Transradial Approach Surging in the U.S.

Radial DiagramInterventional cardiologists…listen up!!

Stent and angioplasty procedures in the United States are now done through the wrist 15-20% of the time. This is a big change!

Angioplasty.Org started its Transradial Center six years ago. At that time maybe 2-3% of procedures in the United States were done via the wrist. Virtually all diagnostic angiograms and PCIs (angioplasty or stent procedures) were being done via the femoral (leg/groin) artery, a technique invented and refined by Dr. Melvin Judkins over a half century ago.

It was in 1992 that Dutch cardiologist, Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij, performed the first angioplasty done via the wrist (transradial) approach. And it took a long time for his technique to filter through to the cardiology community. Currently the radial approach is utilized in 50% or more of procedures done in many European countries. And, while adoption of the wrist technique in the United States has definitely been behind Europe, today we are seeing 1 out of 6 procedures in the U.S. being done via the wrist.

But, according to Dr. Sanjit Jolly of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, in three to five years, half of all U.S. procedures will be done through the wrist.

Get that interventional cardiologists? HALF!

So learning the wrist approach for PCI is crucial, critical for the interventional cardiologist in the U.S.

The benefits are multiple: patient comfort, reduced complications, and reduced costs. To this end, over the month of June, Angioplasty.Org will be featuring interviews with leaders in transradial interventions, reviews of the current clinical literature and data supporting the safety and efficacy of the transradial approach. And we will be listing opportunities for training, in partnership with Medtronic, which has designated June as “Transradial Awareness Month.”

If you currently utilize the transradial approach, make sure you are listed in our Transradial Hospital Locator.

If you are looking for training opportunities, check out our listing of Transradial Training Courses.


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  2. What is your source for “Stent and angioplasty procedures in the United States are now done through the wrist 15-20% of the time”?

    I’ve only seen the 2011 Caputo RP, Tremmel JA, et al. Transradial arterial access for coronary and peripheral pocedures: executive summary by the transradial committee of the SCAI stats that said 2% radial adoption rate in the US.

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