting from earlier today on Angioplasty.Org’s Patient Forum Topic titled, “Exercise, Sport, Physical Activity After Stent“:

It’s great to hear of everyone’s victories recovery-wise, both major and minor. I had 3 coronary stents in Nov 2010 during 3 separate procedures and the cardio told me exercise as I wish… So, 2 10km running races and a half-marathon completed since the stents went in, and I’m now training for triathlons!

I quit smoking and have lost over 10kgs and workout about an hour each day. I tell you all this because I’m so impressed by the medical intervention and how it can turn around our lives… The angina before I was diagnosed was agonising and I couldn’t even walk 100 metres! Anyway, for the future I’m hoping to regain my professional pilot medical and be back to flying in about 3 months. Best of luck to everyone undergoing angio and stenting! — David J.

I’ve written about this before— that our Forum often winds up serving as a kind of “complaint department” for people having problems after stents, angioplasty, angiograms, etc. And these types of posts are important because they allow patients to share stories and discover they are not alone with these issues. (Indeed, Angioplasty.Org’s Forum Topics currently get over 30,000 views a month.)

So it is always great to read posts like David’s to remember that these medical procedures “can turn around our lives…“.

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  1. lex

    hello just wanted to know if chest pains improves after stents, and how much, I know it’s not perfect, but is it good enough to go thru

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